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  • Symposium: "Representation of a War", War and Literature ――Closely Bonds as Representation――  [in Japanese]

    中川 成美

    … The extraordinary moment of the war that destroys the everyday life and promptly leads to a heterogeneous space has confused and tormented people who tried various measures to live among them. …

    第42回 国際日本文学研究集会会議録 = PROCEEDINGS OF THE 42nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON JAPANESE LITERATURE (42), 121-135, 2019-03-28


  • EXPLORATIONS OF PURISM PAINTINGS AS SEEN IN CHAPELLE DE RONCHAMP:Le Corbusier's methods of evoking sensations in his audience  [in Japanese]

    FUJII Yuri , FURUYA Nobuaki , SHIRAISHI Tetsuyu

    … Those include: rejecting perspective in pursue of a more egalitarian representation, concurrently using multiple projections, using a multi-viewpoint projection different from that in Cubism, spreading of objects to diffuse focus, emphasizing both volume and thinness at the same time, using the interpenetration of space in the depth direction, aligning objects to share contours, blurring the distinction between the part and the whole, as well as creating multi-centered layouts. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (755), 277-286, 2019-01


  • Development of a transient damping feature extracting method based on monitoring data and application  [in Japanese]

    Yabe Akito , Miyamoto Ayaho

    … <p>This paper introduces the details of a transient damping feature extracting method based on the bridge monitoring data with the aid of the frequency slice wavelet transform (FSWT) which is a time-frequency space analysis tool and its application to damage detection of the bridges. …

    Journal of Structural Engineering, A 65A(0), 275-282, 2019


  • Statistical estimation and forecast of seasonal variations in measured track geometry  [in Japanese]

    KAMIYAMA Masako , SAKAI Hirotaka , KARATSU Takuya , NAGANUMA Yasukuni

    <p>This paper describes a method for statistically estimating five components included in the time series of vertical track geometry measured at the same point on a railway track. We have develo …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 85(880), 19-00101-19-00101, 2019


  • Scalable Community Identification with Manifold Learning on Speaker I-Vector Space

    WANG Hongcui , LIU Shanshan , JIN Di , LI Lantian , DANG Jianwu

    … Recent works have shown that there was an underlying manifold on which speaker utterances live in the model-parameter space. … However, most speaker clustering methods work on the Euclidean space, and hence often fail to discover the intrinsic geometrical structure of the data space and fail to use such kind of features. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(10), 2004-2012, 2019


  • Design of a multi-rate control system in state-space representation using input redundancy  [in Japanese]

    YASUI Ryota , KAWAGUCHI Natsuki , SATO Takao , ARAKI Nozomu , KONISHI Yasuo

    … In a conventional method, a control law is extended using an additional signal which is independent of the reference response in the discrete time, and the additional signal is designed so that the control input is constant in the steady state. … The conventional method is designed based on the transfer function model, on the other hand, the proposed method is designed using the state-space model. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 85(873), 18-00400-18-00400, 2019


  • Extension of Dual-rate Control System Independent of Discrete-time Reference/disturbance Response  [in Japanese]

    Ueda Yuya , Sato Takao , Araki Nozomu , Konishi Yasuo

    <p>This paper discusses a design method for dual-rate systems, in which the sampling interval of the plant output is an integer multiple of the holding interval of the control input. In such dua …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 139(4), 318-322, 2019


  • Design of a Multi-rate Control System Using Null-Space in State-space Representation  [in Japanese]

    Yasui Ryota , Kawaguchi Natsuki , Sato Takao , Araki Nozomu , Konishi Yasuo

    … To resolve the problem, in a conventional method, a control law is extended using the null-space, and the intersample response is improved such that the sampled response is maintained. … The conventional method has been designed based on the transfer function representation. … In the proposed method, on the state-space representation, the null-space is introduced, and the existing control system is extended. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 139(4), 287-292, 2019


  • Real-Time Sparse Visual Tracking Using Circulant Reverse Lasso Model

    GUO Chenggang , CHEN Dongyi , HUANG Zhiqi

    … <p>Sparse representation has been successfully applied to visual tracking. … However, most sparse trackers need to extract complex feature representations for each particle in the limited sample space, leading to expensive computation cost and yielding inferior tracking performance. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(1), 175-184, 2019


  • A state value space representation of a basal ganglia-superior colliculus model  [in Japanese]

    渡邊 駿

    電気学会研究会資料. ST 2018(39-54・56-78・80-84), 127-132, 2018-09-26

  • Isotropization of Quaternion-Neural-Network-Based PolSAR Adaptive Land Classification in Poincare-Sphere Parameter Space

