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  • The Impact of Nation Formation on Human Rights and Human Security: A Case Study of Japan

    HARU Satoko

    … The implication of this is that although national sentiment may hold its roots in shared values such as language, religion and ethnicity, this is not enough to ensure unity of the nation. … Additionally, as rights focused predominantly on the rights of citizens, security, despite the shift of focus on the individual, still securitizes social issues, both therefore creating an "other". …

    社会科学ジャーナル = The Journal of Social Science (87), 125-142, 2020-03-31


  • Socialization of Parents and Living Conditions in Collective Housing : A Case Study of Collective House Kosumosu  [in Japanese]

    稲見 直子 , Inami Naoko

    社会学 : 論文人は、社会においていかにして自己形成を図るのか。この点を把握する上で、社会学では社会化という概念が用いられ、家族がその担い手の一つとして重要な意味を持ってきた。しかし、従来の核家族を前提とする社会化研究では、親が他者から育児を通じて影響を受け、社会化される可能性が看過されてきた。本稿ではコレクティブハウジング(以下、「コレクティブ」と略称)を事例に、「親の社会化」という観点から、コ …

    年報人間科学 (41), 1-17, 2020-03-31

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  • On the values at zero of partial zeta functions for ray classes of a real quadratic field III.

    YAMASHITA Hiroshi , 山下 浩

    金沢大学人間社会研究域学校教育系紀要 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Education (12), 47-56, 2020-03-30

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  • Contribution of Japanese Technical Intern Training Program to Human Capital Development and Poverty Alleviation in Asia: A survey on Returned Intern Trainees  [in Japanese]

    ラタナーヤカ ピヤダーサ , ディ・シルバ サーリヤ

    … However, for HCD to be meaningful, it needs to improve not only subject knowledge but also skills, social values and work ethics. … Savings of the trainees averaging 2.5 million Yen in three years and improved social values and work ethics were the most valuable contributions. … Income levels, living conditions, social status, and job opportunities of more than 75 percent of the returnees have improved substantially. …

    多文化社会研究 (6), 469-502, 2020-03-23


  • Humanities and Social Sciences and the Interest in Universal Values : Max Weber, Post Globalization, and Chinese Studies  [in Japanese]

    呉 国光

    現代中国研究 = Modern and contemporary China studies (44), 7-19, 2020-03-20

  • A Perusal of Utako Shimoda's "Taiseishoken Home Education"  [in Japanese]

    神木 まなみ

    … Female education is presupposed to improve women's social status. … However, social standard and value which support it are clearly different in Western and Japanese societies. … Ms. Shimoda understood the differences and tried to spread female education to follow Japanese standards and values. …

    実践女子大学下田歌子記念女性総合研究所年報 = The annual bulletin of the Shimoda Utako Research Institute for Women (6), (31)-(45), 2020-03-15

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  • 大学生の英語運用能力の変化と動機づけ,学業的自己概念, 学習ストラテジー,学習時間との関連  [in Japanese]

    関谷 弘毅 , 磯部 祐実子

    … For (a), a total of ₃₆₆ first-year students participated in the survey, and descriptive statistics including the means, standard deviations, and maximum and minimum values of each variable were calculated for the five departments. … The results of the multiple regression analyses showed that, for students with lower English proficiency, the use of the social strategy and academic self-concept were found to be negative predictors, and learning motivation a positive predictor for TOEIC scores. …

    広島女学院大学大学院言語文化論叢 (23), 1-16, 2020-03-06


  • The Hebrew Prophets:Architects of a Moral Universe

    N Mark ZION

    … Heschel, a liberal, emphasized the prophets' stand on social justice issues, especially toward the most vulnerable in society (as I will do below), a position that animates modern progressives. … Podhoretz, a social conservative, saw the prophets as more concerned with preserving traditional culture, especially the Temple system. … Our concerns, values, and perspectives color all efforts, howevers incere. …

    総合政策研究 = Japanese Journal of Policy and Culture (28), 31-53, 2020-03-01


  • Association between Social Skills and Motor Skills in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review

    Ohara Reiko , Kanejima Yuji , Kitamura Masahiro , Izawa Kazuhiro P.

    Social communication and motor skill deficits are prevalent characteristics of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). … This systematic research review investigates whether and how broad social skills and motor skills may be related among individuals with ASD. … We performed a PubMed search of articles written in English, using these study inclusion criteria: (a) an association between social and motor and skills among individuals previously diagnosed with autism; …

    European Journal of Investigation in Health, Psychology and Education 10(1), 276-296, 2020-03


  • Construction of Linguistic Repertoire and Identity of a Japanese Child in Multilingual Luxembourg through Lived Experience

    Ohashi Yumi

    … Based on a poststructuralist approach which posits that identity is shaped by historically determined power relations and the subject, the study investigates how a Japanese child living in a multilingual environment brings together personal history, experience, values and practices to form linguistic repertoires and identity. … However, the existence of a fixed elite multilingualism made it difficult for the child to develop proficiency and to increase social participation. …

    Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University bulletin, Faculty of International Career Development (6), 81-109, 2020-03


  • Transnational Imaginaries of Japanese Filipinos and their Quest for Flexible Citizenship

