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  • Long Time Monitoring of Saliva pH at Different Sites in the Oral Cavity  [in Japanese]

    中村 昭博 , 渡辺 泰平 , 星野 倫範 , 渡部 茂

    明海歯科医学 49(1), 15-22, 2020

  • Relationship between salivary flow rate and number of DMF teeth in patients with Sjögren's syndrome  [in Japanese]

    Sato Mariko , Ishida Takafumi , Iwabuchi Emi , Iwabuchi Hiroshi

    … <p>Patient`s with Sjögren's syndrome(SS)are prone to the development of dental caries as a result of reduced salivary flow. … As no studies to date have reported on the association between improved salivary flow in patients with SS and caries prevention, we conducted a retrospective study on the influence of salivary secretion on the number of decayed/missing/filled(DMF)teeth. …



  • Physiological and Psychological Effects of Soft Massage on Late Middle-aged Males and Females  [in Japanese]

    緒方 昭子 , 矢野 朋実 , 奥 祥子

    【目的】ソフトマッサージが、壮年期男女の生理面・心理面に与える効果を明らかにする。 【方法】50歳以上の男女36名に対して、ソフトマッサージ前後に体温・脈拍・血圧・唾液アミラーゼ・末梢血流・簡易式脳波測定、TMS(Tempraly mood scale)を実施し、t 検定、willcox検定にて分析を行い、施術後の感想についてはカテゴリー化を行った。【結果】女性の体温、脈拍が有意に低下したがその他 …

    森ノ宮医療大学紀要 = Bulletin of Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences (13), 23-35, 2019-03-20

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  • A case of a mucous retention cyst arising in the uvula tip of a one-year-old boy  [in Japanese]

    OTA Yoshiyuki , EGAWA Kenji , MASUI Atsushi , MASUDA Kosuke , UZAWA Narikazu

    … <p>Mucous cyst is caused by flow disturbances of saliva. … Histopathologically, the cystic lesion was lined by squamous epithelium, and a few minor salivary glands existed around the cyst. …

    Japanese Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 65(12), 801-804, 2019


  • Suppression of salivary secretion under stress condition  [in Japanese]


    … Therefore, the suppression of salivary flow under stress conditions is due to inhibition in the salivatory nuclei. … In addition to this mechanistic effect, the results of experimental studies suggest the existence of an inhibitory effect of the sympathetic nervous system on parasympathetic-stimulated salivary secretion from the salivary gland. … In this paper, the suppressive mechanism of salivary secretion is discussed.</p> …


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  • Clinical study in a specialty outpatient clinic for dry mouth  [in Japanese]

    OKUNO Kentaro , TAKAHASHI Kazuya , KISHIMOTO Naoko , NAKAJIMA Masahiro

    <p>近年,急速に進む高齢化により有病者数の増加や社会生活における様々なストレスの増加,不規則な食生活から,口腔乾燥症(ドライマウス)を主訴に来院する患者が増加している.今回,近年の大阪歯科大学附属病院ドライマウス外来の診療状況を把握することを目的に,初診患者の基礎的データを収集し,臨床的検討を行ったので報告する. 2017年4月1日から2018年3月31日までに,ドライマウス外来を受 …

    Shikaigaku 82(2), 51-55, 2019

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  • The autonomic control of salivary glands: historical review  [in Japanese]

    Tamura Naotoshi , Nakazato Yoshihiko

    <p>Ludwig(1850)は副交感神経が唾液分泌を惹起することを発見した.Bernard(1858)が唾液腺の副交感神経性血管拡張線維を発見したが,Heidenhain(1872)は分泌線維と血管拡張線維は別の線維であると証明した.Heidenhain(1878),Langley(1878)が補助的な交感神経性唾液分泌線維を発見した.Eckhard(1869)が導管収縮線維(交感神 …

    The Autonomic Nervous System 56(3), 155-161, 2019

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  • Possibility of using salivary cortisol in elite soccer players for condition evaluation  [in Japanese]

    Nakamura Mariko , Nakamura Daisuke , Ohiwa Nao , Hayakawa Naoki

    … [Purpose] The purpose of the present study was to 1) assess the validity of the lateral flow device (LFD), compared with the enzyme immunoassay (EIA) method, for determining salivary cortisol concentrations; … [Results] Salivary cortisol concentrations that were analyzed by LFD showed fluctuations that synchronized with EIA methods in Camp A and Camp B, respectively. …

