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  • Effect of Alloying Elements on Solidification Cracking Susceptibility of High Manganese Austenitic Steel  [in Japanese]

    YAMASHITA Shotaro , UEDA Keiji , TAKADA Atsushi , IZUMI Daichi , SAHARA Naoki , OGURA Tomo , SAIDA Kazuyoshi

    … This paper reports on the effect of carbon, silicon, manganese, chromium and aluminum on solidification cracking susceptibility of high manganese steel. … The solidification cracking susceptibility of high manganese steel has been evaluated by using trans-Varestraint test and BTR that is one of the evaluation index of the solidification cracking susceptibility was obtained and compared. …



  • Development Technology for Prevention of Macro-segregation in Casting of Steel Ingot by Insert Casting in Vacuum Atmosphere

    Isobe Kohichi

    … However, it is quite tasking to manufacture the materials with sufficient properties because of the macro-segregation of ingots.</p><p>To develop effective and versatile macro-segregation countermeasures in the casting of large steel ingots for manufacturing large parts for power plants, the insert casting in vacuum atmosphere, in which a core material similar in composition as the base steel, is placed at the center of the mold, was studied. …

    ISIJ International, 2021


  • Effect of Nb Content on the Behavior of Primary Carbides in 0.4C-5Cr-1.2Mo-1V Steel

    Huang Yu , Cheng Guoguang , Zhu Meiting , Li Shijian , Dai Weixing

    … <p>Niobium (Nb) microalloying can improve the material properties of H13 steel (0.4C-5Cr-1.2Mo-1V steel), but it also affects the natures of the primary carbides. … The enrichment of alloying elements in the last-to-solidify region leaded to the formation of primary carbides during the solidification. …

    ISIJ International, 2021


  • Silicon Refining by Solidification from Liquid Si–Zn Alloy and Floating Zone Method

    Ma Yuanjia , Yasuda Kouji , Ido Akifumi , Shimao Takeyuki , Zhong Ming , Hagiwara Rika , Nohira Toshiyuki

    … The total content of metallic elements (Al, Ca, Fe, Ti, and Zn) was lower than 0.2 ppmw, even though metallurgical-grade silicon was used as the starting material.</p> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(3), 403-411, 2021


  • Microstructures and Strengthening Mechanism of Oxygen Soluted Titanium by Selective Laser Melting  [in Japanese]

    ICHIKAWA Eri , SHITARA Kazuki , UMEDA Junko , LI Shufeng , CHEN Biao , KONDOH Katsuyoshi

    … The SLM Ti material without additional oxygen consisted of coarse grains, whereas the SLM materials with 0.35 ~ 0.89 mass% O consisted of acicular α-Ti grains. … The tensile strength of the 0.89 mass% O material increased by 764 MPa compared to the material without additional oxygen. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy 68(2), 67-75, 2021


  • Rapid Evaluation of Hydrogen Embrittlement Resistance for Spot-Welds of High Tensile Strength Steel Sheet by Slow Rate Tensile Shear Test under Hydrogen Charging Conditions  [in Japanese]

    Kitahara Gaku , Matsuoka Hideaki , Asada Takashi

    … Rapid evaluation of the hydrogen embrittlement (HE) resistance for the spot-welds of AHSS sheets is required, since it is worried that the HE resistance of the nugget will deteriorate compared to the base metal due to the difference in microstructure caused by rapid cooling and solidification during spot welding. …

    Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials 85(2), 75-83, 2021


  • Study on heat storage module operating at elevated temperature towards utilization of industrial waste heat (2) Fundamental investigation on alloy system with liquid-liquid separation used for latent heat storage(Research Reports)  [in Japanese]

    内田 祐一 , 野島 功名 , 鏑木 北斗

    … In this study, binary alloy system with liquid-liquid separation was investigated as promising phase change material( PCM). … During temperature decrease of such alloy system, one of the component metal solidifies from two liquid state, but a liquid phase rich in the other component coexists, keeping good heat transfer at the solidification. … When the temperature lowered below 689 K, solid Zn was solidified with calculated heats of solidification equivalent to pure Zn. …

