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  • Development of a Japanese Version of a Collaborative Relationship Scale between Clients and Occupational Therapists

    Choji Yuki , Kobayashi Ryuji

    … After reviewing more than 130 scientific papers and books, we built explicit selection criteria for issues to be addressed in this instrument, and we developed 40 questions to be included. …

    Progress in Rehabilitation Medicine 5(0), n/a, 2020


  • Live-cell imaging of subcellular structures for quantitative evaluation of pluripotent stem cells

    西村 健 , 久武 幸司 , 福田 綾 , Ken NISHIMURA , Hiroshi Ishiwata , Yuta Sakuragi , Yohei Hayashi , AYA FUKUDA , Koji HISATAKE

    … Finally, the PD imaging system produced three-dimensional images of PSC colonies, providing further criteria to evaluate pluripotency of PSCs. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 1777, 2019-02


  • Studies of physical quality evaluation of "Foods with Functional Claims" containing piperine and monoglucosyl hesperidin as functional substances  [in Japanese]

    Masada Sayaka , Mizuno Saki , Kotani Ayaka , Fujiwara Yumi , Uchiyama Nahoko , Hakamatsuka Takashi , Nagatsu Akito

    … In April 2015, the system of Foods with Functional Claims (FFC) was launched and consumers expected health benefits fromthe FFC whose function was supported by scientific evidence. … In thedisintegration tests, two products (MGH-3 and 4) in uncoated tablet form failed to meet the acceptance criteria for drugs listed inthe Japanese Pharmacopoeia as well as for dietary supplements listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia. …

    Japanese Journal of Food Chemistry and Safety 26(3), 147-152, 2019


  • Evaluation of Newspaper Stories on Drug Therapy with "<i>Media Doctor</i>" Instrument  [in Japanese]

    Kitazawa Kyoko , Sato Masae , Watanabe Kiyotaka , Yamamoto Michiko

    … Each of the 10 evaluation criteria were rated as "satisfactory" or "not satisfactory." When the content of the story was not suitable for the evaluation criteria, it was regarded as "not applicable".</p><p><b>Results: </b>Fifty-nine news stories (Asahi: 13, Mainichi: 8, Nikkei: 8, Sankei: 14, Yomiuri: 16) were included. … The median number of evaluation criteria that the two evaluators judged as "satisfactory" was 5. …

    Iyakuhin Johogaku 21(3), 109-115, 2019

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  • Validation of an Analytical Method of Simultaneous Determination of 140 Agricultural Chemicals in Drinking Water by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYASHI Norihiro , SAITO Kaori , KYONO Yutaka , TAKAHARA Reika , IKARASHI Yoshiaki , MIYAMOTO Shiori , SATO Manabu , KINOSHITA Teruaki , TAKAGI Sokichi , IWAMA Noritomo , KASUYA Tomohiro , FURUKAWA Koji , HORIIKE Hideki

    … For 117 agricultural chemicals, the quantification limits were lower than 1/100 of the desired values of each chemical, and the accuracy (recovery rates) and repeatability of analysis by the majority of the testing organizations satisfied the criteria in the guideline for the validation of the testing method for drinking water provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan. …

    Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment 42(6), 247-258, 2019


  • Outline of NCRP Report No. 180 "Management of Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: Radiation Protection Guidance for the United States"  [in Japanese]

    HAMADA Nobuyuki , COOL Donald A. , KASE Kenneth R.

    … The recommendations build on previous recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and NCRP, and are supported and informed by scientific knowledge, ethical principles, and experience. … Radiation protection principles recommended to address human exposures are justification, optimization of protection, and numeric protection criteria for management of dose to an individual. …

    Japanese Journal of Health Physics 54(2), 89-102, 2019


  • Prospects of improving preparedness and response, from the viewpoint of community health:for resilience toward all hazards in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Furuya Yoshimi

    … of preparedness and responses regarding disasters and medical surges in Japan were conducted from the viewpoint of community health to improve prospects for scientific practice and assessment.</p><p><b>Methods</b>: Surveys of (1) major disasters, measures, academic papers, Health and Labour Science Research studies, and Community Health Promotion Projects for 30 years, (2) the Public Health Monitoring Report (MR) Committee Report, and (3) activities in community health were conducted.</p><p><b>Results</b …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 68(2), 111-125, 2019

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  • Research and development on intractable & rare diseases in Japan::Contribution of the National Institute of Public Health to research program management

    Takemura Shinji , Sone Tomofumi

    … As a result, disease concepts and diagnostic criteria were established for many diseases for which surveys and research had scarcely been conducted. …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 68(1), 45-54, 2019

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  • Uncertainty Factor for Improving Thermal Conductivity Measurement Accuracy of High Thermal Conductive Materials  [in Japanese]

    Sato Naoki , Ogushi Tetsuro , Wakasugi Naoki , Takeshita Kazutaka , Chen Chuantong , Nagao Shijo , Suganuma Katsuaki

    … In this study, the thermal conductivity of ceramics, silver sinter layers, copper substrates, and thermal interface materials (TIM) such as heat dissipation sheets/grease were evaluated using the improved longitudinal comparative heat flow method with a cartridge type sample, and then suitable criteria for improving measurement accuracy were investigated. …

    Journal of The Japan Institute of Electronics Packaging 22(2), 164-171, 2019


  • Evaluation and utilization of tobacco control by local governments:—analysis of advanced cases using the framework of PAIREM—  [in Japanese]


