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  • Global standards pattern of industrial structure change and revised Petty-Clark's law  [in Japanese]

    吉村 弘

    … The first aim of this paper is to express quantitatively the global standards pattern of change in industrial structure, thereby to show Revised Petty−Clark's law that includes the back ward bending tendency of the second industry, which means that the composition ratio of the second industry changes to decrease from increase at the ratio of about 40%.And the second is to show implications and examples …

    Okayama economics review 39(4), 281-302, 2008-03


  • Environmental Strategy of EU and Environmentally Conscious Design  [in Japanese]

    SATO Takao

    EUは,2010年までに世界で最も競争力のある経済圏になるとの戦略のもとで,環境分野でも高い理念と目標を掲げ,地球環境問題へ取り組んでいる.その取組みは,環境方針,戦略,行動計画,法規制及びEU規格の整合性を高め,行動計画を推進するにあたって多様な手段を導入する.その中で実施効果の高い手段を見極め,その手段を他の分野にも幅広く展開し,効果を高める.製品づくりに関する政策で特に顕著に現れている傾向は …

    NIHON GAZO GAKKAISHI (Journal of the Imaging Society of Japan) 44(4), 225-234, 2005


  • Socio-economic Impacts on the Villages of Hill-Tribes Affected by Sustainable Development Projects in the Areas Dominated by Shifting Cultivation in Northern Thailand

    Matsushima Noboru

    北部タイの山地には少数民族が生活している.少数民族の生活は,伝統的で自給的な焼畑農業に基づいていた.その唯一の商品作物といえばケシ栽培であった.このことは様々な深刻な問題をかかえていた.問題を解決するために,過去30年間にわたり数々の農山村振興プロジェクトが実施された.これらのプロジェクトは,少数民族の村への道路をはじめ,清涼な飲料水の確保,電気の配電などの改善に取り組んできた.とりわけプロジェク …

    比較社会文化 (9), 55-68, 2003-03-01

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  • Asset-Based Economic and Welfare Policies : Asset Markets and National Economic Strategy  [in Japanese]

    丸尾 直美

    本稿において次のことを述べる。(1)フローのGDPや国民所得に対するストックの資産の相対的価値が大きくなっていく傾向があること。それにともない資産価値の変動が経済変動や資産・所得の分配に大きな影響を与えること。(2)資産価値変動の国際間格差は経済成長率格差より大きいので、金融・資産についての情報上の優位国は、国際的自由化のもとでは自国の資産価値を高め為替レートを有利にして他国の資産を有利に買うこと …

    Bulletin of policy and management,Shobi-Gakuen University (3・4), 143-161, 2002-11


  • Translation & Thesis on "Le Japon: la fin d'une économie" by Pierre-Antoine Donnet and Anne Garrigue  [in Japanese]

    Imai Masayuki , Garrigue Anne , 今井 正幸 [訳]

    … In these decades, there been a considerable number of critiques viewing Japan, which have been performed and published by western experts. … Amongst them there is a difference between those of Anglo-American versus European authorship: It has been observed that the former give us the impression of not only criticizing Japan severely, but also of urging their own standards of value upon the subject country; …

    Nihon Fukushi University,the journal of economic studies (23), 173-195, 2001-06


  • On The Causal Relation between Socioeconomic Development and Mortality Decline  [in Japanese]

    Ostuka Tomomi

    … Nonetheless, the popular theory that credits economic growth as having caused the mortality decline has been widely accepted. … this was a time when Japanese industry was in a state of complete ruin, and the standard of living was low. … This makes it hard to believe economic factors contributed to the decline in mortality. … The main purpose of this article lies in clarifying such questions surrounding the drop in mortality in Japan. …

    Bulletin of Research Institute of Economic Science, College of Economics, Nihon University 9, 101-122, 1985-03-20

  • The Development of Commercial Activities at the Key Settlements in the Western Ghats of South India  [in Japanese]

    NAKAYAMA Shuichi

    … This paper aims to make a clear understanding on the development of commercial activities at the selected key settlements in the Western Ghats of South India. … The major points of discussion were stressed upon the increase in number of shops and the factors which made possible the development of commercial activities in the sample study villages. …

    GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 38(2), 70-90, 1983


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