    日本工業大学研究報告 = Report of researches, Nippon Institute of Technology 49(4), 32-33, 2020-03


  • Heat Storage and Release Characteristics of Carbon Nanotube Dispersed Latent Heat Storage Material  [in Japanese]

    MORITA Shin-ichi , HARUKI Naoto , SUGATA Yusuke , YAMADA Takanobu , HANIU Toshihiro , Kazunori TAKAI , HAYAMIZU Yasutaka , GONDA Takeshi , SHIRAISHI Ryoya , HORIBE Akihiko

    … As the CNT dispersed latent heat storage material, tetracosane (melting point 50.6°C) was used as a continuous phase, and a sample containing multi-walled CNT in the range of 0.25 to 1.00 mass% was used. … This paper deals with the evaluation results of temperature rising melting and temperature falling solidification characteristics using a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC).</p> …

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2020(0), 0020, 2020


  • Comparative study of solidification behaviors of weld pool through modelling of heat transfer and fluid flow during single- and multiplelayer deposits of 2319-aluminum alloy based on variable polarity gas tungsten arc welding

    DU Jun , GENG Ruwei , WEI Zhengying , Ninshu Ma

    … The objective of this work is to compare the difference of the solidification behaviors by means of numerical simulation when it precisely deposits material upon the single- and multiple-layer. … Here, a three-dimensional (3D) heat transfer and fluid flow model of arc-based additive manufacturing to calculate thermal-flow fields, deposit shape and size, cooling rates and solidification parameters was developed. …



  • Leaching behavior of elements in recycled roadbed material using solidified boiler fly ash

    Santiago Jose RODOLFO , Sekito Tomoo , Dote Yutaka

    … Current research focuses on the potential recycling of incinerated materials through cement solidification. … The problem with this technique is the potential leaching of hazardous content when material is contact with water. … In that sense leaching characterization and quantification from the material is needed for short and long-term application scenarios. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 31(0), 509, 2020


  • Mix Design of Cement Solidification Management System for Specified Waste Contaminated by Radioactive Cesium in Fukushima Prefecture  [in Japanese]

    Oyama Sho , Nakashima Takuo , Endo Kazuto

    <p>福島県内の特定廃棄物のうち、10万Bq/kg以下の廃棄物については、既存の管理型処分場を活用して整備された特定廃棄物埋立処分施設にて埋立処分される。この中で、減容化処理に伴い発生する焼却・溶融飛灰は特に放射性セシウムの溶出量が多いと想定されることから、安全に埋立処分するためにセメントによる固型化処理を行うことが求められている。本報告では、特定廃棄物セメント固型化処理業務において、 …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 31(0), 435, 2020


  • Friction Stir Welding of High Phosphorus Weathering Steel– Weldabilities, Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties  [in Japanese]

    Kawakubo Takumi , Nagira Tomoya , Ushioda Kohsaku , Fujii Hidetoshi

    … However, P causes solidification cracking in the fusion welding process and reduces the toughness of steel. … (average grain size = 2.5 µm) than in the base material (average grain size = 23 µm). …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(12), 892-901, 2020


  • Development Technology for Prevention of Macro-segregation in Casting of Steel Ingot by Insert Casting in Vacuum Atmosphere  [in Japanese]

    Isobe Kohichi

    … However, it is difficult to manufacture the materials with sufficient properties due to macro-segregation of ingots.</p><p>For the purpose of developing effective and versatile macro-segregation countermeasures in the casting of large steel ingots for manufacturing large parts for power plants, the insert casting in vacuum atmosphere, in which a core material with the same composition as the base steel is placed at the center of the steel ingot, was studied. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(11), 777-787, 2020


  • Simulations of Non-Equilibrium and Equilibrium Segregation in Nickel-Based Superalloy Using Modified Scheil-Gulliver and Phase-Field Methods

