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  • Statistical Analysis of the Dynamic Structure of China's Economic Sectors Based on Bayesian Modeling

    Noda Hideo , Kyo Koki

    … This paper aims to develop an alternative production function-based approach for analyzing economic fluctuations at the sectoral level, by applying Bayesian techniques. … To estimate total factor productivity (TFP) and elasticities of output with respect to factors of production, we incorporate smoothness priors into statistical models based on sectoral production functions. … In addition, we consider that TFP generally varies smoothly; …

    Information 13(3(B)), 923-939, 2010-05


  • Japan's Productivity and Economic Growth -An Empirical Analysis Based on Industry-Level and Firm-Level Data-  [in Japanese]

    深尾 京司 , 権 赫旭

    … Using industry-level data of the Japan Industrial Productivity Database (JIP Database) and firm-level data of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Basic Survey of Enterprises, we investigate the causes of the recent slowdown in Japan's total factor productivity (TFP) growth. …

    The Economic review 55(3), 261-281, 2004-07

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