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  • Japanese Guideline for Food Allergy 2014

    Urisu Atsuo , Japanese Society of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology , Japanese Society of Allergology , Ebisawa Motohiro , Ito Komei , Aihara Yukoh , Ito Setsuko , Mayumi Mitsufumi , Kohno Yoichi , Kondo Naomi , on behalf of Committee for Japanese Pediatric Guideline for Food Allergy

    … There are a number of means available to identify causative foods, including the history taking, a skin prick test, detection of antigen-specific IgE antibodies in the blood, the basophil histamine release test, the elimination diet test, and the oral challenge test, etc. … However, it should be conducted under the supervision of experienced physicians because it may cause adverse reactions, such as anaphylaxis.<br> …

    Allergology International 63(3), 399-419, 2014

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  • Japanese Guideline for Food Allergy

    Urisu Atsuo , Ebisawa Motohiro , Mukoyama Tokuko , Morikawa Akihiro , Kondo Naomi

    … Many means to determine the causative foods are available, including history taking, skin prick test, antigen specific IgE antibodies in blood, basophil histamine release test, elimination diet test, oral food challenge test, etc. … However, it should be conducted under the supervision of experienced physicians because it may cause adverse reactions such as anaphylaxis.<br> …

    Allergology International 60(2), 221-236, 2011


  • Mechanism of Staggered Multiple Seedling Production from <I>Amorphophallus bulbifer</I> and <I>Amorphophallus muelleri</I> and its Application to Cultivation in Southeast Asia

    ZHANG Donghua , WANG Qingping , GEORGE S. Srzednicki

    … This growth mode of release of multiple seedlings contrasts with the traditional growth mode of commonly grown konjak species, i.e. production of one corm by a single seedling. … In the present study, the propagation rate and the bulking rate were compared between the relay seedling release mode and one seedling release mode. … Cultivation under greenhouse conditions enhanced the germination and prevented the onset of dormancy. …

    Tropical Agriculture and Development 54(3), 84-90, 2010


  • Current Situation and Future Tasks for Psychiatric Services in Japanese Prisons

    Nomura Toshiaki

    … I describe the provision of facilities specializing in psychiatric services, preparation of legal aspects related to involuntary treatment, provision of therapeutic educational programs regarding addictive crimes, and the measures required for continuation of treatment after release from prison. …

    Journal of Nippon Medical School 76(4), 182-187, 2009


  • Recent Change of the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (H5N1), and the Counter Measures Taken by the EU and the USA  [in Japanese]

    OZAWA Yoshihiro

    … spreading of the virus from China to the other parts of Asia, the Near East, Europe and Africa.<BR>The new measures implemented by the EU in 2006 and 2007 were also reviewed, and the effectiveness of the measures such as surveillance of infected wild birds, strategic vaccination of zoo birds and poultry kept out-door and DIVA tests prior to their release etc was confirmed.<BR>In the USA, the surveillance of infected wild birds has been intensified since 2006 with emphasis on Alaska, but so far H5N1 virus of Asian origin has not been …

    Journal of Veterinary Epidemiology 11(2), 102-105, 2008-01-20

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  • Effect of Slower Nitrogen Releasing Additive on the Quality of Napiergrass (Pennisetum purpureum Schumach.) Silage

    Yunus Muhammad , Ohba Noriko , Shao Tao [et al.]

    … Thus, oxalic acid diamide (oxamide, O) and guanyl urea sulfate (GW), N slow-release compounds, were used as additives in the present study. …

    Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University 45(2), 415-421, 2001-02


  • 明末徽州の佃僕制と紛争 (特集 明清档案特集)  [in Japanese]

    中島 楽章

    … On the other hand, under the competitive and overpopulated circumstances of the Hui-zhou society in the late Ming, much more "dian-pu" who could not gain from the commercialization, were further reduced to poverty. … On the other side, many impoverished "dian-pu" often attempted to escape from landlord's supervision. … However, landlords generally did not approve their release from hereditary status. …

    The Journal of Oriental researches 58(3), 419-469, 1999-12

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