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  • Transcellular penetration of <i>Treponema phagedenis</i> isolated from papillomatous digital dermatitis in polarized normal human epidermal keratinocytes <i>in vitro</i>

    KHEMGAEW Rathanon , OMACHI Mari , TAKESADA Tomoe , VETCHAPITAK Torrung , SATO Hiroyuki , TANIGUCHI Takako , MISAWA Naoaki

    … The integrity of tight junctions was monitored by measurement of transepithelial electrical resistance (TER). … was confirmed after 24 hr by microscopy and <i>Treponema</i>-specific PCR. … denticola</i>, but not with heat-killed organisms. …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 2021


  • Ultrasonic High-speed Measurement of Refrigerant Gas Concentration  [in Japanese]

    MATSUDA Akitoshi , KAWABE Taketoshi , KATO Yoshimine

    <p>温室効果ガスまたはオゾン層破壊ガスに属する冷媒ガス等の濃度測定においては,ガスタンクやパイプからガスを抽出せずに濃度を測定することが望まれている.そこで,外部から測定が可能な超音波による濃度測定法が最も適している.本研究では従来算術的計算が容易でない多原子ガス(例えば冷媒ガスの一つであるハイドロフルオロカーボンなど)と二原子ガスの混合ガス濃度を音速の測定結果から,モデルベース設計 …

    Transactions of the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, 2021


  • Precision Measurement Techniques of Thermophysical Properties:-Thermal Conductivity/Thermal Diffusivity, Specific Heat Capacity, and Thermal Expansion-  [in Japanese]

    AKOSHIMA Megumi , YAMADA Naofumi , ABE Haruka

    … In order to secure reliability in these areas, the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) has developed some precision measurement techniques. … This paper describes details of the guarded hot-plate method for thermal conductivity, the flash method for thermal diffusivity, the adiabatic calorimetric method for specific heat capacity and the optical heterodyne interferometric method for thermal expansion coefficient. …

    TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan) 56(1), 24-31, 2021


  • National Standard and New Reference Material for Specific Heat Capacity Measurements

    ABE Haruka

    … With regards to the specific heat capacity, researchers have been able to realize absolute measurement techniques by utilizing drop, conduction, and adiabatic methods that are used in calorimetry. …

    Analytical Sciences 37(1), 201-210, 2021


  • Site-specific Study on Warming Using Disposable Warmer "Kairo" in Healthy Subjects  [in Japanese]

    SHIMA Yoshihito , WATANABE Akane , INOUE Nobuto , KUNITOMO Eiji , MARUYAMA Tetsuya

    <p>  【目的】「冷え」は正常な体温であるにもかかわらず,手または足が冷えている状態である.疾病の有無に関係なく,高齢者を中心に多くの人がこの「冷え」に悩まされている. 冷えを和らげる方法のひとつに使い捨てカイロで手を温めることがあるが,この方法では手が塞がり日常の作業を妨げる.そこで,カイロで上肢の別の部分を加熱することで,手の冷えを緩和できるかどうかを調査した.</p> …

    The Journal of The Japanese Society of Balneology, Climatology and Physical Medicine 83(3), 105-112, 2020

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  • Development of the Measurement Method of Thermal Storage Properties for Phase Change Material  [in Japanese]

    Saeki Tomohiro , Hagihara Shinji , Tasaka Taichi , Mabuchi Kensaku

    <p>PCMを用いた建材の温度と蓄熱特性の関係を試験により求める方法を検討した.板状の試験体に一定速度で温度変化を与え,材料温度と材料に作用した熱量の経時変化を測定した.測定値から温度と比エンタルピの関係及び温度と比熱(複合材料の潜熱を含む見かけの比熱)の関係を求め,その結果を用いて潜熱,相変化温度域,相変化のピーク温度を求めた.この測定法について,試験体の熱容量や温度変化条件を変えた …

    Netsu Bussei 34(2), 56-63, 2020


  • Measurement of temperature and its gradient in melt and crystal in bulk crystal growth  [in Japanese]

    Taishi Toshinori

    … <p>  In this paper, several experimental results of temperature measurement in the melt and the crystal using thermocouples during the bulk crystal growth are exhibited. … Silicon crystals 70 mm in diameter were grown with such temperature measurement. … The balance equation of heat transportation was well satisfied by temperature gradients directly obtained using a specific thermocouple of the differential type. …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth 47(2), n/a, 2020


  • The present situation and prospect about pollen-food allergy syndrome  [in Japanese]

    Osawa Yoko

    <p>花粉・食物アレルギー症候群(pollen-food allergy syndrome: PFAS)は,「口腔アレルギー症候群」とも呼ばれ,花粉抗原と食物抗原の交差反応によるクラス2食物アレルギーである。症状が口腔粘膜に限局することが多いが,口腔粘膜だけでなく,鼻炎・結膜炎・皮膚炎・呼吸器症状やショックを誘発する場合もある。相同性が高く多種の食物や花粉に共通して存在する抗原(pan …

    Journal of Japan Society of Immunology & Allergology in Otolaryngology 38(2), 43-49, 2020

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  • Particle Size Measurement of Reaction Product Aerosol of Sodium-Oxygen

    Deguchi Yoshihiro , Kamimoto T. , Kikuchi S. , Kurihara A. , Takata T. , Ohshima H.

