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  • Comprehensive behavioral phenotyping of a new Semaphorin 3 F mutant mouse

    Matsuda Ikuo , Shoji Hirotaka , Yamasaki Nobuyuki , Miyakawa Tsuyoshi , Aiba Atsu

    … In the light/dark transition test, Sema3F KO mice also exhibited decreased distance traveled, fewer number of transitions, and longer latency to enter the light chamber compared with WT mice. … In the tests for assessing motor function, pain sensitivity, startle response to an acoustic stimulus, sensorimotor gating, or spatial reference memory, there were no significant behavioral differences between Sema3F KO and WT mice. …

    Molecular Brain 9, 2016-02-09

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  • Comprehensive behavioral analysis of voltage-gated calcium channel beta-anchoring and -regulatory protein knockout mice.

    Nakao Akito , Miki Takafumi , Shoji Hirotaka , Nishi Miyuki , Takeshima Hiroshi , Miyakawa Tsuyoshi , Mori Yasuo

    … BARP KO mice exhibited greatly reduced locomotor activity, as evidenced by decreased vertical activity, stereotypic counts in the open field test, and activity level in the home cage, and longer latency to complete a session in spontaneous T-maze alteration test, which reached "study-wide significance." Acoustic startle response was also reduced in the mutants. …

    Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 9, 2015-06-16

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  • 自閉症スペクトラム障害児における聴覚性驚愕反射の特性とエンドフェノタイプ候補可能性の検討 (特集 自閉症スペクトラム障害の早期マーカー)

    高橋 秀俊 , 石飛 信 , 原口 英之 [他]

    日本生物学的精神医学会誌 = Japanese journal of biological psychiatry 26(2), 103-108, 2015-06


  • 自閉症スペクトラム障害児における聴覚性驚愕反射の特性とエンドフェノタイプ候補可能性の検討

    高橋 秀俊 , 石飛 信 , 原口 英之 , 野中 俊介 , 浅野 路子 , 小原 由香 , 山口 穂菜美 , 押山 千秋 , 荻野 和雄 , 望月 由紀子 , 三宅 篤子 , 神尾 陽子

    聴覚性驚愕反射(ASR)は,精神医学領域におけるトランスレーショナル・リサーチにおいて,国内外で広く研究されており,特にプレパルス・インヒビション(PPI)は,精神障害の有力なエンドフェノタイプ候補と考えられている。自閉症スペクトラム障害(ASD)では,知覚処理の非定型性についてよく知られているが,ASD の PPI に関しては一貫した結論は得られていない。最近我々は,ASD 児では ASR の潜 …

    日本生物学的精神医学会誌 26(2), 103-108, 2015


  • 驚きに伴う運動停止と痛みの抑制に関する一考察

    鶴岡 正吉

    … Following the startle response, mammals react by freezing with a defense response of approximately 2-5 s in length. … The tail flick latency was measured as an indicator of nociception. … Air-puff stimulation was used for inducing the startle response. … The startle response is followed by nociceptive inhibition during the freezing period. … Startle-related nociceptive inhibition is mediated by the descending pain inhibitory pathway. …

    帝京平成大学紀要 = Journal of Teikyo Heisei University 25, 145-150, 2014-03


  • 自閉症スペクトラム児の聴覚性驚愕反射に関する神経生理学的検討 (特集 発達障害の病態生理解明の最先端)

    高橋 秀俊 , 中鉢 貴行 , 森脇 愛子 [他]

    日本生物学的精神医学会誌 = Japanese journal of biological psychiatry 24(4), 229-234, 2013


  • 自閉症スペクトラム児の聴覚性驚愕反射に関する神経生理学的検討

    高橋 秀俊 , 中鉢 貴行 , 森脇 愛子 , 武井 麗子 , 飯田 悠佳子 , 荻野 和雄 , 神尾 陽子

    自閉症スペクトラム障害(ASD)では,知覚処理の非定型性について知られており,低次の知覚処理機能と高次の機能との関連の脳内基盤の発達的変化を明らかにすることは,ASDの病態形成メカニズムを理解する手がかりとなりうると考えられる。聴覚性驚愕反射(ASR)は,精神医学領域におけるトランスレーショナル・リサーチにおいて,国内外で広く研究されている。今回我々は, ASD 児 10名とそうでない児童34名を …

    日本生物学的精神医学会誌 24(4), 229-234, 2013


  • 4系統のマウスにおけるプレパルス・インヒビション―プレパルスの種類とリードタイムの効果―:プレパルスの種類とリードタイムの効果

    磯 博行

    … The effects of the type of prepulse (PP: visual 30ms and auditory 30ms) and lead time (50, 100, 200ms) on the acoustic startle inhibition (prepulse inhibition: PPI) were tested and compared among four strains of inbred mice (BALB/cA, C3H/HeJ, C57BL/6J, and DBA/2N: all <i>n</i>=11). … In the habituation, the startle amplitude and peak latency were measured. … DBA mice showed weaker startle amplitude than the other 3 strains. …

