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  • Basic Research on the Creation of "Regional Experience Seeker" Using the University as a Platform  [in Japanese]

    斉藤 理

    … In recent years, there has been widespread interest from both the public and private sectors on how to cre ate a "Regional Experience Seeker" that is positioned between the "settlement population" and the "ex change population" for the purpose of solving problems in the local community. … how can we build the relationship with non-resident and the local com munity and accelerate the number of "Regional Experience Seeker" growth. …

    山口県立大学学術情報 (14), 9-14, 2021-03-31


  • Peasants as Clients and Patrons of Buddhism in Early Modern Village Life

    VESEY Alexander

    … This assessment rests on examples of clerics who abused their position to extract wealth from lay families who were forced into being temple clients.This research paper draws upon a detailed clerical diary from a temple in Saitama and scholarship that provides data on phenomena such as the growth of empty (mujū 無住) temples to argue that peasants were not mere objects of subordination but also active agents with patronal authority who could and did exert influence over clerical/temple relations with the laity in rural villages.【論文/Article】 …

    明治学院大学国際学研究 = Meiji Gakuin review International & regional studies (58), 1-30, 2021-03-31


  • Agglomeration Theory in Evolutionary Economic Geography  [in Japanese]

    野尻 亘

    … Specifically,biological evolution is applied to the nature of regional developmentprocesses. … The processes of the industrial lifecycle consist of embryonic stage, growth, maturity, and decline as ananalogy of biological evolution. …

    62(4), 21-45, 2021-03-22


  • The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Regional Economic Growth and Regional Income Disparity in Indonesia

    DefriKurniawan , Budiono

    国際開発学研究 = Journal of international development 20(2), 191-209, 2021-03

  • A STUDY ON THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE USAGE SITUATION OF CLOSED SCHOOLS:- In case of Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Sizuoka prefecture -  [in Japanese]

    NOZAWA Hideki , TSUNEKAWA Kazuhisa , TATEBE Kenji

    … However, since 2000, in addition to the building specifications such as the number of years after the construction and structural reliability, the decline of population and birthrate, and the slow-down of the city's growth became a part of new factors. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (781), 1033-1043, 2021-03


  • Urbanization Policies and Changes in Conditions for Industrial Location in Inland China  [in Japanese]

    朴 美善

    … transit to domestic demand-led growth from export-led growth, and the urbanization policies in central and western China where economic development was lagging attracted attention as measures to increase the domestic infrastructure investment, business investment, and consumption demand.This paper analyzes the impact of China's recent urbanization policies, represented by the announcement and implementation of the "New Urbanization Plan" that began in 2014, on regional development in central and …

    城西大学経済経営紀要 39(44), 59-79, 2021-03

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  • Urbanization and Source of Running Water in Thimphu  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 秀和 , スズキ ヒデカズ , 佐藤 哲夫 , サトウ テツオ , 江口 卓 , エグチ タカシ , 高木 正博 , タカギ マサヒロ , 杉本 惇 , スギモト ジュン , Wangda Pema , Kaka , Suzuki Hidekazu , Satoh Tetsuo , Eguchi Takashi , Takagi Masahiro , Sugimoto Jun

    … The population of Thimphu City, the capital, increased by approximately 40% from 2005 to 2017 owing to rural-urban migration mainly consisting of the younger generation looking for jobs.<br>According to an analysis of the Population and Housing Census, the present population growth rate in Thimphu is moderate compared to other urban towns and its primacy is not significant in terms of national rank-size distribution. …

    地域学研究 = Regional views (34), 1-31, 2021-03


  • A Geographical Study of the Himalayan Towns of India <Article>

    PANT B.R. , CHAND Raghubir

    … An attempt has been made in this paper to analyze the population growth, population density, and sex ratio of a total of 540 urban centers/towns belonging to twelve states/ regions of the Indian Himalaya. … We analyze the population distribution, town distribution, growth of towns, density patterns of towns, sex composition, and status wise population based on the size class of towns as per the 2011 Census in particular. …

    Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India 7(2), 1-18, 2021-03

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  • Promoting agricutural idustry through cross-sectoral collaborations in Yabu-city : managment and human resource for failitating collaborations  [in Japanese]

    川端 勇樹 , 西尾 久美子

    … Promoting competitive regional industry is increasingly important for our country. … In reality, focusing on agriculture which has high potential for growth, the supports for facilitating the collaborations are conducted in several regions in Japan. …

    現代社会研究 (023), 23-36, 2021-01-31


  • <Article>Response of High School Teachers to the Super-Global High School Project and Changes in Educational Ability and Consciousness  [in Japanese]

    服部 憲児

    … (2)Teachers were feeling the motivation and growth of students through the SGH project. … The latter change is caused by the teacher seeing the transformation and growth of the students, which motivates the teacher to actively try new things. …

    地域連携教育研究 = Journal of Education and Research for Regional Alliances (6), 19-31, 2021-01-31

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  • Prevalence of an incompetent lip seal during growth periods throughout Japan: a large-scale, survey-based, cross-sectional study

    Nogami Yukiko , Saitoh Issei , Inada Emi , Murakami Daisuke , Iwase Yoko , Kubota Naoko , Nakamura Yuki , Kimi Masami , Hayasaki Haruaki , Yamasaki Youichi , Kaihara Yasutaka

    Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 26(1), 2021-01-21


  • Energy Connectivity and Transport Infrastructure : Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities for the Belt and Road Initiative(BRI)

    Singh Akanksha , Haba Kumiko , 羽場 久美子

    … And to act as the leader of the 21st century, it will be essential for Asia to work for regional cooperation and integration. … The development of inter-regional infrastructure would reduce the imbalance in Asian economies since the development of infrastructure is directly proportional to economic growth which is also directly proportional to the development of region hereby enhancing regional integration. …

