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  • Survival and complication rates of tooth-implant versus freestanding implant supporting fixed partial prosthesis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    La Monaca Gerardo , Pranno Nicola , Annibali Susanna , Massimo Cordaro , Polimeni Antonella , Patini Romeo , Paola Cristalli Maria

    <i>Purpose:</i> This systematic review was performed to compare tooth, implant and prosthesis failures and biological and technical complications in toothimplant vs freestanding implant su …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2021


  • Superior Conjunctiva-Sparing Intraocular Lens-Suturing Technique with Straight Long Suture Needles Advanced from the Opposite Side

    Matsuo Toshihiko

    … Under the circumstances, surgical approach for spontaneous in-the-bag intraocular lens dislocation should be limited to temporal and nasal area of the conjunctiva. … A surgical technique for intraocular lens-suturing was designed to spare the superior conjunctiva.</br>Methods: Dislocated in-the-bag intraocular lens was removed with 25G or 27G vitreous forceps from sclerocorneal incision on the temporal side after the insertion of 25G or 27G trocars with infusion cannula. …

    Clinics in Surgery (5), 2847, 2020-06-15


  • Chyle leakage after axillary node sampling in a patient with breast cancer: a case report

    Kohno Norio , Kimoto Takeo , Okamoto Akiko , Tanino Hirokazu

    … Background Chyle leakage is a well-known complication after thoracic surgery, such as esophagectomy, cardiac surgery, mediastinal lymph node dissection, and neck surgery. … However, chyle leakage is a rare complication after dissections of the lateral or subclavian axillary nodes for breast surgery. … however, the persistent leakage made us perform the surgical management. … the nipple and the caudal surgical margin of the lumpectomy were positive for cancer. …

    Surgical Case Reports 6(1), 119, 2020-06-01


  • Thoracoscopic Extraction from the Esophagus of a Large Dental Prosthesis with Clasp after Accidental Swallowing  [in Japanese]

    三浦 康之 , 鈴木 隆 , 吉田 公彦 , 大嶋 陽幸 , 谷島 聡 , 島田 英昭 , 船橋 公彦

    … Thoracoscopic extraction is considered to be minimally invasive for the surgical removal of a foreign object from the esophagus. … If a complication such as postoperative suture failure occurs, however, the patient's condition often turns severe. …

    東邦医学会雑誌 = Journal of Medical Society of Toho University 67(2), 53-58, 2020-06

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  • Institutional Review of Surgical Therapy for Cloacal Exstrophy : Our Historical Operative Strategy in 42 years' Experience  [in Japanese]

    青井 重善 , 古川 泰三 , 文野 誠久 , 坂井 宏平 , 出口 英一 , 岡 佳伸 , 内藤 泰行 , 田尻 達郎

    京都府立医科大学雑誌 129(3), 183-190, 2020-03

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  • Post surgical complication for lower urological surgery  [in Japanese]

    鴫原 果映

    Surgeon : technical magazine for veterinary surgeons : 小動物外科専門誌 24(2), 52-68, 2020-03

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  • Post surgical complication for upper urological surgery  [in Japanese]

    岩井 聡美

    Surgeon : technical magazine for veterinary surgeons : 小動物外科専門誌 24(2), 25-50, 2020-03

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  • Operative Approach for Cervical Esophageal Cancer  [in Japanese]

    四宮 弘隆 , 川口 了子 , 手島 正則 , 蓼原 瞬 , 入谷 啓介 , 古川 達也 , 大月 直樹 , 丹生 健一

    日本気管食道科学会会報 = The journal of the Japan Broncho-Esophagological Society 71(4), 291-296, 2020

  • Benign adrenal and suprarenal retroperitoneal schwannomas can mimic aggressive adrenal malignancies: case report and review of the literature

    Wilson Mitchell P. , Katlariwala Prayash , Huang Jingyang , Low Gavin , Wiebe Edward

    … The lesion has been managed conservatively with imaging follow up and without complication. … Despite aggressive appearances, our case demonstrates that biopsy and surveillance may represent a reasonable alternative to surgery in suboptimal surgical candidates.</p> …

    Intractable & Rare Diseases Research 9(3), 156-162, 2020


  • Endovascular Treatment of Cavernous Sinus Dural Arteriovenous Fistulae: Review of the Literature and Current Status

    Satow Tetsu

    … As surgical access is difficult, endovascular treatment (EVT) has been considered and performed as the first-line therapy for decades. … To avoid this complication, selective shunt occlusion (SSO), in which the coils are placed in the shunted pouch (SP) defined by the small restricted space where the arterial flow converges, is an effective and safe method. …

    Journal of Neuroendovascular Therapy, 2020


  • Transarterial Embolization of a Parasellar Hypervascular Tumor

    Kiyosue Hiro , Ide Satomi , Morishige Masaki , Kubo Takeshi

    … Several benefits of preoperative embolization have been reported, including reduced blood loss, surgical time and surgical complications, and improved outcomes. … However, the technical details of both embolization and surgical procedures, and lesions widely vary. …

    Journal of Neuroendovascular Therapy, 2020


  • A Study of Inguinal Hernia after Robot-assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy in Our Hospital  [in Japanese]

    SAWATANI Tetsuo , OSHIRO Mitsuru , OTSUKA Koji , KATOU Rei , AOKI Takeshi , MURAKAMI Masahiko

