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  • Organic Syntheses Using Sodium Hypochlorite Pentahydrate (NaOCl·5H<sub>2</sub>O) Crystals  [in Japanese]

    Kirihara Masayuki , Okada Tomohide , Asawa Tomotake , Sugiyama Yukihiro , Kimura Yoshikazu

    … <p>Sodium hypochlorite pentahydrate (NaOCl·5H<sub>2</sub>O) has recently become commercially available and is one of the promising oxidants for environmentally benign organic syntheses, because the postoxidation waste is "table salt"(NaCl). … NaOCl·5H<sub>2</sub>O has succeeded in overcoming many disadvantages of the conventional aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite (aq. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 78(1), 11-27, 2020


  • Cathode Properties of Na_3MPO_4CO_3 (M = Co/Ni) Prepared by a Hydrothermal Method for Na-ion Batteries

    Xie Baowei , Kitajou Ayuko , Okada Shigeto , Kobayashi Wataru , Okada Masaki , Takahara Toshiya

    … Na-ion batteries are considered as next-generation battery technology in light of the abundant and low cost of sodium. … Carbonophosphate compounds of Na_3MPO_4CO_3 (M = Co/Ni) with a large theoretical capacity of 191 mAh/g were successfully synthesized by the hydrothermal method and their cathode properties were evaluated in Na-ion batteries for the first time. …

    Evergreen 6(4), 262-266, 2019-12


  • Lewis Acid Nature of Sodium Ions in Zeolite's Nanospace : High Coordination, Stabilization and Activation Potential for Unstable Carbonyl Compounds  [in Japanese]

    尾中 篤 , 増井 洋一 , 柴田 真太郎

    化學工業 70(6), 393-401, 2019-06

  • Role of cyclooxygenase-2-mediated prostaglandin E2-prostaglandin E receptor 4 signaling in cardiac reprogramming

    家田 真樹 , Naoto Muraoka , Kaori Nara , Fumiya Tamura , Hidenori Kojima , Hiroyuki Yamakawa , Taketaro Sadahiro , Kazutaka Miyamoto , Mari Isomi , Sho Haginiwa , Hidenori Tani , Shota Kurotsu , Rina Osakabe , Satoru Torii , Shigeomi Shimizu , Hideyuki Okano , Yukihiko Sugimoto , Keiichi Fukuda , Masaki IEDA

    … In this study, we screened 8400 chemical compounds and found that diclofenac sodium (diclofenac), a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, greatly enhanced cardiac reprogramming in combination with Gata4, Mef2c, and Tbx5 (GMT) or GMT plus Hand2. …

    Nature communications 10(1), 674, 2019-02


  • Synthesis Na-TMP and Cross Coupling Technology with Sodium Dispersion  [in Japanese]

    村上 吉明 , 坪内 源 , 片山 裕美子

    神鋼環境ソリューション技報 = Kobelco eco-solutions engineering reports 16(1), 2-8, 2019

  • Oxidative Degradation of Organosulfur Compounds Using a Photo-Fenton Reaction

    NUNOME Yoko , TANEDA Takayuki , SAKUGAWA Hiroshi

    … <p>A photochemical decomposition of organosulfur compounds (OSCs), such as allyl methyl sulfide (AMS), dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) and diallyl sulfide (DAS), was performed by oxalate-containing photo-Fenton reaction. … was approximately 90 % degraded by a photo-Fenton reaction in 120 min with a hydrogen peroxide concentration of 50 mmol L<sup>−1</sup>, a sodium oxalate concentration of 3 mmol L<sup>−1</sup> …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 68(12), 965-971, 2019


  • Simultaneous Determination of Methylmercury and Ethylmercury in Natural Waters using Propylation-Headspace-GC/MS  [in Japanese]

    MURAYAMA Hitoshi , ONO Takashi , HIROSE Harumi , INOMATA Yoshihiro , SAITO Tatsuyoshi , HATAMOTO Naoki , YAGOH Hiroaki

