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  • How Immanuel Kant viewed Japan  [in Japanese]

    宮永 孝

    … This essay is comprised from the following sections:Preface1) The names of Japan 2) Guillaume Rubruquis (French friar in the 13th century) alluded to Japan 3) Marco Polo, a braggart, talked about Japan 4) The name of Polo(孛羅)found in the History of the Yuan Dynasty 5) The description of Japan's discovery by Portuguese 6) Kant began a series of open lectures on Physical Geography 7) The analysis of Kant's manuscripts "Japan" and a brief comment on them 8) The errors of Prof. Kuwaki's essay on "Kant's Japan".Conclusion; …

    社会志林 = Hosei journal of sociology and social sciences 67(3), 1-54, 2020-12

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  • Development and Practice of Teaching Materials "Kyushu Quiz Tour" to Mitigate Objection to Geographic Learning in Junior High Schools : Inspired by the game "Momotaro Dentetsu"  [in Japanese]

    阿部 孝哉 , 河本 大地 , 森口 洋一

    … The purpose of this study is to clarify the effect of game materials on the alleviation of disgust tendency toward geography learning in junior high school social studies. … First, we analyze the effects and challenges of games "Momotaro Dentetsu" as a tool for geographic learning. …

    奈良教育大学紀要. 人文・社会科学 = Bulletin of Nara University of Education. Cultural and social science 69(1・2), 73-85, 2020-12

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  • A critical social perspective on deep sea mining: Lessons from the emergent industry in Japan

    Carver R. , Childs J. , Steinberg P. , Mabon L. , Matsuda H. , Squire R. , McLellan B. , Esteban M.

    … While there has been an increasing range of scholarship focusing on DSM from both the natural and social sciences, this paper cautions that the social sciences are not merely tools for assessing public and stakeholder acceptability. … They require and deserve a central role in defining the purpose, nature and scope of commercial DSM. …

    Ocean & Coastal Management (193), 2020-08-01


  • A Study on Regional Higher Education and Development in the Pacific Island Countries: The University of the South Pacific as a Case Study  [in Japanese]


    … Educated citizens are well aware and can effectively work on economic, social and environmental aspects of their nation's progress, thus ensuring national self-reliance. … The learning experience is enriched when participants share the prevailing practices for disaster mitigation and management, thereby also allowing the drawing of parallels if appropriate. …

    The Journal of Island Studies 20(1), 85-106, 2019


  • An Analysis of Lesson Topics in Taiwanese Senior High School English Textbooks, with a Focus on Political Perspectives in 1971 MOE-Accredited Textbooks  [in Japanese]

    HIRAI Seiko

    … Japan's English language education system is often compared with that of Korea, China, and other East Asian countries. … This research used a comparative and international education perspective to explore high school English education in Taiwan. …

    The Japanese Journal of Studies on Asian Education 13(0), 93-105, 2019


  • The Genealogies and Developments of "Ecological Method" in Fisheries Geography in Japan  [in Japanese]

    MAEDA Ryuko

    <p>本研究では,日本の漁業地理学において生態学的方法が導入された経緯と,その後の展開を考察する。生態学的方法は,水域で行われる漁業活動と潮汐,潮流,風力,風向,海底地形など自然環境との関係性を明らかにしようとする調査手法である。これは,1980年代,漁業に関する生態人類学的研究と漁業地理学における文化地理学的研究から影響を受けた地理学者の田和正孝によって導入された。この手法には,現地 …

    GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 74(1), 23-39, 2019


  • Inbound Walking Tourism in the Nakasendo: What Motivates Visiting Western Tourists  [in Japanese]

    ICHIKAWA Yasuo

    … <p> Inbound walking tourism at the Nakasendo-route post towns of Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku is investigated to clarify the format and the context of the walking tourism experience from the motivation of visiting Western tourists. … A questionnaire survey was carried out in a case study on the Nakasendo-route (<i>Kisoji</i>) between Tsumago-juku and Magome-juku. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 128(6), 921-940, 2019


  • The Structure of Small-Scale Fisheries in Noto-Jima Island, Northcentral Japan: A Livelihood Portfolio Approach  [in Japanese]

    Matsui Ayumu

    <p>2013年漁業センサスによれば日本における漁家の兼業率は50.3%であり,約半数の漁家が漁業以外にも何らかの仕事を持っている。本稿では漁家の生業組み合わせに着目し,石川県能登島における漁家漁業の存立構造を明らかにした。事例地域を囲む七尾湾は閉鎖度の高い内湾であるため,通年で波の低い穏やかな海域で沿岸漁業を営みやすい。そのため,漁業者は世帯の戦略に合わせて多様な漁業種類を組み合わせ …

    Japanese Journal of Human Geography 71(2), 127-150, 2019


  • Strategies for Sustaining and Developing Agriculture and Regional Conditions in Japan  [in Japanese]

    TABAYASHI Akira , KIKUCHI Toshio , NISHINO Toshiaki

    … <p> One of the greatest problems of contemporary agriculture in Japan is how to maintain and develop food production. … Strategies for sustaining and developing agriculture in Japan are discussed based on 10 previous sample studies that address sustainable farm management representing each district of Japan. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 128(2), 337-358, 2019


  • Locality in the Experience of Youth Transition::The Possibility of a Socio-Spatial Approach to the Lived Reality of Work, Family and Local Place  [in Japanese]

    OGAWA Mitsuhiro

    <p> 本稿は,ある地方の田舎町で暮らす高卒男性の事例から,移行過程のリアリティが組織化される側面を,空間をめぐる彼らの解釈活動に焦点を当てて考察した。<br> 近年の地方の若者に関する研究は,「地方」を若者の経験から切り離して定義することで若者の移行経験のリアリティのある側面を看過してきた。本稿は,社会理論の空間論的転回や「若者文化の地理学」,文化人類学のローカリティ論に …

