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  • The "Kitchen Cars" : American Farm Surplus and Japanese Dietary Transformation  [in Japanese]

    ホプソン ネイスン , HOPSON Nathan

    … On the other hand, these menus were planned specifically to increase consumption of American agricultural products, especially wheat, soy, and corn. … For US agricultural and political interests, in addition to supporting the economic recovery and political stability of a Cold War ally, the kitchen cars—along with the school lunch program—were instrumental in teaching Japan to accept and consume American produce. …

    JunCture : 超域的日本文化研究 (11), 30-45, 2020-03-26

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  • A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of the Potential Impacts of TPP/TPP–11 and RCEP on Agriculture in Vietnam

    BUI Canh-Thai , KO Jong-Hwan , AMEKAWA Yuichiro , ISODA Hiroshi , ITO Shoichi

    … In this study, we estimate the impacts of tariff elimination and non–tariff barriers (NTBs) reductions in ten scenarios considering singular and joint implementations of the TPP, the TPP–11, and the RCEP on Vietnam and, in particular, its agricultural sector using the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) model. … The focus of this study on the agricultural sector stems from the observation that it still plays an important role to reduce the country's trade deficit. …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院紀要 63(1), 169-175, 2018-02-27


  • The Trends of EU Exports of Main Dairy Products  [in Japanese]

    HIRAOKA Yoshiyuki

    … <p>The purpose of this paper is to analyze the recent trends of EU exports of main dairy products,especially butter,cheese,skimmed milk powder (SMP) and whole milk powder (WMP). … The dairy sector is one of the most important agricultural sectors in the EU and has been exporting numerous dairy products to world markets since the introduction of the Common Agricultural Policy. …

    EU Studies in Japan 2016(36), 95-120, 2016


  • Reuse of Expired Natto (Fermented Soybeans) as an Animal Feed

    Miyaguchi Yuji , Nishino Kagetomo , Ogawa Yasuki

    … Many producers of natto—a fermented soybean product with high nutritional benefits—face difficulties in disposing of expired products or surplus stock. …

    Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 11(1), 23-30, 2016

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  • The System of Rice Intensification (SRI): Assessment on SRI Farmers' Contribution to the Rice Markets


    … This study aims to assess whether SRI farmers can contribute their products to the markets that are still immature and inaccessible. … Findings revealed that besides the sufficiency of self-consumption, most of selected farmers are able to sell products to the markets and based on the expenditure on agricultural input and income analyses, farmer could earn profits although labor is the highest cost. …

    International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development 6(1), 69-74, 2015


  • Sustainability of a low-chemical vegetable shipping group:A Case study of a Rural Development Project in Khon Kaen, Northeastern Thailand  [in Japanese]

    NAKATO Ayako , YASUNOBU Kumi , ODA Tetsuro , Utaranakorn Panatda

    … A structured questionnaire was used for the face-to-face interviews in March and September 2013.<br>When the group was established, its purposes were 1) to grow safe vegetables for home consumption 2) to save home expenditures for food, and 3) to sell surplus products in the community market to provide safe vegetables to community residents. …

    Japanese Journal of Farm Management 53(3), 1-13, 2015


  • Decreasing Agricultural Competitiveness and Related Policies in China  [in Japanese]

    Ikegami Akihide

    … Firstly, it analyzed how the change from a labor surplus economy to a labor shortage economy affected agriculture in China. … Secondly, it illustrated the decreasing agricultural competitiveness from the late 2000s by the increasing disparity between domestic and foreign prices and net import of agricultural products. …

    Journal of Rural Economics 87(1), 73-82, 2015


  • Current Situation of the Advance of Chinese National Farms in Russia  [in Japanese]

    OSHIMA Kazutsugu

    … According to the material, this movement is regarded as the result of the surplus labor in Chinese rural area. … Russian side has problems such as 1) collapsed agricultural infrastructure after the end of Soviet Union, 2) strict policy of the custom and immigrant office and difficulties in obtaining the visa, 3) difficulties in seeking productive tools, 4) Russian's hostile attitude that regarding China as "threat," 5) difficulties in sales in the far east of Russia and so on. …

    St. Andrew's University economic and business review 55(4), 119-143, 2014-03


  • Effective Utilization of Surplus Agricultural Products for Food-Loss Reduction and Poverty Alleviation : Food Bank Activities in Tarlac, Philippines  [in Japanese]

    Ide Rumi

    世界の生産量の3分の1にあたる13億トンの食料が毎年廃棄されている。世界には、一日1.25米ドル未満で生活する食料に困窮する人が12億人以上いる。この食品ロスと食料困窮という不均衡を緩和し、エネルギー消費を抑制する方策の一つが、余剰食料を困窮者へ繋げるフードバンク活動である。1967年米国で始まったフードバンクは、日本はじめ世界36カ国以上に拡がっている。食べられるにも関わらず廃棄される食品の、生 …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management 25(0), 19, 2014


  • Reform of the Food Distribution Programme for the Most Deprived Persons in the European Union  [in Japanese]

    YUTAKA Yoshiaki

    … The Food Distribution Programme for the Most Deprived Persons in the European Union (MDP), which enables the surplus intervention stocks of agricultural products to be distributed to the deprived in member states, has been in place since 1987 as an instrument of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). …

    EU Studies in Japan 2014(34), 250-269, 2014


  • Crises Theories in Marx's Capital and the Current World Economy in Crisis(<SPECIAL ISSUE>Marxian Crisis Theory and Global Financial Crisis)  [in Japanese]

