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  • Randomized cross-over trial of demand oxygen delivery system

    Nagano Tatsuya , Kobayashi Kazuyuki , Omori Takashi , Otoshi Takehiro , Umezawa Kanoko , Katsurada Naoko , Yamamoto Masatsugu , Tachihara Motoko , Nishimura Yoshihiro

    … Methods and analysis: Twenty-six patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or interstitial pneumonia will be randomized to use auto-DODS or conventional DODS at rest and during a 6-minute walk test. … Primary endpoints are mean oxygen saturation (SpO(2)) at rest and during the 6-minute walk test. …

    Medicine 99(19), e20010, 2020-05


  • The six-minute walk test  [in Japanese]

    Satake Masahiro , Shioya Takanobu , Takahashi Hitomi , Sugawara Keiyu

    <p>6分間歩行試験(6MWT)は,運動耐容能を評価するフィールド歩行テストのひとつであり,呼吸運動療法には必須の評価項目である.6MWTは2002年ATSからガイドラインが発表され方法の統一が提案された.2014年にはERS/ATSからシステマティック・レビューとテクニカル・スタンダードが発表された.</p><p>6MWTの一次評価項目は6分間歩行距離(6MW …

    The Journal of the Japan Society for Respiratory Care and Rehabilitation 28(2), 286-290, 2019

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  • Six minute walk test and incremental shuttle walking test in COPD patients  [in Japanese]

    Arizono Shinichi , Tawara Yuichi

    <p>慢性閉塞性肺疾患(COPD)患者の運動耐容能は強い予後予測因子であり,評価することは重要である.運動耐容能の評価には6分間歩行試験や漸増シャトルウォーキングテストなどの歩行試験や心肺運動負荷試験などの精密な機器が必要な運動負荷試験などがある.歩行試験は,運動耐容能の把握の他にCOPDの重症度の評価にも用いられ,また呼吸リハビリテーションや気管支拡張剤,酸素療法などの効果判定,運動 …

    The Journal of the Japan Society for Respiratory Care and Rehabilitation 28(1), 51-56, 2019

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  • Factors related to quality of life of patients with adult spinal deformity and chronic low back pain

    Kitamura Takuya , Kanda Masaru , Sato Naritoshi , Onishi Hideaki , Watanabe Kei

    … Radiographic spinopelvic parameters, Japanese Orthopaedic Association Back Pain Evaluation Questionnaire score, visual analogue scale score, mobility of lumbar extension (LL-Ext) and flexion (LL-Flex), six-minute walk test (6MWT) score, and Timed Up and Go test (TUG) scores were used. …

    Niigata journal of health and welfare 19(2), 155-162, 2019


  • Perioperative risk factors associated with postoperative physical deconditioning in patients with colorectal cancer  [in Japanese]

    Yabe Hiroki , Tsukamoto Mizuki , Nakane Mariko , Takao Mariko , Omi Kan

    <p>【目的】大腸がんの周術期における身体機能低下に影響する要因を検討した。【対象と方法】大腸がんの外科手術を受ける患者55名(年齢71.8±9.7歳)に対し、手術前後の身体機能をshort physical performance battery(以下、SPPBと略)にて測定し、対象を身体機能低下の有無で群分けした。手術前に体重、BMI、筋肉量、体脂肪率、6分間歩行距離、握力、膝伸展 …

    Journal of Japanese Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 33(5), 1147-1152, 2018

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  • Effect of exercise capacity before allogeneic-hematopoietic stem cell transplantation on physical function after transplantation:―Importance of rehabilitation intervention before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation―  [in Japanese]

    Hamada Ryota , Yoshida Michiko , Miyasaka Junsuke , Nankaku Manabu , Kondou Tadakazu , Takaori Akifumi , Ikeguchi Ryosuke , Matsuda Shuichi

    <p> 同種造血幹細胞移植(allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation,allo-HSCT)前の運動耐容能が高い患者と低い患者での移植治療過程における身体機能の変化の特徴を明らかにすることを目的とした。対象はallo-HSCTを施行しリハビリテーション介入を行った57人のうち身体機能評価に欠損がない32人とした。移植前の6分間歩 …

