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  • Verification of erroneous operation of myoelectric prosthesis with shear force and pressure sensor  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIMURA Manabu , SENOO Katsutoshi , INOUE Keiko , TOMIYAMA Hiroki , KAMOO Kengo

    <p>本研究は,健常者が装着可能な模擬義手ソケットを作製し,肘関節屈曲伸展時の電極と皮膚間の剪断力と圧力の測定から,筋電義手の誤作動の要因を検証した.対象は健常成人14名とし,模擬義手ソケット内の,(1) 外側電極位置(外側部),(2) 肘頭から2.5 cm上部(肘頭上部),(3) 内側電極位置(内側部)の3カ所に小型で薄型の剪断力·圧力センサを貼付して測定した.肘関節屈曲伸展時の剪断 …

    Bulletin of the Japanese Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics 36(2), 130-137, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Precision Enhancement of CNN Aided Tactile Sensor Based on Nail Color Image  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Keisuke , OHKA Masahiro

    … In this study, we develop a nail color sensor that identifies the magnitude and direction of the force by utilizing the nail color changing phenomenon due to a force acting on the fingertip. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), J16203, 2020


  • Development of a Loading Test Device with a Three-Axis Force Sensor Applying Compression and Shear on Gel-Like Mats  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Hiroshi , MANABE Makoto

    … <p>The external force from a mattress to the body surface consists of compressive force component and shear force component. … Though the mechanical response of the mattresses to the pressure has been studied widely, the response to the shear needs to be studied more deeply. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), J02113, 2020


  • Drumstick device with 3-axis force sensor for measuring fingertip force during double stroke  [in Japanese]

    OYAMA Tomoya , HORI Masataka , DOHI Tetsuji

    … <p>In this study, we report on the drumstick device for measuring 3-axis force of the fingertip in double stroke. … This device consisted of 3-axis force sensor installed in drumstick. … The 3-axis force sensor is capable of detecting normal force and 2-axis shear force with the sensitivity of -22.3 mV/N, -64.2 mV/N and 60.0 mV/N. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1P2-N07, 2020


  • Development and evaluation of protective sheet for shear-force sensitive sheet for detecting shear direction load between human and machine  [in Japanese]

    FUKUOKA Kennji , MASUDA Takumi , KIKUCHI Takehito

    … <p>In previous work, we developed a shear-force sensitive sheet (SSS) that detects the shear displacement and shear stress that occurs between humans and machines. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-D03, 2020


  • Development of a sensor system to observe shear strain field in soft material for contact safety evaluation  [in Japanese]

    LI Fengyu , AKIYAMA Yasuhiro , YAMADA Yoji , OKAMOTO Shogo

    … <p>The measurement of internal stress and strain distribution inside the soft material, which is demanded in the field of skin contact safety, are hard to be obtained nor estimated using conventional interactive force sensors except for limited situations. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1A1-C04, 2020


  • Development of Elastic Sensor for Wall Shear Stress using MCF Rubber  [in Japanese]

    MIYACHI Shunya , KUBOTA Yoshihiro , MOCHIZUKI Osamu , SHIMADA Kunio

    … <p>The purpose of this study is the development of an elastic sensor for measuring wall shear stress induced by flow water. … We used a flexible sensor by MCF Rubber. … The MCF Rubber can measure the force normal to rubber sensor and the shearing force acting on the rubber since the MCF rubber is conductive rubber. …

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2019(0), OS9-02, 2019


  • Experimental Measurement and Analysis on Track-soil Interaction Stresses using In-track Sensor System  [in Japanese]

    Ishibashi Satoshi , Ishigami Genya

    … In order to investigate mechanical interaction between track and loose soil, this research develops an in-track sensor system as an experimental approach. … In this system, a tiny 3-axis force sensor is installed on the surface of each track shoe which can measure normal and shear stress beneath the track while traveling. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on the Motion and Vibration Control 2019.16(0), A105, 2019


  • Fabrication of Multi Axis Force Sensor Using Kirigami Structure  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Masafumi , IWASE Eiji

    … <p>We propose a triaxial piezoresistive force sensor composed of four monoaxial sensors using kirigami structure. … Kirigami structure deforms out of plane when in-plane force is applied, and the out-of-plane deformation can be detected by surface doping only. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology 2019.10(0), 19pm5PN344, 2019


  • Measurement device of foot gripping force during Functional Reach Test  [in Japanese]

    HORI Masataka , HATA Satoshi , DOHI Tetsuji

    … <p>We proposed a measurement device of 3-axis foot gripping force during Functional Reach Test (FRT). … 3-axis force sensors were embedded in a shoe insole under foot fingers. … These force sensors were so thin and light weight that the insole with the force sensors could be inserted into a shoe in our measurement experiments. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on sports and human dynamics 2019(0), A-25, 2019


  • Contact Detection in Tongue Model for Oral Care Simulator with MEMS Tactile Sensor  [in Japanese]

