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  • Performance of FDE Using Frequency Domain Despreading and Averaging of Cyclic-Shifted CDM Based Pilot Signals for Single-Carrier LOS-MIMO

    AONO Kana , ZHENG Bin , SAWAHASHI Mamoru , KAMIYA Norifumi

    … We propose applying different cyclic-shift resources of the same Zadoff-Chu sequence to transmission-stream-specific pilot signals that are essential for estimating the channel response for FDE and phase noise in LOS-MIMO. … We also show that the required received signal-to-noise power ratio at the BER of 10<sup>-7</sup> …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications, 2021


  • Performance of Mixture-Ratio-Controlled Hybrid Rockets under Uncertainties in Fuel Regression

    Ozawa Kohei , Shimada Toru

    … Residual propellant mass and decreases in specific impulse are found to be the dominant causes of performance loss under both uncertainty models. …

    Journal of Propulsion and Power 37(1), 2020-10-13


  • Alleviation Technique for Thermal Concentration on Power Devices Driving a PMSM under Zero-Speed and High-Torque Condition

    Ayano Hideki , Shimamoto Ryohta , Noda Takuma , Horii Takuma , Matsui Yoshihiro

    … <p>This work is concerned with a technique to alleviate thermal concentration on specific switching devices that drive a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) under zero-speed and high-torque condition. … g., start or stop of an elevator or hill-start of an electric vehicle, a large DC current flows in the PMSM, and the heat generated in the specific switching devices is locally concentrated. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 9(5), 563-572, 2020


  • Validation study of SAS4A code for the unprotected loss-of-flow accident in an SFR

    ISHIDA Shinya , KAWADA Ken-ichi , FUKANO Yoshitaka

    … Unprotected Loss Of Flow (ULOF) is selected as the specific scenario, since it is one of the most important and typical events in CDA. … The average fuel temperature which corresponds to the energy release is selected as the FOM, since the energy release due to power excursion is important to evaluate whether the influence of CDA can be confined in the vessel. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(3), 19-00523-19-00523, 2020


  • A conceptual design study of pool-type sodium-cooled fast reactor with enhanced anti-seismic capability

    KUBO Shigenobu , WATANABE Osamu , HIGURASHI Koichi , CHIKAZAWA Yoshitaka , OHSHIMA Hiroyuki , UCHITA Masato , MIYAGAWA Takayuki , ETO Masao , SUZUNO Tetsuji , MATOBA Ichiyo , ENDO Junji

    … <p>The authors are developing the design concept of the pool-type sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) that addresses Japan's specific siting conditions such as earthquakes and meets safety design criteria (SDC) and safety design guidelines (SDG) for Generation IV SFRs. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(3), 19-00489-19-00489, 2020


  • Effect of Asfotase Alfa on Muscle Weakness in a Japanese Adult Patient of Hypophosphatasia with Low ALP Levels

    Koyama Hiroyuki , Aotani Daisuke , Imaeda Kenro , Ozono Keiichi , Kataoka Hiromi , Tanaka Tomohiro , Yasuda Satoshi , Kakoi Shota , Ohata Yasuhisa , Shimizu Yuki , Hasegawa Chie , Hayakawa Akiko , Akiyama Tomoyuki , Yagi Takashi

    … She had a history of premature loss of deciduous teeth at 4 years old, her serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity was as low as 91 U/L, and radiologic studies revealed thoracic deformity and sacroiliac calcification. … Genetic sequencing revealed a heterozygous c.1559delT mutation in the tissue non-specific alkaline phosphatase gene (<i>ALPL</i>). …

    Internal Medicine 59(6), 811-815, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Enhanced specific loss power from Resovist (R) achieved by aligning magnetic easy axes of nanoparticles for hyperthermia

    Shi Guannan , Takeda Ryoji , Trisnanto Suko Bagus , Yamada Tsutomu , Ota Satoshi , Takemura Yasushi

    … In this study, we precisely calculated the specific loss powers (SLPs) of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) based on dynamic hysteresis measurements. …

    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (473), 148-154, 2019-03-01


  • Visualization Measurement of Rotational Motion of Pistons and Slippers of A Piston Pump (Preliminary Experiment)  [in Japanese]

    HAGA Toshiki , KAZAMA Toshiharu

    … Hydraulic piston pumps are used in fluid power systems such as manufacturing machinery and construction machinery, which require long life and high efficiency. … There is a need to reduce friction loss and to prevent seizure of the sliding parts. … Under a specific operating condition, images were recorded with a high-speed camera, the rotational speed of the pistons and slippers was measured, and the ratios of the speed were examined. …

    The Proceedings of the Symposium on the Motion and Vibration Control 2019.16(0), C102, 2019



    Feng Churan , Liu Bin , Dong Fangyu , An Jin , Yang Jian

    … Probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) is an important tool to evaluate the safety of the nuclear power plant (NPP). … Based on the failure mechanism and operating experience, this article carried out analysis on loss of coolant accident(LOCA), and developed kind of specific piping and non-piping analysis methods which could reflect design characteristics and domestic operating experience, then, calculated the frequency of LOCA. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1837, 2019



