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  • Exploration of Seafloor Massive Sulfide deposits using natural gamma-ray logging: An application of through-the-bit logging  [in Japanese]

    Kitada Kazuya , Sanada Yoshinori , Yamada Yasuhiro , Nozaki Tatsuo , Kumagai Hidenori , Maruta Masahiro , Sato Hiroshi

    <p>地球深部探査船「ちきゅう」による掘削航海(CK16-05航海)において,陸上地熱探査用メモリー式検層ツールを用いた掘削ビット通過検層方式の自然ガンマ線検層を新たに適用することにより,掘削調査における物理検層のさらなる低コスト化・高効率化を試みた。本目的を達成するため,事前に実施したCK16-01航海での経験に基づき検層ツールの強度および船上作業方法を再検討し,検層ツールへの振動・ …

    BUTSURI-TANSA(Geophysical Exploration) 73(0), 33-41, 2020


  • Groundwater flow traced by bomb pulses of ³⁶Cl and tritiogenic ³He in a borehole

    Mahara Yasunori , Ohta Tomoko

    … In 2001, a borehole was drilled to 400 m depth below the ground surface of a tableland in northern Japan, where horizontal porous sedimentary rock strata are deposited. … Fresh drill-core and groundwater samples were collected from the borehole for estimating global fallout bomb pulses of ³H, which becomes tritiogenic ³He (tri³He) through β-decay, and ³⁶Cl. … Most ³H (half-life 12.3 y) in the rock porewater had decayed to tri³He during the 38 years between 1963 and 2001. …

    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (455), 140-145, 2019-09-15


  • Estimating the Compressive Strength of Rocks Using Damping Pressure Pulsation of Hydraulic Rock Drill  [in Japanese]

    塚本 耕治 , 松田 年雄 , 進士 正人

    公益社団法人物理探査学会学術講演会講演論文集 = Proceedings of the SEGJ Conference 141, 9-12, 2019

  • Development and Verification of the Rock Blasting Management System Using ICT  [in Japanese]

    YAMAGAMI Masahito , KATAYAMA Saburou , ICHIKI Takashi , ARAI Hiroyuki

    <p>ダム建設における骨材製造工事では,事前調査の限界により骨材となる原石の賦存モデルの精度が十分ではないため,これまで採取効率を高めることに限界があった。また,発破孔削孔作業における測量・検測および発破後の岩質判定は人力や目視で行われており,機械化による省力化と高精度化が望まれていた。そこで,採取効率向上や省力化によるコスト縮減を目的として,ダム原石採取管理システム「T-iBlast …

    Journal of Japan Society of Dam Engineers 29(2), 140-151, 2019


  • Estimation of Compressive Strength of Rocks Using Damping Pressure Pulsation of Hydraulic Rock Drill  [in Japanese]

    TSUKAMOTO Koji , KOIZUMI Masahiro , SHINJI Masato

    … In the logging survey performed while drilling, which is one of the forward investigations of the tunnel face, drilling data such as percussive pressure, rotational pressure, feed pressure, damping pressure, and speed of the hydraulic drill are measured, and the ground state of the drilling position is predicted. … Among them, the damping pressure, which damps the repulsive force from the ground due to the impact of the hydraulic drill, provides information on the geological properties of the hole drilling position. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 68(4), 366-373, 2019


  • Drilling Processes with Hydraulic Percussion Rock Drills  [in Japanese]

    羽柴 公博 , 福井 勝則 , 小泉 匡弘

    季刊資源と素材 3(2), 122-128, 2018

  • Relationship between the Groundwater Fluctuation and Deformation Behavior of Rock Slope at Mt. Buko  [in Japanese]

    KONDO Megumi , OZAWA Noriyoshi , AOYAMA Hideo , YANO Kazufumi

    … <p>In the present study, the relation between groundwater fluctuations on a rock slope and the dis-placement of the Mt. Buko rock slope is analyzed. … In general, the strength of a rock mass behavior is subject to the influence of water. … Rock slope stability consequently declines due to rainfall, especially in limestone terrains, where the rain permeates quickly into the rock mass. …

    Journal of MMIJ 134(11), 188-197, 2018


  • Development of visualizing survey technology using "DRi-Scope" industrial endoscope to observe natural ground ahead of tunnel face

    Sekine Ichiro , Kobayashi Yoshitsugu , Ishigaki Kazuaki , Hohahi Ryo , Hirata Yasuo

    … The natural ground at the point of a bit is observed directly by inserting an industrial endoscope in the water supply conduit of a rod on a hydraulic drill jumbo. …

    International Journal of the JSRM 14(1), 9-10, 2018



    TSUKAMOTO Koji , SHINJI Masato

    トンネル切羽前方地山の状態を的確に予測することは,安全で経済的な施工に必要不可欠である.ノンコアボーリングの調査である削孔検層法は,山岳トンネルの施工に用いられるドリルジャンボの油圧式削岩機を利用できること,削孔速度や削岩機の油圧データを用いて地山の硬軟の程度を定量的に評価できるなどの特徴がある.この削孔検層法の応用技術として,油圧式削岩機が地山を削孔する際の振動を切羽に設置した複数の受振器で計測 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. F1 (Tunnel Engineering) 73(3), I_46-I_60, 2017


  • Analysis of Large Deformations of Thin Elastic Spring Materials in a Rigid Channel (Attempt of Application to Medical Guide Wire)  [in Japanese]