    KODAMA Takayuki , ABE Takashi , MITANI Atsushi , SOHGAWA Masayuki

    … <p>In this work, we have attached the developed MEMS tactile sensor to the tongue model of elastic urethane resin for oral care simulation. … This sensor can detect both normal and shear loads as resistance change of the strain gauge on the micro-cantilever fabricated on a Si substrate and embedded in the PDMS elastomer. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2P2-L03, 2019


  • Measurement of daily movements of wheelchair users and clarification of pressure ulcer occurrence  [in Japanese]

    IRIKURA Hiroaki , TAKANO Kosuke , MATSUHIRA Nobuto , NAKAYAMA Tsuyoshi , OGATA Kunihiro

    … Subjects wear an inertial sensor. … A pressure sensor or a displacement sensor was installed on the wheelchair. … It is considered that repetition of pressure and shear force is the cause of pressure ulcer.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 2A2-B09, 2019



    Ren Quan-yao , Pan Liang-ming , Zhou Wen-xiong , Pu Zeng-ping , Zheng Mei-yin , Wang Hao-yu , Wei Lie

    … Miniaturized four-sensor conductivity probe (MFSCP) has been developed to measure the local two phase flow parameters, such as void fraction, interfacial area concentration (IAC), bubble velocity, and bubble chord length. … Furthermore, because of the shear force of MVSG and induced stronger turbulence, the large Group II bubbles break up into Group I bubbles and smaller Group II bubbles, which results in the smaller bubble size and larger Group I void fraction and IAC. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1994, 2019


  • Evaluation of fastening condition based on vibration measurement using a Piezo-cable  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Keigo , MIYAGAWA Mutsumi , TAMIYA Takanobu , MIYASHITA Yukio

    … In this research, we have developed a sensor which can monitor the fastening condition based on the change of the shear load applied to the bolts using a piezo-cable. … Piezo-cables that we focused on are piezoelectric elements having a piezoelectric effect that generates a voltage in response to external force. … As a results of monitoring tests using the Bolt Looseness Sensor, when the bolt is tightened, output voltage from the sensor was low. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2019.25(0), 18C11, 2019


  • A Highly Sensitive MEMS Silicon-Hair Device Reproducing the Function of Hair Follicle  [in Japanese]

    Hamamoto Koki , Terao Kyohei , Shimokawa Fusao , Takao Hidekuni

    … Therefore, a highly sensitive sensor reproducing the function of hair follicle is demanded in order to quantify peculiar sense in hairy skin such as wind, static electricity, and perception of the liquid surface. … Moreover, it detects 2-axis force and 1-axis moment applied to silicon-hair by piezoresistors. … The MEMS silicon-hair device has realized resolutions of 5µN axial force, 1µN shear force, and 3nN・m moment. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 139(7), 180-185, 2019


  • Measurement by Tactile Sensor and FEM Analysis of Multi-layered Flexible Model for Skin Diagnosis  [in Japanese]

    Kido Jun , Abe Yuta , Sato Shuhei , Abe Takashi , Noma Haruo , Sohgawa Masayuki

    … <p>This paper addresses measurement with tactile sensor and FEM analysis of multi-layered flexible model for skin diagnosis. … In the multi-axial-force MEMS sensor, we evaluated the change of output by contact with the multi-layered flexible object. … The sensor output depends greatly on the ratio and hardness of the hard layer and the thickness of the flexible layer of the specimen, and the contact surface. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 139(6), 149-154, 2019


  • Development of hybrid three-axis load sensor  [in Japanese]

    渡辺 健太 , 原 和裕 , 外山 滋

    「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム論文集 電気学会センサ・マイクロマシン部門 [編] 35, 5p, 2018-10-30

  • Measurement of sole shear force using shoe sole sensor  [in Japanese]

    佐々木 祥弘

    「センサ・マイクロマシンと応用システム」シンポジウム論文集 電気学会センサ・マイクロマシン部門 [編] 35, 6p, 2018-10-30

  • Physiology and pharmacology Piezo1 channels

    Beech David J.

    … It has been unclear if there are specific force sensing proteins and how they might sense force and generate appropriate downstream signals. … We have revealed how Ca2+-permeable non-selective cationic channels formed by assembly of Piezo1 proteins act as sensors of physiological force and determinants of vascular structure and responsiveness in both development and adult physiology (Li et al 2014 Nature 515, 279-; …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), SY75-1, 2018


  • Force Sensing at Fingertip during Catheter Operation using a Film Type Tri-axial Stress Sensor  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Asuka , SASAGAWA Kazuhiko , MORIWAKI Takeshi , FUJISAKI Kazuhiro

    … Although several kinds of force measurement systems attached in the catheter have been proposed, the measurement of the force during operation should be measured at the finger for evaluation of the tactile senses. … In this study, we developed a film type tri-axial stress sensor that can be attached to the fingertip. … This type sensor is thin and flexible therefore it can be expected to directly measure the contact stress at the fingertip. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2018(0), OS0607, 2018


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