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  • Hybridized Excitation of Higgs-Amplitude and Phase Modes in Frustrated Quantum Magnet  [in Japanese]

    Masuda Takatsugu , Hayashida Shohei , Matsumoto Masashige

    … <p>We present neutron scattering under pressure in a triangular-lattice antiferromagnet that has a quantum disorder in the low-pressure phase and a noncollinear structure in the high-pressure phase. … We report a new hybridization of the phase and amplitude fluctuations of the order parameter near a quantum critical point in a spontaneously symmetry-broken state.</p> …

    Butsuri 76(1), 23-27, 2021


  • BMS symmetry of celestial OPE

    Shamik Banerjee , Sudip Ghosh , Riccardo Gonzo

    … The celestial OPE is obtained by Mellin transforming the scattering amplitude in the (holomorphic) collinear limit. … We compute the first subleading correction to the OPE by analysing the four graviton scattering amplitude directly in Mellin space. …

    Journal of High Energy Physics 2020(4), 130, 2020-04-21


  • Polarization-Controlled Cavity Input-Output Relations

    Fuchuan Lei , Jonathan M. Ward , Priscila Romagnoli , Síle Nic Chormaic

    … Conventionally, they are derived based on a weak-scattering approximation. … In this context, the amplitude of the off-resonant field remains nearly unaffected by the cavity, with the high coupling efficiency into cavity modes being attributed to destructive interference between the transmitted (or reflected) field and the output field from the cavity. …

    Physical Review Letters 124(10), 103902, 2020-03-13


  • Collective Inertial Masses in Nuclear Reactions

    中務 孝 , Kai Wen , Takashi NAKATSUKASA

    … Toward the microscopic theoretical description for large amplitude collective dynamics, we calculate the coefficients of inertial masses for low-energy nuclear reactions. … Taking the scattering between two α particles as an example, we investigate the impact of the time-odd components of the mean-field potential on the collective inertial masses. …

    Frontiers in Physics (8), 16, 2020-02


  • Theoretical Study of the Influence of Confined Phonons and a Strong Electromagnetic Wave on the Hall Effect in an One–Dimensional Cylindrical Quantum Wire GaAs/GaAsAl

    Thang Pham Ngoc , Long Do Tuan , Bau Nguyen Quang

    … <p>The Hall effect in an one-dimensional cylindrical quantum wire (CQW) with an infinite potential is studied by using the quantum kinetic equation under the influence a strong electromagnetic wave within the mechanising of scattering on confined acoustic phonons. … and Ω are the amplitude and the frequency of the strong electromagnetic wave, respectively). …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(8), 1468-1472, 2020


  • Reconstruction of Scatterer Shape from Relative Intensity of Scattered Field by Using Linearized Boundary Element Method

    SUGISAKA Jun-ichiro , YASUI Takashi , HIRAYAMA Koichi

    … The amplitude of the incident wave at the sample is required to compute the scattered field of the estimated shape. … The relative intensity is independent from the amplitude of the incident wave, and the reconstruction process can be performed without measuring the incident field. … The boundary elements can flexibly discretize various shapes of samples, and this approach can be applied to various inverse scattering problems. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E103.C(2), 30-38, 2020


  • Vector focusing through highly scattering media via binary amplitude modulation

    Zhao Qian , Wang Zi-Qiang , Yu Pan-Pan , Li Yin-Mei , Gong Lei

    Applied Physics Express 12(6), 062002-062002, 2019-05-14


  • Visualization of rapid electron precipitation via chorus element wave–particle interactions

    Ozaki Mitsunori , Miyoshi Yoshizumi , Shiokawa Kazuo , Hosokawa Keisuke , Oyama Shin-ichiro , Kataoka Ryuho , Ebihara Yusuke , Ogawa Yasunobu , Kasahara Yoshiya , Yagitani Satoshi , Kasaba Yasumasa , Kumamoto Atsushi , Tsuchiya Fuminori , Matsuda Shoya , Katoh Yuto , Hikishima Mitsuru , Kurita Satoshi , Otsuka Yuichi , Moore Robert C. , Tanaka Yoshimasa , Nosé Masahito , Nagatsuma Tsutomu , Nishitani Nozomu , Kadokura Akira , Connors Martin , Inoue Takumi , Matsuoka Ayako , Shinohara Iku

    … Our observations capture an asymmetric spatial development, correlated strongly with the amplitude variation of discrete chorus elements. … This finding is not theoretically predicted but helps in understanding the rapid scattering processes of energetic electrons near the Earth and other magnetized planets. …

    Nature Communications (10), 2019-01-16


  • Development of Non-contacting Electromagnetic acoustic transducer for Nonlinear three wave interaction method  [in Japanese]

    ISHII Yutaka , OHTANI Toshihiro , KANEKO Masaki , ISHIHARA Kuniaki

    … The amplitude in resonant scattering wave was measured. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J04304, 2019


  • Evaluation of Seismic Condition of Equipment Based on Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis Considering Seismic Motion Incoherency  [in Japanese]

    KOSUGI Shinji , ISHIGAKI Hirokuni , KAMATA Takayoshi

    … <p>It has been clarified from observation of the seismic ground motions by the density array that the seismic ground motions acting on structures are spatially scattering and become incoherent caused by the variation of soil properties, delay or differences path of wave propagation. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2019(0), 233, 2019


  • Influence and Countermeasure of Respiratory Motion on Matchline Profile of Field Matching Technique in Passive Scattering Proton Therapy for Esophageal Cancer  [in Japanese]

