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  • The MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey : XIII. Spatially resolved spectral properties of Lyman α haloes around star-forming galaxies at z > 3

    橋本 拓也 , Floriane Leclercq , Roland Bacon , Anne Verhamme , Thibault Garel , Jérémy Blaizot , Jarle Brinchmann , Sebastiano Cantalupo , Adélaïde Claeyssens , Simon Conseil , Thierry Contini , Takuya HASHIMOTO , Edmund Christian Herenz , Haruka Kusakabe , Raffaella Anna Marino , Michael Maseda , Jorryt Matthee , Peter Mitchell , Gabriele Pezzulli , Johan Richard , Kasper Borello Schmidt , Lutz Wisotzki

    … We present spatially resolved maps of six individually-detected Lyman α haloes (LAHs) as well as a first statistical analysis of the Lyman α (Lyα) spectral signature in the circum-galactic medium of high-redshift star-forming galaxies (−17.5 > … While there is a lack of correlation between the spectral properties and the spatial scale lengths of our LAHs, we find a correlation between the width of the line in the LAH and the halo flux fraction. …

    Astronomy and astrophysics (635), A82, 2020-03


  • Spectral Structures of Type II Solar Radio Bursts and Solar Energetic Particles

    Iwai Kazumasa , Yashiro Seiji , Nitta Nariaki V. , Kubo Yûki

    … We investigated the relationship between the spectral structures of type II solar radio bursts in the hectometric and kilometric wavelength ranges and solar energetic particles (SEPs). …

    The Astrophysical Journal 888(1), 50, 2020-01


  • Saroma-ko Lagoon Observations for sea ice Physico-chemistry and Ecosystems 2019 (SLOPE2019)  [in Japanese]

    NOMURA Daiki , YABE Itsuka S. , SON Eun Yae , VIVIER Frederic , LOURENCO Antonio , LEBRUN Marion , NOSAKA Yuichi , HIRAWAKE Toru , OOKI Atsushi , AOKI Shigeru , ELSE Brent , WONGPAN Pat , FRIPIAT Francois , INOUE Jun , VANCOPPENOLLE Martin , TOYOTA Takenobu , TANIKAWA Tomonori , KAWAGUCHI Yusuke , ONO Takashi , ISHINO Tomomi , TOZAWA Manami , TAMURA Tetsuya P.

    … Broadband and spectral irradiance measurements were carried out above/under the sea ice, and different sensors were inter-compared at close positions and environments. … flux chamber, and under-ice turbulent heat flux systems were tested for future Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. …

    Bulletin of Glaciological Research 38(0), 1-12, 2020


  • Multi-model evaluation of the sensitivity of the global energy budget and hydrological cycle to resolution

    松枝 未遠 , Benoît Vannière , Marie-Estelle Demory , Pier Luigi Vidale , Reinhard Schiemann , Malcolm J. Roberts , Christopher D. Roberts , Mio MATSUEDA , Laurent Terray , Torben Koenigk , Retish Senan

    … The main changes in the global energy budget with resolution are a systematic increase in outgoing longwave radiation and decrease in outgoing shortwave radiation due to changes in cloud properties, and a systematic increase in surface latent heat flux; … (2) the fraction of total precipitation that falls on land is on average 10% larger at higher resolution in grid point models, but it is smaller at higher resolution in spectral models; …

    Climate dynamics 52(11), 6817-6846, 2019-06


  • Development and Dissemination of Total Spectral Radiant Flux Standard for Evaluation of LED Products  [in Japanese]

    中澤 由莉

    照明学会誌 103(4), 134,148-151, 2019-04

  • The spectrum of a fast shock breakout from a stellar wind

    Ioka Kunihito , Levinson Amir , Nakar Ehud

    … We find that in sufficiently fast shocks, for which the breakout velocity exceeds about 0.1c, the time-integrated spectrum of the breakout pulse is non-thermal, and the time-resolved temperature is expected to exhibit substantial decrease (roughly by one order of magnitude) during breakout, when the flux is still rising, because of the photon generation by the shock compression associated with the photon escape. … We also discuss implications of the spectral softening for a possible breakout event XRT 080109/SN 2008D. …

    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 484(3), 3502-3509, 2019-04


  • Detection of the Far-infrared [O iii] and Dust Emission in a Galaxy at Redshift 8.312: Early Metal Enrichment in the Heart of the Reionization Era

