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  • 探る人/小さなモニターを用いた映像インスタレーション

    志茂 浩和 , Hiroyasu SHIMO

    … This was an effort to set his artwork free from the conventional framework of imaging which tends to be limited by the standards of the reproduction system, and has accomplished a certain level of success in this direction. … Naturally, such artwork require large scale screens and reproduction systems and the environment needs to be set up for the reproduction as well. … At the same time, digital signages have become a norm in the streets, especially in train stations. …

    芸術工学2017, 2017-11-25


  • 情報生体システム工学科におけるアクティブラーニングの取り組み

    佐藤 公則 , 小野 智司 , 大橋 勝文 , 加藤 龍蔵 , 塗木 淳夫 , 大野 裕史 , 木原 健 , 福元 伸也 , 池田 亮 , 川崎 洋 , 山之上 卓 , 大塚 作一

    … As a university-wide pilot study aiming towards the implementation of Active Learning, we utilized information technology to create flipped learning support materials and set up a shared environment, created educational materials and implemented lectures. … At the same time, we contributed to the promotion of distance learning for isolated islands, high school/university partnerships, and lifelong learning. …

    鹿児島大学工学部研究報告 58, 2017-03


  • 清末広西省における日本製紙幣の導入 (松浦章教授 古稀記念号)

    何 娟娟

    … During the reign of late Qing Dynasty, there was not a united state bank, the central and local governments had the mintages of their own, hence many mints at that time. … In 1906, Zhang Mingqi, Governor of Guangxi, proposed to follow the Great Britain and Japan to set up official banks and issue banknotes. …

    東アジア文化交渉研究 = Journal of East Asian cultural interaction studies (10), 741-748, 2017-03


  • Chronological Profiling of Plasma Native Peptides after Hepatectomy in Pigs: Toward the Discovery of Human Biomarkers for Liver Regeneration

    Iguchi Kohta , Hatano Etsuro , Nirasawa Takashi , Iwasaki Noriyuki , Sato Motohiko , Yamamoto Gen , Yamanaka Kenya , Okamoto Tatsuya , Kasai Yosuke , Nakamura Naohiko , Fuji Hiroaki , Sakai Tomohito , Kakuda Nobuto , Seo Satoru , Taura Kojiro , Tashiro Kei , Uemoto Shinji , Ikegawa Masaya

    … Liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy (PHx) is a time-dependent process, which is tightly regulated by multiple signaling cascades. … Here, we hypothesized that alterations in the plasma peptide profile may predict liver regeneration following PHx and hence we set up a diagnostic platform for monitoring posthepatectomy outcome. …

    PLOS ONE 12(1), 2017-01-06

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  • 全方向移動ロボットによる三次元プラグインドッキング動作制御に関する研究

    トラン トルン フォン , 和田 正義 , 北村 正樹

    … However, these robots's operating range are limited around charging station's area and it takes cost each time to set up a new charging point. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2017(0), 1P1-E09, 2017


  • 明治から昭和初期における熊本県及び市の建築指針と建設実態

    秋元 一秀

    … And in the Kumamoto municipal assembly, the bill about elementary school construction was discussed at the same time.<br> In this study, it is the aim to clarify the actual condition and the background of the elementary school building with a south-side corridor in Kumamoto prefecture from Meiji to the early stages of Showa. … Therefore, the following four viewpoints were set up.<br> 1. …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(740), 2511-2520, 2017


  • 同調粘性マスダンパー制振システムの特性変動を検討する実験環境の構築

    谷口 洵 , 池永 昌容 , 中南 滋樹 , 五十子 幸樹 , 井上 範夫

    … In this paper, we build an experimental environment based on real-time hybrid simulation (RTHS) technique in order to examine the robustness of tuned viscous mass damper (TVMD) against variation of supporting spring stiffness and damping coefficient. … A full scale rotary inertial damper specimen is employed as the physical substructure in the experimental set up. …

    日本建築学会技術報告集 23(55), 815-820, 2017


  • コンジョイント分析法を用いた診療放射線技師の就労環境の選好に関わる要因分析

    藤原 健祐 , 谷川原 綾子 , 井上 剛 , 北川 剛 , 小笠原 克彦

    … The factors influenced on their preferences were the following: employment status is not part-time, medical facility is smaller in scale, nuclear medicine imaging systems and radiation therapy systems are set up, and the number of overtime work is less. …

    日本放射線技術学会雑誌 73(8), 626-635, 2017

    J-STAGE 医中誌Web

  • 非同期eラーニングキャリア教育科目における相互評価学習の実践と進路選択自己効力の変化

    桑原 千幸 , 喜多 敏博 , 合田 美子 , 鈴木 克明

    … The authors set up an asynchronous e-learning course using Moodle. … Students must post a message and reply to other messages on forum each time, and peer review for career planning assignment was used at the 14th lesson. …

    教育システム情報学会誌 34(3), 238-250, 2017


  • 臨床検査技師による輸血実施時のベッドサイド業務

    本田 昌樹 , 津嶋 里奈 , 齋藤 浩治

    <p>安全かつ適正な輸血療法を実践するためには,輸血部門と臨床側の協力体制が重要である。当院では2005年6月より輸血の際,臨床検査技師が病棟等への輸血用血液製剤の搬送を行い,看護師と一緒に輸血受領時の読み合わせ確認,患者確認,電子認証,輸血開始後5分間の患者観察を行う,ベッドサイド業務を開始した。臨床検査技師による病棟業務の成果として,輸血実施手順の遵守,血液製剤の放置や不適切な保管 …

