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  • Looking at the Power of Engagement in Classroom Activities  [in Japanese]

    NEGISHI Makoto

    … The typical aim of classroom activities in a foreign language class is to have learners practice the target grammatical structures and words and, therefore little attention has been paid to benefits of increasing the level of engagement among the learners in a classroom activity. … In this paper, the outcomes of activities that the author incorporated aiming to increase student engagement, such as "collaborative, reflective one-minute speech" and "verb conjugation game with rhythmic movement," will be discussed …

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods 26(2), 88-89, 2020


  • Task Visualization and Job Organization by "Color": Based on Structured Knowledge  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYAKAWA Maiko , IJUIN Koki , SUNAGA Takeshi , NISHIMURA Takuichi

    <p>熟練者の高齢化を背景に,製造業では,退職や離職に伴い流出しがちな熟練者の知識を集約し,人材育成やヒューマンエラー防止に活用できる技術が求められている.特に,製造業の設計作業に必要な知識は,個々の仕様や他の設計者の設計状況に応じた判断を要するために説明が困難である.この問題は,個々の顧客に対する従業員の共同作業で成り立つサービス現場にも共通する.中でも,働き手の多様化や人手不足によ …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2020(0), 3C5OS23b01-3C5OS23b01, 2020


  • A network among alternative schools and public spheres

    Fujine Masayuki

    … The article defines "public spheres" as spheres of continuous and reflective discussion used by a plural and diverse public. … The author conducted the following fieldwork: Participant observation in the network activity of alternative schools, semi-structured interviews with network actors, and document collection and review. … Third, the network's instrumental function promoted reflection of an organization's own activity and created new compromises depending on the situation. …

    Osaka Human Sciences (5), 111-125, 2019-03

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  • A Comparison of the Pigments and Functional Ingredients of Several Cherry Tomato Varieties  [in Japanese]

    宮崎 早花 , 新庄 裕介 , 髙橋 佳琳 , 上野 敬司 , 園田 高広 , 小野寺 秀一

    … Vitamin C was measured using a simple reflective photometer (RQ Flex). … Antioxidant activity was measured using an 80% ethanol extract. … In the future, we plan to investigate these varieties further, using the SOAC method, to evaluate their antioxidant activity in terms of carotenoids. …

    酪農学園大学紀要. 自然科学編 43(2), 55-59, 2019-03

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  • The Discourse of Professionalism in an Office Memorandum

    Chivers Leslie

    … Discourse in the context of the adult EFL Conversation school in Japan have changed as the more severe economic climate and population decline have depleted the numbers of those choosing to engage in English conversation as a hobby activity. … Institutional factors often minimize the opportunities for teachers to engage in self-reflective or professional development practices and consequently, EFL Conversation school teachers in Japan do not receive the status generally accorded to educators in mainstream educational contexts. …

    桜花学園大学学芸学部研究紀要 = JSLA (Journal of the School of Liberal Arts) (10), 19-35, 2019-02-28


  • Sociality Embedded in Picture Book Reading Activities  [in Japanese]


    … The reading of a picture book as a group activity in a kindergarten is experienced as a self-organized social act in which the following two reading actions are integrated;</p><p>・Emergent and interactive reading activities through the presentation of illustrations and recitation of texts.</p><p>・Reflective and autonomous reading behavior of children through the reading texts as participation in a social group activity.</p><p>(2) Emergent and interactive …

    The Science of Reading 61(2), 64-76, 2019


  • A Sustainable Training Method of Metacognitive Skills in Daily Lab Activities Using Gaze-aware Reflective Meeting Reports

    Ogino Ryo , Hayashi Yuki , Seta Kazuhisa

    <p>Metacognitive thinking skills, which monitor and control one's thoughts, are an essential competency in various fields and domains. In general, teaching metacognitive skills is difficult beca …

    The Journal of Information and Systems in Education 18(1), 16-26, 2019


  • Study on mathematics using the "Akita-kita Mode of Learning" : Focus on project-based learning with collaborative learning  [in Japanese]

    中山 大一郎 , 田仲 誠祐 , NAKAYAMA Daiichiro , TANAKA Seiyu

    … It emphasizes three points: showing visible goals, collaborative learning and reflective activity. …

    秋田大学教育文化学部教育実践研究紀要 Bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Practice, Faculty of Education and Human Studies, Akita University (41), 75-84, 2019

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  • Visualization of walking speed variation-induced synchronized dynamic changes in lower limb joint angles and activity of trunk and lower limb muscles with a newly developed gait analysis system

    門根 秀樹 , 船山 徹 , 安部 哲哉 , 山崎 正志 , 鈴木 健嗣 , Kousei Miura , Hideki KADONE , Masao Koda , Keita Nakayama , Hiroshi Kumagai , Katsuya Nagashima , Kentaro Mataki , Kengo Fujii , Hiroshi Noguchi , Tetsuya ABE , Kenji SUZUKI , Masashi YAMAZAKI , Toru FUNAYAMA

