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  • Effects of Shearing and Extensional Flows on the Alignment of Colloidal Rods

    Vincenzo Calabrese , Simon J. Haward , Amy Q. Shen

    … Characterization of the flow field by microparticle image velocimetry is coupled to flow-induced birefringence analysis to quantify the deformation rate–alignment relationship. … The birefringence signal rising from the CNC alignment in shear and extension can be scaled on a single master curve using a Péclet number that accounts for the shear and extensional viscosity of the solvent fluid, respectively. …

    Macromolecules 54(9), 4176-4185, 2021-02-04


  • A single-chip DNA detection device using DNA amplification and microparticle dielectrophoresis  [in Japanese]

    吉田 諒 , 陳 晧 , 末廣 純也 , 中野 道彦 , 稲葉 優文

    <p>筆者らは、増幅したDNAの迅速・簡便な検出法としてDNAの結合で微粒子の誘電泳動特性が変化することを利用した微粒子誘電泳動DNA検出法を考案した。これまでは、DNA増幅と微粒子への増幅DNAの結合および検出を別々に行っていたため、ピペッティングによるクロスコンタミネーションやサンプルロスが懸念されていた。本研究では、上記の操作を一つのチップ上で行うためのデバイスを作製した。これは …

    Record of Joint Conference of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Kyushu 2020(0), 295-295, 2020


  • 3D rotation of microparticle based on a vibration-induced flow  [in Japanese]


    … <p>In this paper, we propose 3D rotation method of a single microparticle by using 2-DOF vibrations. … In this study, we propose three-dimensional rotation method of microparticle by using vibrations on horizontal plane with 2-DOF actuator.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2020(0), 1P2-O01, 2020


  • Microfluidic analog of an opposed-jets device

    S. J. Haward , C. C. Hopkins , K. Toda-Peters , A. Q. Shen

    … A detailed characterization of the Newtonian flow field by microparticle image velocimetry confirms the expected nature of the flow and compares well with the prediction of 3D numerical simulations. … This microfluidic opposed jet device could also be used for examining the deformation and dynamics of drops, cells, fibers, and single molecules in well-defined and relevant flow fields. …

    Applied Physics Letters 114(22), 223701, 2019-06-05


  • Development of Dried Emulsion/Mannitol Composite Microparticles through a Unique Spray Nozzle for Efficient Delivery of Hydrophilic Anti-tuberculosis Drug against Alveolar Macrophages

    Maeda Ryo , Ito Tatsuya , Tagami Tatsuaki , Takii Takemasa , Ozeki Tetsuya

    … The single micron size of OCT313–SDC/MAN microparticles contained OCT313–SDC nanoparticles (mean particle size of OCT313–SDC nanoparticles, 277.9 nm; … These results suggest that the SDC/MAN microparticle formulation prepared by spray drying through a two-solution mixing-type nozzle provides efficient delivery of a water-soluble drug targeting alveolar macrophages and may be useful for tuberculosis treatment.</p> …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 42(11), 1846-1853, 2019

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  • Extraction Mechanism of Lanthanide Ions into Silica-based Microparticles Studied by Single Microparticle Manipulation and Microspectroscopy

    OTAKA Toshiki , NAKATANI Kiyoharu , SATO Tatsumi , ONO Simpei , NAGOSHI Kohei , ABE Ryoji , ARAI Tsuyoshi , WATANABE Sou , SANO Yuichi , TAKEUCHI Masayuki

    Single porous silica microparticles coated with a styrene-divinylbenzene polymer (SDB) impregnated with octyl(phenyl)-N,N-diisobutylcarbamoylmethylphosphine oxide (CMPO) were injected into an aqueous 3 mol/L nitric acid solution containing trivalent lanthanide (Ln(III)), as a high-level liquid waste model. … and the extraction rate of Ln(III), as an Ln(III)-CMPO complex, into the single microparticles was measured by luminescence microspectroscopy. …

    Analytical Sciences 35(10), 1129-1133, 2019

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  • Trace Reaction Measurements Using Acoustic Levitation of a Single Particle  [in Japanese]

    MIYAGAWA Akihisa , OKADA Tetsuo

    <p>超音波−重力複合場は粒子の粒径にはよらず,密度と圧縮率などの音響物性に応じて,粒子を異なる位置に浮揚させる.本論文では,粒子の表面あるいは内部で起こる反応によって粒子の音響物性に変化を誘起し,浮揚位置から高感度計測や反応評価を行った研究について述べる.たとえば,反応を介してマイクロ粒子に金ナノ粒子(AuNP)を結合することでマイクロ粒子の密度変化を誘起できる.マイクロ粒子の浮揚位 …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 68(8), 549-558, 2019

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  • The development of micromanipulators using topology optimization  [in Japanese]

    SUN Jinyi , KUBOTA Sho , YOKOYAMA Minoro , NEGISHI Tomokazu , YAMADA Takayuki , SHIMONO Tomoyuki , NISHIWAKI Shinji , MARUO Shoji

    … The micromanipulators were fabricated by using a single-photon micro-stereolithography system. … Finally, a 100μm diameter microparticle was grasped, transported and released successfully by controlling the linear actuator's load to change the gap of micro manipulators. … Manipulation of a 200μm diameter microparticle was succeeded using the 3D micromanipulator.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2017(0), J2230103, 2017


  • Relationship between Movement of a Microparticle in a Dense Suspension of Bacteria and Swimming Motion of the Surrounding Cells  [in Japanese]

