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  • An Investigation into Shintaro Okuno's Literary Criticism of Chinese Traditional Opera  [in Japanese]

    王 新民

    鹿児島国際大学大学院学術論集 12, 21-31, 2020-11

  • Goodwill transfigures harassment : A prolegomena for socio-philosophical exploration on the gift and the violence in education  [in Japanese]

    石川 洋行

    … Derrida answered this question reading Benjamin's criticism deconstructively, expressing Benjamin's mythic violence as "violence against violence." From the empirical point of view, we find mythic violence means the self-sacrifice of "accusation" against compulsory violence. … That counter-violence has ontological foundation in materiality of the language, therefore we can avoid structural ignorance on the worst violence of silence. …

    東京大学大学院教育学研究科紀要 (59), 541-551, 2020-03-30

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  • ON "CHICAGO CONSTRUCTION":In particular, through William Le Baron Jenney's Home Insurance Building  [in Japanese]

    MATSUHATA Tsuyoshi

    … in 1964, the typical overview on the Chicago school of architecture in late nineteenth century and the "Chicago Construction" have been firmly formed from aesthetic, formalistic, and structural points of view.</p><p> In this essay, first we examine closely the discourses on William Le Baron Jenney`s Home Insurance Building(1885), which was once deemed to be the first metal framed structural building. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (769), 735-741, 2020-03


  • Effects of Rejection Sensitivity on the Development of Anxious-Depressive Attack in Patients with Social Anxiety Disorder

    Kaiya Hisanobu , Noda Shota , Takai Eri , Fukui Itaru , Masaki Mina , Matsumoto Satomi , Morita Susumu , Minami-Kaiya Fusaka

    … According to clinical reports, patients with SAD appear hypersensitive to rejection or criticism. … The present study examined the relationships among ADA, social anxiety, depression and rejection sensitivity (RS) in patients diagnosed with SAD using structural equation modeling (SEM). …

    Anxiety Disorder Research 12(1), 37-44, 2020


  • Examination of the view of family-based care in the promotion of alternative care policies : based on criticism from family sociology  [in Japanese]

    武石 卓也 , 山縣 文治

    本研究の主たる目的は特に、社会的養護のあり方をめぐって対立的な様相を呈している家庭福祉領域と家族社会学領域における主張の相違点を整理したうえで、家庭養護の拡充にむけた論点を提示することにある。近年、日本における社会的養護は、国際動向の影響などにより、子どもの権利条約の理念に基づく社会的養護の整備に向けて抜本的な改革が図られることになった。家庭養護の拡充が国の方針として打ち出され、里親等への委託の推 …

    人間健康学研究 = Journal for the study of health and well-being (13), 97-108, 2020

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  • How Demotivated Student who Disliked English Regained Motivation to Study:A Qualitative Study on Motivational Process  [in Japanese]

    KOMINATO Ayako

    … In order to analyze the data from a qualitative point of view, the Structural Construction Qualitative Research Method (SCQRM), developed by Saijo (2007, 2008), was used. … First, the student's perception that her difficulty in understanding learning content is being acknowledged by others without judgment or criticism could influence motivating factors, such as help-seeking, effective study strategy acquisition, an attitude toward learning without fear of making mistakes, and self-efficacy. …

    KATE Journal 33(0), 1-12, 2019


  • Grammatical Syllabus of Beginning Korean Language class : Notes on Improving the Lecture  [in Japanese]

    永原 歩

    … Grammatical (structural) Syllabus has been using in many Korean text books as second foreign language at universities. … However, there is also some criticism about it, especially in the fields of Japanese and English education or the study of second language acquisition. … This paper searched why the grammatical syllabus is used even with this criticism. …

    東京女子大学紀要論集 68(2), 187-201, 2018-03


  • Effects of Verbal Interaction in Collaborative Insightful Problem Solving : Using the Puzzle Game of "Tangram"  [in Japanese]

    児玉 佳一 , 中野 良樹 , KODAMA Keiichi , NAKANO Yoshiki

    … Participants(N=140)were required to arrange the pieces to the shape of a "lion" with a pair(total of 70 pairs, and 42 pairs were analyzed finally.)The result of structural equation modeling indicated that the pairs who had frequent utterances of" question or criticism" increased "correct combination" that related positively to completion of the task and decreased "irregular combination" that related negatively to completion of it. …

    秋田大学教育文化学部教育実践研究紀要 = Bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Practice, Faculty of Education and Human Studies, Akita University (40), 185-194, 2018-02-28

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  • Mikhail Bakhtin's Concept of Polyphony and Studies of Illness Narrative: An Anthropologist's Notes  [in Japanese]

    IKEDA Mitsuho

    <p>病いについての語りは、人間の最古からある語りの様相である。書き留められようが人々の記憶に残ろうが、語りとはその発語の瞬間から、死後の生(<i>Fortleben</i>)を生きることを運命づけられている。このような語りの不死=永続性を担保するもののひとつに、バフチンが指摘したドストエフスキーの小説にみられるポリフォニー概念がある。語りは死後の生をもつことで …

