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  • The Impact of Feedback in Massive Star Formation. II. Lower Star Formation Efficiency at Lower Metallicity

    Tanaka Kei E. I. , Tan Jonathan C. , Zhang Yichen , Hosokawa Takashi

    … We conduct a theoretical study of the formation of massive stars over a wide range of metallicities from 10⁻⁵ to 1 Z☉ and evaluate the star formation efficiencies (SFEs) from prestellar cloud cores taking into account multiple feedback processes. … At solar metallicity, launching of magneto-centrifugally driven outflows is the dominant feedback process to set SFEs, while radiation pressure, which has been regarded as pivotal, makes only a minor contribution even in the formation of stars over 100 M☉. …

    The Astrophysical Journal 861(1), 2018-07-01


  • AKARI MIR slitless spectroscopic survey of galaxies at z less than 0.5

    大山 陽一 , 和田 武彦 , 松原 英雄 , 高木 俊暢 , Malkan M. , 後藤 友嗣 , 江上 英一 , Lee Hyung Mok , Im Myung , Kim J. -H. , Pearson Chris , 稲見 華恵 , 大薮 進喜 , 臼井 文彦 , Burgarella Denis , Mazyed F. , 今西 昌俊 , Jeong Woong-Seob , 宮地 崇光 , DiazTello J. , 中川 貴雄 , Oyama Yoichi , Wada Takehiko , Matsuhara Hideo , Takagi Toshinobu , Malkan M. , Goto Tomotsugu , Egami Eiichi , Lee Hyung Mok , Im Myung , Kim J. -H. , Pearson Chris , Inami Hanae , Oyabu Shinki , Usui Fumihiko , Burgarella Denis , Mazyed F. , Imanishi Masatoshi , Jeong Woong-Seob , Miyaji Takamitsu , DiazTello J. , Nakagawa Takao

    第4回「あかり」国際会議 (2017年10月17-20日. 東京大学), 文京区, 東京著者人数: 27名形態: カラー図版あり資料番号: AA1730026072

    宇宙航空研究開発機構特別資料 = JAXA Special Publication: The Cosmic Wheel and the Legacy of the AKARI archive: from galaxies and stars to planets and life (JAXA-SP-17-009E), 359-362, 2018-03-09



    Iwakami Wakana , Nagakura Hiroki , Yamada Shoichi

    … for explosion as a function of mass accretion rate, neutrino luminosity, and specific angular momentum, rigidly rotating matter was injected from the outer boundary with an angular momentum, which is increased every 500 ms. It is found that there is a critical value of the specific angular momentum, above which the standing shock wave revives, for a given combination of mass accretion rate and neutrino luminosity, i.e., an explosion can …

    The Astrophysical Journal 793(1), 2014-09-20


  • Multiwavelength Study of the NGC 281 Region

    SHARMA Saurabh , PANDEY Anil K. , PANDEY Jeewan C. , CHAUHAN Neelam , OGURA Katsuo , OJHA Devandra K. , BORRISSOVA Jura , MITO Hiroyuki , VERDUGO Thomas , BHATT Bhuwan C.

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 64(5), "107-1"-"107-24", 2012-10-25

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  • Near-Infrared Survey of Bright Rimmed Clouds

    HAYASHI Miyuki , ITOH Yoichi , OASA Yumiko

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 64(5), "96-1"-"96-8", 2012-10-25

    References (46)

  • Origin of the Galactic Ridge X-Ray Emission

    REVNIVTSEV Mikhail , SAZONOV Sergey , SUNYAEV Rashid

    … First, observations from the RXTE and INTEGRAL satellites showed that the global morphology of the GRXE reproduces the distribution of stars in the Milky Way, suggesting that X-ray volume emissivity is proportional to stellar mass density thoughout the Galaxy. … Second, the inferred X-ray emissivity of the Galactic ridge per unit stellar mass proved to be consistent with the cumulative luminosity density of faint X-ray sources in the Solar neighborhood. …

    Progress of Theoretical Physics (169), 125-130, 2007-12-19

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  • Stellar Contents of Two Intermediate Age Clusters : NGC 1912 and NGC 1907

    PANDEY Anil K. , SHARMA Saurabh , UPADHYAY Karunakar , OGURA Katsuo , SANDHU Tejbir S. , MITO Hiroyuki , SAGAR Ram

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 59(3), 547-558, 2007-06-25

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  • Sequential Formation of Low-Mass Stars in the BRC 14 Region

    MATSUYANAGI Ikuko , ITOH Yoichi , SUGITANI Koji , OASA Yumiko , MUKAI Tadashi , TAMURA Motohide

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 58(4), L29-L34, 2006-08-25

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  • Radiative-Thermal Winds from an Accretion Disk