    Journal of Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation 7(3), 98-106, 2018

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  • The effect of chest expansion exercise with TENS on gait ability and trunk control in chronic stroke patients

    Park Sin-Jun , Cho Kyun-Hee , Kim Soon-Hee

    … The gait ability and trunk contol were measured using Six-Minute Walk Test, Tinetti gait index and Trunk impairment scale (TIS). … [Results] Both the experimental group and the control group showed significant improvement in the Six-Minute Walk Test, Tinetti gait index, and TIS total score. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 30(5), 697-699, 2018

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  • Usefulness of the desaturation-distance ratio from the six-minute walk test for patients with COPD

    Fujimoto Yukari , Oki Yutaro , Kaneko Masahiro , Sakai Hideki , Misu Shogo , Yamaguchi Takumi , Mitani Yuji , Yasuda Hisafumi , Ishikawa Akira

    … The desaturation-distance ratio (DDR) is an index derived from the distance traveled and level of desaturation during a six-minute walk test (6MWT); …

    International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (12), 2669-2675, 2017-09-06


  • The Influence of Different Oxygen Delivery Systems on Exercise Tolerance in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  [in Japanese]

    Negishi Yutaka , Sakamoto Takashi , Higa Kazuya , Inoue Ryo , Okino Momoko

    <p>[目的] 慢性閉塞性肺疾患(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease:COPD)患者の在宅酸素療法(Home Oxygen Therapy:HOT)の外出用酸素運搬手段の違いが運動耐容能にどのような影響を及ぼすのかを検証する。</p><p>[方法]COPD 急性増悪にて入院しHOT 導入に至った2症例と、COPD 急性増悪 …

    Keishin Journal of Life and Health 1(2), 13-18, 2017

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  • The effect of segmental weight of prosthesis on hemodynamic responses and energy expenditure of lower extremity amputees

    Mutlu Akmer , Kharooty Mohammad Dawood , Yakut Yavuz

    … The blood pressure and heart rate of the patients were recorded before and after Six Minute Walk Test (6MWT) and 10 stairs up & … down stairs test. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 29(4), 629-634, 2017


  • Comparison between stair-climbing test and six-minute walk test after lung resection using video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy

    Kubori Yohei , Matsuki Ryosuke , Hotta Akira , Morisawa Tomoyuki , Tamaki Akira

    … <p>[Purpose] Currently, the six-minute walk distance (6MWD) is used to evaluate exercise capacity in people following lung resection for non-small cell lung cancer. … Conversely, the stair-climbing test is used frequently for the preoperative evaluation of lung resection candidates. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 29(5), 902-904, 2017


  • Advancement of Six-minute Walk Test by Utilizing a Wearable Inertial Sensor:(Gait Evaluation with LSS Patients Before and After Surgery)  [in Japanese]

    OHTAKI Yasuaki , MAMIZUKA Naotaka

    … This study was conducted to present a feasible method to assess gait characteristics using a body-mounted IMU applied to clinically validated six-minute walking test (6MWT) in a hospital. … Spatiotemporal gait factors were estimated from the measures of IMU, with algorithms of processing only steady walk periods from the over ground shuttle-walking trial. …

    The Proceedings of the Conference on Information, Intelligence and Precision Equipment : IIP 2017(0), F-05, 2017


  • Home-based Daily Calf Muscle Stretching Improves Endothelial Function of Lower Limb Artery and Walking Capacity in Elderly Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease:A Randomized, Non-blinded, Crossover Study  [in Japanese]

    Hotta Kazuki , Pragle Aimee , Chheda Jegghna , Liberatore Lia , Behnke Brad J. , Muller-Delp Judy M. , Batchelor Wayne B. , Graven James , Dahya Vishal , Noel Thomas E. , Ghai Akash , Katopodis John N. , Dixon William C. , Andrews Rebecca

    … We hypothesized that home-based daily calf muscle stretching improves endothelial function of popliteal artery and walking capacity in PAD patients.</p><p></p><p></p><p><b>【Methods】</b>A randomized, non-blinded, crossover study was performed to test our hypothesis. …

    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association 2016(0), 1161, 2017


  • The effects of breathing exercise types on respiratory muscle activity and body function in patients with mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