    Kato Masato , Wada Hitoshi , Murakami Masao , Takeda Ken , Dobashi Suguru , Kato Takahiro , Kato Ryohei , Masaki Keita , Arai Kazuhiro , Komori Shinya , Oyama Sho , Endo Hiromitsu

    … <p>This study aimed to evaluate the influence of change in respiratory motion on matchline (ML) and reduction of the effect by increasing ML levels of field matching technique in passive scattering proton therapy for esophageal cancer. … The relative error was −0.5% when the respiratory motion phantom worked stable, whereas there was obvious change that the relative error was −25.5% when the difference of amplitude between upper field and lower field was one side 3 mm on each cranially and caudally direction. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 75(12), 1383-1393, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Cancellation between auto- and mutual correlation contributions of protein/water dynamics in terahertz time-domain spectra

    Joti Yasumasa , Kitao Akio

    … The temperature dependence of THz-TDS was found to differ significantly from that of the incoherent neutron scattering spectra (INSS) calculated from the same MD simulation results. … The contribution of water molecules to THz-TDS was extremely large for the hydrated protein at temperatures above 200 K, in which large-amplitude motions of water were excited. …

    Biophysics and Physicobiology 16(0), 240-247, 2019


  • Feasibility Study of Holography Using Microwave Scattering

    TSUCHIYA Hayato , IWAMA Naofumi , YAMAGUCHI Soichiro , TAKENAKA Ryota , KOGA Mayuko

    … The measurement of complex amplitude suggests a possibility of holographic plasma imaging with a single view-field of planar array of detectors. … In this paper, an inverse problem of holography is formulated with respect to reflection and scattering wave observations. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 14(0), 3402146-3402146, 2019


  • Transport Properties of a Quasi-1D Wigner Solid on Liquid Helium Confined in a Microchannel with Periodic Potential

    J.-Y. Lin , A. V. Smorodin , A. O. Badrutdinov , D. Konstantinov

    … In particular, we investigate the influence of such a potential on the nonlinear transport properties of a quasi-1D Wigner solid (WS) by varying the amplitude of the periodic potential in a wide range. … At zero and small values of amplitude, the quasi-1D WS in the microchannel shows expected features such as the Bragg-Cherenkov scattering of ripplons and re-entrant melting. … As the amplitude of the potential increases, the above features are strongly suppressed. …

    Journal of Low Temperature Physics 195(3-4), 289-299, 2018-10-26


  • Comment on "Relation between scattering amplitude and Bethe-Salpeter wave function in quantum field theory"

    Aoki Sinya , Doi Takumi , Hatsuda Tetsuo , Ishii Noriyoshi

    We invalidate the arguments given in [T. Yamazaki and Y. Kuramashi, Phys. Rev. D 96, 114511 (2017)] over the HAL QCD method for hadron-hadron interactions on the lattice. We also pose questions on the …

    Physical Review D 98(3), 2018-08-01


  • Reply to "Comment on 'Relation between scattering amplitude and Bethe-Salpeter wave function in quantum field theory"'

    Yamazaki Takeshi , Kuramashi Yoshinobu , 藏増 嘉伸 , 山﨑 剛

    We reemphasize the momentum dependence of the coefficients of the derivative expansion as already explained in our paper [1]. We also discuss how the momentum dependence plagues the time-dependent HAL …

    Physical Review D 98(3), 38502, 2018-08


  • Solvable models in the scattering theory for the Aharonov-Bohm effect (Tosio Kato Centennial Conference)

    Mine Takuya

    … We briefly review the scattering theory for the Schrödinger operator related to the Aharonov-Bohm effect, by exhibiting some explicitly solvable models; … We give explicit formulas for the incoming wave solution and the scattering amplitude for these models in terms of some special functions, with the graphs obtained by a numerical method. …

    数理解析研究所講究録 (2074), 68-79, 2018-07


  • Scattering amplitude from Bethe-Salpeter wave function inside the interaction range

    Namekawa Yusuke , Yamazaki Takeshi , 山﨑 剛

    … We propose a method to calculate scattering amplitudes using the Bethe-Salpeter wave function inside the interaction range on the lattice. … For an exploratory study of this method, we evaluate a scattering length of I=2 S-wave two pions by the use of the on-shell scattering amplitude. … The half-off-shell scattering amplitude is also evaluated. …

    Physical Review D 98(1), 11501, 2018-07


  • CP-odd Higgs boson production in eγ collisions

    Sasaki Ken , Uematsu Tsuneo

    … The scattering amplitude for eγ → eA° is evaluated at the electroweak one-loop level. …

    Physics Letters B (781), 290-294, 2018-06-10


  • Scan-less confocal phase imaging based on dual-comb microscopy

    Hase Eiji , Minamikawa Takeo , Mizuno Takahiko , Miyamoto Shuji , Ichikawa Ryuji , Hsieh Yi-Da , Shibuya Kyuki , Sato Katsuya , Nakajima Yoshiaki , Asahara Akifumi , Minoshima Kaoru , Mizutani Yasuhiro , Iwata Tetsuo , Yamamoto Hirotsugu , Yasui Takeshi

    … However, the objects to be measured must be reflective, absorptive, scattering, or fluorescent because the image contrast is given by the optical intensity. … Here, we report scan-less confocal dual-comb microscopy offering a phase image in addition to an amplitude image with depth selectivity by using an optical frequency comb as an optical carrier of amplitude and phase with discrete ultra-multichannels. …

    Optica 5(5), 634-643, 2018-05-16


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