    … and it provides four criteria (utility, feasibility, propriety, accuracy) comprising a "good" … Considering these criteria, we quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated the good practices of tobacco control at local government from 6 perspectives, using PAIREM (Plan, Adoption, Implementation, Reach, Effectiveness, and Maintenance). …

    Japanese Journal of Health Education and Promotion 27(1), 82-90, 2019

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  • Earth science in safety regulations of radioactive waste disposal:—Translation of scientific research to site selection criteria

    ITO Kazumasa

    … AIST has been supporting scientific aspects of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA), mainly in regard to the regulation of site selection for radioactive waste disposal. … NRA is constructing regulation criteria and examination guides for the disposal of intermediate level radioactive waste (ILW) at intermediate depth prior to the geological disposal of high-level radioactive wastes (HLW). …

    Synthesiology English edition 11(2), 93-105, 2019


  • Forensic Science Evaluation of Fracture Analysis using FEM Analysis:-Evaluation of Damage in Infant Skull-  [in Japanese]

    MATSUBARA Tomotaka , ITO Yasumi , FUKUOKA Tatsuya , YAMADA Ryuichi , KAGIYAMA Yoshiyuki , NEMOTO Tetsuya

    … In judging child abuse and confirming the authenticity of its guilt, knowledge by scientific investigation is required for objective and quantitative evaluation in Japan. … However, it is considered to be a problem that highly accurate investigations, which considers the differences among individuals, have not been performed and the evaluation based on easy-to-understand criteria have not been established for the Japanese lay judge system. …

    Journal of the Japanese Society for Experimental Mechanics 18(4), 278-282, 2019


  • Environmental Hotspot Analysis Based on Product Life Cycle  [in Japanese]

    ITSUBO Norihiro , TAHARA Kiyotaka , KONDO Yasushi

    … These results of assessment should be based on scientific approach and these results should also be comprehensive to cover the significant environmental impacts as far as possible. … These calculated results are shared with program holders of TypeI ecolabel and TypeIII ecolabel and these results are expected to increase the reliability of evaluation criteria in these programs.</p> …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 15(1), 10-21, 2019


  • Utilization and Development of the Hotspot Analysis in the Ecomark  [in Japanese]

    SANO Hirotaka

    … For the purpose of strengthening the scientific grounds of the Eco Mark certification criteria, The Eco Mark program use hotspot analysis by the development of the Eco Mark certification criteria. …

    Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan 15(1), 42-47, 2019


  • Psychosocial factors at work and inflammatory markers: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis

    Eguchi Hisashi , Watanabe Kazuhiro , Kawakami Norito , Ando Emiko , Arima Hideaki , Asai Yumi , Inoue Akiomi , Inoue Reiko , Iwanaga Mai , Imamura Kotaro , Kobayashi Yuka , Nishida Norimitsu , Otsuka Yasumasa , Sakuraya Asuka , Tsuno Kanami , Shimazu Akihito , Tsutsumi Akizumi , 大塚 泰正

    … Inclusion criteria are studies that: examined associations between work-related psychosocial factors and increased inflammatory markers; … The results of this study will be submitted for publication in a scientific peer-reviewed journal. …

    BMJ Open 8(8), e022612, 2018-11


  • Visualization of JOV abstracts

    Koyamada Koji , Onoue Yosuke , Kioka Miki , Uetsuji Tomoya , Baba Kazutaka

    … Since the abstract can be found at the beginning of most scientific articles and is an essential part of the article, several attempts have been made to explore the rhetorical moves of abstracts in various research fields. … Increasing transparency requires considering rejected articles since they help to clarify the decision criteria in the peer review. …

    Journal of Visualization 21(2), 309-319, 2018-04-01


  • Learning Igneous Rocks Using Scientific Viewpoints and Ways of Thinking  [in Japanese]

    杉田 泰一

    … Therefore, a lesson plan was conducted during which students decided on the scientific viewpoints and criteria to observe igneous rocks by themselves. … During this lesson, students performed observations to compare several igneous rocks using scientific viewpoints and ways of thinking. … The results showed that the students were able to obtain scientific viewpoints to observe ingenious rocks by themselves. …

    中等教育研究紀要 (64), 59-66, 2018-03-31

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  • Study on the relationship between energy needs and allowable social cost:Energy cost is based on scientific safety assessment based on national trust feeling  [in Japanese]

    GPI Standards Committee

    … It can be said that the use cost (energy cost) is determined by the reliability of scientific safety assessment in rational thinking. … Prosperity can be said to have been created by succeeding evaluation and criteria based on confidence emotions for nature that have been inherited historically. …

    GPI Journal 4(2), 142-145, 2018


  • Electrostimulation of the posterior tibial nerve in individuals with overactive bladder: a literature review

    Garcia Marilia Barbosa Santos , Pereira João Santos

    … [Purpose] This study aims to gather scientific evidence to identify whether clinical trials on Electrostimulation of the Posterior Tibial Nerve (ESPTN) in individuals with overactive bladder present an adequate methodological standard according to the PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database) criteria. … [Results] We found 16 articles, of which only one did not meet the inclusion criteria. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 30(10), 1333-1340, 2018


  • Establishment of the Waseda Institute for Medical Regulatory Science  [in Japanese]


    … <p>A unique and major challenge to the development of advanced medical devices is adjusting the criteria for determining value among diverse interested parties that may include academia, industrialists, governments as well as patients. … Hence, the pressure to harmonize scientific and ethical standards to allow the proper judgements to be made in different circumstances co-exists with the need to establish and develop reliable evaluation techniques. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual56(Abstract), S8-S8, 2018


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