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  • Dissolution Rate and Interfacial Behaviors of Alumina Particle in Molten Slag Studied by Single Hot Thermocouple Technique

    Chen Fuhang , Tang Ping , Wen Guanghua , Yu Liang , Gu Shaopeng

    … in mold flux is investigated via SHTT. … The results show that: 1) Under the condition that the density of the Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> … dissolution rate studied via SHTT is same as that of rotating cylinder method. … 3) With the increase of the Li<sub>2</sub>O content in mold flux, the dissolution rate of Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub> …

    ISIJ International 61(1), 200-208, 2021


  • A rarefied gas flow around a rotating sphere: diverging profiles of gradients of macroscopic quantities

    TAGUCHI Satoshi , SAITO Kazuyuki , TAKATA Shigeru

    … The steady behaviour of a rarefied gas around a rotating sphere is studied numerically on the basis of the linearised ellipsoidal statistical model of the Boltzmann equation, also known as the ES model, and the Maxwell diffuse–specular boundary condition. … It is demonstrated numerically that the normal derivative of the circumferential component of the flow velocity and that of the heat flux diverge on the boundary with a rate s⁻¹/² , where s is the normal distance from the boundary. …

    Journal of Fluid Mechanics (862), 5-33, 2019-03-10


  • Vector Magnetic Evaluation of Core Material under Stress Conditions

    KAI Yuichiro , ENOKIZONO Masato

    … Therefore it is needed to evaluate the magnetic properties of the core material under the various stress condition. … In this paper, we will report about influence of the arbitrary stress on the vector magnetic properties of a non-oriented electrical steel sheet under various magnetic flux conditions. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 26(3), 460-467, 2018


  • Study on Measuring Method of Magnetic Properties under Compressive Stress Normal to the Surface of the Electrical Steel Sheet  [in Japanese]

    Maeda Yoshitaka , Urata Shinya , Nakai Hideo , Takeuchi Yuuya , Yun Kyyoul , Yanase Shunji , Okazaki Yasuo

    … This paper describes a newly developed apparatus to measure 2-D magnetic properties (properties under the arbitrary alternating and rotating flux conditions) of an electrical steel sheet in applying compressive stress normal to its surface. … This apparatus has the flux density sensor with a thin needle probe composed of sputtered copper foils on the electrical steel sheet. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 138(10), 490-496, 2018


  • Two-dimensional Magnetostriction and Vector Magnetic Characteristic of Electrical Steel Sheet under Rotating Magnetic Flux Condition  [in Japanese]

    若林 大輔 , 榎園 正人

    日本文理大学紀要 43(2), 19-27, 2015-10

  • ICOPE-15-1120 Numerical analyses for loss quantification of a hydrogenerator : the loss of the end structure in the no load

    HIROSE Takaaki , FUJITA Masafumi , UEDA Takashi , ISHIZUKA Hiroaki , OKUBO Masashi

    … The electrical loss of hydrogenerators includes the iron loss caused by the magnetic flux in the iron core, the eddy current loss induced by the leakage flux as well as the copper losses by the armature current and the field current. … In this paper, as a result of the numerical analysis of the loss of the end structure in the no load operating condition, at which only the field coil is excited, are described. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Engineering (ICOPE) 2015.12(0), _ICOPE-15--_ICOPE-15-, 2015


  • Modeling of Two-dimensional Magnetostriction on Electrical Steel Sheet using E&S model


    … This paper presents a numerical modeling method of two-dimensional magnetostrictions on a non-oriented electrical steel sheet and a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet under alternating and rotating magnetic flux conditions. … Non-sinusoidal magnetic flux occurs in a core of electrical machines due to excitation conditions and magnetic anisotropy. … Therefore, it is not easy to estimate the magnetostriction under this magnetic flux condition. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 22(2), 324-330, 2014


  • Evaluation of Vector Magnetic Property of Non-oriented Electrical steel Sheet under Biaxial Stress Condition  [in Japanese]

    KAI Yuichiro , TSUCHIDA Yuji , TODAKA Takashi , ENOKIZONO Masato

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 19(2), 292-297, 2011-06-10

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  • Development of Two-dimensional Local Magnetic Property measurement system  [in Japanese]

    NAGATA Shoichiro , HIRUKAWA Kouji , SHIMOJI Hiroyasu , ENOKIZONO Masato

    電気学会研究会資料. MAG, マグネティックス研究会 2008(77), 37-40, 2008-06-06

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  • Vortex Structure Behind Highly Heated Two Cylinders in Parallel Arrangements  [in Japanese]

    KURITA Eiichirou , YAHAGI Yuji

    … and cylinder heat flux, <I>q</I>=0-72.6kW/m<SUP>2</SUP>. … and decreases with increasing heat flux. … In the small scale vortexes, the symmetric counter-rotating twin vortexes are formed just behind the cylinders. … In the highly heated condition, the switching phenomena and the transition phenomena could not be observed and the small scale vortexes are always formed behind the upper cylinder. …



  • Operational Mechanism of a Single-Phase Input Three-Phase Parametric Motor  [in Japanese]