    医学検査 66(4), 387-391, 2017

    J-STAGE 医中誌Web

  • 居間の変化と客間・寝室の配置からみた二階建て住宅の理念形成

    渕上 貴由樹 , 内田 青蔵

    … Therefore, this research focused on the change of the "Ima" of the 1st floor at the time. … In addition, around the time of the late of Taisho periods, the proposal of the ”Ima” … It seems that the main factor was due to could not set up wet area on 2nd floor by municipal wastewater undeveloped at that time in Japan; …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(735), 1255-1264, 2017


  • 画像の中の地球儀 その2 - 「Hitlerの地球儀」捏造に使われたコロンフ゛ス社製卓上地球儀 -

    宇都宮 陽二朗

    … 1940年代のLIFEやTIME等写真誌の記事 / 映像には、カ゛島の日本兵骸骨、マ元帥と天皇など、この類の映像演出/作為には事欠かない。 …

    日本地理学会発表要旨集 2017s(0), 100043, 2017


  • 市街地の津波避難訓練における住民による災害時要援護者の搬送速度と輸送力

    大津 暢人 , 北後 明彦

    … We set up a hypothesis that supporters could help vulnerable people escape from a tsunami by using some transportation tools faster than on their own. … We fitted assistant equipment to a rollator in order to prevent a boarding person's foot from being caught in the ground.<br> Assuming that a tsunami had occurred, the evacuation supporters picked vulnerable people up at their homes and pushed a transportation tool with loading them to the evacuation site. …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(734), 837-846, 2017


  • 近距離の地震観測記録に見られる伝播経路の不均質の影響

    佐藤 吉之 , 翠川 三郎

    <p>地球内部の媒質の不均質性は散乱効果として観測地震動に影響を与えており, 数値シミュレーションでの散乱効果の評価精度を向上させるためには, 適切な不均質パラメータの設定が必要となる.本研究では内陸地震を想定して工学的に重要となる近距離における地震波の散乱効果の評価を目的とし, それに対して適切な不均質パラメータについての検討を行った.不均質モデルとしてはランダムな速度不均質を仮定し …

    日本地震工学会論文集 17(1), 1_1-1_15, 2017


  • フィードフォワード型能動制御による重機騒音の低減効果

    金澤 朗蘭 , 安井 健治 , 柳沼 勝夫

    … Also, most of construction machineries move around in the construction site during operation, for safety it is hard to set up two microphones on the machineries for feedforward control.<br> So we developed an active noise control system for noise of construction machineries that can be set up on moving noise source like backhoes and can control stably. …

    日本建築学会環境系論文集 82(732), 97-103, 2017


  • 宅地法検討に即した都市計画法改正案の内容と検討意義

    藤賀 雅人

    … method of multidiscipline urban planning including urban planning law and land readjustment act and the other meaning as the expansion type of the land readjustment act.<br> As a result of examination, engineering officers made land law and bill to amend the urban planning law set up the new zoning for deliberate development and strengthened compelling force for the land rearrangement.<br> After completion draft of land law and amendment of urban planning law, Ryoichiro Tsurumi examined proposals for …

    日本建築学会計画系論文集 82(732), 443-450, 2017


  • 水田用抑草ロボットのウェブサーバー構築及び充電ステーションへの誘導方法の検討

    西田 好宏 , ノーミンドン , 清水 信寿 , Minh NgoDong , 清水 信寿 , Shimizu Nobutoshi

    … However, this raises a huge time- and labor-consuming problem with weeds. … In this time, we installed WebIOPi and set up Web Server on the Raspberry Pi in order to control and monitor the robot "TAMBA" in any browser under any operating system. …

    福井工業大学研究紀要 Memoirs of Fukui University of Technology (47), 25-30, 2017


  • TOEICスピーキングテストと少人数クラスとの統合

    上西 幸治 , 坂上 辰也 , LAUER Joe , DAVIES Walter , FRASER Simon , HOWELL Peter , SELWOOD Jaime , SONG Katherine , 森田 光宏 , 鬼田 崇作

    … This article describes the organization, set-up, and evaluation of an exciting new program which is attempting to help first-year university students improve their English speaking and writing skills. … Yet, some teachers questioned the validity of using the TOEIC Speaking Test to motivate students, and also expressed concern that there was not enough instruction time between the two test administrations for significant improvement to be expected. …

    広島外国語教育研究 (20), 1-15, 2017

    機関リポジトリ DOI

  • 大学におけるボランティアセンターのあり方〜先駆的大学調査と本学ボランティア支援の課題から〜

    鳴瀬 剛大 , 市居 利絵 , 築地 佑人

    … Since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in January 1995, universities nationwide have set up volunteer centers. … At St. Andrew's University, instead of specialists such as volunteer coordinators, full-time faculty members work to operate volunteer support activities that are unique to the university, along with support for disabled students. …

    桃山学院大学総合研究所紀要 42(2), 73-104, 2016-12-05

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