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  • Single-Molecule Conductance of a π-Hybridized Tripodal Anchor while Maintaining Electronic Communication

    Ohto Tatsuhiko , Tashiro Aya , Seo Takuji , Kawaguchi Nana , Numai Yuichi , Tokumoto Junpei , Yamaguchi Soichiro , Yamada Ryo

    … Direct hybridization between the π-orbital of a conjugated molecule and metal electrodes is recognized as a new anchoring strategy to enhance the electrical conductance of single-molecule junctions. … The anchor is expected to maintain direct hybridization between the conjugated molecule and the metal electrodes, and control the orientation of the molecule against the metal electrodes. …

    Small, 2006709, 2020-12-18


  • Quantum control of nonlinear thermoelectricity at the nanoscale

    谷口 伸彦 , Nobuhiko TANIGUCHI

    … We theoretically study how one can control and enhance nonlinear thermoelectricity by regulating quantum coherence in nanostructures such as a quantum dot system or a single-molecule junction. …

    Physical Review B 101(11), 115404, 2020-03-03


  • Observation and Elucidation of Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectra for Single-Molecule Junctions  [in Japanese]

    金子 哲

    分光研究 = Journal of the Spectroscopical Society of Japan 69(2), 53-60, 2020

  • Graph Theoretical Study on the Conductivity of Single-Molecular Junctions Containing Heteroatoms  [in Japanese]

    OKAZAWA Kazuki , TSUJI Yuta , YOSHIZAWA Kazunari

    … <p>Single-molecule junctions have unique electron transport properties that are not found in solids or polymers. … Graph theoretical approaches have been used to predict whether conductivity in single-molecule junctions. …

    Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan 19(4), 158-160, 2020


  • Single-molecular bridging in static metal nanogap electrodes using migrations of metal atoms  [in Japanese]

    Naitoh Yasuhisa , Tani Yosuke , Koyama Emiko , Nakamura Tohru , Sumiya Touru , Ogawa Takuji

    <p>ナノスケールに向かい合った金属電極の間隔を原子移動により制御し、分子の結合基と金属を結合させる、新たな単一分子の架橋手法を開発した。これまで単一分子架橋構造の実現には、電極間隔を制御するための大きな周辺装置を素子毎に必要としていたが、今回電極間に外部電圧を印加するだけで達成した。この手法は、究極の微細化電子素子の一つと言われている単一電子デバイスへの貢献が期待される。</p …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2020(0), 269, 2020


  • Temperature measurement of 1,4-benzendithiol single molecular junction by surface enhanced Raman scattering  [in Japanese]

    Yasuraoka Koji , Kaneko Satoshi , Nishino Tomoaki

    <p>単分子接合は分子素子への応用が期待されており、接合温度は性能評価の上で重要である。本研究では表面増強ラマン散乱(SERS)計測により1'4-ベンゼンジチオール(BDT)単分子接合の温度計測を試みた。BDT単分接合形成時におけるストークス及びアンチストークス散乱に由来したピーク強度比から温度を得た。加熱効果による温度上昇を検討したところ、レーザー強度に依存した接合温度の検出に成功し …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2020(0), 263, 2020


  • Analysis of Raman spectra of spiropyran single-molecule junction using PCA  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Shuji , Kaneko Satoshi , Tamaki Takashi , Tsukagoshi Kazuhito , Nishino Tomoaki

    <p>金属電極間に機能性分子1つを架橋した単分子接合は,外部刺激による電気的特性の変化を利用した分子デバイスへの応用が期待されている.本研究では,スピロピランを架橋した単分子接合に電気伝導度とラマン分光の同時計測を適用し,電気的特性の変化の要因を検討した.主成分分析を用いスペクトルを解析した結果,開環体は閉環体より電気伝導度が高いことが示唆され,伝導度変化が分子の構造変化に由来すること …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2020(0), 264, 2020


  • Identifying the molecular adsorption site of a single molecule junction through combined Raman and conductance studies

    加納 英明 , Satoshi Kaneko , Enrique Montes , Sho Suzuki , Shintaro Fujii , Tomoaki Nishino , Kazuhito Tsukagoshi , Katsuyoshi Ikeda , Hideaki KANOU , Hisao Nakamura , Héctor Vázquez , Manabu Kiguchi

    Single-molecule junctions are ideal test beds for investigating the fundamentals of charge transport at the nanoscale. … Conducting properties are strongly dependent on the metal–molecule interface geometry, which, however, is very poorly characterized due to numerous experimental challenges. …

    Chemical science 10(25), 6261-6269, 2019-05


  • Control of molecular orientation in a single-molecule junction with a tripodal triptycene anchoring unit: toward a simple and facile single-molecule diode

    Fujii Shintaro , Ishiwari Fumitaka , Komoto Yuki , Su Lixinzhu , Yamagata Yuto , Kosaka Atsuko , Aiba Akira , Nishino Tomoaki , Fukushima Takanori , Kiguchi Manabu

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 58(3), 035003-035003, 2019-02-18