    Journal of High Performance Sport 4(0), 71-78, 2019


  • A Resected Case of the Salivary Gland Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Diagnosed by Ultrasonography—Comparison of Ultrasonographic Findings and Histopathology—  [in Japanese]

    Nagayama Ayumi , Nakashima Osamu , Kumabe Tsutomu , Kuromatsu Ryoko , Kawano Yukihiro , Hashimoto Kouji , Ono Takeharu , Kusano Hironori , Umeno Hirohito , Abe Toshi

    <p>症例は60代男性.左頸部腫瘤を自覚し,左頬部から頸部に疼痛を認めたため近医を受診.精査加療目的で当院へ紹介となる.身体所見では左顎下部に母指頭大の弾性硬で可動性良好な腫瘤を認めた.超音波検査(Ultrasonography: US)で左顎下腺内に約20×15×10 mmの低エコー腫瘤を認めた.腫瘤の形状は不整形で周囲顎下腺との境界は一部不明瞭であった.内部エコーは不均一な低エコー …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Ultrasound Technology 44(4), 464-469, 2019

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  • Aging alterations of salivary gland mucins elucidated by supported molecular matrix electrophoresis  [in Japanese]

    Kameyama Akihiko , Matsuno Yu-ki , Iida Mayu , Maruyama Mitsuo , Watanabe Atsushi , Yamakoshi Kimi

    <p>唾液の減少と粘度の増大を主徴とする口腔乾燥症の原因の一つに老化がある.唾液の粘性は唾液中に含まれるムチンが担っていると考えられている.したがって,老化に伴う唾液腺ムチンの変化を理解することは口腔乾燥症の予防と治療に関する新たな対策の糸口となることが期待される.本研究ではマウスをモデルとして,その顎下腺組織に含まれるムチンの老化に伴う変化を分子マトリックス電気泳動を含む種々の方法に …

    Electrophoresis Letters 63(2), 55-61, 2019

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  • Long-term Pilocarpine Treatment Improves Salivary Flow in Irradiated Mice

    Taniguchi Akie , Susa Taketo , Kogo Hiroshi , Iizuka-Kogo Akiko , Yokoo Satoshi , Matsuzaki Toshiyuki

    … <p>Radiation therapy for head and neck cancer frequently causes salivary gland dysfunction. … We expected that this drug also has beneficial long-term effects that maintain the integrity of salivary glands by reducing, for instance, apoptosis. … The results indicated that long-term pilocarpine administration significantly improved salivary flow in irradiated mice, suggesting the potential beneficial effects of long-term administration. …


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  • Improvement of salivary flow and oral wetness by a lip trainer device and sonic toothbrush in older Japanese men and women with dry mouth

    Saleem Murtaza , Yoshinari Nobuo , Nakamura Suguru , Sumi Yasunori , Iwai Yukiko , Ozaki Yuki , Masuda Yuji , Uchida Keiichi , Taguchi Akira

    … <p>Dry mouth, caused by decreased salivary gland function and/or weak salivary stimulation, can severely affect oral health in older individuals. … Therefore, the aim of this study is to evaluate whether a lip trainer device and sonic toothbrush can improve salivary flow and oral wetness in older patients complaining of dry mouth. …

    Journal of Oral Science 61(2), 221-228, 2019


  • Sialorrhea Successfully Treated by the Combined Use of Selective M1 and M3 Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptor Antagonists

    Yamamura Yukie , Nonaka Manabu

    … Effective medication that acts selectively on the salivary glands is needed. … The patient was a 51-year-old man with mean unstimulated and stimulated salivary flow rates per 10 min of 6.1 mL and 41.7 mL, respectively (both were measured three times). … salivary gland scintigraphy revealed characteristic spontaneous saliva secretion without stimulation. …

    Journal of Nippon Medical School 86(2), 117-121, 2019

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  • Low Stimulated Salivary Rate Associated with Increasing Dental Caries in Caries-free Permanent Teeth among School-aged Children: Two-year Prospective Cohort Study