    … In order to properly implement the Verification and Validation (V & V) of the simulation system, it is indispensable to ensure experimental database of sodium chemistry as specific SFR safety issue. … In this study, measurement results of aerosols generated by sodium-oxygen reaction for sodium fire event were reported with the aim of clarifying the radiation heat transport phenomena in the reaction field. …

    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 1369(1), 012020, 2019-11-26


  • Development of Visualization Techniques for Micro/Nanoscale Thermal Flow Field : For Surface-specific and Non-intrusive Measurement  [in Japanese]

    栗山 怜子 , 佐藤 洋平

    伝熱 = Journal of the Heat Transfer Society of Japan 58(245), 8-14, 2019-10

  • VERIFICATION OF REPRESENTATIVE TEMPERATURE THROUGH THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY ANALYSIS:A phase change material experimental method and a thermal behavior calculation method to reproduce the thermal behavior Part 2  [in Japanese]

    SERIKAWA Mao , MAE Masayuki

    … <p> This study investigates an appropriate representative temperature in an apparent specific heat measurement of Phase Change Materials (PCM) through a thermal conductivity analysis. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (763), 825-834, 2019-09



    OKUDA Atsushi , KURABUCHI Takashi , TORIUMI Yoshihiro , NAGASHIMA Eri

    … <p> In a commercial kitchen, because of the large amount of heat and water vapor generated by heated cooking appliances, a large amount of ventilation rate and air conditioning capacity are required for thermal comfort. … The type of control mode used was dependent on the operational status of a specific cooking appliance. … The measurement items are shown in Table 2. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (758), 437-445, 2019-04



    SERIKAWA Mao , SAEKI Tomohiro , MAE Masayuki

    … <p>The purpose of this research is proposing relevant conditions for the heat specific measurement of Phase Change Materials (PCM) by calculating thermal conductivity. … It was found that the accuracy of the measurement was low when the thermal resistance of PCM was high. …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design (59), 223-228, 2019-02


  • Prediction Method of Thermal Environment during Heating in Winter for Spaces with Large-Area Window:Part 1-Measurement Results and Simplified Evaluation method for Vertical Temperature Difference in Office buildings  [in Japanese]

    KATOH Masahiro , SHINOZUKA Takashi , ARAI Yoshinobu , YUMINO Saori , YAMANAKA Toshio , KOBAYASHI Tomohiro

    <p>大面積の窓を有する空間においては,暖房時に冷放射やコールドドラフト,上下温度差により温熱環境が悪化しやすい。特に,近年のオフィスビルなどでは,窓面積の増大や内部発熱の減少によりクレームの発生が懸念されることが多く,設計時の建築・設備仕様の事前検討の重要性が増している。本報では,オフィスビルにおける暖房時の温熱環境の実測結果より,空調開始前の床表面温度や空調時間帯の上下温度差につい …

    Transactions of the Society of Heating,Air-conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan 44(266), 11-21, 2019


  • Effect of Heat Treatment in the Atmosphere on Hydrophilization of Microporous Carbon Electrode and Impregnation of Electrolyte Solutions  [in Japanese]

    Omori Chihiro , Hiramatsu Fumiaki , Sone Chihiro , Nishida Kosuke

    … In this study, the high-temperature heat-treatment of microporous electrodes composed of Ketjenblack (KB) was performed in the atmosphere, and the hydrophilic properties were imparted to the KB layers by the functional groups. … The wettabilities of the heat-treated microporous layers were evaluated based on X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and the contact angle measurement. …

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2019(0), 0100, 2019


  • Physical Properties Evaluation of Magnetic Ionic Liquid  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Kento , LI Yanrong , INAGAKI Terumi

    … In the present study, thermo-physical properties (specific gravity, viscosity, specific heat and thermal conductivity), of magnetic ionic liquid, were measured experimentally at various temperatures, in order to evaluate those temperature dependencies. … The specific gravity of the magnetic ionic liquid was measured with a type II hydrometer. …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch 2019.25(0), 19H01, 2019


  • EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENT AND CALCULATION OF PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS IN A HEAT INSULATION BOX:Proposal of calculation method for phase change materials considering installation as construction materials  [in Japanese]

    SERIKAWA Mao , HAYASHI Yoshihiko , SAEKI Tomohiro , MAE Masayuki

    … We conducted experimental measurement of PCM in a heat insulation box. … By trying to replicate the measurement by calculation, we found several points to care when calculating PCM.</p> …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design 25(60), 735-740, 2019


  • Understanding of Scuffing Process by Several <i>In-Situ </i>Observation Techniques  [in Japanese]

    YAGI Kazuyuki

    … So far, many <i>in situ </i>optical observation, measurement, and analysis techniques have been developed for the lubricated area. … In this paper, developed <i>in situ </i>optical techniques, the scuffing process, and specific phenomena in the scuffing process are introduced.</p> …



  • Rejuvenation Behavior and New Classification of β-relaxation Region in Pd-based Metallic Glass  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Rui , TANAKA Naoyuki , GUO Wei , SAIDA Junji

    Specific heat measurement results revealed that only 33%, which is lower than that (44%) of a Zr<sub>50</sub>Cu<sub>40</sub>Al<sub>10</sub> … The hardness measurement results obtained from the indentation test also supported this finding. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 68(3), 191-198, 2019


  • Heat treatments of ginger root modify but not diminish its antioxidant activity as measured with multiple free radical scavenging (MULTIS) method

    Sueishi Yoshimi , Masamoto Hiroaki , Kotake Yashige

    … Conversely, the O2 -• scavenging ability increased by about 56% after heat treatment. … Based on the antioxidant activity measurement of the ginger's components, i.e., 6-gingerol, 6-shogaol, and zingerone, active species acting as antioxidant capacity of ginger was shown. … Additionally, ginger's antioxidant capacity was quantitatively compared with that of rosemary extract, indicating that rosemary is peroxyl specific scavenger while ginger has higher scavenging ability against HO• and 1O2. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 64(2), 143-147, 2019

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