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  • Estimating cognitive function in elderly people using information from outdoor walking

    SUZUKI Akihiro , TAKAHASHI Kenichi , OHTAKI Yasuaki , KAMIJO Kenji , INOUE Tadatoshi , NOTO Misako , NAKAMURA Takashi

    … <p>The rapid increase in the aging population of Japan is becoming a serious social concern, and the number of elderly individuals with dementia is also increasing. … It has been reported that individuals who walk slowly or have experienced a significant decline in walking speed with age have a higher risk of developing dementia. … We proposed and evaluated novel methods to estimate cognitive function. …

    Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering 15(2), 19-00491-19-00491, 2020


  • Employment status of dental hygienists in Japan

    JIN Koichiro , NAKATSUKA Michiko , MAESOMA Ayuko , WATO Masahiro , UENE Masako , DOI Takashi , KATAOKA Kosuke , MIYAKE Tatsuro , KOMASA Yutaka

    … <p>Japan has become a super­aged society at a precipitous rate in recent years, and there is a need for comprehensive care targeting the ever­increasing number of elderly and others requiring care. … There is also a growing awareness in medical settings that mainte­ nance of satisfactory intraoral conditions and function is linked to whole body health. …

    Journal of Osaka Dental University 51(2), 99-104, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Kinetics of NADP+/NADPH reduction–oxidation catalyzed by the ferredoxin-NAD(P)+ reductase from the green sulfur bacterium Chlorobaculum tepidum

    Seo Daisuke , Kitashima Masaharu , Sakurai Takeshi , Inoue Kazuhito

    Embargo period 12 months

    Photosynthesis Research 130(1-3), 479-489, 2016-12-01


  • Orbital estimation of spacecraft under unknown low-thrust acceleration (Second report: estimation of osculating orbital elements)  [in Japanese]

    DATE Naoki , BANDO Mai , HOKAMOTO Shinji

    … As low-thrust propulsion technology becomes increasingly popular, orbital estimation for low-thrust spacecraft may become an area of increasing interest. … More frequent use of low-thrust propulsion to place satellites in orbit gives more opportunities for collisions and radio frequency interference as these spacecraft travel slowly through altitude ranges. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 81(826), 14-00657-14-00657, 2015


  • Weighted Hardy inequalities with infinitely many sharp missing terms

    Ando Hiroshi , Horiuchi Toshio , Nakai Eiichi

    … The key of proof is to construct a family of positive solutions for ordinary differential equations involving slowly increasing functions in their coefficients. …

    Mathematical Journal of Ibaraki University 46(0), 9-30, 2014

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • Some properties of slowly increasing functions

    Ando Hiroshi , Horiuchi Toshio , Nakai Eiichi

    … A family of slowly increasing functions has been introduced in [1]. … The main purpose of this article is to study further properties of slowly increasing functions. … More specifically, we concentrate on constructing a family of differential equations involving slowly increasing functions in their coefficients. …

    Mathematical Journal of Ibaraki University 46(0), 37-49, 2014

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • The Processes of Selection and Appointment of the Russian Local Administrators in the 1730s  [in Japanese]

    田中 良英

    … Although her reign has not been so seriously studied because of its low assessment as a "dark age" in the Russian history, we think that it can be seen to play an important role in making the new locally governing organs ordinarily function by rigidly forming the method to appoint the Russian regional administrators, for example, through clearly dividing the roles between the Cabinet of ministers and the Senate. …

    宮城教育大学紀要 49, 63-77, 2014



    Ando Hiroshi , Horiuchi Toshio , Nakai Eiichi

    … We construct a continuous and bijective function L : (0,∞) → (−∞,∞)which is increasing slower than any nth iterate of logarithmic function. … Further, weconstruct a function which is increasing slower than any nth iterate of L. … Using ourmethod, we can construct more and more slowly increasing functions. …

    Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae 75(2), 187-201, 2012


  • Junction Size and Mechanical Properties of Atactic and Syndiotactic High-Molecular Weight Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogels  [in Japanese]

    WADA Risei , SHIMIZU Hidenobu , OKABE Masaru

    … From there, junction size was estimated as a function of <i>N</i>. … increased slowly with increasing <i>N</i> … increased with increasing degree of polymerization <i>N</i> …

    KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU 69(11), 623-630, 2012


  • S172011 Evaluation of inspection effectiveness on degraded FRP storage tank in operation.  [in Japanese]

    KUSANO Masahiro , SAKAI Tetsuya , AOKI Saiko , KUBOUCHI Masatoshi , NAKADA Mikitoshi

    … In recent years, the number of accident due to aged degradation has been increasing Risk Based Maintenance and Inspection, one of the maintenance conceptions, has been introduced to petrochemical and power plant. … Risk is defined as a function of "Consequence of Failure" … However, FRP might degrade slowly over a few decades Since FRP and the other organic material have been used rather recently, there is not enough information of degradation compared with metal. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2012(0), _S172011-1-_S172011-4, 2012


  • Effects of the Slow Dispersion of Viscous Methanol/Triglyceride Mixtures on Batch Biodiesel Fuel Formation Rates

    KATO Satoru , YAMASHITA Eiko , OGASAWARA Satoshi , NORITOMI Hidetaka , TACHIBANA Hiroshi , KURAMOCHI Hidetoshi

    … The emulsified amount of methanol was measured as a function of the agitation period, <i>t</i>. … It was found that the weight fraction of the emulsified methanol in the triglyceride phase, <i>w</i><i><sub>M</sub></i>, slowly increases with increasing <i>t</i>, as shown by <i>w</i><i><sub>M</sub></i> …

    Solvent Extraction Research and Development, Japan 18(0), 205-209, 2011


  • Interpolating Multilevel Green's Function with Radial Basis Function and Phase Compensation

    Peng Zhao , Chi Hou Chan

    IEICE Proceeding Series (52), 2WC1-20, 2010


  • Adiabatic Wave-Particle Interaction Revisited

    DEWAR Robert L. , YAP Justin C. -C.