    FUKUE Jun

    … Due to these characteristic properties of force fields, disk winds are classified into three patterns: in the cold less-luminous case no wind can blow, in the warm luminous case transonic winds are established, and beyond some critical luminosity disk winds are always supersonic. … 0.8, where a_0 is the initial sound speed in units of the Keplerian speed at the wind base and Gamma_eff the normalized disk luminosity at the wind base. … We derive the terminal speed as a function of Gamma_eff. …

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 54(3), 415-425, 2002-06-25

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  • The Most Luminous Protostars in Molecular Clouds : A Hint to Understand the Stellar Initial Mass Function

    DOBASHI Kazuhito , YONEKURA Yoshinori , MATSUMOTO Tomoaki , MOMOSE Munetake , SATO Fumio , BERNARD Jean-philippe , OGAWA Hideo

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 53(1), 85-92, 2001-02-25

    References (42)

  • The First Light of the Subaru Telescope:A New Infrared Image of the Orion Nebula

    KAIFU Norio , USUDA Tomonori , HAYASHI Saeko S. , ITOH Yoichi , AKIYAMA Masayuki , YAMASHITA Takuya , NAKAJIMA Yasushi , TAMURA Motohide , INUTSUKA Shuichiro , HAYASHI Masahiko , MAIHARA Toshinori , IWAMURO Fumihide , MOTOHARA Kentaro , IWAI Jun'ich , TANABE Hirohisa , TAGUCHI Tomoyuki , HATA Ryuji , TERADA Hiroshi , GOTO Miwa , ANDO Hiroyasu , AOKI Tetsuo , CHIKADA Yoshihiro , DOI Mamoru , EBIZUKA Noboru , FUKUDA Takeo , HAMABE Masaru , HASEGAWA Tetsuo , HORAGUCHI Toshihiro , ICHIKAWA Shinichi , ICHIKAWA Takashi , IMANISHI Masatoshi , IMI Katsumi , INATA Motoko , ISOBE Shuzo , IYE Masanori , KAMATA Yukiko , KANZAWA Tomio , KAROJI Hiroshi , KASHIKAWA Nobunari , KATAZA Hirokazu , KATO Taichi , KOBAYASHI Naoto , KOBAYASHI Yukiyasu , KODAIRA Keiichi , KOSUGI George , KURAKAMI Tomio , MIKAMI Yoshitaka , MIYAMA Shoken M. , MIYASHITA Akihiko , MIYATA Takashi , MIYAZAKI Satoshi , MIZUMOTO Yoshihiko , NAKAGIRI Masao , NAKAJIMA Koich , NAKAMURA Kyoko , NARIAI Kyoji , NISHIHARA Eiji , NISHIKAWA Jun , NISHIMURA Shiro , NISHIMURA Tetsuo , NISHINO Tetsuo , NOGUCHI Kunio , NOGUCHI Takeshi , NOUMARU Junichi , OGASAWARA Ryusuke , OKADA Norio , OKITA Kiichi , OMATA Koji , OSHIMA Norio , OTSUBO Masashi , SASAKI Goro , SASAKI Toshiyuki , SEKIGUCHI Maki , SEKIGUCHI Kazuhiro , SHELTON Ian , SIMPSON Chris , SUTO Hiroshi , TAKAMI Hideki , TAKATA Tadafumi , TAKATO Naruhisa , TANAKA Kyoko , TANAKA Wataru , TOMONO Daigo , TORII Yasuo , WASEDA Koichi , WATANABE Junichi , WATANABE Masaru , YAGI Masafumi , YAMASHITA Yasumasa , YASUDA Naoki , YOSHIDA Michitoshi , YOSHIDA Shigeomi , YUTANI Masami

    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan 52(1), 1-8, 2000-02-25

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  • Circumstellar matter in the accretion model of cosmic X-ray sources

    Satio HAYAKAWA , Department of Physics Nagoya University

    … Matter accretion onto compact stars has been considered as a likely process of X-ray emission from stellar X-ray sources. … The ionization equilibrium due to the photoionization by X-rays and the recombination with electrons is calculated, and the optical depth for X-ray absorption is obtained as a function of the mass and radius of the central star, the absolute luminosity and the spectrum of X-rays. …

    Progress of theoretical physics 50(2), 459-471, 1973-08


  • The Star Formation Rate in Spiral Galaxies

    Yokoo Takeo

    … For the constituent of a galaxy a simplified model is presumed, in which the stellar content is composed of the sequences of recently created stars and of old evolved stars: The former is subject to the initial luminosity function and the latter to the function of extreme population II stars. …

    Memoirs of Osaka Kyoiku University. III, Natural science and applied science 16(1), 87-97, 1968-01-31


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