    … <p>Simultaneous determination of methylmercury (MeHg) and ethylmercury (EtHg) in natural waters was developed using propylation-headspace (HS)-GC/MS. Sodium tetra (n-propyl) borate was used as a propylating agent. … Mercury compounds were extracted as dithizon-complex by toluene, then back extracted into water by evaporating the toluene. …

    Journal of Environmental Chemistry 29(4), 175-181, 2019


  • Structure and state of sodium in carbon or phosphorous anode active materials of sodium ion battery studied using multinuclear solid state NMR  [in Japanese]

    Morita Ryohei

    <p>環境・エネルギー問題の解決に向け,リチウムイオン電池(LIB)などの蓄電池に注目が集まっている。LIBにはリチウムやコバルトなどの希少な元素が使われているが,今後も電池需要の増加が見込まれるなか,こうした元素を用いない新型蓄電デバイスの実現に向けた研究開発が進められている。リチウムをナトリウムに置き換えたナトリウムイオン電池(NIB)はLIBに匹敵する性能を持つ新規蓄電池の一つと …

    TANSO 2019(290), 222-224, 2019


  • Efficient Continuous Production of Lactulose Syrup by Alkaline Isomerization Using an Organogermanium Compound:Continuous Production of Lactulose Syrup Using an Organogermanium Compound

    Nagasawa Takae , Sato Katsuyuki , Kasumi Takafumi

    … Moreover, the majority of Ge-132 and sodium hydroxide were recovered through electrodialysis using a bipolar membrane. … The proposed system is the first to represent the novel development of an effective continuous production system for lactulose-containing syrup on the basis of the use of organogermanium compounds and incorporation of the electrodialysis technology.</p> …

    Journal of Applied Glycoscience 66(4), 121-129, 2019


  • Analysis of Ionic Compounds Contained in Gaseous and Particulate Matter in Indoor Air by Ion Chromatography  [in Japanese]


    … From the viewpoint of collection efficiency, a filter impregnated with 5 % (w/v) sodium hydroxide was adopted as a filter for the gaseous state. …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 68(9), 657-662, 2019


  • The Effect of the Countercurrent Washing Process for KP Brown Pulp Stock Line

    Mori Yoshitatsu

    … This multi stage washing process is not only to wash the brown pulp stocks eff ectively but also to recover KP cooking chemicals (expensive sodium compounds) and some wood lignin components that dissolved in the fi ltrated dilute black liquors. …

    JAPAN TAPPI JOURNAL 73(7), 659-671, 2019


  • Development of Universal Formulation with Superior Re-dispersion Using Nanocrystal Approach with Simultaneous Identification of API Physicochemical Properties

    Fujii Hiroyuki , Watano Satoru

    … <p>Universal nanocrystal formulation which can be applied to water-insoluble compounds was proposed and the criteria of its physicochemical properties as an active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) were investigated. … Screening studies of dispersing and wetting agents were conducted using three model compounds in different p<i>K</i><sub>a</sub>, melting points, <i>etc.</i>, to find universal nanocrystal formulation. …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 67(10), 1050-1060, 2019


  • Advanced Ethanol Production with Acetic Acid Fermentation from Lignocellulosics


    <p>酢酸発酵によるリグノセルロースからの先進エタノール生産プロセスを開発した。2段階加圧熱水によりリグノセルロースをC6糖およびC5糖,これら糖類の過分解物,リグニン由来物質などへと分解し,嫌気性条件下で酢酸発酵する。発酵には混合微生物を用い,回分または流加培養によりNaOH(Ca(OH)<sub>2</sub>も可)でpHを6.5~7.0に制御しながら発酵す …

    Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute 62(5), 199-204, 2019


  • Purification of Branched Dextrin from Nägeli Amylodextrin by Ethanol Precipitation and Characterization of Its Aggregation Property in Methanol-Water

    Matsuki Junko , Wada Masahisa , Sasaki Tomoko , Yoza Koichi , Tokuyasu Ken

    … The effect of addition of highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD) or sodium tetraborate on BD aggregation in 16 M methanol was also investigated, where the former retarded aggregation but the latter had no effect on the velocity. … Thus, the purified BD enables rapid characterization of aggregation of double helix structures of A-type crystal structure, and screening of compounds which could affect the phenomena for prediction of potentials in starch modification as well.</p> …