    Kubo Shigenobu , Watanabe Osamu , Higurashi Koichi , Chikazawa Yoshitaka , Ohshima Hiroyuki , Uchita Masato , Miyagawa Takayuki , Eto Masao , Suzuno Tetsuji , Matoba Ichiyo , Endo Junji

    … The authors are developing the design concept of pool-type sodium-cooled fast reactor (SFR) that addresses Japan’s specific siting conditions such as earthquakes and meets safety design criteria (SDC) and safety design guidelines (SDGs) for Generation IV SFRs. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1651, 2019


  • Maximum Transmitter Power Set by Fiber Nonlinearity-Induced Bit Error Rate Floors in Non-Repeatered Coherent DWDM Systems

    ZHANG Xin , AOKI Yasuhiro

    … <p>We have comprehensively studied by numerical simulation high power transmission properties through single mode fiber for non-repeatered system application. … We have clearly captured bit error rates (BERs) of digital coherent signal exhibit specific floor levels, depending on transmitter powers, due to fiber nonlinearity. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E102.B(6), 1140-1147, 2019


  • Influence of Structural Differences on Motor Characteristics of Concentrated Winding IPMSMs Obtained by Automatic Design

    Ura Akihiro , Sanada Masayuki , Morimoto Shigeo , Inoue Yukinori

    … <p>Interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (IPMSMs) are widely used because of their high efficiency and high power. … However, since their design has a high degree of freedom, application-specific design of IPMSMs is difficult. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8(3), 458-464, 2019


  • Characteristics Analysis of Traction Inverter Loss in the Case of Current Increase by Using a SiC Switching Device for Energy Saving in Railway Vehicles  [in Japanese]

    Mineyoshi Tsubasa , Ikeda Ryotaro , Koiwa Kenta , Natori Kenji , Kondo Keiichiro , Fujimoto Kazuki , Makishima Shingo

    … Regenerative power is increased by improving motor performance, and there are examples that demonstrate the energy saving of railway vehicles has been achieved. … However, the characteristics of the current and the loss of inverters applying both devices assuming specific applications, such as commuter trains, are unclear. … Therefore, the trade-off relationship between motor performance improvement due to inverter current increase and inverter loss is unclear. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications 139(3), 258-265, 2019


  • Applications of Linear Programming Techniques to Satellite Power Management and Scheduling


    … <p>The power system is one of the most important subsystems for a successful space mission. … Any failure in this subsystem leads to a direct loss of a satellite. … This creates a need for a power schedule to be effectively and efficiently produced, especially if requirements are constantly changing. …



  • Hyperthermia Using Magnetic Nanoparticles  [in Japanese]

    大多 哲史 , 竹村 泰司

    まぐね = Magnetics Japan 13(4), 187-192, 2018

  • Effects of propulsion inverter using SiC devices:-Specific examples of direct benefit and indirect benefit-  [in Japanese]

    FUJIMOTO Kazuki , MAKISHIMA Shingo , HATAKEYAMA Takuya , KONDO Keiichiro

    … They realize lower switching loss than conventional Si devices. … The first example shows the direct benefit which reduces loss of switching devices and it contributes to miniaturize an inverter. …

    The Proceedings of the Transportation and Logistics Conference 2018.27(0), 3406, 2018


  • Effect of Balance Hole Diameter on Performance of Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump  [in Japanese]


    … <p>We will introduce research results on high performance of low speed centrifugal this paper Disk friction loss is one of the major causes of performance degradation of low specific speed centrifugal pumps. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), J0550301, 2018


  • Turbo-Brayton Refrigerator for High Temperature Superconducting Device

    NAKAMURA Naoko

    … High temperature superconducting (HTS) cable is kept below the material specific critical temperature utilizing sub-cooled liquid nitrogen. … The high efficiency refrigerator is important in order to reduce the transmission loss of HTS cable including the power consumption of refrigerator. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 26(4), 522-525, 2018


  • A Low Switching Loss 40 V LDMOS Transistor with Wide SOA and Low Specific On-Resistance  [in Japanese]

    松田 順一 , 小島 潤也 , 築地 伸和 , 神山 雅貴 , 小林 春夫

    電気学会研究会資料. SPC = The papers of technical meeting on semiconductor power converter, IEE Japan 2017(173-185), 35-40, 2017-11-21

  • No.1-26 Coal Gasification Behavior in the Oxy-Fuel IGCC Operation condition  [in Japanese]

    TANNO Kenji , WATANABE Hiroaki , MAKINO Hisao

    … <p>Oxy-Fuel IGCC system is expected to be a promising power generation system achieving both high thermal efficiency and low carbon emission. … concentration should be clarified prior to specific gasifier design. … This is due to the fact that heat generated partial oxidation is effectively used by coal gasification without heat loss from the gasifier wall in higher R/T case.</p> …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 54(0), 52-53, 2017


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