    Aoyama Journal of International Studies (8), 79-101, 2021-01-15

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  • Based on the Knowledge from "Creating Cultures of Thinking" : Introduction and the Possibilities for Practice in Education  [in Japanese]

    山下 敦子 , 高見 佐知 , 勝又 あずさ , 井上 幸 , 安東 茂樹

    … (5)relating growth mindset with classroom ground rules; …

    地域連携教育研究 = Journal of education and research for regional alliances 6, 121-128, 2021-01

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  • The Contents of Polyphenols in <i>Perilla frutescens</i> (L.) Britton var. <i>frutescens</i> (Egoma) Leaves are Determined by Vegetative Stage, Spatial Leaf Position, and Timing of Harvesting during the Day

    Gaihre Yuba Raj , Tsuge Keisuke , Hamajima Hiroshi , Nagata Yasuo , Yanagita Teruyoshi

    … The difference in plant growth stage also influenced the rosmarinic acid and scutellarin contents, while the time of harvesting during the day did rosmarinic acid contents only. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 70(6), 855-859, 2021


  • Differences in Rhinoceros Auklet diet and chick body mass at 4 breeding sites in Hokkaido  [in Japanese]

    OKADO Jumpei , WATANUKI Yutaka , ITO Motohiro , HASEBE Makoto , SHOJI Akiko , HAYASHI Haruka , SATO Nobuhiko , KOSHINO Yosuke , WATANABE Kenta , KUWAE Tomohiro

    <p>北海道周辺の異なる海洋環境に位置する4つのウトウ<i>Cerorhinca monocerata</i>繁殖地において,2016–2017年に雛に持ち帰った餌と雛の体重(成長段階で補正)を調べた.松前小島,天売島,トド島の3繁殖地はそれぞれ対馬暖流の南部,中北部,北部に位置しており,トド島はオホーツク海の東樺太海流に由来する冷水塊にも近い.また,大黒島は沿 …

    Japanese Journal of Ornithology 70(1), 37-52, 2021



    YOSHIDA Yukino , IKARUGA Shinji , KOBAYASHI Takeshi , SONG Junhwan , SHIRAISHI Rei

    … The policy draws a "20- minute neighborhood," where jobs and service facilities are located within a 20-minute walking distance, and it features an "Urban Growth Boundary (UGB)," equivalent to Japan's demarcation system, which is a metropolitan land use regulation restricting disorganized development. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(782), 1240-1251, 2021


  • Impact assessment of Corridor Oriented development:A case of urban agglomerations of India

    Chandrashekar Chandan Mysore , Aithal Bharath H

    … To handle the influx of population into core urban regions andto promote holistic, sustainable development, government and planning agenciesare now looking upon regional development. … This study aims tounderstand the urban growth of two major developing cities influenced bytransport corridor through a methodological approach using multi-temporalsatellite data and its position in India's network of cities. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 9(2), 172-194, 2021


  • Emissions from the Oil and Gas Sectors, Coal Mining and Ruminant Farming Drive Methane Growth over the Past Three Decades

    CHANDRA Naveen , FUJITA Ryo , TAKIGAWA Masayuki , WATANABE Shingo , SAITOH Naoko , CANADELL Josep G. , PATRA Prabir K. , BISHT Jagat S. H. , ITO Akihiko , UMEZAWA Taku , SAIGUSA Nobuko , MORIMOTO Shinji , AOKI Shuji , JANSSENS-MAENHOUT Greet

    <p> メタン(CH<sub>4</sub>)は主要な温室効果気体の一つであり、対流圏および成層圏における化学過程にも重要な役割を果たしている。気候変動および大気汚染に関するCH<sub>4</sub>の影響は非常に大きいが、過去30年間のCH<sub>4</sub>濃度増加率や経年変動の要因については、未だ科学的 …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 99(2), 309-337, 2021


  • Development of program for estimating optimum harvest date of medicinal plant <I>Angelica acutiloba</I>  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Satoshi , SHIRAISHI Yutaka , KATO Masako , YANO Takayoshi , HISHIDA Atsuyuki , KOHMURA Hiroyuki , IGARASHI Motoko , YOKOI Naoto , MOROHASHI Shuuichi , NOMOTO Eiji , YUI Hideki , TAMURA Takayuki , YASUNAGA Makoto

    … To evaluate growth and develop a growth model of the medicinal plant <I>Angelica acutiloba</I>, we grew plants of one cultivar in one nursery at nine sites in Honshu and Shikoku, Japan, from 2016 to 2018. … The model estimates root dry weight and root head diameter from the number of days at the preferred growing temperature range between lower and upper limits based on the daily mean air temperature, and incorporates growth suppression by high temperatures in summer 2018. …

    Climate in Biosphere 21(0), 21-25, 2021


  • Suppression of alien plant <i>Amorpha fruticosa</i> communities and transition test to native willow communities on the shoreline in the Miharu dam reservoir.  [in Japanese]

    AZAMI Kazuhiro , OBAYASHI Sunao , KAGEYAMA Namiko , SHIROTO Kou

    <p>三春ダムでは平常時最高貯水位~洪水貯留準備水位までの水位差 8 m の範囲で,イタチハギが目立ってきた.本研究では,イタチハギ伐採後の目標植生を三春ダム湖畔に自生しているタチヤナギやシロヤナギの群落とし,ヤナギ類 2 種がイタチハギより優勢になるまでの伐採条件を求めることとした.ヤナギ類 2 種は 6 月と 12 月に挿し木で植栽したが,植栽後に冠水する 12 月よりも,植栽後約 …

    Ecology and Civil Engineering 23(2), 319-329, 2021


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