    Kazutaka Kinugawa , Fang Shang , Naoto Usami , Akira Hirose

    … Quaternion neural networks (QNNs) achieve high accuracy in polarimetric synthetic aperture radar classification for various observation data by working in Poincare-sphere-parameter space. … The high performance arises from the good generalization characteristics realized by a QNN as 3-D rotation as well as amplification/attenuation, which is in good consistency with the isotropy in the polarization-state representation it deals with. …

    IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 15(8), 1234-1238, 2018-08


  • The impermanence in the gaze of photographer-immigrant Haruo Ohara (1909-1999)

    Akiti Dezem Rogério , André Richard Gonçalves , アキチ デゼン ロジェリオ


    言語文化研究 (44), 187-203, 2018-03-31

    IR  DOI 

  • Statistical Estimation of Seasonal Variations in Measured Track Geometry  [in Japanese]

    KAMIYAMA Masako , SAKAI Hirotaka , KARATSU Takuya , NAGANUMA Yasukuni

    This paper describes a method of statistically extracting seasonal variations from data sets of vertical track geometry measured at the same point for years. Track geometry changes seasonally at some …

    The Proceedings of the Transportation and Logistics Conference 2018.27(0), 2205, 2018


  • Fluid-Rigid Body Interaction Analysis for Mesh-Free Particle Method with Polygon Boundary Representation

    MIZUNO Yoshiki , MITSUME Naoto , YAMADA Tomonori , YOSHIMURA Shinobu

    … In our proposed model, we adopt a polygon wall boundary model to represent a rigid body in two-dimensional space. … The polygon representation of rigid body is more flexible to express complicated-shaped rigid body compared with conventional particle-based representation. … A verification test for the proposed model is performed based on a free falling cylinder problem, and the result is compared with a theoretical solution in an equilibrium state of floating body. …

    Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Japan 64(0), 133-142, 2018


  • Salient Feature Selection for CNN-Based Visual Place Recognition

    CHEN Yutian , GAN Wenyan , JIAO Shanshan , XU Youwei , FENG Yuntian

    … However, CNN leads to the large space of image representation that cannot meet the real-time demand for robot navigation. … Compared with state of the art methods for visual place recognition, our method not only has no significant loss in precision, but also greatly reduces the space of image representation.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(12), 3102-3107, 2018


  • Approximation of Value Function with Feature Representation Learning to Deal with Extendable Action Space:Taking "Gyakuten Othellonia" as an Example  [in Japanese]

    KONO Yu , TANAKA Ikki , OKUMURA Jun Ernesto

    <p>高次な意思決定課題では発見により行動選択肢が無際限に拡張されうる.その場合,行動の特徴表現の自律的な獲得が重要になる.そこで本研究では状態遷移軌跡から行動表現を有限長のベクトルに埋め込み,強化学習に活用する学習フレームを提案する.具体的にはカードとボードゲームの要素を併せ持つ"逆転オセロニア"を例に,拡張されうる行動要素であるキャラクターの表現を暗黙的に獲得し,戦術の学習時に転用 …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2018(0), 1Z302-1Z302, 2018


  • Modeling and Locomotion Control Using SDRE of Snake-like Robot Considering Side-slip  [in Japanese]

    Kasahara Fumitoshi , Yanagida Takeru , Onodera Keichi , Iwase Masami

    … A state-space representation form of the snake robot is described to deal with side-slip without any model switching. … A locomotion controller with an observer is designed based on State Dependent Riccati Equation strategy using the state-space form. …

    Transaction of the Japan Society for Simulation Technology 10(1), 35-45, 2018


  • State-Space Representation from the Viewpoints of Signal Processing and Control  [in Japanese]

    Koshita Shunsuke

    … <p>State-space representation is well known as a powerful tool for description of linear systems. … This paper reviews how to use the state-space representation, from the respective viewpoints of signal processing systems and control systems.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 138(4), 274-277, 2018


  • Regularized Kernel Representation for Visual Tracking

    WANG Jun , WANG Yuanyun , DENG Chengzhi , WANG Shengqian , QIN Yong

    … To address this, this paper presents a regularized kernel representation for visual tracking. … Namely, the feature vectors of target appearances are mapped into higher dimensional features, in which a target candidate is approximately represented by a nonlinear combination of target templates in a dimensional space. … Comprehensive experiments demonstrate the superior performances in comparison with state-of-the-art trackers.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E101.A(4), 668-677, 2018


  • State-space Representation for High-accuracy Digital Filters  [in Japanese]

    越田 俊介

    電子情報通信学会誌 = The journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers 100(10), 1129-1133, 2017-10

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