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  • A novel topical treatment for bone metastases using a gelatin hydrogel incorporating cisplatin as a sustained release system

    Kanda Yutaro , Kakutani Kenichiro , Yurube Takashi , Zhang Zhongying , Miyazaki Shingo , Kakiuchi Yuji , Takeoka Yoshiki , Tsujimoto Ryu , Miyazaki Kunihiko , Kawamoto Teruya , Takada Toru , Hoshino Yuichi , Tabata Yasuhiko , Kuroda Ryosuke

    Journal of Orthopaedic Research 39(3), 525-535, 2021-03


  • Antibacterial and pro-osteogenic effects of β-Defensin-2-loaded mesoporous bioglass

    REN Le , ZHANG Zhe , DENG Chunni , ZHANG Nan , LI Daxu

    … The result showed that BD-MBG yielded sustained hBD2 release for more than 7 weeks<i> … in vitro</i>, and resulted in significantly lower amounts of viable bacteria and colony forming units, and significantly higher levels of bacterial protein release compared with those in the BC and MBG groups (all <i>p</i><0.05). …

    Dental Materials Journal 40(2), 464-471, 2021


  • A case of withdrawal symptoms after long-term opioid use  [in Japanese]

    FUJINO Kento , HIROKI Tadanao , MIEDA Rie , YAMADA Makiko Hardy , SEKIMOTO Kenichi , SAITO Shigeru

    <p>オピオイド鎮痛薬の突然の中止,急速な減量などにより退薬症状が発生する.オキシコドンを慎重に減量したにもかかわらず,退薬症状が発生した1症例を報告する.症例は64歳,女性.外陰部有棘細胞がん,外腸骨リンパ節転移に対し放射線療法を施行後,会陰に難治性潰瘍が出現した.疼痛コントロール目的に当科紹介後,オキシコドンを導入し,痛みに合わせオキシコドン徐放錠を180 mg/日まで増量した.高 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Pain Clinicians 28(3), 27-30, 2021


  • Hypercholesterolemia may attenuate cerebral aneurysm  [in Japanese]

    Hokamura Kazuya , Makino Hiroshi , Iwaki Takayuki , Imai Ryou , Kimura Tetsuro , Nakajima Yoshiki , Umemura Kazuo

    … Elastase was administered to the subarachnoid space to damage the cerebral artery and sustained-release deoxycorticosterone was placed subcutaneously. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 94(0), 1-P1-37, 2021


  • Effects of Polyvinyl Alcohol on Drug Release from Nanocomposite Particles Using Poly (L-lactide-<i>co</i>-glycolide)

    Takeuchi Issei , Kato Yuuto , Makino Kimiko

    … <p>The effects of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) on the release behavior of polymer nanoparticles from nanocomposite particles using amino acids were investigated. … The release test results of nanocomposite particles revealed that those prepared using 0.25% and 0.50% (w/v) aqueous PVA solutions rapidly released RFX. … In contrast, particles prepared using 2.00 and 4.00% (w/v) PVA aqueous solution showed sustained drug release. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 70(3), 341-348, 2021


  • Intravaginal administration of estradiol benzoate capsule for estrus synchronization in goats

    MATSUMOTO Sayaka , TANAKA Tomomi , ENDO Natsumi

    … Two types of capsules were prepared: an EB capsule that melted immediately after administration and a sustained-release (SR) EB capsule that dissolved slowly and reached a peak after 24 h. … These results suggest that intravaginal administration of an EB capsule with a sustained-drug release base is applicable for estrus synchronization, as an alternative to intramuscular administration.</p> …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2021


  • Adverse effects of methylphenidate sustained release agent  [in Japanese]

    岩波 明 , 佐賀 信之 , 林 若穂

    精神科 = Psychiatry 37(5), 568-577, 2020-11


    TAKASE Ryo , SUZUKI Kentaro , KAMIKAWA Daisuke , HASEMI Yuji , MATSUYAMA Ken

    … Heat release of the flame source was 200kW, approximately representing a burning of chairs. … During the experiment, temperature and heat release were measured. … This time, the pitch of the louvers was also fixed (48mm) and four types differ in presence of eaves and the backing wall were considered.</p><p> From the reduced-scale experiments, it was proved that flame spread is sustained when the pitch is less than 72mm for 112mm deep blades. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (772), 401-411, 2020-06


  • Applications of Carbon Nanotubes in Bone Regenerative Medicine

    Tanaka Manabu , Aoki Kaoru , Haniu Hisao , Kamanaka Takayuki , Takizawa Takashi , Sobajima Atsushi , Yoshida Kazushige , Okamoto Masanori , Kato Hiroyuki , Saito Naoto

    … Scaffolds are essential for bone regeneration due to their ability to maintain a sustained release of growth factors and to provide a place where cells that form new bone can enter and proliferate. …

