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  • The Social Significance of a Community Holding Memorial Services for Disaster Victims : With a Consideration of Unconfirmed Deaths and "Restless Spirits"  [in Japanese]

    KANEBISHI Kiyoshi

    … However, differing from the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake disaster in which numerous victims were literally crushed to death in an inland earthquake, we can understand this excessive community administration to be a socio-cultural device to deal with the "wandering spirits" …

    Kansai Sociological Review 12(0), 104-113, 2013


  • The Lemuria: a ritual for the dead in ancient Rome  [in Japanese]

    小堀 馨子

    … In scholarship, the Parentalia is considered a festival dedicated to ancestral spirits, while the Lemuria, is regarded as a festival for the propitiation of the restless and malevolent dead. … Therefore, the days called dies religiosi were "the days dedicated to the dead." Furthermore, related to the Lemuria, there is the issue whether it was a festival for the souls of dead ancestors (di Manes) or one for the spirits of the malignant dead (larvae). …

    Annual review of religious studies. (28), 55-66, 2010

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