    Journal of Applied Glycoscience 66(3), 97-102, 2019


  • Evaluation of the Effects of Reactive Oxygen Species on Growth of <i>Escherichia coli</i> by Electron Spin Resonance Spin Trapping

    Kameya Hiromi , Kanazaki Mika , Okamoto Susumu

    … cells were sensitive to ROS, and the number of colony-forming units increased 10-fold with the addition of sodium thiosulfate or sodium pyruvate, both of which scavenge ROS in the culture medium. … Both compounds efficiently scavenged hydroxyl radical, while sodium pyruvate eliminated hydrogen peroxide to a greater extent than sodium thiosulfate. …

    Food Science and Technology Research 25(3), 443-448, 2019


  • Specific Therapy Based on the Genotype in a Malignant Form of Long QT3, Carrying the V411M Mutation

    Blich Miry , Khoury Asaad , Suleiman Mahmoud , Lorber Avraham , Gepstein Lior , Boulous Monther

    … LQT3, on the other hand, is a result of a mutation of the SCN5A gene, which encodes the sodium channels. … Sodium channel blocking compounds, such as ranolazine, mexiletine, and flecainide, have been found to be effective in selective mutations.</p><p>In this case report, we report the case of a child with congenital LQT3 (V411M) who presented first with sudden cardiac death and three weeks later with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator storm. …

    International Heart Journal 60(4), 979-982, 2019


  • Hazardous Sodium Hypochlorite and Proper Disinfection  [in Japanese]

    Ohtani Osamu

    <p>消毒や漂白のために用いられる塩素系製剤はしばしば健康被害をもたらす。塩素系製剤である次亜塩素酸ナトリウム(ハイター)は水溶液中で加水分解して次亜塩素酸を生じる。この次亜塩素酸が殺菌効果を発揮する。 次亜塩素酸は排水管などの金属を腐食させる。次亜塩素酸ナトリウムはトイレ掃除に使う塩酸や酸性洗剤と反応して有毒な塩素ガスを生じる。塩素ガスを吸引すると、肺水腫などの重篤な呼吸器障害を生じ …

    Keishin Journal of Life and Health 3(1), 1-7, 2019


  • Immobilization of Lead in Fly Ash by Phosphate Compounds  [in Japanese]

    HAYASHI Tomoko , ONO Satomi

    … In this study, immobilization of lead in fly ash from a general waste was carried out by addition of inorganic compounds such phosphates. … In the result, it was found that potassium dihydrogen phosphate and sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate had high immobilizing ability, because they had much PO<sub>4</sub><sup>3−</sup> …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 68(1), 65-69, 2019


  • Convenient Method for the Production of Deuterium Gas Catalyzed by an Iridium Complex and Its Application to the Deuteration of Organic Compounds

    Enomoto Akane , Kajita Shunpei , Fujita Ken-ichi

    … The reaction of deuterated methanol and deuterium oxide in the presence of an iridium catalyst bearing a functional bipyridonate ligand and sodium hydroxide under reflux for 48 hours gave deuterium gas in 63% yield. … Deuteration reactions of unsaturated compounds and bromo-substituted aromatic compounds using the generated deuterium gas in the presence of palladium/charcoal catalyst were also investigated.</p> …

    Chemistry Letters 48(2), 106-109, 2019


  • Deposition of Trace Coolant Elements on Flank Face in Turning of mboxInconel 718 Under High Pressure Conditions

    Obikawa Toshiyuki , Fang Zhenglong , Matsumoto Wataru , Hayashi Mamoru , Hattori Hideaki , Morigo Chikara

    … The amounts of materials deposited had a complicated relationship with the pressure, and a large amount of sodium, silicon, calcium, and phosphorus deposited at very high coolant pressures of 10 and 20 MPa. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 13(1), 41-48, 2019


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