    SUZUKI Seitaro , ISHII Hiroshi , SUGIHARA Naoki , UKIYA Tokuko , IMAI Mitsue , SHIBATA Chikara , ISHIZUKA Yoichi , SATOU Ryouichi , ONOSE Yuki , EGUCHI Takako , KAWAUCHI Yoshimichi

    <p> 本研究は,小学生の児童を対象とし,唾液がカリエスフリーからのう蝕発生に関与するかどうかを明らかにするために行った.千葉県内の2つの公立小学校を対象とし,4年生でカリエスフリーであった100名(男児38名,女児62名)を6年生までの2年間追跡した.なお,1つの小学校での観察期間は2013年から2015年,もう一方では2014年から2016年である.唾液がう蝕発生に関与するかを明ら …

    JOURNAL OF DENTAL HEALTH 69(2), 70-76, 2019

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  • An example of a server construction using virtualization software for practical network exercises with limited resources  [in Japanese]

    森倉 悠介 , 吉岡 剛志

    … For the preparation program, 33 responds indicated a positive influence for clinical training, there were seven nods: anxiety was reduced, manners were gained, working flow was improved, concrete preparation was possible, consciousness improved, realization of deficiencies, ability to ask questions. … Background: There is knowledge that the flow state of concentrating attention makes people feel joy and restlessness. …

    帝京平成大学紀要 (29), 143-148, 2018-03


  • A study of differences in physiologic and psychological change when persons do activity items that varies in attention, intensive and difficulty degrees : Comparison of the stress caused by "Copying of a sutra", "Continuous addition" and "Number cross puzzle", using by salivary cortisol, amylase and Profile of Mood States questionnaire as index  [in Japanese]

    埜﨑 都代子 , 畑 春実 , 樋口 正勝 , 中本 久之 , 佐藤 良子

    … Background: There is knowledge that the flow state of concentrating attention makes people feel joy and restlessness. … During their performing we investigated their stress using by salivary cortisol, amylase and Profile of Mood States questionnaire as index. …

    帝京平成大学紀要 = Journal of Teikyo Heisei University 29, 25-30, 2018-03

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  • Depression and hyposalivation


    <p>【目的】本研究の目的はうつと唾液分泌減退との関係を探ることである.</p><p>【対象と方法】口腔乾燥感を主訴に鶴見大学歯学部附属病院ドライマウス外来を受診した911名を対象とした.唾液分泌量に対して,うつと抗うつ薬の2つの要因の,どちらが強い影響を及ぼしているかを明らかにするために, 2次元配置分散分析を用いて解析した.患者は HADS(hospital …


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  • A Case of Warthin Tumor Mimicking Metastasis to a Parotid Lymph Node of Cancer of the Oral Floor  [in Japanese]


    … Warthin tumor is a benign salivary gland tumor which usually occurs in the parotid gland, but rarely in the cervical lymph node. … Although CTL revealed one sentinel lymph node in the right submandibular region, there was no lymphatic flow to the contralateral parotid lymph node. …

    Japanese Journal of Oral Diagnosis / Oral Medicine 31(3), 211-215, 2018

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  • Clinical trial of treatment of outpatients with dry mouth using spray-­type oral moisturizer containing γ-­PGA

    YAMAMOTO Shoichi , YOSHIDA Hiroaki , UEDA Mamoru , NARUSE Kaori , YAMAMOTO Makoto , NAKAYAMA Masayuki , UENO Shuji , MORITA Shosuke

    … The effect of the moisturizer was investigated by measuring amylase activity using a salivary amylase monitor, oral moisture using Mu­cusⓇ, and stimulated salivary flow values at predetermined times using the Saxon test. … However, stimulated salivary flow values were significantly different, with increased values in the experimental group observed after 30 min of application (p<0.05). …

    Journal of Osaka Dental University 52(1), 89-93, 2018

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  • Impact of 1% malic acid spray on the oral health-related quality of life of patients with xerostomia

    Niklander Sven , Fuentes Flavio , Sanchez Daniela , Araya Verónica , Chiappini Giuliana , Martinez René , Marshall Maureen

    … In addition, stimulated and non-stimulated salivary flow rates before and after treatments were also measured. … Furthermore, non-stimulated salivary flow rates significantly increased in the intervention group from 0.25 ± 0.22 to 0.33 ± 0.33 mL/min (<i>P</i> …

    Journal of Oral Science 60(2), 278-284, 2018

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