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  • A Survey of Certified Review Boards under the Clinical Trials Act  [in Japanese]

    OZAKI Masahiko , HARADA Yuki , TOYA Waki , YAMASHITA Noriko , FUSE Nozomu , SATO Akihiro , TSUBOI Masahiro

    … <p><b>Background</b>: Clinical research conducted under the Clinical Trials Act, which came into effect in April 2018 in Japan, must be reviewed by a Certified Review Board (CRB) which is accredited by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). …

    Rinsho yakuri/Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 51(5), 255-265, 2020


  • Statistical comparison between separate-version and short-version questionnaires  [in Japanese]

    Ozaki Koken

    <p>Short-version questionnaires are often used in psychological research dealing with constructs, because the number of questions that the respondent must answer can be reduced. However, because …

    The Japanese journal of psychology 89(1), 61-70, 2018


  • Effects of occupational illness on labor productivity: A socioeconomic aspect of informal sector workers in urban Bangladesh

    Sarker Abdur Razzaque , Sultana Marufa , Mahumud Rashidul Alam , Ahmed Sayem , Ahmed Mohammad Wahid , Hoque Mohammad Enamul , Islam Ziaul , Gazi Rukhsana , Khan Jahangir A.M.

    … <b>Objectives: </b>The informal sector is the dominant area of employment and the economy for any developing country including Bangladesh. … <b>Methodology: </b>A cross-sectional survey was conducted among three occupational groups of informal workers (rickshaw pullers, shopkeepers and restaurant workers) that were generally found in all urban areas in Bangladesh. …

    Journal of Occupational Health 58(2), 209-215, 2016


  • The large gap between customer expectations and actual explanations of supplements by pharmacists  [in Japanese]

    Noda Toshihiro , Yamada Kazuya , Hirai Midori , Tasaki Yoshikazu , Matsubara Kazuo , Yoshiyama Yuji , Iseki Ken , Arashiki Yuji , Anzai Keiko , Kawasaki Keiko , Kurihara Tomohito , Takaichi Kazuyuki , Takano Noriko , Nakamura Mineo , Nishino Kenzo

    … <b><i>Abstract</i></b><br><b>Objective</b> … : In this study, we conducted a survey on both the use of supplements by customers and information provided by pharmacists, to clarify customer understanding. …

    An Official Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association 36(2), 93-98, 2013

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Multicenter Survey on Hospital-acquired Pneumonia and the Clinical Efficacy of First-line Antibiotics in Japan

    Watanabe Akira , Yanagihara Katsunori , Kohno Shigeru , Matsushima Toshiharu , HAP study group

    … <b>Objective</b> … <b>Methodology</b> … The observational survey was conducted during the period of June 2002-May 2004 and patients with HAP were prospectively surveyed using the consecutive enrollment method. … <b>Results</b> … <b>Conclusions</b> …

    Internal Medicine 47(4), 245-254, 2008

    IR  J-STAGE  Ichushi Web  Cited by (13)


    Wan zhongjuan

    … <>Introduction<><BR>Inland saline-alkaline wetlands is a special part of wetlands which distribute in the arid and semi-arid area and their water salt content >1g/L,soil salt content> … <>Survey of study area<><BR>Huolin River's Lower reach is in the west of Jilin Province of northeast China. …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2005s(0), 247-247, 2005


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