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  • Middlebrow and Education in Goodbye, Mr. Chips(1933)  [in Japanese]

    井上 美雪

    … Applying this finding to the reading of the story shows that Mr. Chips, who has long been thought to praise the glory of England and its famous educational system, public schools, has a drive to make a classless society. … Mr. Chips, a Latin master at a grammar school with a long history, is in truth a middlebrow. … The story tells, "he was not ... …

    東洋大学社会学部紀要 = The Bulletin of Faculty of Sociology,Toyo University 56(2), 137-146, 2019-03


  • Songs as a Tool for Developing Students' Descriptive Writing Skills

    COLLINS William

    … This article discusses two learning activities with songs as the focus: (1) Grammar pattern and creative writing combination exercises and (2) Descriptive language devices. … In the second, descriptive linguistic devices like adjectives describing sense details and vivid verbs are highlighted in The Eagles' "Hotel California," after which students use a story frame to insert their own ideas to write a creative story. …

    長崎大学言語教育研究センター論集 6, 63-72, 2018-03-01


  • Investigation on How to Level up the Japanese Learners' Ability to Apply Passive Sentences::Though Examining Practices from Intermediate Level Japanese Grammar Class  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Haruka , XIAO Yutong , HEO Myeongja

    … the second method introduces story-telling and peer tasks. …

    The journal of Japanese Language Education Methods 25(1), 78-79, 2018


  • トカラ語A«Saundaranandacaritanāṭaka»における«Mahādevasūtra»の引用について  [in Japanese]

    荻原 裕敏

    … Since the 1921 publication of their transliterations in TochSprR(A), interpretations of these two fragments have never been offered, although some passages from the latter fragment have been quoted in previous studies in Tocharian grammar. … The absence of a counterpart in the Mahādevasūtra for the text of lines b3-6 of this folio leads us to suppose that the Mahādevasūtra would have been inserted in the story narrated in this manuscript. …

    東京大学言語学論集 = Tokyo University linguistic papers (TULIP) 38(TULIP), 197-219, 2017-09-30


  • A Non-linear Cyclical Syllabus for Developing Interactional Competence of Elementary and Junior High School Students as L2 Users of English  [in Japanese]

    村端 五郎 , 村端 佳子

    … There has been an ungrounded premise on L2 learning that teaching L2 vocabulary and grammar on a bits-and-pieces basis in a linear fashion and providing opportunities for free talk make L2 users enable to carry out fluent interaction in a L2 conversational discourse. … However, it has been shown in applied linguistic studies that the story isn't that simple. …

    宮崎大学教育学部紀要. 教育科学 = Memoirs of the Faculty of Education, University of Miyazaki. 宮崎大学教育学部 編 89, 11-20, 2017-08


  • Chomsky's I-language and E-language

    Araki Naoki

    … He argues that linguistics should be concerned with grammar. … He renames language and grammar, externalized language (E-language) and internalized language (I-language) respectively. … According to Chomsky, E-language (language) is something abstract externalized from the actual apparatus of our mind and I-language (grammar) is the physical mechanism of our brain. …

    広島工業大学紀要. 研究編 51, 17-24, 2017-02


  • Method for discerning the hidd en story plots within elementary-school textbooks::Focusing on the significance of three episodic repetitions  [in Japanese]

    OYA Sadao

    … Accordingly,I analyzed 326 stories within elementary-school textbooks according to story-grammar theory about the semantic relations between episodes and structural research of Russian,European,and Japanese old tales. …

    The Science of Reading 59(3), 104-120, 2017


  • Bhattoji Diksita on Scriptural Statements : The Confirmation and Authorization of Grammarians' Theory of dharma by Vedic Thought  [in Japanese]

    川村 悠人

    … In vārttika 9 of the Paspaśā: śāstrapūrvake prayoge 'bhyudayas tat tulyaṃ vedaśabdena, Kātyāyana sets forth that the use of correct speech forms, preceded by a knowledge of Pāṇ inian grammar, results in (merit [dharma] and) prosperity (śāstrapūrvake prayoge 'bhyudayas) and that this is in agreement with what the Veda says or with Vedic words (tat tulyaṃ vedaśabdena). …

    比較論理学研究 : 広島大学比較論理学プロジェクト研究センター研究成果報告書 : the annals of the Research Project Center for the Comparative Study of Logic (15), 75-90, 2017

    IR DOI

  • Understanding Grammatical Form through Language Comparison : Cross-linguistic instruction in meaning centered Task-based teaching

    グレイ ジェームス W.

