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  • Heat Treatments of the Contaminated Soils for Volume Reduction and Mineralogical and Chemical Characteristics of the Products  [in Japanese]

    万福 裕造

    … As an advanced volume reduction technology, there is a possibility that the amount of soil that needs to be stored in an intermediate storage facility, and eventually the amount of final disposal can be reduced, which is an extremely important approach from a long-term perspective. …

    農研機構研究報告農業環境変動研究センター = BULLETIN OF THE NARO, AGRO-ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES (40), 1-35, 2019-03-31

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  • Variation in Storage Temperatures for Foot and Mouth Vaccine in Cambodia  [in Japanese]


    … Electronic data loggers were used to record the temperature in each cold storage facility every thirty minutes for a period of thirty days. … Most of the refrigerators also contained food and/or drinks, leading to the frequent door opening. … Vaccines were often stored in the bottom drawers and door shelves, which were the warmest locations within refrigerators in the study. …

    International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development 7(2), 24-31, 2016


  • First Record of <i>Dufouriellus ater</i> (Dufour) (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae) from Japan, an Adventive Natural Enemy of Stored Food Insect Pests  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Kazutaka , Nakayama Tsunetomo

    … (Dufour, 1833), which was abundantly collected by light trap for stored food insect pests in a factory in Gunma Prefecture, is recorded from Japan for the first time. … Introduced populations in North America and Hawaii have been found from stored products and wood products. …

    Japanese Journal of Applied Entomology and Zoology 57(3), 185-189, 2013


  • The tumorigenicity and genome stress in mice under the Chernobyl simulation

    NAKAJIMA Hiroo , HONGYO Tadashi , SAITO Tadashi , TODO Takeshi

    … South districts of Belarus are still highly radiocontaminated even after 23 years from the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986, and consequent environmental changes are stored in the soil, plants and animals. …

    The Japan Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting Abstracts 2009(0), 82-82, 2009

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  • Detection of the Irradiated Domestic Potato by Thermoluminescence Analysis  [in Japanese]

    NAKAUMA Makoto , SAITOU Kimie , TODORIKI Sestuko

    … The signal intensity decreased with the storage time, and the reduction of signal was more rapidly observed in the sample stored under light condition than that in darkness. … However, the TL ratio of the samples irradiated at 150Gy and stored for five months could be distinguished from those of non-irradiated samples. … It was also possible to apply this method to the detection of the domestic potatoes which irradiated in a commercial facility and purchased at a local market. …

    Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi 51(6), 298-303, 2004-06-15

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  • Development of Practical Modified Air System CA (MASCA) Storage Facilities and Storage of Cabbage.  [in Japanese]

    YAMASHITA Ichiji , NAGATA Masayasu , DAN Kazuhiro , KAWAI Masaki , SENO Yoshio , WATANABE Kazuyuki , TAMURA Toshiyuki , SHIMOSE Hiroshi , MIZUNO Kouji

    … The laboratory model-modified air system controlled atmosphere (MASCA) storage facility which is being developed as an economical CA was improved to develop a practical CA facility for vegetables. … The practical MASCA facility consists of a modified air generator, CA room, O<SUB>2</SUB> … 600 kg of cabbage was stored for 4 weeks to evaluate MASCA to extend storage life and to estimate storage cost, etc. …

    journal of the japanese society for cold preservation of food 20(3), 137-141, 1994

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  • Modified Air System CA Storage of Broccoli.:Studies on Simple Controlled Atmosphere Storage (Part VII)  [in Japanese]

    YAMASHITA Ichiji , KOBAYASHI Kyoichi

    … Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L., Italica Group) was stored in the automatic Modified Air System CA (MASCA) storage chamber in order to assess the effect on the retention of broccoli quality and function of the auto-MASCA apparatus.<BR>1) The auto-MASCA apparatus worked as designed and the atmosphere in the CA chamber was well controlled within the range between 2 and 4% for oxygen and 4 and 6% for carbon dioxide, respectively. …

    journal of the japanese society for cold preservation of food 19(1), 8-13, 1993

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  • Studies on simple controlled atmosphere storage of fruits and vegetables Part V. Modified air system CA storage of mature-green Japanese apricot (Mume, Prunus mume Sieb. et Zucc.) fruits.:Studies on Simple Controlled Atmosphere Storage of Fruits and Vegetables Part V  [in Japanese]

    YAMASHITA Ichiji

    … Shirokaga was stored at 15°C by W-Step Modified Air System CA (MASCA), which was developed as an economical CA storage facility, and its efficiency for extension of shelf life of fruits was investigated. … A marked increase in respiration rate of MASCA-stored fruits was first detected on 6 days after removal from MASCA. …

    journal of the japanese society for cold preservation of food 17(1), 8-13, 1991

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  • Drying and Storage Plant Attached to a Country Elevator (II)  [in Japanese]

    MATSUDA Juzo , ITO Kazuhiko , IKEUCHI Yoshinori , YOSHIDA Tomiho

    … this paper is a report of investigations conducted to determine the storage chracteristics of paddy, using DRYSTORE as a bulk storage facility.<br>In this investigation, 9 of 40 bins were used as storage bins.<br>The temperature of various place of this plant and stored paddy were measured, and other measured items for determining the quality of stored paddy were moisture content, germination viability and fat acidity.<br>The results obtained are as follows.<br>During the …


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  • Drying and Storage Plant Attached to a Country Elevator (I)  [in Japanese]

    MATSUDA Juzo , ITO Kazuhiko , IKEUCHI Yoshinori , YOSHIDA Tomiho

    … Originally, Drying and Storage refers to the drying of paddy in the same bin in which it is to be stored. …



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