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  • Identification of peptides inhibiting the specific binding between AGEs and RAGE  [in Japanese]

    Mori Shuji , Watanabe Masahiro , Wake Hidenori , Liu Keyue , Teshigawara Kiyoshi , Takahashi Hideo , Nishibori Masahiro , Toyomura Takao

    … <p>Advanced glycation end products (AGEs), produced by non-enzymatic glycation between sugar (or its metabolites) and the amino residues on biomolecules, exert the inflammatory response via the stimulation of some pattern recognition receptors including RAGE. … Therefore, it is likely that the regulation of AGEs signaling will be the potent therapeutic target for prevention and treatment of age-related diseases. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 3-P-352, 2020


  • D-Allose, a Stereoisomer of D-Glucose, Extends the Lifespan of <i>Caenorhabditis elegans</i> via Sirtuin and Insulin Signaling:D-Allose Extends Nematode Lifespan via Sirtuin and Insulin Signaling

    Shintani Tomoya , Sakoguchi Hirofumi , Yoshihara Akihide , Izumori Ken , Sato Masashi

    … <p>D-Allose (D-All), C-3 epimer of D-glucose, is a rare sugar known to suppress reactive oxygen species generation and prevent hypertension. …

    Journal of Applied Glycoscience 66(4), 139-142, 2019


  • <i>Centella asiatica</i> (L.) extract attenuates inflammation and improve insulin sensitivity in a coculture of lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced 3T3-L1 adipocytes and RAW 264.7 macrophages

    Kusumastuti Siska Andrina , Nugrahaningsih Dwi Aris Agung , Wahyuningsih Mae Sri Hartati

    … <p>Insulin resistance in obese condition is related to chronic low-grade inflammation which leads to insulin signaling impairment. … (L.) is an herb that exhibits anti-inflammatory and blood sugar-lowering activity (hypoglycemia). …

    Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics 13(5), 261-267, 2019


  • Involvement of the membrane-localized ubiquitin ligase ATL8 in sugar starvation response in Arabidopsis

    Luo Yongming , Aoyama Shoki , Fukao Yoichiro , Chiba Yukako , Sato Takeo , Yamaguchi Junji

    … is a sugar starvation response gene and that <i>ATL8</i> … expression was significantly increased by sugar starvation conditions but repressed by exogenous sugar supply. … In addition, Starch Synthase 4 was identified as a putative interactor with ATL8, suggesting that ATL8 may be involved in modulating starch accumulation in response to sugar availability. …

    Plant Biotechnology 36(2), 107-112, 2019


  • Effects of Gibberellic Acid/Cytokinin Treatments on Berry Development and Maturation in the Yellow-green Skinned 'Shine Muscat' Grape

    Suehiro Yuka , Mochida Keisuke , Tsuma Mitsuru , Yasuda Yuji , Itamura Hiroyuki , Esumi Tomoya

    … Both treatments resulted in enlarged berries and the suppression of increases in sugar content. … and <i>VvCHKs</i>, which are involved in GA and CK signaling, respectively. … Therefore, GA/CK treatment at the veraison stage may broadly affect phytohormone biosynthesis and signaling pathways in subsequent developmental stages, although the effect size greatly differs depending on the experimental conditions, including year and plant.</p> …

    The Horticulture Journal 88(2), 202-213, 2019


  • A Trace Amount of Galactose, a Major Component of Milk Sugar, Allows Maturation of Glycoproteins during Sugar Starvation

    Sasaoka Norio , Imamura Hiromi , Kakizuka Akira

    … Milk sugar is composed of glucose and galactose. … Thus, it has been a puzzle as to why mammals utilize galactose as a major component of milk sugar. …

    iScience (10), 211-221, 2018-12-21


  • Phylogeny and Properties of a Novel Lectin Family with β-Trefoil Folding in Mussels

    Fujii Yuki , Ozeki Yasuhiro , Gerdol Marco , Hasan Imtiaj , Koide Yasuhiro , Matsuzaki Risa , Ikeda Mayu , Rajia Sultana , Ogawa Yukiko , Kawsar S. M. Abe