    The Journal of Educational Sociology 102(0), 57-77, 2018


  • Trends of Geosciences after the Pacific War in Japan, 1945 to 1965 Part 6  [in Japanese]

    Editorial Committee of History of Geosciences in Japan Tokyo Geographical Society

    … <p> The development of geomorphology, human geography, history and methodology of geography, regional geography, and geographic education in Japan from 1945 to 1965 are described. … Research objectives and methodologies of geomorphology diversified during this period. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 127(6), 835-860, 2018


  • What is studentification? : A critical review and imprecations for researches in Japan  [in Japanese]

    NAKAZAWA Takashi

    <p>本稿の目的は,ステューデンティフィケーションに関する研究をいくつかの分析視角に沿って検討し,研究の発展可能性を展望することにある.ステューデンティフィケーションとは,学生人口の増大と特定地区への集中によってもたらされる都市の社会的,経済的,文化的,空間的変容を意味する.都市空間の変容過程としてみた場合,ステューデンティフィケーションとジェントリフィケーションとの間には,類似性があ …

    Urban Geography 12(0), 33-49, 2017


  • Opportunity of Service Consumption by Japanese Expatriates in Bangkok

    KUWATSUKA Kentaro

    <p>    本稿では,国外に一時的に滞在する在外居住者を取り上げて,彼/彼女らのサービスの消費機会について検討を加える.「社会的交換」としての性格を強く持つサービスの特性は,そこに一時的に居住する日本人を対象とすることで,明確に捉えることができるからである. <BR>    ホスト社会との関係 …

    Annals of the Association of Economic Geographers 63(1), 43-59, 2017


  • Preliminary thoughts on research in medical humanities

    Yun Xiaojing , Guo Jiawei , Qian Haihong

    … (MH) is an interdisciplinary field of medicine which includes the humanities (literature, philosophy, ethics, history, and religion), social sciences (anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, sociology, and health geography), and the arts (literature, theater, film, and visual arts) and their application to medical education and

    BioScience Trends 11(2), 148-151, 2017

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Research Trends of "Alcohol, Drinking, and Drunkenness" in Anglophone Human Geography : Towards Future Case Studies in Japan  [in Japanese]

    杉山 和明 , 二村 太郎

    I はじめに : 本稿は、英語圏人文地理学において近年盛んになってきている「酒精・飲酒・酩酊」に関する研究動向を把握することを目的とする。英語圏における辞典・便覧・教科書、専門書、国際学会・会議の報告などを概観しながら、地理学内において酒精・飲酒・酩酊がどのような概念枠組を用いて取り上げられてきたのかを考察する。……

    空間・社会・地理思想 = Space, society and geographical thought (20), 97-108, 2017

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  • Study on a theoretical framework of Social Territorial Development Process  [in Japanese]

    清水 李太郎 , 坂井 猛

    … Recently territorial development is attracting worldwide research attention and its social aspect is becoming a heart of interest for those who are working on this issue. … The more practitioners establish practices and the more info-centric society evolves, we must inevitably confront with an urgent issue: how can we derive meaningful knowledge out of the overflow of practices? …

    都市・建築学研究 : 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院紀要 (30), 13-23, 2016-07

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  • Geopolitics and Creative Port Cities in East Asia : Centricity and Periphery in Cultural Economics  [in Japanese]

    河又 貴洋 , KAWAMATA Takahiro

    … Richard Florida (2014) suggested the key to understanding the new geography of creativity is the 3T's of economic development: technology, talent, and tolerance. … In this forum in collaboration with three universities, their East Asian cities (Xiamen, Busan, and Nagasaki) have common characteristics as a port town (gate way) which means a trade center where people, goods, money, and information are exchanged by sea. …

    東アジア評論 8, 1-13, 2016-03


  • Failure of Coordination Based on Institutions of a Business Cooperative Association and the Spatial Reorganization of an Historical Industrial District: Case of Osaka's Timber Industry, 1868–1926  [in Japanese]

    Takashi AMIJIMA

    <p>産業集積を維持・発展させる上で,ローカルで伝統的な制度・慣習がつねに有効に作用するとは限らない.本稿は明治から大正期に同業者間の紛争を経験した大阪の材木業同業者町を事例に,伝統的な制度・慣習が地域における同業者間の調整機能を阻害した要因について論じる.江戸期以来培われてきた材木流通に関する制度・慣習は,明治以降も材木業者間の関係を細かく規定していく.しかし,こうした制度・慣習の新 …

    Geographical review of Japan series A 89(6), 303-328, 2016


  • The Restructuring of the Management Bases of Yama-Hoko Events of Gion Festival in Kyoto: Succession of Urban Festivals in the Current City  [in Japanese]

    Sato Hirotaka

    <p>2015年,文化庁は「山・鉾・屋台行事」をユネスコ無形文化遺産に再提案することを決定した。この行事は「地域社会の安泰や災厄防除を願い,地域の人々が一体となり執り行う」点に価値が見出されており,日本各地で本登録に向けて盛り上がりをみせている。しかし,現代都市の人口変動は「山・鉾・屋台行事」をはじめとする伝統的な都市祭礼の継承を困難にしている。本稿では都市祭礼の継承のあり方を示すため …

    Japanese Journal of Human Geography 68(3), 273-296, 2016



    UEDA Satoshi

    …  In Italy, the conservation and utilization of historical cities, landscapes and regions are conceptual values that have always coexisted with modern urban planning. … They established planning methods from a botanic perspective and human geography perspective. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 81(719), 237-247, 2016


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