    ITOH Makoto

    … As basic causes, the difficulties to realization of value and surplus value due to either under-consumption or disequilibrium were emphasized in the excess commodity theories of crisis. …

    Political Economy Quarterly 51(3), 7-19, 2014


  • Development of Vegetable Production and Employment Structure in Inland Rural Areas of Fujian Province, China  [in Japanese]

    CHEN Lin

    … However, there is still a mass surplus of laborers staying in agriculture because rural-to-urban migration is strictly regulated and off-farm jobs are insufficient in rural China. … This increase is driven by the liberalization of the distribution system for agricultural products, the decline of suburban vegetable producing areas, and the expansion of vegetable consumption caused by the advancement of urbanization. …

    Annals of the Association of Economic Geographers 60(1), 1-22, 2014


  • Sales of Organic Farm Products Using Various Distribution Channels : Circumstances and Problems  [in Japanese]

    OJIMA Kazushi , SATOH Toyonobu , DATAI Hisashi

    … in the meantime, the distribution channels of organic farm products have diversified. … The purpose of this study is to investigate the circumstances surrounding the sale of organic farm products in regions where organic farming has greatly proliferated, and to clarify the merits to farmers of diversified distribution channels. …

    Journal of Rural Problems 49(2), 403-408, 2013-09-25

    J-STAGE  JASI  References (7)

  • Edible Landscaping in the Philippines: Maximizing the Use of Small Spaces for Aesthetics and Crop Production

    Rodrigo P. Tayobong Ryan , C. Sanchez Fernando , V. Apacionado Jr. Bryan , Charito E. Balladares Maria , G. Medina Norma

    … It considers the aesthetics and functionality of space in relation to the production of safe and readily available crop products for the family and community.<br> … Moreover, surplus crop products can be marketed to generate additional income. …

    Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 8(2), 91-99, 2013

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  • Habit Formation in Natural Cheese Consumption : An Approach Based on Dynamic Demand Analysis  [in Japanese]


    … In expectation of growing cheese consumption, natural cheese production is being increased to reduce surplus milk and create high added value in raw milk. … Third, high priced natural cheese is more price inelastic and expenditure elastic than the others.<br>In the mature stage of cheese demand, such a natural cheese market is expected to grow and to be suitable for value added products. …

    Journal of Rural Economics 82(1), 1-10, 2010-06-25

    J-STAGE  References (26)

  • Impact on food supply and environment of developing countries by expansion of biofuel usage: forcus on food supply, living conditions and work environment  [in Japanese]

    Yoshino Minoru

    … In china although bioethanol production have launched in order to get rid of the deteriorated surplus crops, the government have given priority to food over bioethanol production since competition in crop usage between food and fuel become actual. … On the other hand, owing to the fact that the increase of the demand for agricultural products by expanding use of biofuel, agriculture and the other industries are promoted and job opportunities are grown. …

    The journal of economic studies (39), 125-154[含 英語文要旨], 2009-09


  • Estimation of food consumption and possibility of energy crop production using surplus paddy areas in Indonesia  [in Japanese]

    KAWACHI Jun , SHINDO Junko , OKAMOTO Katsuo , KAWASHIMA Hiroyuki

    … It is forecasted that Southeast Asia will have a surplus paddy field area. … This surplus area could be used to produce energy crops without decreasing the forest area in the countries. … The per capita consumption of rice and animal products consumption in 2030 is predicted to be 0.9 times and 1.8 times respectively compared with present in Indonesia. …

    Journal of the Japanese Agricultural Systems Society 24(4), 233-242, 2008-10-10

    J-STAGE  References (15)

  • Estimation of Nitrogen and Phosphate Flows from Livestock Waste for Determining a Desirable Recycling System  [in Japanese]

    SEKITO Tomoo , DOTE Yutaka , INOUE Yuzo

    … A significant amount of livestock waste is generated in Miyazaki Prefecture and a large part of it is applied to agricultural land as manure. … It has been reported that the surplus application of livestock waste contaminates groundwater with nitrogen and causes the accumulation of phosphate in soil, which could also lead to eutrophication. … To preserve the quality of this water resource, effective measures should control the application of surplus nutrients. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Waste Management Experts 18(6), 382-391, 2007-11-30

    J-STAGE  References (20) Cited by (2)

  • Boris Brutzkus' Conception of the Agrarian Reform during the Days of the Russian February Revolution

    MORIOKA Masashi

    … Because of this, Russian industry could neither absorb the increase of rural population nor provide domestic market for agricultural products. … Referring to the experiences of Western countries, he advocates that the peasant's private ownership of land with the system of well-organized mortgage credit can promote intensification of peasant farming and flow of rural surplus population into cities. …

    Russian and East European Studies 2007(36), 159-172, 2007


  • Agricultural Production and Sale In Case of Khattara Village at Tinjdad Area in Morocco  [in Japanese]

    OSHIMA Keiko

    … The farm products consist mainly of cereals, vegetables and dates. … These farm products in Khattara villages are mainly for self-consumption, but when there is a surplus, they are also sold in the market inside the area. … However, the area is now facing a serious decrease in agricultural production due to a recurrent drought during the last two decades. … As a result, agricultural-related earnings occupy only 40% of entire earnings of farmers. …

    The journal of Daito Asian studies (6), 47-64, 2006-03-31


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