    <p>世界の沿岸に棲み、食材や環境指標動物として重要な二枚貝イガイ科ムラサキイガイから、新たなレクチン「マイティレック(MytiLec)」が発見された。それは、α-ガラクトシドであるグロボトリオース(Gb3)糖鎖と結合し、Gb3を持つリンパ腫細胞に投与するとプログラム細胞死を誘導した。このレクチンは、これまでに知られていなかった新たな一次構造から作られていたが、その立体は、レクチンの代 …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 30(177), J155-J168, 2018

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  • Phylogeny and Properties of a Novel Lectin Family with β-Trefoil Folding in Mussels

    Fujii Yuki , Ozeki Yasuhiro , Gerdol Marco , Hasan Imtiaj , Koide Yasuhiro , Matsuzaki Risa , Ikeda Mayu , Rajia Sultana , Ogawa Yukiko , Kawsar S. M. Abe

    … MytiLec binds to the sugar moiety of globotriose (Gb3), an α-galactoside, leading to apoptosis of Gb3-expressing Burkitt's lymphoma cells. …

    Trends in Glycoscience and Glycotechnology 30(177), E195-E208, 2018


  • Influence of Kori-tofu on Lipid and Sugar Metabolism  [in Japanese]

    Ishiguro Takahiro

    凍り豆腐が脂質代謝・糖質代謝改善効果を有する理由として,不消化性画分(HMF)を豊富に含むことがあげられる。大豆タンパク質と比較して凍り豆腐中タンパク質が多くのHMFを有することが知られていたが,大豆から凍り豆腐に加工される過程において,どのような要因によってHMFが増加するのかについても調べた。その結果,凍り豆腐製造工程において,原料豆腐を圧搾する工程,凍結工程,低温熟成工程において顕著にHMF …

    Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi 65(10), 488-492, 2018

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  • Sugar-responsive transcription factor bZIP3 affects leaf shape in Arabidopsis plants

    Sanagi Miho , Lu Yu , Aoyama Shoki , Morita Yoshie , Mitsuda Nobutaka , Ikeda Miho , Ohme-Takagi Masaru , Sato Takeo , Yamaguchi Junji

    … Plants must therefore manage their growth and developmental processes in response to sugar availability. … Sugar signaling pathways constitute a complicated molecular network and are associated with global transcriptional regulation. … However, the molecular mechanisms underlying sugar signaling remain largely unclear. …

    Plant Biotechnology 35(2), 167-170, 2018


  • Protein Hunger is Encoded by Branch-specific Plasticity of a Dedicated Dopamine Circuit  [in Japanese]

    LIU Qili , TABUCHI Masashi

    <p>食物の摂取においてはつねに"何をどのくらい食べるか"という重要な選択が存在する。食物の選択において空腹感は食物に対する生理学的要求を表現する動機付けであり,それゆえに,空腹感というものは塩分やタンパク質のように各種栄養成分特異的に個別付加され得るものであるといえる<sup>7, 11)</sup>。このような栄養成分に特異的な空腹要求に由来する食物の選択は …

    Hikaku seiri seikagaku(Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry) 34(4), 123-135, 2017


  • Sugar Metabolism and Fruit Development in the Tomato

    Kanayama Yoshinori

    … Therefore, in this review, we consider sugar metabolism and fruit development in the tomato. … We begin by discussing how the sugar content of tomato fruit has been successfully increased in a tomato introgression line containing a chromosome segment from a wild relative, and how this has furthered our understanding of the mechanism controlling sugar content. …

    The Horticulture Journal 86(4), 417-425, 2017


  • Strigolactones are involved in sugar signaling to modulate early seedling development in <i>Arabidopsis</i>

    Li Guo Dong , Pan Li Na , Jiang Kai , Takahashi Ikuo , Nakamura Hidemitsu , Xu Ying Wu , Asami Tadao , Shen Ren Fang

    … Strigolactones are a novel class of plant hormones that interact with multiple signaling molecules, including auxin, abscisic acid, ethylene, and brassinosteroid, to regulate plant growth and development. … Recently, researchers have shown that sugars are involved in bud outgrowth control, suggesting a potential interaction between sugars and strigolactone signaling. …

    Plant Biotechnology 33(2), 87-97, 2016


  • Regulation of plant biomass-degrading enzyme genes in filamentous fungi  [in Japanese]