    OHTSUKI Atsumi , OKUDA Masahiro

    … However, there is not sufficient analysis for practical problems such as large deformation of a cable within a channel (or a pipe), or of a drill inserted in a drilling hole in rock engineering and petroleum production, or of a medical guide wire (catheter) within a blood vessel, and so on. … In addition, designers of machines for drill , tubing strings, and sewing machines should find the results useful and easy to apply.</p> …

    Transactions of Japan Society of Spring Engineers 2017(62), 27-35, 2017


  • REEs mineralization in a Fe-Cu skarn deposit associated with calc-alkaline magmatism  [in Japanese]

    Jianwei Li , Hao Hu

    <p>The Tieshan Fe-Cu skarn deposit in the Daye district of eastern China provides a valuable opportunity to better understand the nature and genesis of hydrothermal REEs mineralization associate …

    Abstracts of Annual Meeting of the Geochemical Society of Japan 64(0), 28, 2017


  • Drilling Processes with Hydraulic Percussion Rock Drills  [in Japanese]

    HASHIBA Kimihiro , FUKUI Katsunori , KOIZUMI Masahiro

    … <p>Rock drills were developed about two hundred years ago, and hydraulic percussion rock drills are about half-century old. … Performance and efficiency of rock drills have been increased by a number of researchers and engineers. … carbide button bits were developed for hard rock drilling. … This paper reviewed the previous studies and future issues on the drilling processes with hydraulic percussion rock drills. …

    Journal of MMIJ 133(9), 223-229, 2017


  • High-Precision Simulator for Hydraulic Percussion Rock Drills

    HASHIBA Kimihiro , KOIZUMI Masahiro , FUKUI Katsunori , LIANG Yingzong , HIRANO Eiji , MATSUDA Toshio

    … This article summarizes the authors' studies on a high-precision simulator for hydraulic percussion rock drills, which received a technical award from the Japanese Society for Rock Mechanics in the fiscal year of 2016. … Hydraulic percussion rock drills are widely used for blast hole drilling in mines, quarries, and tunnel construction sites. …

    International Journal of the JSRM 13(1), 1-2, 2017



    松下 智昭 , 宮嶋 保幸 , 犬塚 隆明 [他]

    岩盤力学に関するシンポジウム講演論文集 44, 217-221, 2016-01-08

  • Exploration and development of the Fukusen vein group of the Yamada deposit, Hishikari Mine  [in Japanese]

    KAMIGATA Yuko , YAMATO Yu , ONO Masahiro , KANETO Fuyuki

    … Further exploration and development revealed that the Fukusen vein group is strictly controlled by the sub-horizontal argillized layer at the shallower part of the veins.<br>Volcanic rock samples are taken from the underground drill cores and X-ray diffraction analysis was applied to identify the hydrothermally altered clay mineral assemblages to delineate the thermal gradient responsible for the mineralization of the Fukusen vein group. …

    Shigen-Chishitsu 66(2), 67-73, 2016


  • Effect of Bit Configuration in Impact Penetration Tests with Button Bits  [in Japanese]

    LIANG Yingzong , HASHIBA Kimihiro , FUKUI Katsunori , KOIZUMI Masahiro , MATSUDA Toshio

    … <p>Computer simulation of percussive rock drilling requires appropriate numerical models for the interactions among the drill body, rod, rod joint, bit, and rock. … In this study, the impact penetration of a bit into rock was investigated for the modeling of the bit-rock interaction. … These findings will contribute to the improvement of the accuracy in the simulation of percussive rock drilling.</p> …

    Journal of MMIJ 132(8), 129-136, 2016


  • Impact performance for high frequency hydraulic rock drill drifter with sleeve valve

    Yong Guo , Yi Yang Shu , Shun Liu De , Yan Zhang Long , Wen Chen Jian

    … A high frequency hydraulic rock drill drifter with sleeve valve is developed to use on arm of excavator. … In order to ensure optimal working parameters of impact system for the new hydraulic rock drill drifter controlled by sleeve valve, the performance test system is built using the arm and the hydraulic source of excavator. … The result demonstrates that the maximum impact energy of the drill drifter is 98.34J with impact frequency of 71HZ. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 9(1), 39-46, 2016


  • Consideration on a Calculation Method of Force-Penetration Curves in Impact Penetration Tests  [in Japanese]

    HASHIBA Kimihiro , LIANG Yingzong , FUKUI Katsunori , KOIZUMI Masahiro , MATSUDA Toshio

    … To improve the performance and efficiency of rock drills, it is essential to understand the penetration behavior of a bit into rock. … However, studies on the impact penetration with a button bit, which is commonly used for percussive drilling of hard rock recently, are insufficient. … The method proposed in this study can be adopted to in-situ rock drilling, and contribute to the development of the bit suited to each rock type. …

    Journal of MMIJ 131(1), 9-16, 2015


  • J0410102 An Analysis of Large Deformation in Flexible Materials between the Two Rigid Walls  [in Japanese]

    OHTSUKI Atsumi , OKUDA Masahiro

    … However, there is not sufficient analysis for problems of practical interest such as large deformation of a cable within a channel (or a pipe), or of a drill within a hole in rock engineering and petroleum production, or of a catheter within a blood vessel, and so on. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2015(0), _J0410102--_J0410102-, 2015


  • Study of Specific Energy for Evaluation of In-situ Rock Mass Properties (Joint Research)  [in Japanese]

    引間 亮一 , 平野 享 , 山下 雅之 [他]

    JAEA-research 2013(40), 巻頭1-2,1-51, 2014-03

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