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  • Relationships between rock fragment cover and soil hydrological response in a Mediterranean environment

    ZAVALA Lorena M. , JORDAN Antonio , BELLINFANTE Nicolas , GIL Juan

    … The main objective of the present research was to study the influence of rock fragment cover on run-off and interrill soil erosion under simulated rainfall in Mediterranean bare soils in south-western Spain. … Ponding and run-off flow were delayed in soils with high rock fragment cover. …

    Soil science and plant nutrition 56(1), 95-104, 2010-02-01

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  • Litter carbon dynamics analysis in forests in an arid ecosystem with a model incorporating the physical removal of litter

    Kumada Shungo , Kawanishi Takuya , Hayashi Yoshishige , Ogomori Kenichi , Kobayashi Yuka , Takahashi Nobuhide , Saito Masahiro , Hamano Hiroyuki , Kojima Toshinori , Yamada Koichi

    … For this type of ecosystem, which is susceptible to the run-off of water and strong winds, we consider the taking into account of the physical removal of the litter is essential for analyzing the carbon dynamics in the ecosystem. …

    Ecological Modelling 215(1-3), 190-199, 2008-07-10


  • Complex Fluid-Sediment Interactions in Fluvial and Coastal Environments -Part 4

    SEKIGUCHI Hideo , NAKAGAWA Hajime , SAWADA Toyoaki , HAYASHI Taiichi , KAWAIKE Kenji , UENO Tetsuo , MUTO Yasunori , BABA Yasuyuki , SERIZAWA Shigeatsu , Zhang Hao

    … It first demonstrates the capability of grid-based modelling for precipitation-derived processes of water flow and sediment transport in a hilly watershed (the Lesti River basin, Indonesia). … The paper then focuses on advanced numerical modelling for fluvial sediment dynamics, with particular reference to the reappraisal of groin systems in river restoration. …

    京都大学防災研究所年報. C = Disaster Prevention Research Institute Annuals. C 50(C), 89-104, 2007-04-01


  • Complex Fluid-Sediment Interactions in Fluvial and Coastal Environments(Part 4)

    関口 秀雄 , 中川 一 , 澤田 豊明 [他]

    京都大学防災研究所年報 (50), 89-104, 2006

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