    心理学研究 76(5), 468-473, 2005

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  • 生体反応を利用した香りの評価とその応用

    中川 正

    Aroma research 1(2), 30-36, 2000-05



    MISAWA Tetsuo , SHIGETA Sadayoshi

    … Significant differences were observed between the aluminum treated offspring and controls in terms of body weight, timing of pinna detachment and eye opening, and appearances of auditory startle. … The longer latency and more rearings in the open field test were observed in 1,800 mg/kg treated females. …

    The Journal of Toxicological Sciences 18(1), 43-48, 1993-02-25

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  • 健常児におけるAEP N2の発達的研究と自発・統御過程

    菅原 正和 , SUGAWARA Masakazu

    … n the developomental investigations on event related potentials (ERPs) , it is not well knownwhether the N2 elicited by startle stimuli changes at the same rate as the developmental P3bchanges, or shows some different developmental course. …

    岩手大学教育学部研究年報 53(1), 107-121, 1993


  • 健常児における大脳事象関連電位P3a潜時と眼瞼反射に関する発達的研究

    菅原 正和

    … A late positive component (P3) in event-related potentials (ERPs) is elicited by attended or task-relevant stimuli with the peak latency of about 300 msec at the parietal and vertex scalp electrode locations. … The P3 latency in response to an infrequent target tone occurring in a sequence of standard tones decreases progressively as a function of age, whereas the older subjects have a remarkably a longer P3 latency than do the younger adolescents. …

    岩手大学教育学部附属教育実践研究指導センター研究紀要 3, 119-134, 1993


  • 自由落下刺激による筋電図反応

    坂田 義治 , 久保 武 , 松永 亨 , 越宗 麻子 , 酒井 俊一

    … Recent studies have shown that when normal human volunteers are subjected to a sudden free fall, EMGs of truncal and limb muscles are activated due to the startle reflex originating in the otolith organs. … the average latency of initial activity was 29.2msec (SD 3.5msec) in the orbicular oculi muscle, 67.7msec (SD 9.3msec) in the anterior tibial, 73.5msec (SD 9.2msec) in the gastrocnemius and 71.8msec (SD 9.4msec) in the soleus muscles. …

    Equilibrium Research 48(3), 256-259, 1989

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  • 重症心身障害者に認めた眼けんの不随意運動

    神山 潤 , 中野 今治 , 森 和夫

    重症心身障害者5名に認めた眼瞼の不随意運動 [blepharoclonus (BC)] を記載した. 急に眼前に手を差出すことにより, 両側の眼瞼に誘発されるこの不随意運動は, 表面筋電図上は, 12~13Hzの規則的な両側同期した眼輪筋の収縮としてとらえられた.頭部CTスキャン上, 全例に頭頂ないし側頭部に低吸収域あるいは萎縮像を認めた.聴性脳幹反応上, V波潜時は全例正常であったが, 4例に施 …

    脳と発達 19(1), 37-41, 1987


  • Developmental alterations in maturing rats caused by chronic prenatal and postnatal diazepam treatments.

    SHIBUYA Takeshi , WATANABE Yasuo , HILL Harlan F. , SALAFSKY B.

    … The post treatment effects of early prenatal, late prenatal, early postnatal or combined prenatal and neonatal treatment with diazepam on the development of pain sensitivity, acoustic startle responsiveness, and benzodiazepine receptors in the cerebral cortex were investigated in rats between 14 and 90 days of age. … Tail-flick latency was significantly decreased by combined prenatal and neonatal and by early prenatal diazepam treatment, but not by diazepam during the last half of gestation or during the neonatal period alone. …

    The Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 40(1), 21-29, 1986

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  • 入眠時聴性開眼反応の電気生理学的研究

    鈴木 重忠 , 能登 谷晶子 , 古川 仭 , 宮崎 為夫 , 梅田 良三

    … AEOR was evoked in the later part of stage wakefulness and the earlier part of sleep stage 1.<br>2) The latency of AEOR recorded by EMG of eyelid is about 600ms.<br>3) The latency of AEOR recorded by EEG is about 400ms.<br>4) The change of EEG were α-blocking and presenting α waves.<br>These results suggest that AEOR is a kind of arousal or searching responses which were controlled by higher levels, and distinguishable from auditory other reflexes such as startle

    AUDIOLOGY JAPAN 28(6), 848-854, 1985


  • 純音背景刺激によるヒトの驚愕性瞬目反応の促進

    山崎 勝之 , 宮田 洋

    … This study investigated the facilitatory effects of pure-tone background stimulation on the human startle response. … Startle eyeblink responses of 13 subjects to an intense white noise were measured under four conditions: silence condition and pure-tone background stimulations at one of three intensities (65, 75, or 85 dB). …

    Japanese Psychological Research 24(3), 161-164, 1982

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  • 主として精神発達遅滞児に対する聴性脳幹反応の臨床的応用

    横山 俊彦 [他] , 小上 芳春 , 山田 篤子 , 岡田 いく代

    … Many subjects were neither testable by COR (Conditioned Orientation Reflex) audiometry nor by play audiometry, but were testable by BOA (Behavioral Observation Audiometry) such as startle response and eye movement response. …

    日本耳鼻咽喉科学会会報 79(11), 1323-1332, 1976

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