  • Single-molecule chiral recognition by STM using molecular tips  [in Japanese]

    Murakami Ryo , Nishino Tomoaki

    <p>キラル分子探針を用いたSTMに基づき,表面に吸着した単一分子のキラル識別法を開発することを目的とした.STMの金属探針にキラル分子を修飾した分子探針を作製した.試料として軸不斉を有するビナフチル誘導体(BINAP)を用い,Au表面に吸着させ実験に用いた.BINAP単一分子の電気伝導度を計測すると,そのキラリティに依存して異なる値が得られることが分かり,単一分子の光学識別が達成でき …

    Abstract book of Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science 2019(0), 3Da02, 2019


  • Control of single-molecule junction and conductance measurement  [in Japanese]

    奥山 弘

    固体物理 53(11), 673-680, 2018-11

  • Large Conductance Variations in a Mechanosensitive Single-Molecule Junction

    Davide Stefani , Kevin J. Weiland , Maxim Skripnik , Chunwei Hsu , Mickael L. Perrin , Marcel Mayor , Fabian Pauly , Herre S. J. van der Zant

    … This can provide functionality on the single-molecule level that can be employed for sensing or switching purposes if the associated conductance changes are sizable upon application of the stimuli. … Here, we show that the room-temperature conductance of a spring-like molecule can be mechanically controlled up to an order of magnitude by compressing or elongating it. …

    Nano Letters 18(9), 5981-5988, 2018-08-22


  • Transmission eigenchannels for coherent phonon transport

    J. C. Klöckner , J. C. Cuevas , F. Pauly

    … In particular, we study the phonon eigenchannels in a gold metallic atomic-size contact and different single-molecule junctions based on molecules such as an alkane chain, a brominated benzene-diamine, where destructive phonon interference effects take place, and a C60 junction. …

    Physical Review B 97(15), 155432, 2018-04-26


  • The effect of nitrogen lone-pair interaction on the conduction in a single-molecule junction with amine-Au bonding

    Sugita Yoshihiro , Taninaka Atsushi , Yoshida Shoji , Takeuchi Osamu , Shigekawa Hidemi , 谷中 淳 , 吉田 昭二 , 武内 修 , 重川 秀実

    … We have applied our previously developed three-dimensional dynamic probe method to analyze the conductance in a Au-/1,4-benzenediamine (BDA)/Au single molecule junction. …

    Scientific reports (8), 5222, 2018-03


  • Single-molecule junction of an overcrowded ethylene with binary conductance states

    Koike Masato , Fujii Shintaro , Cho Haruna , Shoji Yoshiaki , Nishino Tomoaki , Fukushima Takanori , Kiguchi Manabu

    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 57(3S2), 03EG05-03EG05, 2018-01-16


  • Gap distance dependence of Electronic Structure in 1,4-benzendithiol Single-Molecule Junction  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Shuji , Kaneko Satoshi , Kiguchi Manabu

    Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 73.1(0), 2454-2454, 2018


  • Studies on single-molecule bridging metal electrodes: development of new characterization technique and functionalities

    KIGUCHI Manabu

    … <p>A single molecular junction is a nanoscale structure prepared by bridging a single molecule between macroscopic metal electrodes. … It has attracted significant attention due to its unique structure and potential applications in ultra-small single molecular electronic devices. …

    Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 94(9), 350-359, 2018


  • Evaluation of the Kinetic Property of Single-Molecule Junctions by Tunneling Current Measurements

    HARASHIMA Takanori , HASEGAWA Yusuke , KIGUCHI Manabu , NISHINO Tomoaki

    … <p>We investigated the formation and breaking of single-molecule junctions of two kinds of dithiol molecules by time-resolved tunneling current measurements in a metal nanogap. … The resulting current trajectory was statistically analyzed to determine the single-molecule conductance and, more importantly, to reveal the kinetic property of the single-molecular junction. …

    Analytical Sciences 34(6), 639-641, 2018


  • Dependence of Stretch Length on Electrical Conductance and Electronic Structure of the Benzenedithiol Single Molecular Junction

    Kobayashi S. , Kaneko S. , Fujii S. , Nishino T. , Kiguchi M. , Tsukagoshi K.

    … <p>We have investigated the current-voltage (<i>I</i>-<i>V</i>) curves of the benzenedithiol (BDT) single molecular junction as a function of stretch length of the junction. … The BDT single molecular junction was prepared with the nano fabricated Au electrodes using the mechanically controllable break junction (MCBJ). …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 16(0), 145-149, 2018


  • Photochemical Reaction Using Aminobenzenethiol Single Molecular Junction

    Matsuzawa Y. , Kaneko S. , Fujii S. , Nishino T. , Kiguchi M. , Tsukagoshi K.

    … <p>Photo-induced chemical reaction of p-aminobenzenthiol (ABT) was investigated using the lithographically fabricated mechanically controllable break junction (MCBJ). … The ABT single-molecule junction was formed at the nanogap of the MCBJ and the formation was confirmed by the electronic transport measurement including current versus bias voltage characteristics. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 16(0), 137-141, 2018


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