    … We studied a new type of three-phase induction motor excited by a single-phase power supply, and have succeeded in generating a three-phase rotating magnetic field in the stator of the motor. … This paper discusses the relationships between the stability of parametric oscillation and the magnetic flux density inside the outer magnetic path in the motor with a view to improving the output power of the motor. …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 31(3), 246-249, 2007-05-01

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  • Two-Dimensional Vector Magnetic Characteristic Considering the Crystal Grain Structure of Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet under the Rotating Flux Conditions  [in Japanese]

    TONE Kanji , SHIMOJI Hiroyasu , ENOKIZONO Masato , TODAKA Takashi

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 13(1), 38-43, 2005-03-31

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  • Introduction of London Equation Known in the Theory of Super Conductors into the Two Fluid Model of Plasmas  [in Japanese]

    ITOH Hiroshi

    … This is explained by a simple model for the diamagnetic flux produced by rotating electrons in the magnetic field. … Furthermore, the same result is obtained by using the equilibrium condition of the plasma which satisfies all the conditions given by our calculation. …

    Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research 80(2), 157-161, 2004-02-25

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  • Excitation Characteristics of a Single Sheet Tester for the 2-D Magnetic Properties  [in Japanese]

    MIMURA Hiroyuki , NAKANO Masanori , FUJIWARA Koji

    電気学会研究会資料. MAG, マグネティックス研究会 2002(184), 23-27, 2002-12-09

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  • Controller Design of Sensorless Induction Machine by High Frequency Voltage Injection  [in Japanese]

    CHUNG Dae-woong , HA Jung-ik , SUL Seung-ki , IDE Kozo , MUROKITA Ikuma , SAWA Tosihiro

    … The signal is not a rotating one, but a fluctuating one at a synchronous rotating reference frame with the fundamental stator frequency. … The difference of impedance between the flux axis and the quadrature axis at high frequency signal injection on the rotor flux angle is used to track the rotor flux angle. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications 120(11), 1257-1264, 2000-11-01

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  • 2-D Magnetization Properties under Rotating and Alternating Flux Conditions  [in Japanese]


    電気学会研究会資料. MAG, マグネティックス研究会 1999(166), 43-48, 1999-12-09

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  • Heat transfer in rotating Goertler flow  [in Japanese]

    益田 重明 , 小尾 晋之介 , 江戸 義博 , Masuda Shigeaki , Obi Shinnosuke , Edo Yoshihiro

    航空宇宙技術研究所 7-9 Oct. 1998 (23th). 24-26 Mar. 1999 (24th) 東京 日本スパン方向に系が回転している場合の遷移境界層での熱伝達を研究した。試験壁は電気的に加熱し、一定熱流束条件になるようにした。表面温度は感温液晶を用いて測定し、裏面での熱損失を理論的に補償することにより、局所的な熱伝達係数を加熱器に対する入力電力から求めた。熱伝達は、コリオリ力が壁に …

    航空宇宙技術研究所特別資料 = Special Publicationa of National Aerospace Laboratory (43), 113-114, 1999-11


  • Direct Numerical Simulation of An Axially Rotating Pipe Flow, (2nd Report, Turbulent Heat Transfer for Low Rotation Rate)  [in Japanese]

    SATAKE Shin-ichi , KUNUGI Tomoaki , SHIMADA Akira

    … A direct numerical simulation (DNS) with turbulent transport of a scalar quantity was performed for fully-developed turbulent rotating pipe flows. … A uniform heat-flux was applied to the wall as a thermal boundary condition. … The turbulent statistics such as the mean temperature, temperature fluctuations, and scalar flux distribution were obtained. … The turbulent heat transfer decreases with the rotating ratio increase. …

    Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Series B. 00065(00633), 1767-1772, 1999-05-25

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  • Experimental on the forming mechanism of upland field soil moisture condition and its rational management to save water use and high quality production  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Jun

    … It is generally said that soil moisture condition affects the quality and production of crop or vegetables. … The aim of this study is operation of the mechanism of soil moisture condition formation in upland field and its rational management to save irrigation water and so on. … Volume 1: Experimental Study on The Forming Mechanism of Soil Moisture Condition in Upland Fields. …

    Bulletin of the Shinshu University Forests (35), 1-46, 1999-03


  • Fluid flow and heat transfer in rotating curved pipes  [in Japanese]

    石垣 博 , 望月 宗和 , Ishigaki Hiroshi , Mochizuki Munekazu

    航空宇宙技術研究所 24-26 Jun. 1998 東京 日本回転曲管内の流体の流れは遠心力、コリオリ力および浮力の3種類の体積力を受ける。加熱された回転コイル管における完全層流について、類似論拠および数値的研究を通して、調べる。壁における熱的境界条件は軸方向に熱流束一定、周方向に壁温一定とする。流れと熱伝達の特徴は、これらがディーン数、プラントル数、体積力比および浮力パラメータの4つのパラメータ …

    航空宇宙技術研究所特別資料 = Special Publication of National Aerospace Laboratory (41), 373-377, 1999-02


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