    The Japanese Journal of Health and Medical Sociology 28(2), 11-19, 2018

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  • The determinants of criticism by a third party for helping behaviors: Focusing on self-presentational contexts  [in Japanese]

    Yamamoto Keisuke , Tanaka Hiroaki

    … Analysis using a multi-level structural equation model provided partial support for our notion. … However, this did not lead to increased criticism. …

    Japanese Journal of Social Psychology 34(1), 26-37, 2018



    KIMURA Satoru

    …  In this study, an attempt to shed light on Pier Luigi Nervi's design philosophy(included architectural and structural field) is made, which was formed before he left SACC(the company of Attilio Muggia who was his menter), and its formation process by focusing on a class of S. … By considering this criticism, issues of the bridge construction at that time emerge: the difference between using rigid connection like Hennebique's bridge and using pin joint like three hinges of Robert Maillart(1872-1940)'s bridge. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (740), 2713-2721, 2017-10


  • THE RE-DEFINITION OF THE BUILDING TYPOLOGY IN THE POST WAR PERIOD IN ITALY:Through the primary critical thoughts of Saverio Muratori in 1940s  [in Japanese]

    FUKUMURA Mizuki

    … Such a way of thinking of Calandra was pierced by the historical criticism spirit. … By this Muratori succeeded in grasping the entity of architecture as "structural complexity" and "spatial complexity". … In this point of view the distinction between "architecture" and "building" begins to be absurd because both of them is the same spatial-structural organization for the human beings. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (738), 2143-2150, 2017-08


  • A study on structural aspects and functional aspects of corporate governance  [in Japanese]

    Kuramochi Hajime

    … Unfortunately, most of the measures for improvement emphasize only the structural aspects of the corporate governance. … However improving corporate governance should also include functional aspects as well as structural aspects. … The functional aspect is clearly represented in the" discourse" by Habermas: each member presents an agenda free from preconceived notions resulting from status or title and individual agendas are open to criticism and modifications. …

    Journal of Japan Society for Business Ethics Study 24(0), 227-241, 2017


  • Alienation Phenomenon Generated by Super-ego:Alienation Theory on Fromm's Ego Theory  [in Japanese]

    NUKAGA Kyosuke

    エーリッヒ・フロムは、フランクフルト社会研究所在籍時に、権威主義に対する批判的考察を行っている。この考察は、フロム独自の自我理論と疎外‐ 物象化論として把握可能である。この権威主義研究の際、フロムはフロイト自我理論への批判を、フロイトの概念である超自我、自我、エスという自我三層構造論を踏襲しながら行っている。自我が弱い時、彼は、「内部世界と外部世界」を生活充足の対象とする人格的課題を、超自我が担う …

    The Journal of Studies in Contemporary Sociological Theory 10(0), 115-127, 2016


  • What Did Niklas Luhmann's Political Theory Attempt?(Part 2)Critical Review of Stefan Lange, 2003, Niklas Luhmanns Theorie der Politik : Eine Abklarung der Staatsgesellschaft  [in Japanese]

    井口 暁

    … On the other hand, the idea of operational closure never excludes giving advice as a form of "structural coupling" between scientific and political systems. …

    京都社会学年報 = Kyoto journal of sociology (23), 55-74, 2015-12


  • A Critical Note on "Hypercritical" Studies of Transitional Justice

    Ohgushi Kazuo

    … This article critically engages these authors.The first section briefly introduces this brand of criticism, which the present article tentatively labels "hypercritical" studies. … The third section examines the increasingly common criticism that the current transitional justice does not address structural violence. …

    社会科学ジャーナル = The Journal of Social Science (79), 83-121, 2015-03-31


  • A Critical Note on "Hypercritical" Studies of Transitional Justice

    Ohgushi Kazuo

    … The first section briefly introduces this brand of criticism, which the present article tentatively labels "hypercritical" studies. … The third section examines the increasingly common criticism that the current transitional justice does not address structural violence. … This section argues that, although it is necessary to grapple with structural violence, it should be done so in its own right and not as part of transitional justice measures. …

    社会科学ジャーナル (79), 83-121, 2015-03-31


  • Japanese Perception of International Relations through the Idea of "International Contribution": Rethinking International Relations Theory  [in Japanese]

    OYAMA Takatoshi

    … The structural outline, which is visible in the use of "international contribution", is inductively extracted in the second section. … The perception that Japan had taken "free ride" on "public goods" arousing international criticism keenly made Japanese realize the necessity of "international contribution". …

    International Relations 2015(180), 180_1-180_16, 2015


  • An Architect′s Adaptation to the Mass Production System: A. Quincy Jones′s Tract Houses

    Cinn Eungee , Song Hayub

    … While his adoption of the post-and-beam system originated from criticism of the mass builders′ … In his actual projects, the consistency of the structural system and the flexible application of the minimum plan showed a significant difference with those of mass builders. … His post-and-beam structural system was also effective, in visualizing the connection between inside and outside space for outdoor living spaces. …

    Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 14(3), 561-568, 2015


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