    … In this paper we calculate and visualize the dynamics of an ensemble of electrons trapping in an electrostatic wave of slowly increasing amplitude, illustrating that, despite disordering of particles in angle during the trapping transition as they pass close to X-points, there is still an adiabatic invariant for the great majority of particles that allows the long-time distribution function to be predicted. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research (4), 001-001, 2009


  • Frictional Properties of Mobile and Bonded Molecules in Monolayer Lubricant Films Coated on Magnetic Disk Surfaces(Machine Elements and Manufacturing)  [in Japanese]

    ZHANG Hedong , MITSUYA Yasunaga , FUWA Akira , FUJIKAWA Yosuke , FUKUZAWA Kenji

    … In this work, under lightly loaded (0-1mN) and slowly rotated (1 or 2rpm) conditions that prevent disturbance of the lubricant bonding state, we measured the frictional properties of 2-nm-thick PFPE Zdol2000 and Zdol4000 films as a function of bonding ratio adjusted up to 100% by anneal treatment. … The friction forces of both Zdol2000 and Zdol4000 increased with increasing bonding ratio, but the increase was less noticeable for Zdol4000. …


    J-STAGE  References (15) Cited by (1)

  • A Case of Pneumothorax Secondary to Septic Pulmonary Embolism Due to Central Venous Catheter Infection Caused by Methicillin-resistant<I>Staphylococcus aureus</I>

    INAMOTO Shinya , HASHIMOTO Yukako

    … A 72-year-old woman with deteriorated renal function underwent hemodialysis with a central venous double lumen catheter and was treated with predonisolone when diagnosed with MPO-ANCA associated rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis. … Her condition improved slowly, and she was discharged mobile on hospital day 129. … SPE related to intravascular devices or catheters has been increasing, and the significance of this SPE complication in the critically ill should be recognized. …

    Kansenshogaku Zasshi 82(1), 51-54, 2008


  • Composition of Magnetic Powder Dispersed Carrier for Electrophotographic Developer and its Charging Mechanism  [in Japanese]

    Ito Noboru

    … The charging rate of MC developer is faster by increasing the fraction of magnetic material in MC. … The charge gradually increases for 200-300K prints from the start and then slowly decreases to the initial charge volume for 300-800K prints. … This phenomenon of MC can be explained by the mechanism that the charge arises not only by the difference in work function between toner and carrier but also by donation of electron from toner to positive site generated by pre-stirring of carriers. …

    Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 43(3), 189-197, 2006


  • NMR and Magnetic Studies of Mechanically Alloyed Co_<30>M_<70> (M=Cu, Ag, Au)

    HIRAOKA Koichi , SASAKI Yasuhiro , TOMIYOSHI Shoichi

    … (M=Cu, Ag and Au) powder as a function of milling time (MT). … proceeds rapidly with increasing MT by both the processes of dissolving Cu in the Co matrix and Co in the Cu matrix and is nearly completed for MT=100h. … proceeds much more slowly than that in Co_<30>Cu_<70> … with increasing MT up to 150h and takes place rapidly for MT≈200h. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 74(9), 2598-2603, 2005-09-15

    References (14) Cited by (1)

  • Control spam Mails by throttling  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Kazuyuki

    … In recent years, spam mail is increasing rapidly. … Furthermore, the mails which attached the virus which the computer virus called a mass mail type transmits are also increasing in number.. … In order that such servers which transmit the spam mail want to send a lot of mail, they may give up transmission of e-mail to mail servers which respond slowly. …

    Technical report of IEICE. TM 105(39), 69-73, 2005-05-05

    References (8)

  • Long-term Measurements of the CO_2 Flux from Coarse Woody Debris Using an Automated Chamber System  [in Japanese]


    … decreased sharply with increasing water content during rain events and then increased slowly after rain events. … An exponential function using temperature and a quadratic function using water content explained 85% of the variance in R_<CWD> …

    Journal of the Japanese Forest Society 87(2), 138-144, 2005-04-01

    References (19) Cited by (4)

  • NMR and Magnetic Studies of Mechanically Alloyed Co30M70 (M=Cu, Ag, Au)

    Hiraoka Koichi , Sasaki Yasuhiro , Tomiyoshi Shoichi

    … (M=Cu, Ag and Au) powder as a function of milling time (MT). … proceeds rapidly with increasing MT by both the processes of dissolving Cu in the Co matrix and Co in the Cu matrix and is nearly completed for <I>MT</I>=100 h. … proceeds much more slowly than that in Co<SUB>30</SUB>Cu<SUB>70</SUB> … with increasing MT up to 150 h and takes place rapidly for <I>MT</I>≈200 h. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 74(9), 2598-2603, 2005


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