    … Purpose:To evaluate a newly developed system for dynamic analysis of gait kinematics and muscle activity.Methods:We recruited 10 healthy men into this study. …

    Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery 26(3), 230949901880668, 2018-10


  • Art as Mediation for Reflective Activity : Possibility of Artist in School  [in Japanese]

    Miyazaki Takashi

    社会教育研究 = Study of community education (36), 1-14, 2018-06


  • Using the World Café to Increase Motivation for Extensive Reading : A Cooperative and Constructive Book Discussion

    KOBAYASHI Megumi , FUKAYA Motoko , KUSANAGI Yuka

    … This paper demonstrates how the World Café, a type of discussion format that promotes group dialogue, can be adapted for use in an extensive reading program as a cooperative book discussion activity, and how it affects learners' interest in reading English. …

    一般研究報告 = BULLETIN OF SEIKEI UNIVERSITY 50(6), 1-17, 2018-02


  • Dark Science and Positive Engagement  [in Japanese]


    … Dark science is reflective and reflexive scientific activity with a sense of anxiety, fear, sympathy or sadness against disruptive impacts as a corollary of scientific development, by reference to structural science-society issues and planetary boundaries in the Anthropocene. …

    The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management 33(1), 26-38, 2018


  • Pulse Wave Measurement using Reflective Photoelectric Sensor on Gum  [in Japanese]

    Takizawa Yukako , Itagaki Kenji , Kaneyoshi Takahiro , Murai Koji , Arima Masakazu , Saiki Tsunemasa

    … <p>Scuba diving is a pleasant marine activity, but it is not without danger as diving is not a natural human activity. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 138(12), 545-546, 2018



    見寺 貞子 , 瀬能 徹 , 谷口 文保 , 見明 暢 , 吉田 尚美 , 町田 奈実 , 丹羽 真由美 , 菊池 園 , 宮谷 直子 , Sadako MITERA , Toru SENOU , Fumiyasu TANIGUCHI , Nobu MIAKE , Naomi YOSHIDA , Nami MACHIDA , Mayumi NIWA , Sono KIKUCHI , Naoko MIYATANI

    現在、交通事故死者数に占める高齢者の数は、依然として高い水準で推移している。これに対して官公庁関係は、交通事故軽減のため市民に対して蛍光反射材を使用した安全啓発用品を配布している。しかし、市民の間では必要性の意識が低い、効果が周知されずデザインが服装に合わない等の理由から着用率が低く、啓発活動に至っていない現状がある。 本研究では、大学がコーディネーター役となり、産官学民がそれぞれの役割のもと着用 …

    芸術工学2017, 2017-11-25


  • A Practice and Classification of Reflective Activity with ICT  [in Japanese]

    鷹岡 亮 , 奈良崎 雄郁 , 嶋本 雅宏 , 横山 誠 , 加藤 直樹

    JSiSE研究会研究報告 31(6), 55-61, 2017-03

  • アクティブラーニングの学習効果 ー科目別学習効果の検討ー  [in Japanese]

    中田 美喜子

    … Using active learning in lecture-based classes, we let the students review what the students learned by reporting via SNS, participate in a Project-Based-Learning group activity for oral presentations,and use several classes for reflective learning. …

    広島女学院大学論集 (64), 1-10, 2017-02-28


  • A study of the reflective activity of "Japanese expression" in a Child care worker training course : An analysis of term papers  [in Japanese]

    菊田 尚人

    埼玉純真短期大学研究論文集 (10), 45-51, 2017

  • A Practice and Evaluation of Reflective Activity with ICT:‐Reflection with " Making Story Note of Learning Process"‐  [in Japanese]

    Takaoka Ryo , Narazaki Takafumi , Shimamoto Masahiro , Yokoyama Makoto , Kato Naoki

    本研究では,学習者が,主体的に,文字以外の「話し言葉」や動画・写真等も活用して,授業・学習単位時間当たりの授業・学習時の雰囲気や学習全体を想起しながら,学習者自身で省察する内容を吟味・構成して学びの軌跡をデジタルノート(「学びのストーリーノート」)として創る省察活動手法について提案することを目的とする.具体的には,プレゼンテーションアプリを活用して,授業が展開されているなかで,その日の学習内容に対 …

    Journal of Japanese Association for Education of Information 10(1), 71-79, 2017


  • A Report of Students' Reflective Activity and the Results of a Questionnaire  [in Japanese]


    … This is a report of students' reflective activity and the results of a questionnaire which was administered in Japanese classes for first year students. … The results of the questionnaire revealed that most students found the reflective activity was useful because they could realize their speaking habits. …

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods 24(1), 88-89, 2017


  • An Analysis of Visualization for Reflective Process in Project Based Learning by KWS Retrospectives' KPT  [in Japanese]

    Matsubara Hiroyuki , Hanahara Sessyu

    … The KWS Retrospectives is a framework for problem recurrence prevention and reflection that combines and builds on conventional version of Keep-Problem-Try (KPT) and Ask-Why.</p><p>This activity of KPT has the following four educational goals. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 137(9), 522-528, 2017


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