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  • An Introduction of "COVID-19: A Risk Governance Perspective" by IRGC and a Recommendation of Comprehensive Risk Governance  [in Japanese]

    ONO Kyoko , FUJII Kenkichi , OHNUMA Susumu

    … IRGC proposed the five stages of the framework as follows: scientific assessment, perception, evaluation, management and communication. …

    Japanese Journal of Risk Analysis, 2021


  • Assessment of NVSHMEM for High Performance Computing

    Hsu Chung-Hsing , Imam Neena

    … High Performance Computing has been a driving force behind important tasks such as scientific discovery and deep learning. … One is that it reduces overheads and software complexity by allowing communication and computation to be interleaved vs. separating them into different phases. …

    International Journal of Networking and Computing 11(1), 78-101, 2021


  • Report on the Satellite Communication Lectures with Practical Training of Simple Receivers Conducted by the KOSEN Space Group

    TOKUMITSU Masahiro , ASAI Fumio , TAKADA Taku , WAKABAYASHI Makoto , KITAMURA Kentaro , IMAI Kazumasa

    … <p>This paper reports the activities resulting from satellite communication lectures conducted by the KOSEN space group in January and August of 2018. … Since 2014 the KOSEN space group has been developing two CubeSats to educate students and to complete scientific missions. … Consequently, the aim of our lectures is to enable KOSEN students to monitor and operate the CubeSats by satellite communication. …



  • Combination of school evacuation drill with tsunami inundation simulation: Consensus-making between disaster experts and citizens on an evacuation strategy

    Nakano Genta , Yamori Katsuya , Miyashita Takuya , Urra Luisa , Mas Erick , Koshimura Shunichi

    … Action research on tsunami education in Zihuatanejo, Mexico found that a perception of tsunamis as catastrophic together with the one-directional nature of risk communication resulted in inaction on the part of non-experts in disaster preparedness, contrary to the expectations of experts. … The study will contribute to establishing a mechanism for applying scientific knowledge to solving societal issues. …

    International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (51), 2020-12


  • A New Literacy for Media Infrastructure : Theoretical Examination and Learning Program Development  [in Japanese]

    水越 伸 , 宇田川 敦史 , 勝野 正博 , 神谷 説子


    情報学研究 : 学環 : 東京大学大学院情報学環紀要 (98), 1-30, 2020-03-31

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  • Harnessing the Power of Narratives in Teaching English  [in Japanese]

    山岡 大基

    日本の学校英語教育においては,「実践的な英語コミュニケーション能力の育成」という目標が強調されるにつれて,ナラティブは実用的価値が低いとみなされ,教材から駆逐されつつあり,特に検定教科書については,テクスト・タイプは説明文に過度に傾斜している現状である。しかしながら,そのような認識はナラティブについての浅薄な理解に基づくものである。言語コミュニケーションにおいてナラティブそのものが占める部分は大き …

    中等教育研究紀要 (66), 95-107, 2020-03-31

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  • A New Literacy for Media Infrastructure : Theoretical Examination and Learning Program Development  [in Japanese]

    水越 伸 , 宇田川 敦史 , 勝野 正博 , 神谷 説子


    情報学研究 : 学環 : 東京大学大学院情報学環紀要 (98), 1-30, 2020-03-31

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  • Synergistic effect of MTA cement and Bacillus subtilis admixture for caries treatment: significance of previous experiments and future developments  [in Japanese]

    岡 俊哉 , Shunya Oka

    … subtilis spore powder and mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) cement is effective for avoiding pulpectomy or tooth extraction (personal communication). … Based on reports of the clinical utility of this mixture, we conducted a study to establish the scientific basic of this effect. …

    日本歯科大学紀要. 一般教育系 = Bulletin of the Nippon Dental University. General education (49), 5-12, 2020-03-30

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  • An Investigation of Telegram Technique for Remote Communicating of Human Support Robot Application

    Alireza Ahmadi , W. Z. Wan Hasan , Hafiz Rashidi , Nur Liyana Aqmar , N. A. Ariffin

    Proceedings of Asia Pacific Conference on Robot IoT System Development and Platform (2019), 29-30, 2020-02-25


  • Promotion of Evidence-based Cancer Prevention and Screening Using Communication Strategies:Approach to Behavior Change Utilizing Behavioral Science such as Social Marketing and Nudge  [in Japanese]

    Mizota Yuri , Fujino Masahiro , Yamamoto Seiichiro

    <p>がん予防やがん検診は,がんで苦しむ人を減らすために重要な方法である。しかしながら,これらについては十分に科学的根拠(エビデンス)があるにもかかわらず,必ずしも十分に実践されていない(エビデンス・プラクティスギャップ)。禁煙などのがん予防やがん検診受診などはすべて個人の行動変容を促すものであり,近年,行動変容を促すには従来の「教育的アプローチ」では十分でなく,「環境的アプローチ」へ …

    Iryo To Shakai 30(3), 321-338, 2020


  • Changes in the Risk Perception of Food Safety between 2004 and 2018

    Abe Aiko , Koyama Kazuo , Uehara Chie , Hirakawa Azusa , Horiguchi Itsuko

    … <p>To afford the future agenda of risk communication through an evaluation of the past, we examined the changes in risk perception in the food safety sector over the 15 years (2004–2018) since the establishment of the Food Safety Commission of Japan (FSCJ) in 2003 by analyzing the data of the food safety monitor survey. …

