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  • Characterizing Cryptocurrency Market with Lévy's Stable Distributions

    Kakinaka Shinji , Umeno Ken

    … The Lévy's stable distribution is one of the attractive distributions that well describes the fat tails and scaling phenomena in economic systems. … Our arguments are developed under quantitative valuation defined as a distance function using the Parseval's relation in addition to the theoretical background of the General Central Limit Theorem (GCLT). …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89(2), 2020-02-15


  • Weakly-coupled stealth solution in scordatura degenerate theory

    Motohashi Hayato , Mukohyama Shinji

    … In the decoupling limit the effective field theory (EFT) describing perturbations around the stealth Minkowski (or de Sitter) solution shows the universal dispersion relation of the form ω2=αk4/M2, where M is a mass scale characterizing the background scalar field and α is a dimensionless constant. … Provided that α is positive and of order unity, a simple scaling argument shows that the EFT is weakly coupled all the way up to M. …

    Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (2020), 2020-01


  • Quadratic curvature theories with non-ghost massive spin-2 and spin-0 particles

    Aoki Katsuki , Mukohyama Shinji

    … We assume the Riemann-Cartan geometry, i.e., a geometry with a nonvanishing torsion, and consider all possible terms in the Lagrangian up to scaling dimension four. … In the limit of the infinite mass of the torsion, the Riemann-Cartan geometry reduces to the Riemannian geometry and thus the physical content of particle species coincides with that of the well-known quadratic curvature theory in the metric formalism, i.e., a massive spin-2 ghost, a massive spin-0 particle and the massless spin-2 graviton. …

    Physical Review D 100(6), 2019-09-15


  • Chiral Phase Transition Temperature in (2+1)-Flavor QCD

    大野 浩史 , HotQCD Collaboration , H.-T. Ding , P. Hegde , O. Kaczmarek , F. Karsch , Anirban Lahiri , S.-T. Li , Swagato Mukherjee , Hiroshi ONO , P. Petreczky , C. Schmidt , P. Steinbrecher

    … The chiral phase transition temperature is determined by extrapolating to vanishing pion mass using universal scaling analysis. … Finite-volume effects are controlled by extrapolating to the thermodynamic limit using spatial lattice extents in the range of 2.8-4.5 times the inverse of the pion mass. …

    Physical Review Letters 123(6), 062002, 2019-08


  • Fluctuation scaling limit of inverse local times of jumping-in diffusions (確率論シンポジウム)

    Yamato Kosuke

    数理解析研究所講究録 (2116), 20-28, 2019-07

  • Double Higgs boson production at the ILC in the two-Higgs-doublet model  [in Japanese]

    名倉 琢人 , 近 匡 , 植田 高寛 , 柳生 慶

    … In the case without the alignment limit, the cross section can be significantly enhanced, i.e., a few hundred percent levels as compared to that in the standard model, due to resonant effects of heavy neutral Higgs bosons. … We find the correlation between the enhancement factor of the cross section and the scaling factor of the ff^^-h couplings (k_f) under constraints from the perturbative unitarity, the vacuum stability and the current experimental data at the LHC as well as the electroweak precision data. …

    成蹊大学理工学研究報告 56(1), 15-22, 2019-06


  • Brownian geometry (Special Feature : The Takagi Lectures)

    Le Gall Jean-Francois

    Japanese journal of mathematics. 3rd series 14(2), 135-174, 2019

  • Transistor Technology Facing a Crucial Moment  [in Japanese]

    ISHIYAMA Toshihiko

    … The transistor technology has been confronted with limitation of technology in many times, but engineers have overcome these limitations by developing various technical methods.</p><p>"Physical limit" … Several technical methods have also been proposed to overcome the physical limit. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), C25303, 2019


  • Stitching Method for Multi-Scaling Shape Modeling  [in Japanese]

    MIYOSHI Naoto , OTSUKA Akimasa , NAGATA Fusaomi

    … Therefore, there was a limit in improving the quality of the product. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2A1-Q01, 2019


  • Photoresist Challenges for Logic and Memory using 0.33NA EUV Lithography

    Simone Danilo De , Vandenberghe Geert

    … <p>With the scaling evolution of logic and memory technologies the extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) technology is becoming part of the high-volume manufacturing device landscape. … Currently, the single patterning of both logic metal layer and DRAM storage layer are approaching the resolution limit on the 0.33NA full field exposure scanner. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 32(1), 87-91, 2019


  • Human plasma and liver concentrations of styrene estimated by combining a simple physiologically based pharmacokinetic model with rodent data

    Miura Tomonori , Yamazaki Hiroshi , Uehara Shotaro , Nakazato Mayuko , Kusama Takashi , Toda Akiko , Kamiya Yusuke , Murayama Norie , Shimizu Makiko , Suemizu Hiroshi

