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  • Karl Marx's anti-neoclassical perspective on labour exchange : a reappraisal for the 200th anniversary of his birth

    岡田 元浩 , Motohiro Okada

    … This variability in concrete useful labour precludes the market determination of capitalistic labour exchange and necessitates socio-political intervention in it and therefore in production and distribution in general. …

    甲南経済学論集 = Konan economic papers 59(3・4), 1-20, 2019-03-30

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  • For a Man Who Never Dies and Who Eats His Own : Revival of Clan in Local Communities of the Igembe in Kenya

    Ishida Shin-ichiro

    … As this paper describes, the significance of clan organisation in local contexts was rediscovered to meet local needs for a peaceful life and social unity, while, at the same time, accommodating the Kenyan government's introduction of a community-policing programme in 2013. …

    人文学報 = The Journal of social sciences and humanities (514), 65-98, 2018-03


  • The Style of Social Security of the Phnong Indigenous People in Cambodia: The Case of the Families of Civil Servants

    SENG Vanmaren

    … These cases are associated with strategic behaviours that are linked to Cambodia's socio-political transformation. … Thus, I propose for more research into the styles of social security that prevail in less economically vibrant contexts that recognizes the habitual dimensions of social action and strategic behaviour. …

    国際開発研究フォーラム 46(11), 1-17, 2016-03

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  • Historical Narratives and Ethnic Conflict in Rwanda  [in Japanese]


    … Redefining what to remember in new socio-political contexts is important for nation-building and reconciliation, especially after mass violence including genocide. … The ideology of the 1959 Revolution was widely publicised and contributed to ethnic division, which together with other political, economic and social factors, led to the genocide in 1994. …

    International Relations 2015(180), 180_43-180_54, 2015


  • Rethinking Subcultural Theory Key word Youth,Subculture,Cultural life,Social exclusion  [in Japanese]

    田中 研之輔

    … By examining "structurally embedded inequalities," which tend to be disregarded by post-sub cultural theory, this study will shed some light on the social contexts in which youth subcultures are created.The conceptual and theoretical frameworks that I will employ differ from those of previous works in three regards. …

    法政大学キャリアデザイン学部紀要 = Bulletin of the Faculty of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies (9), 381-428, 2012-03


  • Man Speaking of Man : American Literary History and the Study of Manhood  [in Japanese]

    瀬名波 栄潤 , Senaha Eijun


    IVY (40), 107-127, 2007-11-30


  • Youth Subculture and Social Exclusion  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Kennosuke

    若者下位文化研究の到達点であるポストサブカルチャーズ論は、"構造的に埋め込まれた不平等"という社会的コンテクストを看過している。この点を補う視角として注目されているのが、社会的排除論である。本稿では、以下の三点に留意して若者下位文化研究に社会的排除論の視角を導入していく。<br>第一に、社会的に不安定な境遇にあるとする若者を「新たな貧困層」として捉えるのではなく、「新たな社会層」として …

    Japan Journal of Sport Sociology (15), 71-85, 2007


  • Ecotourism Projects and Women's Empowerment: A Case Study in the Province of Bohol, Philippines

    Pleno Manual Jose L.

    … The researcher investigated the sociopolitical contexts of ecotourism projects that facilitate women's empowerment. … This study analyzed the socio-political conditions before and during the implementation of ecotourism projects in Bohol to determine whether the projects facilitated women's empowerment. … A section on socio-political empowerment of women is also presented. …

    Forum of international development studies (32), 137-155, 2006-12

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  • Competing Legitimacy for Forest Resource Management in a Developing Country: The Case of Marga vs. the Industrial Reforestation Project in South Sumatra, Indonesia  [in Japanese]

    ABE Ryuichiro

    <p>本稿は,本誌第11号の特集における三浦の指摘に示唆を得て構想された。本稿では,インドネシア南スマトラ州において,強力な外部のアクターによる資源の囲い込みに対する抵抗として先住者の慣習的な森林管理権の主張が立ち現れた例を示す。ここでは,「環境共生の知恵を持つ先住者 vs 外部の開発資本」という古典的な物語に留まらず,外部のアクターも同様に「環境保全」の知識を武器に森林へのアクセス権 …

    Journal of Environmental Sociology 12(0), 86-103, 2006

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  • Towards a Historical Reassessment of 'Citizens' Movements' and 'Residents' Movements' in 1960s-70s Era:To Re-join the Interrupted Debates on 'Public-ness' and Contexts of Social Movement History in Japan

    MICHIBA Chikanobu

    本稿では, 社会運動史の視点から1960-70年代の「市民運動」「住民運動」がもっている歴史的な意味を再検証するとともに, それが近年の「市民社会」論に対して不可欠の問題提起を含んでいることを明らかにする.その際, 近年の社会運動研究の一部に存在する, 運動史の誤った「段階論」的理解を批判的に取り上げるとともに, 同時代の論議の場に差し戻して検証することで, その "誤り" が, 「公共性」「市民 …

    Japanese Sociological Review 57(2), 240-258, 2006


  • The Problems of Indigenization Theory and the Transformation of Chinese Protestantism : A Case Study of Shanghai Protestants  [in Japanese]

    村上 志保 , Shiho Murakami

    … This paper examines how the concept of "indigenization" has been practiced and interpreted in different socio-political contexts by various actors in the historical transformation of Protestantism in China. …

    Journal of Ibaraki Christian University 2 Social and natural science (39), 259-271, 2005


  • To Be "Correct" Muslims : The Sama Dilaut's Experience with Official Islam in Sabah, Malaysia  [in Japanese]

    NAGATSU Kazufumi

    マレーシア・サバ州東岸の海サマ人とフィリピン・スルー諸島南西部の海サマ人は、古くからひとつの生活圏を共有してきた。海サマ人はフィリピン側・マレーシア側いずれにおいてもイスラーム化しているが、フィリピン側の海サマ人は因習的に他のムスリムから「正統ならざる」ムスリムとみなされ、いまだ蔑視されている。一方マレーシア側の海サマ人は、地域社会において広くムスリムと認知されるようになっている。なぜマレーシア側 …

    Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology 69(1), 45-69, 2004


  • “Civil Society” Auguments on Africa: A Reflection on Recent Development:Africa: Towards the 21st Century

    ENDO Mitsugi

    … Although the concept has been used in a variety of contexts, there is no consensus about the exact meaning of ‘civil society.’ … but to exploit changing socio-political realities on the African continent by reviewing the transformation of discourses on ‘civil society’ … clearly showed us the transformation of both socio-political realities in Africa especially in terms of democratization and academic interests. …

    International Relations 2000(123), 13-29,L6, 2000


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