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  • Investigating Runoff Sensitivity in the Land-Surface Model MATSIRO to Reduce Low Runoff Bias

    TAKATA Kumiko , HANASAKI Naota

    … <p> The Minimal Advanced Treatments of Surface Interaction and RunOff (MATSIRO), which has been used as a land-surface scheme in the global climate model, the Model for Interdisciplinary Research On Climate (MIROC), calculates Dunne runoff and base runoff using the TOPography-based MODEL (TOPMODEL). … In past experiments that used MATSIRO, the runoff and its response to precipitation were too low compared to observation. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, 2021


  • Cactus as Crop Plant ― Physiological Features, Uses and Cultivation ―

    HORIBE Takanori

    … are consumed as vegetables, cattle food, and processed food, in addition to being used for raw materials in cosmetics and medical supplies in various countries, including the Mediterranean, South America, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, showing their wide adaptability to various climate zones ranging from arid, semiarid to temperate zones. …

    Environment Control in Biology 59(1), 1-12, 2021


  • The SOLA Award in 2020

    Takemi Tetsuya

    … (<i>SOLA</i>) gives The SOLA Award to outstanding paper(s) published each year. …

    SOLA 17(0), ii-iii, 2021


  • An Empirical Method for Diagnosing Premature Bolting Risk in Spring Cabbage by Estimating the Flower Bud Differentiation Period

    Takada Atsushi , Okada Kunihiko , Toyota Koki

    … The flower bud differentiation, explained as the phase transition from the vegetative phase to reproductive phase, is induced by chilling after a certain plant size, then the risk of premature bolting is triggered by long days and high temperatures. … However, climate change may increase the risk of premature bolting. …

    The Horticulture Journal, 2021



    MOCHIZUKI Tomoya , FURUSAWA Yasuhiko

    … の把握と開示を勧告した.現在,国内では,気候変動リスクをClimate VaRにより分析する動きがある.気候変動リスクは様々であるが,我が国では,今後水害リスクに着目したClimate VaRの開示が求められる可能性が高い.但し,Climate VaRの算定手法は,明確になっていない状況にある.本報ではClimate VaRに係る各種文献を紐解き,その指標の数理的意味や他のリス …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. G (Environmental Research) 77(1), 1-6, 2021


  • A New Graphical Method to Diagnose the Impacts of Model Changes on Climate Sensitivity

    JAIN Shipra , CHHIN Rattana , DOHERTY Ruth M. , MISHRA Saroj K. , YODEN Shigeo

    … <p> Equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) is defined as the change in global-mean surface air temperature due to the doubling or quadrupling of CO<sub>2</sub> … in a climate model simulation. … This metric is used to determine the uncertainty in future climate projections, and therefore the impact of model changes on ECS is of large interest to the climate modeling community. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II, 2021


  • Soil carbon flux research in the Asian region: Review and future perspectives

    Liqing SHA , TERAMOTO Munemasa , Nam Jin NOH , HASHIMOTO Shoji , Meng YANG , Montri SANWANGSRI , Naishen LIANG

    … Soil respiration (<I>R</I><SUB>s</SUB>) is the largest flux of carbon dioxide (CO<SUB>2</SUB>) next to photosynthesis in terrestrial ecosystems. … These soil carbon (C) fluxes are key factors in the mitigation and adaption of future climate change. … The Asian region spans an extensive area from the northern boreal to tropical regions in Southeast Asia. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 77(1), 24-51, 2021


  • Challenges to design-oriented breeding of root system architecture adapted to climate change

    Uga Yusaku

    … As global climate change accelerates, it will be important to improve belowground plant parts, as well as aboveground ones, because roots are front-line organs in the response to abiotic stresses such as drought, flooding, and salinity stress. …

    Breeding Science, 2021


  • Report on the geomorphological survey in the Soya Coast (JARE-61)  [in Japanese]

    石輪 健樹 , 徳田 悠希 , 板木 拓也 , 佐々木 聡史

    … The Antarctic Ice Sheet is a major source of future sea-level rise due to global warming. … Reconstruction of the past Antarctic Ice Sheet is essential to understand the mechanism of the Antarctic Ice Sheet response to global and regional climate changes. … However, the shortage of geological evidence of sea-level and ice-sheet records makes it difficult to reconstruct the Antarctic Ice Sheet changes. …

    南極資料 = Antarctic Record (64), 330-350, 2020-11

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  • A meta-analysis on decomposition quantifies afterlife effects of plant diversity as a global change driver

    Akira S. Mori , J. Hans C. Cornelissen , Fujii Saori , Okada Kei-ichi , Isbell Forest

    … Here, we provide a global-scale meta-analysis to quantify how changes in the diversity of organic matter derived from plants (i.e. litter) affect rates of decomposition. … Changes in plant diversity could alter decomposition rates by as much as climate change is projected to alter them. …

    Nature communications (11), 4547, 2020-09-11


  • Ultra-energy-saving External Air Indirect Air-vaporized Cooling in Response to Climate Crisis  [in Japanese]

    大場 章晴

    冷凍 = Refrigeration 95(1114), 408-411, 2020-09

  • Proteomic Responses to Ocean Acidification in the Brain of Juvenile Coral Reef Fish