    Tamura Yoichi , Mawatari Ken , Hashimoto Takuya , Inoue Akio K. , Zackrisson Erik , Christensen Lise , Binggeli Christian , Matsuda Yuichi , Matsuo Hiroshi , Takeuchi Tsutomu T. , Asano Ryosuke S. , Sunaga Kaho , Shimizu Ikkoh , Okamoto Takashi , Yoshida Naoki , Lee Minju M. , Shibuya Takatoshi , Taniguchi Yoshiaki , Umehata Hideki , Hatsukade Bunyo , Kohno Kotaro , Ota Kazuaki

    … The observed 850 μm flux density of 137 ± 26 μJy corresponds to a de-lensed total infrared (IR) luminosity of LIR=(1.7±0.3)×10^11L⊙ if assuming a dust temperature of T dust = 50 K and an emissivity index of β = 1.5, yielding a large dust mass of 4×10^6M⊙. …

    The Astrophysical Journal 874(1), 27, 2019-03


  • Spectral Analysis on Effect of Nanostructure on Heat Transfer Mechanism across Solid-liquid Interface  [in Japanese]

    Nakata Shogo , Fujiwara Kunio , Shibahara Masahiko

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2019(0), 0042, 2019


  • A Molecular Dynamics Study on Relationship between Thermal Transport Mechanism and Spectral Heat Flux through a Liquid-solid Interface  [in Japanese]

    SAKAMOTO Ryosuke , FUJIWARA Kunio , SHIBAHARA Masahiko

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), J05415, 2019


  • Measurement of ambient neutrons in an underground laboratory at the Kamioka Observatory

    Mizukoshi Keita , Taishaku Ryosuke , Hosokawa Keishi , Kobayashi Kazuyoshi , Miuchi Kentaro , Naka Tatsuhiro , Takeda Atsushi , Tanaka Masashi , Wada Yoshiki , Yorita Kohei , Yoshida Sei

    … The ambient neutron flux in an underground laboratory at the Kamioka Observatory was measured using a 3He proportional counter with various moderator setups. … Since the detector response largely depends on the spectral shape, the energy spectra of the neutrons transported from the rock to the laboratory were estimated by Monte Carlo simulations. … The ratio of the thermal neutron flux to the total neutron flux was found to depend on the thermalizing efficiency of the rock. …

    Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics 2018(12), 123C01, 2018-12


  • Why is chlorophyll b only used in light-harvesting systems?

    Kume Atsushi , Akitsu Tomoko , Nasahara (Nishida) Kenlo

    … We found that direct and diffuse solar radiation (PARdir and PARdiff, respectively) have different spectral distributions, showing maximum spectral photon flux densities (SPFD) at c. … The spectral absorbance spectra of Chls a and b functioned complementary to each other, and the absorbance peaks of Chl b were nested within those of Chl a. …

    Journal of plant research 131(6), 961-972, 2018-11


  • Submesoscale Mixing on Initial Dilution of Radionuclides Released From the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

    Kamidaira Yuki , Uchiyama Yusuke , Kawamura Hideyuki , Kobayashi Takuya , Furuno Akiko

    … According to energy conversion and spectral analyses, SCSs and ASCs occur most intensively on the submesoscale, primarily because of shear instability. … Analysis of the vertical flux of 137Cs was performed by decomposition of the variables into eddy, mesoscale, and submesoscale components using frequency and wave number filters. …

    Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 123(4), 2808-2828, 2018-04


  • AKARI MIR slitless spectroscopic survey of galaxies at z less than 0.5

    大山 陽一 , 和田 武彦 , 松原 英雄 , 高木 俊暢 , Malkan M. , 後藤 友嗣 , 江上 英一 , Lee Hyung Mok , Im Myung , Kim J. -H. , Pearson Chris , 稲見 華恵 , 大薮 進喜 , 臼井 文彦 , Burgarella Denis , Mazyed F. , 今西 昌俊 , Jeong Woong-Seob , 宮地 崇光 , DiazTello J. , 中川 貴雄 , Oyama Yoichi , Wada Takehiko , Matsuhara Hideo , Takagi Toshinobu , Malkan M. , Goto Tomotsugu , Egami Eiichi , Lee Hyung Mok , Im Myung , Kim J. -H. , Pearson Chris , Inami Hanae , Oyabu Shinki , Usui Fumihiko , Burgarella Denis , Mazyed F. , Imanishi Masatoshi , Jeong Woong-Seob , Miyaji Takamitsu , DiazTello J. , Nakagawa Takao