    Kunitake Emi , Kobayashi Tetsuo

    糸状菌は植物バイオマス(リグノセルロース)に由来する低分子の糖を細胞表層であるいは細胞内に取り込んだ後に感知し,シグナル伝達機構を介してセルラーゼやヘミセルラーゼ遺伝子の発現を転写レベルで活性化する.一方,資化しやすいグルコース等の糖の存在時にはカーボンカタボライト抑制機構が働き,転写が抑制される.このメカニズムを理解することは植物バイオマス分解酵素の効率的な生産に極めて重要である.主に<i …

    JSM Mycotoxins 66(1), 85-96, 2016

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  • Phytochrome-mediated regulation of cell division and growth during regeneration and sporeling development in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha (JPR Symposium : Reprogramming of plant cells as adaptive strategies)

    Nishihama Ryuichi , Ishizaki Kimitsune , Hosaka Masashi , Matsuda Yoriko , Kubota Akane , Kohchi Takayuki

    … polymorpha phytochrome allowed regeneration of well grown, widely expanded thalli even in the dark when sugar was supplied, further demonstrating that the phytochrome signal promotes cell proliferation, which is rate-limited by sucrose availability. …

    Journal of plant research 128(3), 407-421, 2015-05



    諸杉 健志

    … The phosphoenolpyruvate (PEP)-dependent carbohydrate:phosphotransferase system (PTS), a major sugar uptake system widely distributed among bacteria, plays key roles in various aspects of signaling, including chemotaxis. … Enzyme I (EI), the first component of PTS, accepts a phosphoryl group from PEP, which is then transferred through a chain of proteins eventually to the substrate sugar. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (56), 1-2, 2015-03-24

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  • Synergistic combination therapy with cotylenin A and vincristine in multiple myeloma models

    Takahashi Tsutomu , HOMMA Yoshio , Miyake Takaaki , Adachi Koji , TAKAMI Saki , OKADA MASAHIRO , KUMANOMIDOU SATOSHI , IKEJIRI Fumiyoshi , ONISHI Chie , Kawakami Koshi , MORIYAMA Ichiro , Inoe Masaya , TANAKA JUNKO , SUZUMIYA Junji

    … Cotylenin A, a fusicoccane diterpene glycoside with a complex sugar moiety, was isolated as a plant-growth regulator. … Recently, it was reported that cotylenin A modulates the 14-3-3 intracellular signaling pathway. …



  • Elucidation of the Intracellular Signaling Pathway against Cold Stress  [in Japanese]

    YAZAWA Tomoki , SEKINE Hiroaki , MURASE Norio , NAGAHARA Yukitoshi

    … In plants, tolerance to low temperature was carried out by the removal of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), accumulation of sugar, and controlling hormones. …

    Cryobiology and Cryotechnology 60(2), 109-113, 2014

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  • Expression and Role of Sugar Chains on Airway Mucus in Induction and Exacerbation of Airway Inflammation  [in Japanese]

    Ishibashi Yuji , Inouye Yoshio , Taniguchi Akiyoshi

    … Changes in the contents of sugar chains on MUC5AC are among the fundamental features in inflammatory respiratory disease. … The changes have been shown to lead to unfavorable alterations in the viscosity of mucus, resulting in impairment of mucociliary transport, vulnerability to viral/bacterial infection as sugar chains play an important role in adhesion of some viruses and bacteria to the epithelium, and finally inflammatory cell infiltration in the airway. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 132(6), 699-704, 2012

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  • Effects of Sugars on Sorbitol-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase Gene Expression in the Rosaceae

    Suzuki Yasuo , Terai Hirofumi , Dandekar Abhaya

    バラ科果樹には転流糖としてソルビトールとシュクロースの2種類の糖が存在する。糖は遺伝子の発現を調節するシグナル因子としての役割も有する。バラ科果樹における糖のセンシングとシグナリングの機構を理解することは重要である。なぜならソース葉で合成されるソルビトールとシュクロースの割合が果実品質や栄養成長に影響を及ぼすからである。ソルビトール及びシュクロースの生合成のキー酵素はそれぞれソルビトール6リン酸脱 …

    Plant and Cell Physiology Supplement 2011(0), 0918-0918, 2011


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