    Kang Jeong-il , Jeong Dae-Keun , Choi Hyun

    … They were measured with BODE index using respiratory muscle activity, pulmonary function, the six-minute walking test, dyspnea criteria and BMI Then the results obtained were compared and analyzed. … [Results] There was a significant difference in sternocleidomastoid muscle and scalene muscle and in 6-minute walk and BODE index for body function. …

    Journal of Physical Therapy Science 28(2), 500-505, 2016


  • Comparison of the Effects of Two Types of Stretching Warm Ups for Rehabilitation

    Tokimasa S , Wakimoto K , Dakeshita T , Terasawa S , Tabuchi H , Okuhara M , Murata Y , Nakade K , Maruo SJ , Terasawa K

    … The physical fitness test assesses grip strength, sit-ups, eyes-closed single-leg stance, sit-and-reach flexibility, six-minute walk, and ten-meter obstacle course. …

    BAOJ Medical and nursing 1(1), 003, 2015-05-26


  • Effect of a two-year health program on brain function, physical fitness and blood chemistry

    Murata Yuki , Nemoto Kenichi , Kobayashi Izuko , Miyata Yuki , Terasawa Saiki , Sasamori Fumihito , Nakajima Koki , Hirota Naoko , Kobayashi Toshie , Zhang Yong , Watanabe Toshiaki , Okuhara Masao , Keisuke Nakade , Maruo Suchinda Jarupat , Terasawa Koji

    … Thus, the aim of this study is to examine the effects from the first year to the second year of the Matsumoto health promotion program and to make use of the results in future health promotion for elderly people.Method: The city of Matsumoto offered local residents a two-year health program which includethe use of a pedometer, anthropometry, blood pressure, go/no-go brain function, a physical fitness test and a blood chemistry test. …

    Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education 5(3), 349, 2015-04-20


  • 呼吸機能検査UP−DATE(第7回)時間内歩行試験  [in Japanese]

    角野 直 , 田中 健一朗 , 北川 知佳 [他]

    Respiratory medical research 3(2), 121-123, 2015-04

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  • Six-minute walk test influenced by sex and age of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis  [in Japanese]

    久保田 友二 , 馬見塚 尚孝 , 芋生 祥之 [他]

    日本臨床スポーツ医学会誌 23(3), 560-565, 2015

    Ichushi Web 

  • Criterion-related validity of the six-minute walk test for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis  [in Japanese]

    Imoo Yoshiyuki , Yamazaki Masashi , Mamizuka Naotaka , Kubota Yuji , Suzuki Hisashi , Hirano Atsushi , Fujie Keiko , Hashimoto Koichi , Nakata Yoshio , Sakane Masataka

    … The 6-minute walk test(6MWT)has been validated as an outcome measure in patients with circulatory or respiratory disease. … It was found there were weak correlations between the parameters of the 6MWT and symptom severity scale of ZCQ(distance:r=-0.30, p=0.009, walk speed:r=-0.25, p=0.028)and physical function scale of ZCQ(distance:r=-0.38, p=0.002, walk speed:r=-0.30, p=0.009)before the surgery. …

    Congress of the Japanese Physical Therapy Association 2014(0), 0025, 2015


  • Influence of right heart load on heart rate during the six minute walk test in COPD patients  [in Japanese]

    Yamazaki Takeshi , Hagio Atsushi , Inoue Mio , Isazi Ryouta , Nakanishi Yousuke , Minami Takuma , Sakaguchi Chikara , Tsuchiya Michiko , Nagasaka Yukio

    われわれは,COPDにおける6分間歩行試験(6MWT)中の脈拍数に及ぼす心負荷の影響を検討した.心負荷の判定は,非侵襲的検査である胸部X線,胸部CT,心電図,心エコーを総合的に判定して,潜在的に右心あるいは左心の異常を認めたものとした.顕在性の心不全症状を認めた例は除外した.対象はCOPD患者87例で,完歩群69例と,非完歩群18例であり,右心負荷群・左心負荷群・両心負荷群・心負荷なし群の4群に分 …

    The Journal of the Japan Society for Respiratory Care and Rehabilitation 25(3), 429-434, 2015

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