    第4回「あかり」国際会議 (2017年10月17-20日. 東京大学), 文京区, 東京著者人数: 27名形態: カラー図版あり資料番号: AA1730026072

    宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料 = JAXA Special Publication: The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life (JAXA-SP-17-009E), 359-362, 2018-03-09


  • AKARI/IRC Near-Infrared Point Source Spectral Catalogue

    臼井 文彦 , 尾中 敬 , The AKARI/IRC Team , Usui Fumihiko , Onaka Takashi , The AKARI/IRC Team

    第4回「あかり」国際会議 (2017年10月17-20日. 東京大学), 文京区, 東京形態: カラー図版あり資料番号: AA1730026041

    宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料 = JAXA Special Publication: The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life (JAXA-SP-17-009E), 237-240, 2018-03-09


  • Where do infrared-bright dust-obscured galaxies lie on the star formation rate-stellar mass plane?

    鳥羽 儀樹 , 長尾 透 , Wang Wei-Hao , 松原 英雄 , 秋山 正幸 , 後藤 友嗣 , 小山 佑世 , 大山 陽一 , 山村 一誠 , Toba Yoshiki , Nagao Toru , Wang Wei-Hao , Matsuhara Hideo , Akiyama Masayuki , Goto Tomotsugu , Koyama Yusei , Oyama Yoichi , Yamamura Issei

    第4回「あかり」国際会議 (2017年10月17-20日. 東京大学), 文京区, 東京形態: カラー図版あり資料番号: AA1730026029

    宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料 = JAXA Special Publication: The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life (JAXA-SP-17-009E), 181-184, 2018-03-09


  • On Receiving Lighting Technology Award : Standard LED for Total Spectral Radiant Flux  [in Japanese]

    神門 賢二 , 中澤 由莉 , 丹羽 一樹 , 山路 芳紀 , 松岡 真也

    照明学会誌 102(2), 80-83, 2018-02

  • Large-scale spatio-temporal fluctuations in von Kármán turbulence  [in Japanese]

    ARAKI Ryo , SUGITANI Yuji , GOTO Susumu

    … This implies the invalidity of the local equilibrium hypothesis, i.e., the instantaneous balance between the energy flux and energy dissipation in small scales. … To demonstrate this phenomenon in a more realistic flow and to establish new dissipation scaling of turbulence, we investigate the von Kármán turbulent flow by direct numerical simulations using spectral element method (SEM) and experiments using particle image velocimetry (PIV) and laser doppler velocimetry (LDV).</p> …

    The Proceedings of the Fluids engineering conference 2018(0), OS11-6, 2018


  • Near field radiation control between Metal-Insulator-Metal structured emitter and Metal-Semiconductor-Metal TPV cell  [in Japanese]

    Taniguchi Yuji , Isobe Kazuma , Hirashima Daisuke , Hanamura Katsunori

    … <p>Spectral control of near-field radiation transfer from Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) structured emitter made of Ni and SiO2 to Metal-Semiconductor-Metal (MSM) structured Thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) cell made of GaSb semiconductor and Au is studied using Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method. … As the simulation result, enhancement of near-field thermal radiation flux is observed among near infrared radiation range for GaSb TPV cell, 1.0~1.6μm, mainly by the structure of MIM emitter. …

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2018(0), 0177, 2018


  • Molecular Dynamics Study on Thermal Resistance at a Solid-liquid Interface based on Spectral Analysis  [in Japanese]

    NAKATA Shogo , FUJIWARA Kunio , SHIBAHARA Masahiko

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), J0530402, 2018


  • Validation of MODIS and AHI Observed Water Cloud Properties Using Surface Radiation Data

    KHATRI Pradeep , HAYASAKA Tadahiro , IWABUCHI Hironobu , TAKAMURA Tamio , IRIE Hitoshi , NAKAJIMA Takashi Y.

    … <p> The present study implements long-term surface observed radiation data (pyranometer observed global flux and sky radiometer observed spectral zenith transmittance data) of multiple SKYNET sites to validate water cloud optical properties (cloud optical depth COD and effective radius Re) observed from space by MODIS onboard TERRA and AQUA satellites and AHI onboard Himawari-8 satellite. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 96B(0), 151-172, 2018


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