    Hin Hung Tsang , Megan J. Welch , Philip L. Munday , Timothy Ravasi , Celia Schunter

    … Elevated CO₂ levels predicted to occur by the end of the century can affect the physiology and behavior of marine fishes. … For one important survival mechanism, the response to chemical alarm cues from conspecifics, substantial among-individual variation in the extent of behavioral impairment when exposed to elevated CO₂ has been observed in previous studies. …

    Frontiers in Marine Science (7), 605, 2020-07-30


  • The Local Economic Competitiveness of Rural Hometowns for Overseas Remittances-Induced Investments: Two Case Studies from the Philippin

    … This role is to enable and ensure an economically competitive locality for all entrepreneurs and investors (including town mates working and residing abroad). …

    Working Paper = Working Paper (213), 1-48, 2020-07-22

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  • Using Modern Conservation Tools for Innovative Management of Coral Reefs: The MANACO Consortium

    Oliver Selmoni , Gaël Lecellier , Lara Ainley , Antoine Collin , Raimana Doucet , Vaimiti Dubousquet , Hudson Feremaito , Edouard Ito Waia , Stuart Kininmonth , Hélène Magalon , Siola'a Malimali , Ateliana Maugateau , Anders Meibom , Stephen Mosese , Malika René-Trouillefou , Noriyuki Satoh , Madeleine J. H. van Oppen , André Xozamé , Maxime Yékawene , Stéphane Joost , Véronique Berteaux-Lecellier

    … This is mainly due to the difficulties in knowledge exchange between scientists and conservation stakeholders. … The ManaCo consortium ( is an international network federating conservation stakeholders and researchers in a common effort to preserve the coral reefs. … The focus is on using modern tools to build a bridge between indigenous knowledge and scientific innovation. …

    Frontiers in Marine Science (7), 609, 2020-07-21



    FUJIWARA Ryo , SERIKAWA Mao , SATOH Makoto , MAE Masayuki

    … As weather condition changes throughout the seasons, residents need to adjust the heat gain by using blind, curtain or ventilation to avoid overheating. … Moreover, previous evaluation method of heat storage does not represent thermal characteristics of building exterior walls accurately.</p><p> The purpose of this paper is to develop a method to design appropriate building envelope for direct gain system. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (772), 455-464, 2020-06


  • Adapting global shared socio-economic pathways for national scenarios in Japan

    Chen He , Matsuhashi Keisuke , Takahashi Kiyoshi , Fujimori Shinichiro , Honjo Keita , Gomi Kei

    … A Correction to this article was published. … This article has been updated.Shared socio-economic pathways (SSPs) are alternative global development scenarios focused on the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change. … Thus, it is necessary to construct scenarios that can be used for governments in response to the SSPs to reflect national and sub-national unique situations. …

    Sustainability Science (15), 985-1000, 2020-05


  • An Epigenetic Signature for Within-Generational Plasticity of a Reef Fish to Ocean Warming

    Taewoo Ryu , Heather D. Veilleux , Philip L. Munday , Imgook Jung , Jennifer M. Donelson , Timothy Ravasi

    … However, phenotypic plasticity may enable some populations to maintain their performance under thermal stress. … Two longitudinally separated populations of the coral reef fish, Acanthochromis polyacanthus from the Great Barrier Reef have shown differing capacities for thermal plasticity - the southernmost Heron Island population restored aerobic scope within one generation at a higher temperature, whereas the northernmost Palm Island population restored aerobic scope only when two generations were exposed to warmer conditions. …

    Frontiers in Marine Science (7), 284, 2020-04-30


  • Species-specific molecular responses of wild coral reef fishes during a marine heatwave

    Moisés A. Bernal , Celia Schunter , Robert Lehmann , Damien J. Lightfoot , Bridie J. M. Allan , Heather D. Veilleux , Jodie L. Rummer , Philip L. Munday , Timothy Ravasi

    … Thus, in this study, we used liver transcriptomes to understand the molecular response of five species to the 2016 heatwave conditions. … The molecular response was also influenced by the duration of exposure to elevated temperatures. … This study highlights the importance of considering the effects of extreme warming events when evaluating the consequences of climate change on fish communities. …

    Science Advances 6(12), eaay3423, 2020-03-18


  • Student Activism in Contrasting 'Spaces of Autonomy' : A Comparison of Social Movements Originating in Japan, Hong Kong, and the UK

    Hammond Christopher D. , ハモンド Christopher D. , Soler Alemany Marta

    … The Japanese case explores a student-led movement known as SEALDs that mobilized within a nationally-bounded context in response to domestic political issues. … The third case looks at the Extinction Rebellion (XR), a climate change-focused social movement that originated in the UK but soon occupied a global space. …

    Bulletin of College of Education, Psychology and Human Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University (11), 57-80, 2020-03-01

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  • Limited stomatal regulation of the largest-size class of Dryobalanops aromatica in a Bornean tropical rainforest in response to artificial soil moisture reduction

    Yoshifuji Natsuko , Kumagai Tomo'omi , Ichie Tomoaki , Kume Tomonori , Tateishi Makiko , Inoue Yuta , Yoneyama Aogu , Nakashizuka Tohru

    Journal of plant research 133(2), 175-191, 2020-03

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