    … In contrast, after an order of magnitude higher oral dose of styrene (200 mg/kg) to mice, styrene in mouse plasma was rapidly cleared within 15 min to the limit-of-detection level. … A human PBPK model was then set up for styrene by using the same intrinsic hepatic clearances in rats and humans and by applying allometric scaling to rat parameters obtained from the plasma concentrations of styrene in rats. …

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 44(8), 543-548, 2019


  • On scaling limit of a cost in adhoc network model

    Nagahata Yukio

    … In our model, the cost is formulated as an application of first-passage percolation and the motion of devices is random, and an asymptotic density of devices is formulated by hydrodynamic limit. …

    Kodai Mathematical Journal 42(2), 247-273, 2019


  • Design of Criterion for Adaptively Scaled Belief in Iterative Large MIMO Detection

    TAKAHASHI Takumi , IBI Shinsuke , SAMPEI Seiichi

    … Such outliers are caused by modeling errors due to the fact that the law of large number does not work well when it is difficult to satisfy the large system limit. … One of the simplest ways to mitigate the harmful impact of outliers is belief scaling. … A typical approach for determining the scaling parameter for the belief is to create a look-up table (LUT) based on the received signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) through computer simulations. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(2), 285-297, 2019


  • Revisiting Lorentz violation in Hořava gravity

    Coates Andrew , Melby-Thompson Charles , Mukohyama Shinji

    … In particular, this difference in the zero external momentum limit is proportional to ΛD−1 for D≥3, where Λ is the ultraviolet momentum cutoff for loop integrals, while the power-law divergences are absent for D=1 and D=2. … These results suggest that not only the gravity sector but also the matter sector should exhibit a transition to Lifshitz scaling above some scale and that there should not be a large separation between the transition scales in the gravity and matter sectors. …

    Physical Review D 100(6), 2018-09-15


  • A Research on Big Data and AI Analysis Algorithm Optimization Using GPUs

    Van Sang Tran , 小林 良輔 , 山口 利恵 , 中田 登志之

    マルチメディア,分散協調とモバイルシンポジウム2018論文集 (2018), 1212-1219, 2018-06-27


  • Scaling theory for submonolayer growth of point Islands based on the minimal model  [in Japanese]

    中井 日佐司

    … For the both of Kinetic Monte-Carlo (KMC) and rate equations (RE) based on irreversible sub monolayergrowth of point islands in substrate spatial dimension d = 2, 3 and 4 as the limit R , I find that monomerdensity N1 and island density N have N1 = −1 ˆ() and N = −1 ˆN (), where R is the ratio of the monomerdiffusion rate to the deposition rate, is coverage and is the scaling factor determined by the detail of thesystem. …

    電気通信大学紀要 30(1), 71-78, 2018-02-01


  • Visitors' Evaluation of Management Rules in Amami Oshima "Kinsakubaru Native Forest":Application of Best-Worst Scaling  [in Japanese]

    MITSUI Satomi , KUBO Takahiro

    … A questionnaire survey with Best-Worst Scaling was conducted to the tourists who visited Kinsakubaru in August 2017. … Our results show that the rule of 'Mandating the guide tour'was the highest preference for tourists, followed by 'Introduce the shuttle bus', 'Limit the number of tourists', 'Raise funds' and 'No regulation.' Furthermore, we found the heterogeneity in preferences from 3 groups classified by the cluster analysis using individual responses. …

    Journal of Forest Economics 64(3), 1-7, 2018


  • Homogenisation on homogeneous spaces

    Li Xue-Mei

    … <p>Motivated by collapsing of Riemannian manifolds and inhomogeneous scaling of left invariant Riemannian metrics on a real Lie group 𝐺 with a sub-group 𝐻, we introduce a family of interpolation equations on 𝐺 with a parameter 𝜀>0, interpolating hypo-elliptic diffusions on 𝐻 and translates of exponential maps on 𝐺 and examine the dynamics as 𝜀→ 0. … the classifications allow to conclude the Markov property of the limit process. …

    Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan 70(2), 519-572, 2018


  • Multi-state effective Hamiltonian and size-consistency corrections in stochastic configuration interactions

    Ten-no Seiichiro L.

    … The sampling of walkers in MSQMC is analyzed in the single reference limit using a stochastic algorithm for higher-order perturbation energies by the analogy of the deterministic case utilizing a full configuration interaction program. …

    Journal of Chemical Physics 147(24), 244107, 2017-12-28


  • Survival Property for Superprocesses and Its Application to Models  [in Japanese]

    道工 勇

    … Mathematically, starting from a simple discrete model, we will derive a continuous type model by limit procedure under a suitable scaling and discuss some properties of the derived stochastic process. …

    数理解析研究所講究録 (2043), 6-12, 2017-09


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