    MENOZA Shikainnah Glow Dalumpines

    … Using flexible citizenship (Ong, 1999) as the analytical tool, the author explores the lived experiences of Japanese Filipinos through their experiences of flexible mobility, individual freedom and self-enterprising within the contexts of migration policies, nationality laws, family values and the job market. …

    Journal of International Development and Cooperation 26(1・2), 79-93, 2020-03

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  • Values in Social Work: A Christian Perspective  [in Japanese]

    山中 俊克


    明治学院大学社会学・社会福祉学研究 = The Meiji Gakuin sociology and social welfare review (154), 55-66, 2020-02-28


  • Development of a system for efficient content-based retrieval to analyze large volumes of climate data

    Nakagawa Yujin , Onoue Yosuke , Kawahara Shitnaro , Araki Fumiaki , Koyamada Koji , Matsuoka Daisuke , Ishikawa Yoichi , Fujita Mikiko , Sugimoto Shiori , Okada Yasuko , Kawazoe Sho , Watanabe Shingo , Ishii Masayoshi , Mizuta Ryo , Murata Akihiko , Kawase Hiroaki

    … To allow users for retrieve and downloading necessary data, we developed a user-friendly system called "System for Efficient content-based retrieval to Analyze Large volume climate data" (SEAL) under the Social Implementation Program on Climate Change Adaptation Technology (SI-CAT). … In contrast, SEAL allows the users to retrieve the necessary data by using metadata associated with contents, such as physical values, of a data file. …

    Progress in Earth and Planetary Science (7), 2020-02-26


  • Amygdala activity related to perceived social support

    Sato Wataru , Kochiyama Takanori , Uono Shota , Sawada Reiko , Yoshikawa Sakiko

    … Perceived social support enhances well-being and prevents stress-related ill-being. … A recent structural neuroimaging study reported that the amygdala volume is positively associated with perceived social support. … However, it remains unknown how neural activity in this region and functional connectivity (FC) between this and other regions are related to perceived social support. …

    Scientific Reports (10), 2020-02-19


  • Two approximation algorithms for probabilistic coalition structure generation with quality bound

    Matsumura Kouki , Kodric Bojana , Okimoto Tenda , Hirayama Katsutoshi

    … CSG involves partitioning a set of agents into coalitions such that the social surplus (i.e., the sum of the values of all coalitions) is maximized. … The aim of this problem is to find the optimal coalition structure which maximizes the sum of the expected values of all coalitions. …

    Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 34(1), 25, 2020-02-18


  • GEOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND SOCIAL ROLE OF RENTAL SPACE IN TOKYO AREA:-Focusing on the role as a place of side work and hobby activities-  [in Japanese]

    MATSUURA Haruka , GOTO Haruhiko , YOSHIE Shun

    … of rental spaces.</p><p> In addition, by conducting interviews with owners of rental spaces where they engage in side-business or hobby activities, we were able to get close to the actual status of rental spaces management and usage, and clarified the social role of them.</p><p> These results are considered to be important and have implications for the utilization of urban building stock for diverse ways of working and self-realization.</p><p> </p><p> <b>1) Basic performance and …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (768), 317-327, 2020-02


  • The Role of "Public Space for Experiments" in Regional Innovation  [in Japanese]

    西尾 好司

    … The purpose of this study is to clarify the requirements for a place to try ideas and to encourage social innovation at the local level. … This study implicates that in order to solve regional problems, it is necessary to make a public space where participants with various backgrounds and values can interpret each other and resolve social problems by experiments with ideas …

    情報研究 = Information and communication studies (62), 17-30, 2020-01-31


  • Transformation of Stock Farming Production Practices in the Horqin District of Inner Mongolia : Case Study of the Agropastoral Village Dalanail Gacha  [in Japanese]

    包 周娜

    … There are various differences between the western and eastern regions in terms of traditional culture, values, or Mongolian identity. …

    非文字資料研究 = The study of nonwritten cultural materials (19), 207-235, 2020-01


  • Values of Social Work Practice in Livelihood Support for Immigrants : Transitions in Domestic Immigration Policy and Verification from a Human Rights Perspective  [in Japanese]

    大川 昭博

    ソーシャルワーク研究 : 社会福祉実践の総合研究誌 46(1), 17-26, 2020

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle, Trunk Muscles, and Lower Limb Muscles Co-contraction at the Positions of Increasing Abdominal Pressure in Young Nulliparous Subjects  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Yui , SHINOHARA Nobuo , KUMAMOTO Tsuneo , SEKO Toshiaki , MIURA Sayo , KUDOU Yumeko , MATSUDA Yui , NAGAI Takahisa , KITTA Takeya , OUCHI Mifuka

    <p>【目的】本研究の目的は,腹圧上昇肢位が骨盤底筋と体幹・下肢筋群の共同収縮に及ぼす影響を検討することである。【方法】若年未経産婦15 名(平均年齢25.5 ± 2.5 歳)を対象とし,肢位要因(背臥位,立位,中腰位,中腰位で重量物を挙上した肢位(重錘挙上位))と課題要因(安静時,骨盤底筋収縮時)の2 要因での腟圧値と筋活動量(腹直筋,外・内腹斜筋,多裂筋,大殿筋,股内転筋)の比較と …

    Physical Therapy Japan, 2020


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