    NAKAI Tonau , SUMITA Yusuke , GOTO Tomonobu

    … A single cell swims straight, whereas in a dense packed suspension, cells swim collectively with vortices. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2017(0), 2A1-L01, 2017


  • The development of microtweezers using topology optimization  [in Japanese]

    SUN Jinyi , KUBOTA Sho , YOKOYAMA Minoru , NEGISHI Tomokazu , YAMADA Takayuki , SHIMONO Tomoyuki , NISHIWAKI Shinji , MARUO Shoji

    … Then, the optimized microtweezers were fabricated by using a single-photon micro stereolithography system developed by our laboratory. … Finally, a microparticle (diameter: 100 μm) was grasped, transported and released successfully by using the microtweezers.</p> …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2017(0), 1A1-M07, 2017


  • Analysis of Distribution and Intraparticle Diffusion of a Fluorescent Dye in Mesoporous Silica Gel by Confocal Fluorescence Microspectroscopy

    SATO Tatsumi , NAKATANI Kiyoharu

    … A micrometer-sized spherical silica gel microparticle (pore diameter, ∼7 nm) was injected into an aqueous rhodamine 6G solution using microcapillary manipulation-injection technique, and the dye distribution in the single microparticle was measured as the fluorescence depth profile by confocal fluorescence microspectroscopy. … The dye homogeneously or heterogeneously distributed in the microparticle at the adsorption equilibrium, dependent on the type of silica gel. …

    Analytical Sciences 33(2), 179-183, 2017

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  • 廃シリコン粉末へのレーザ照射によるナノ・サブマイクロ粒子形成  [in Japanese]

    Noguchi Jun , Yan Jiwang


    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2016S(0), 263-264, 2016


  • Fluorescence Microspectroscopic Analysis of Surfactant Transfer in the Single Octadecylsilyl Silica Gel Microparticle/Water System  [in Japanese]


    … The mass transfer of 4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenyl polyethylene glycol (Triton X-100, TX-100) as a nonionic surfactant in the octadecylsilyl (ODS) silica gel/water system was investigated using coumarin 102, known as a solvatochromic dye, by the single microparticle manipulation-fluorescence microspectroscopy technique. …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 65(3), 145-149, 2016

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  • Analyses of the Distribution and Release Processes of Heavy Metal Ions in Surface-modified Silica Gel Systems  [in Japanese]

    CHIKAMA Katsumi , NAKAJIMA Junichi , MATSUO Mina , NAKATANI Kiyoharu

    … A single microparticle was injected into an aqueous HAuCl4 or CuSO4 solution containing 0.01 M KCl (pH = 6), and the distribution rate of the metal ion from water into the microparticle was measured. …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 65(3), 151-155, 2016

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  • External and Intraparticle Diffusion of Coumarin 102 with Surfactant in the ODS-silica Gel/water System by Single Microparticle Injection and Confocal Fluorescence Microspectroscopy

    NAKATANI Kiyoharu , MATSUTA Emi

    … The release mechanism of coumarin 102 from a single ODS-silica gel microparticle into the water phase in the presence of Triton X-100 was investigated by confocal fluorescence microspectroscopy combined with the single microparticle injection technique. … The release rate significantly depended on the Triton X-100 concentration in the water phase and was not limited by diffusion in the pores of the microparticle. …

    Analytical Sciences 31(6), 557-560, 2015

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  • 30pm1-A-5 Single-Particle Co-Culture System Using Collagen Janus Microparticle  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Satoru , TAKINOUE Masahiro , ONOE Hiroaki

    … This paper describes anisotropic spherical collagen hydrogel microparticles (〜100 μm in diameter) for single-particle co-culture system. … We believe that our collagen Janus microparticles could be available to control differentiation of stem cells in a heterogeneous microenvironment at single-particles and to co-culture various cells in different ECMs with massive and quantitative analyses. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology 2015.7(0), _30pm1-A-5-_30pm1-A-5, 2015


  • Cavity QED Effect in Thermal Radiation from a Microparticle(Research)  [in Japanese]

    Tachikawa Maki , Odashima Hitoshi

    1900年にPlanckが導出した放射法則は,19世紀末から続いた熱放射の論議に決着をつけるとともに,量子物理学への道を切り開いた.今日,一般的な熱計測法がPlanckの放射法則を礎に成立しており,基礎科学から熱工学にわたる広範囲で応用されている.白熱球などマクロな物体からの熱放射のスペクトルは,厳密には物質の化学組成や放射面の粗さに依存するものの,多くの場合,黒体もしくは灰色体のそれで近似できる …

    Butsuri 70(4), 269-274, 2015


  • <b>Single Microparticle Measurement Using an Electrodynamic Balance (III)—Transport Phenomena and Heterogeneous Reaction—</b>  [in Japanese]

    HARANO Azuchi

    … The enhancement of mass transfer was examined from the evaporation rate of single oscillating droplet. … Desulfurization reactions of a levitated single Na<sub>2</sub>CO<sub>3</sub> …

    Earozoru Kenkyu 29(2), 124-130, 2014


  • <b>Single Microparticle Measurement Using an Electrodynamic Balance (II)</b>—<b>Chemical Thermodynamic Properties and Phase Changes</b>—  [in Japanese]

    HARANO Azuchi

    … In this technique, a single charged particle or droplet is levitated by the fields created by the DC and AC electrodes and the shape and mass of individual particles can be characterized. …

    Earozoru Kenkyu 29(1), 39-48, 2014


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