    … This exploratory-experimental study investigated the application of cross-linguistic instruction via a semantic-based pedagogical grammar within a meaning centered task-based pedagogy. … In conjunction with cross-linguistic instruction in the L1, 77 Japanese junior high school English learners were tasked with writing sentences describing a heard story. … The qualitative results showed that cross-linguistic instruction in the L1 was effective at improving functional use of L2 targeted grammar forms. …

    仁愛大学研究紀要. 人間学部篇 (16), 61-71, 2017


  • Sharing Suzanne Kamata's A Girls' Guide to the Islands with EFL students

    Stephens Meredith

    … In this short Literature in Practice article, I aim to provide an explanation of why I chose an ESL reader instead of an EFL one, my reasons for choosing to read this story aloud to the class, and an outline of my creation of classroom activities. …

    The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching 6(2), 32-42, 2017


  • How to Teach Narratives : A Survey of Approaches (Teaching Narratives)

    Tatsuki Donna Hurst

    神戸市外国語大学外国学研究所研究年報 (54), 5-29, 2016


  • The Effects of Literary Interpretation by a Teacher on EFL Students  [in Japanese]

    小野 章 , 平川 真 , 柿元 麻理恵

    … We asked them to answer an identical questionnaire before and after they were provided with their teacher's literary interpretation of "A Family Supper," a short story by Kazuo Ishiguro. … (3) The story is not dramatic enough; … (2) Some learners noticed that, even if vocabulary and grammar were simple, English could be difficult to read; … (3) Most of the learners came to recognize a deeper meaning hidden under the undramatic-looking story; …

    広島外国語教育研究 (19), 213-224, 2016

    IR DOI

  • 變文資料再整理 : 舜子變  [in Japanese]

    玄 幸子

    … The Tun-huang story of Shun as a boy is the most substantial text for a historical study of Chinese colloquial language. … It has noticeable colloquial features for vocabulary, phonology, and grammar. … There are only two manuscripts (S.4654 and P.2721v) written about the story of Shun from Tun-huang. … This paper gives a critical interpretation of the story of Shun as a boy through a collation and supplements to the Collection of the Tun-huang Pien-wen (敦煌變文). …

    関西大学東西学術研究所紀要 (48), 69-88, 2015-04


  • F-021 Generalizing and Expanding the Propp-based Story Content Grammar Using the Structural Analysis of Folktales  [in Japanese]

    Fujiwara Akari , Ogata Takashi

    情報科学技術フォーラム講演論文集 13(2), 331-334, 2014-08-19

  • The Scope of Historical Research on Japanese Grammar  [in Japanese]

    AOKI Hirofumi


    NINJAL project review 4, 82-88, 2014-06

    IR DOI

  • Case study of students' in-class story rewriting process : Analysis of classroom discourse and student interviews  [in Japanese]

    KATSUTA Hikaru

    … These questions were investigated through the analysis of an experimental lesson in which students first wrote stories with no prior instruction and then rewrote them after learning about story grammar. … (1) Analyze the student Aoki's writing because of her characteristic manner of rewriting after learning about story grammar. …

    kokugokakyouiku 75(0), 24-31, 2014


  • Story transformation mechanisms in the Propp-based story generation system  [in Japanese]

    IMABUCHI Shohei , OGATA Takashi

    ロシアの民俗学者ウラジーミル・プロップは,ロシア魔法昔話の分析の結果,それを「機能」という単位の連鎖であるとし,さらに全て単一の構造類型(「機能」順序)に従うと述べた.しかしながら個々の物語には,「機能」の「倒置」「位置変更」「欠落」によって構造類型を逸脱する例や「同化」「多義性」によって構造類型が曖昧になる例(すなわち「変形」された例)が存在するとも述べた.筆者らはプロップの構造論に基づいたスト …

    IEICE technical report. Natural language understanding and models of communication 113(338), 51-56, 2013-12-04

  • Validation of Empirically Derived Rating Scales for a Story Retelling Speaking Test

    Hirai Akiyo , Koizumi Rie

    … In recognition of the rating scale as a crucial tool of performance assessment, this study aims to establish a rating scale suitable for a Story Retelling Speaking Test (SRST), which is a semidirect test of speaking ability in English as a foreign language for classroom use. … The three scales were (a) an empirically derived, binary-choice, boundary-definition (called EBB1) scale, which has four criteria (Communicative Efficiency, Content, Grammar & Vocabulary, and Pronunciation); …

    Language assessment quarterly 10(4), 398-422, 2013-12


  • Development of a Generation/Expression System of Narratives in the Style of a Folk Tale, KOSERUBE Version 1  [in Japanese]

    Akimoto Taisuke , Imabuchi Shohei , Endo Jun , Ono Jumpei , Kurisawa Yasunari , Kamada Mami , Ogata Takashi

    … In the context of our narrative generation system research, KOSERUBE mainly uses Propp-based story grammar as the major automatic generation mechanism. … In this paper, first, we give a system overview covering the user interface and the narrative generation mechanism depending on Propp-based story grammar. …

    Transactions of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence 28(5), 442-456, 2013


  • Top-down/Bottom-up Story Generation by the Story Grammar based on Propp Theory  [in Japanese]

    IMABUCHI Shohei , OGATA Takashi

    ロシアの民俗学者プロップは民衆の集合的心性の一象徴としての民話の収集により,その共通構造を洗い出したことで有名である.本研究は,この研究成果を人工知能による物語生成システムと結合する.本発表では,開発中のプロップに基づく物語生成システムのうち,特にその中心となる一般的なストーリーグラマーの紹介を行う.この文法は階層的な生成文法形式を持ち,上位階層から下位階層へのトップダウン処理,下位階層から上位階 …

    IEICE technical report. Natural language understanding and models of communication 111(427), 71-76, 2012-01-26

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