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  • Towards the Integrated Exploitation of Microbial and Enzymatic Catalysis : Importance of Substrate Molecular Technology and Quest of Biocatalysts, for Designing Synthetic Plans  [in Japanese]

    FURUTA Miyu , HANAYA Kengo , SHOJI Mitsuru , SUGAI Takeshi

    … Nowadays, biocatalytic, involving microbial and enzymatic, transformations are widely applied for the production of fine chemicals, such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, and for the key reactions for the total synthesis of complex natural products. … In this issue, we especially emphasize on two topics, the elaboration on “substrate molecular technology” … and “quest of biocatalysts” …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 71(3), 237-246, 2013-03-01

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  • Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting and Audience Activity  [in Japanese]

    ISHIKAWA Masahiro

    地上デジタル放送には,日本人にとってのテレビの意味合いを変えるとの期待がかかっている.本稿のねらいは,地上デジタル放送と,受け手の能動的テレビ視聴との関連を検討することである.地上デジタル放送の特性として, 1)高画質・高音質, 2)多チャンネル化, 3)多機能化などがある.先ずはじめに,これら3つの特性が,受け手の能動性のうち,どの側面を促進しうるのかを示す.その上で,マス・コミュニケーション研 …

    Japnese Journal of Educational Media Research 10(2), 7-13, 2004


  • Total Synthesis of Bioactive Tricyclic Marine Alkaloids, Lepadiformine and Related Compounds

    Kibayashi Chihiro , Aoyagi Sakae , Abe Hideki

    … The first total synthesis of tricyclic marine alkaloids (±)-fasicularin (<B>2</B>) and (±)-lepadiformine (<B>5</B>) has been accomplished. … The key common strategic element for the synthesis is the stereocontrolled intramolecular hetero-Diels–Alder reaction of an <I>N</I>-acylnitroso moiety with an exocyclic diene with or without bromine substitution to control the syn-facial or anti-facial selectivity, respectively. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 76(11), 2059-2074, 2003


  • 12 A Second-Generation Synthesis of Zaragozic Acids, Inhibitors of Squalene Synthase  [in Japanese]

    Nakamura Seiichi , Hirata Yuuki , Kurosaki Takahiro , Anada Masahiro , Hashimoto Shunichi

    … Zaragozic acids, isolated and characterized independently by Merck and Glaxo in 1992, have attracted considerable synthetic attention because of the biological activity of these compounds and their novel structural aspects. … however, this route suffered from poor selectivity (1.6:1) in the aldol fragment coupling reaction to join the C4-C5 bond. …

    Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, symposium papers 45(0), 67-72, 2003


  • High Activation of Carbonyl Groups with Bidentate Lewis Acid Catalysts  [in Japanese]

    OOI Takashi , ASAO Naoki , MARUOKA Keiji

    … Carbonyl group is one of the most popular and yet ubiquitous functionality of organic compounds and often encountered in biomolecules such as peptides and lipids, playing a crucial role to organize three dimensional intermolecular associations. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 56(5), 377-385, 1998-05-01

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  • P-18 Synthesis of (+)-Perhydrohistrionicotoxin  [in Japanese]

    Maezaki N. , Fukuyama H. , Tanaka T. , Iwata C. , Yagi S. , Shougaki T. , Toya H.

    … The alkaloid and the fully hydrogenated congener, perhydr ohistrioniocotoxin (PHTX,4) have become attractive synthetic targets owing to their unusual spiropiperidine structures (Fig. 1), the scarcity of natural sources, and their interesting pharmacological properties. … Although four asymmetric syntheses of PHTX have been reported, the stereocontrol at the three contiguous asymmetric carbon centres was poor (low selectivity or step-wise elaboration). …

    Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, symposium papers 36(0), 517-524, 1994



    Terasawa T. , Hirano Y. , Fujimoto Y. , Ikekawa N.

    … Gorgosterol (1), isolated from the gorgonian, Plexaura flexuosa and the zoanthid, Palythoa tuberculosa, is a typical sterol with an unprecedented side chain. … A common structural feature of 1 and the related demethylgorgosterol (2) is the presence of cyclopropane ring in the side chain having 22R, 23R, 24R stereochemistry. … Although the synthesis of 2 was completed by us and other group several years ago, synthesis of 1 has not been reported so far. …

    Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, symposium papers 26(0), 391-398, 1983


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