    Food Safety 8(4), 90-96, 2020


  • Open science in seismology: The role of citizen science in the transition from seismology observatory to science museum  [in Japanese]

    Yamori Katsuya , Iio Yoshihisa , Shiroshita Hideyuki

    <p>巨大災害による被害,新型感染症の世界的蔓延など,科学(サイエンス)と社会の関係の問い直しを迫られる出来事が近年相次いでいる。本研究は,このような現状を踏まえて,地震学をめぐる科学コミュニケーションを事例に,「オープンサイエンス」を鍵概念として科学と社会の関係の再構築を試みようとしたものである。本リサーチでは,大学の付属研究施設である地震観測所を地震学のサイエンスミュージアム(博物 …




    IGUCHI Toshino

    … <p>György Kepes (1906-2001), a founder of the Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was a pioneer of "scientific art" … We examine how he had developed his theory on visual communication into "visual value" …

    Journal of the Science of Design 4(2), 2_59-2_66, 2020


  • Intra- and Inter-Rater Reliability and Validity of Japanese Short Sentences for Cepstral/Spectral Analysis:—A Study of Healthy Adult Native Japanese Speakers—  [in Japanese]

    Shiromoto Osamu , Miyaji Ryusei , Okuda Azusa , Abe Chika

    <p>【目的】ケプストラム分析に適していると思われる日本語課題文を試作し,健常若年成人話者の音読音声について,ケプストラム分析とスペクトラム分析を行い,分析の検者内・間信頼性と課題文の再現性から,試作した日本語課題文の有用性を検証する.<br>【研究協力者】話者:健常若年成人男女各30例(平均年齢22.7歳,SD 4.5歳)<br>検者:ケプストラム分析とスペク …

    The Japan Journal of Logopedics and Phoniatrics 61(4), 315-330, 2020


  • Philosophies and Exhibit Design of Exploration Area for Families with Children "ComPaSS" at the National Museum of Nature and Science: Encouraging Scientific Communication between Parents and Children  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Aoi , YAMAGUCHI Etsuji , INAGAKI Shigenori

    <p>わが国では,博物館が幼年期のインフォーマルの科学教育にとってどのような役割を果たしているのかについての研究がほとんどない.本研究では,国立科学博物館の展示室「親と子のたんけんひろばコンパス」に焦点をあて,当該展示室の理念と展示手法の特徴を学習支援の視点から明らかにする.本稿では,博物館での親子のコミュニケーション促進に着目して,コンパスの理念の成り立ちと理念を具現化する展示手法を …

    Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Science Education 44(0), 421-422, 2020


  • Effects of BBS communication on scientific topics on critical thinking attitudes  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Kitaro , SATO Hirotsune

    <p>本研究では科学トピックにおけるオンライン掲示板でのコミュニケーションが,参加者の批判的思考態度に及ぼす影響について実験的に検討している.「深海には,絶滅したと思われている古代の生物の子孫がまだ生き残っている」「銀河系内には地球と同じような生命を持つ惑星が存在する」という二つのテーマに対して,それぞれコミュニケーターの有無を設定して実験を実施した.実験の結果,コミュニケーター有の場 …

    Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Science Education 44(0), 247-250, 2020


  • Psychology of emotion and consciousness  [in Japanese]

    Utsuki Narisuke

    … In fact no one has ever succeeded in showing humans are conscious animals if everyone believe "I am conscious." We have no evidence that inanimate things are really unconscious.</p><p>Finally two books written by famous psychologists of emotions, William James and Carol Izard, are reviewed and the conclusion is that both psychologists believe that consciousness plays a central role in emotions, but consciousness is not a secure scientific concept, contradictorily. …

    Emotion Studies 5(1), 25-36, 2020


  • Two-Year Experience in "Tweeting the Meeting" During the Scientific Sessions ― Rapid Report From the Japanese Circulation Society ―

    Mizuno Atsushi , Yoshikawa Yusuke , Yamamoto Erika , Kimura Takeshi , Node Koichi , Kishi Takuya , Matsumoto Chisa , Ishida Mari , Sanada Shoji , Fukuda Memori , Sahashi Yuki , Sugimoto Tadafumi , Hirano Miki

    <p><b><i>Background:</i></b>Twitter has become increasingly popular at annual medical congresses as a platform to communicate to attendees. The aim of this study is to re …

    Circulation Reports 2(11), 691-694, 2020


  • Citation Count Prediction Based on Neural Hawkes Model

    LIU Lisha , YU Dongjin , WANG Dongjing , FUKUMOTO Fumiyo

    … <p>With the rapid development of scientific research, the number of publications, such as scientific papers and patents, has grown rapidly. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(11), 2379-2388, 2020


  • Study on Scalability in Scientific Research Data Transfer Networks: Energy Consumption Perspectives

    Lee Chankyun

    … <p>Scalable networking for scientific research data transfer is a vital factor in the progress of data-intensive research, such as collaborative research on observation of black hole. … To measure the scalability of networks, energy consumption in the WAN is evaluated by considering the practical networking equipment as well as reasonable assumptions on scientific research data transfer networks. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications, 2020


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