    <p>目的と方法:前立腺癌に対するロボット支援腹腔鏡下前立腺全摘術(RALP)は標準術式として増加している.一方,晩期合併症として術後鼠径ヘルニアが指摘されている.当院で2012年4月から2016年12月までのRALP 204例の術後鼠径ヘルニアについて検討した.</p><p>結果:RALP術後経過観察期間は平均645日.術後鼠径ヘルニアは24症例27病変に認め …

    Nihon Rinsho Geka Gakkai Zasshi (Journal of Japan Surgical Association) 81(2), 221-226, 2020

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  • Splenic abscess owing to <i>Salmonella </i>Typhi: An uncommon presentation

    Kaur Navneet , Varshney Vaibhav Kumar , Kombade Sarika Prabhakar , Yadav Taruna , Suman Sunita , Garg Pawan Kumar , Nag Vijaya Lakshmi

    … <p>Splenic abscess is an uncommon extra-intestinal complication of <i>Salmonella </i>Typhi in the postantibiotic era. …

    Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases, 2020


  • Surgical Management of Aortoenteric Erosion Due to Pulsatile Stress After Aneurysm Repair: A Case Report

    Kunioka Shingo , Kitahara Hiroto , Ohira Seima , Tada Yuki , Akasaka Nobuyuki , Kamiya Hiroyuki

    … <p>Secondary aortoenteric fistula or erosion (SAEFE), an abnormal connection between the aorta and gastrointestinal tract, is a rare but critical complication after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. …

    Annals of Vascular Diseases, 2020


  • Operative Approach for Cervical Esophageal Cancer  [in Japanese]

    Shinomiya Hirotaka , Kawaguchi Ryoko , Teshima Masanori , Tatehara Shun , Iritani Keisuke , Furukawa Tatsuya , Otsuki Naoki , Nibu Ken-ichi

    <p>頸部食道癌は希少疾患であり,全食道癌の中の約5%程度とされる。その希少性と部位的な特徴から,治療方針は施設によりさまざまで,標準治療の構築が難しい。特にQOLに直結する喉頭機能温存や手術侵襲に関連する食道全摘の適応については十分吟味する必要がある。そういった中で,近年導入化学(放射線)治療や根治的化学放射線治療(CRT)で進行癌に対しても治療成績の向上とともに喉頭温存を目指す治療 …

    Nihon Kikan Shokudoka Gakkai Kaiho 71(4), 291-296, 2020


  • Complications of full-endoscopic lumbar laminoplasty for lumbar spinal canal stenosis  [in Japanese]

    Yoshikane Koichi , Kikuchi Katsuhiko

    <p>2009年から2019年の10年間に当施設で同一術者が施行した腰部脊柱管狭窄症に対する全内視鏡下腰椎椎弓形成術564例について後ろ向きに調査を行い,53件(9.4%)の周術期合併症を確認した.内訳は硬膜損傷が23件.術後ドレーンチューブ留置先端による神経刺激症状が9件.硬膜外血腫7件で下肢筋力低下を合併したのは2件.原因特定不能の馬尾損傷が14件,そのうち3件で膀胱直腸障害を合併 …

    Journal of Spine Research 11(8), 997-1003, 2020


  • Current Status of Cardiovascular Surgery in Japan : A Report Based on the Japan Cardiovascular Surgery Database in 2017, 2018 4. Thoracic Aortic Surgery  [in Japanese]

    Shimizu Hideyuki , Hirahara Norimichi , Motomura Noboru , Miyata Hiroaki , Takamoto Shinichi

    <p>[目的]本邦における大動脈疾患に対する治療の現状を分析した.[方法]日本心臓血管外科手術データベース(JCVSD)を用い,2017年,2018年に本邦で施行された胸部・胸腹部大動脈手術の症例数,手術死亡率,合併症(脳梗塞,腎不全,肺炎,対麻痺)発症率を,部位(基部・上行,弓部,下行,胸腹部),術式,年齢階層に分けて分析した.[結果]症例数は約40,000例で,解離と非解離がほぼ同 …

    Japanese Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery 49(4), 169-179, 2020


  • Aortobifemoral Bypass Grafting with Reversed L-Shaped Technique for Endograft Infection

    Kobayashi Kimihiro , Uchida Tetsuro , Kuroda Yoshinori , Yamashita Atushi , Ohba Eiichi , Ochiai Tomonori , Sadahiro Mitsuaki

    … <p>Endograft infection after abdominal endovascular aortic repair is a rare but catastrophic complication associated with high perioperative mortality and postoperative recurrent infection. … The optimal surgical treatment is still controversial, particularly regarding in situ or extra-anatomical revascularization. …

    Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2020


  • Surgical Treatment of Rectal Prolapse in the Laparoscopic Era; A Review of the Literature

    Tsunoda Akira

    … As a result, laparoscopic procedures showed a relatively low recurrence rate than the perineal procedures with comparable complication rates. … However, the optimal surgical repair has not been clearly demonstrated because of the significant heterogeneity of available studies. …

    Journal of the Anus, Rectum and Colon 4(3), 89-99, 2020


  • A case report of living renal transplantation from a horseshoe kidney donor  [in Japanese]

    TSURUTA Katsuhisa , KOMATSU Tomonori , KIMURA Toru , ITO Yasuo , YUGUCHI Yuri , MURAKI Atsunori , SANO Yuta , TSUJI Yoshikazu , KINUKAWA Tsuneo

    … Likewise, the recipient experienced no surgical complication or rejection. …

    Japanese Journal of Transplantation 55(2), 103-107, 2020


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