    Okugawa Masayuki , Izumikawa Daichi , Koizumi Yuichiro

    … <p>Solute segregation significantly affects material properties and is an essential issue in the additive manufacturing (AM) process. … In the present study, we have investigated (i) non-equilibrium segregation in solidification, and (ii) equilibrium segregation at grain boundary in Ni-based Hastelloy-X (HX) superalloy using the modified Scheil-Gulliver model (i.e., Scheil-Gulliver model with back diffusion) and a phase-field model. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(11), 2072-2078, 2020


  • Chemical and Unconfined Compression Strength Properties of Steel Slag Mixed Problematic Soil  [in Japanese]

    SUGIMURA Yuji , SINOZAKI Haruhiko , AKASHI Yuzoh , UEMATSU Shodai , SHIBUYA Satoru , KATAOKA Satsuki

    <p>特殊土である火山灰質細粒土,高有機質土等の工学特性は一般地盤材料と比べ大きく異なり,固化材混合により改良する際,特殊土中のアロフェン,有機物等の諸因子が固化反応を阻害することが知られている.既往の研究では,製鋼スラグの混合により,上記の阻害を抑制可能との報告もあるが,特殊土因子の含有量に応じた抑制効果を定量的に評価した研究事例は少ない.そこで本研究では,種々の特殊土因子をアルカリ …

    Japanese Geotechnical Journal 15(3), 509-517, 2020


  • Solidification/stabilization treatment with MgO-based material for mercury-contaminated soil  [in Japanese]

    OYAMA Sho

    <p>水銀汚染土壌(模擬汚染土壌および実際の汚染土壌)に対して,酸化マグネシウム系材料(マグネシウム系固化材)および高炉セメントB種により不溶化処理を検討した室内試験の結果および不溶化処理土の長期溶出挙動の観察結果について報告する。水銀溶出量によっては助剤の併用が必要であるが,マグネシウム系固化材は水銀に対して安定して高い不溶化効果が長期間持続することが最長10年の観察により確認された …

    Japanese Geotechnical Journal 15(3), 465-470, 2020


  • Solidification Behavior for Direct Contact between Sugar-alcohol Latent-heat Storage Materials and Heat Transfer Oil  [in Japanese]

    Horibe Akihiko , Yamada Yutaka

    … We also studied a direct contact heat exchange method with lower thermal resistance.</p><p>The solidification behavior was examined in detail using a test section consisting of a Pyrex glass tube with one nozzle hole for injecting heat transfer oil. … The heat transfer oil droplets from the hole start to solidify on the upper surface of the heat storage material. … As time elapses, solidification starts near the nozzle plate. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(8), 518-526, 2020

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • Numerical Analysis of Pattern Shape Deformation in UV Imprint Due to Curing Shrinkage

    Onishi Yuki , Yamashita Ryunosuke , Amaya Kenji , Hirai Yoshihiko

    … Accordingly, the curing/shrinkage of UV resin can be treated as the solidification /contraction of thermo-plastic resin modeled as a thermo- viscoelastic material. …

    Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology 33(2), 245-250, 2020


  • Application of SPH to Predict Shrinkage Cavity in Castings  [in Japanese]

    Sakai Yuzuru

    … Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics is a mesh-free Lagrangian method that is capable of further modeling the phase transition and solidification of a material in the solidification phase for analyzing the sizes and figures of cavities developed in casting products with high accuracy. … In this study, a solidification model was employed to deal with the change in material density from fluid state to solid state. …

    Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society 92(6), 278-284, 2020


  • An Application of Fractal Theory to Complex Macrostructure: Quantitatively Characterization of Segregation Morphology

    Cao Jianghai , Hou Zibing , Guo Zhongao , Guo Dongwei , Peng Zhiqiang , Tang Ping

    … <p>Segregation of solute elements is an inherent characteristic of alloy solidification. … High-carbon steel billets is an important base material for producing high-end rod wire, while macro/semi-macro segregation is more serious due to its high carbon element content and low distribution coefficient. … and cube root of local solidification time (the fitting coefficient is 0.79). …

    ISIJ International 60(6), 1188-1195, 2020


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