    NANOMATERIALS 10(4), 659, 2020-04


  • Disaster Resilience in Sustaining Activities on Fishers-Based Forest Conservation Initiatives : Focus on Before and After the Great East Japan Earthquake  [in Japanese]

    岩﨑 慎平

    … However, no study has shown how the initiatives have been sustained particularly in the face of the Great East Japan Earthquake which threatened fisheries production. … Due to the earthquake, however, 4 hosting organizations were forced to cancel or suspend the activities (release stage). …

    地域イノベーション = Journal for Regional Policy Studies (12), 15-23, 2020-03-10

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  • Controlled release of a model hydrophilic high molecular weight compound from injectable non-lamellar liquid crystal formulations containing different types of phospholipids

    岡田 明恵 , 藤堂 浩明 , 土黒 一郎 , 板倉 祥子 , 杉林 堅次

    … Therefore, the development of injectable formulations with controlled drug release properties are now expected to deliver middle- and large-size biomolecules. … Then, factors that affected the release of a model entrapped drug, fluorescein-isothiocyanate dextran (FD-4, M.W. … A significantly sustained FD-4 level in the blood was observed after s.c. …

    International Journal of Pharmaceutics (577), 1-9, 2020-03


  • Sustained Positivity of The Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in Two Patients with Novel Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19)  [in Japanese]

    KATO Hideaki , USUKU Shuzo , TANAKA Nobuko , TAKEUCHI Ichiro , NAKAJIMA Hideaki , KANEKO takeshi , WATANABE Hiroki , KOBAYASHI Nobuaki , HARA Yu , SAKAI Kazuya , NAKAJIMA Kento , OGAWA Fumihiro , SANO Kayoko , YAMAZAKI Etsuko

    … Our findings have led us to question the usefulness of the RT-PCR assay for determining the appropriate time to release patients from isolation after they show symptomatic recovery. …

    Kansenshogaku Zasshi 94(4), 591-595, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Posterior Tibial Artery Perforator Flap for the Treatment of Recurrent Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report  [in Japanese]

    HAGIWARA Yusuke , INADA Yuji , MOROI Keishitiro , MORIMOTO Shigeru , NAKAMURA Tatsuo , YOSHIDA Ryu

    … <p>We report a case in which a posterior tibial artery perforator flap was used to treat pain and difficulty in ambulation that developed after tarsal tunnel syndrome surgery.<BR>The patient was a 70-year-old male who sustained a right foot fracture at age 18 and developed flexion contracture of the first toe. … At age 66, he underwent contracture release and tarsal tunnel release at another hospital. …

    Journal of Japanese Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery 33(4), 241-245, 2020


  • Enhancement of antibacterial property of titanium by two-step micro arc oxidation treatment

    SHIMABUKURO Masaya , TSUTSUMI Harumi , TSUTSUMI Yusuke , MANAKA Tomoyo , CHEN Peng , ASHIDA Maki , ISHIKAWA Kunio , KATAYAMA Hideki , HANAWA Takao

    … Surface analyses and metal-ion release tests were performed to evaluate the presence of Ag and Zn and the ion release behavior for simulating practical usage, respectively. … The MAO-treated specimens containing both Ag and Zn showed excellent antibacterial properties against <i>Escherichia coli, </i>and the properties were sustained even after 28 days of immersion in physiological saline to simulate the living environment.</p> …

    Dental Materials Journal, 2020


  • Toxicity nanoinsecticide based on clove essential oil against <i>Tribolium castaneum</i> (Herbst)

    Ikawati Silvi , Himawan Toto , Abadi Abdul Latief , Tarno Hagus

    … <i>castaneum</i>, but could protect the oil from degradation and evaporation while simultaneously allowing sustained release, as indicated by the continued high toxicity for 16 weeks of storage.</p> …

    Journal of Pesticide Science, 2020


  • Study of Production of Fine Globular Granules for Oral Solid Dosage Form in the Unique Multi-functional Rotor Processor  [in Japanese]

    Kimura Shin-ichiro

    … <p>In pharmaceutical field, technology for manufacturing fine globular granules with a narrow size of particle distribution (100–200 μm) are crucially important in enhancing patient adherence and controlling drug release from functional granules, e.g., sustained release or taste-masking granules. …

    Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 57(10), 530-535, 2020


  • Survey Based on Claims Data of New Control-released Budesonide for Crohn's Disease  [in Japanese]

    Kubota Atsuhito , Imai Shungo , Momo Kenji , Sugawara Mitsuru , Takekuma Yoh

    <p>【背景】クローン病(CD)は,主として全消化管に非連続性の慢性肉芽腫性炎症などを生じる原因不明の炎症性疾患である.昨今,生体内利用率の低いブデソニド徐放性製剤(当製剤)が高い治療成績を収めているが,本邦における使用経験は少ないのが現状である.【目的】当製剤使用患者の併用薬,検査項目を抽出し,その特徴を明らかにすることを目的とした.【方法】JMDC Claims Database …

    The Journal of Community Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2020


  • DDS Formulations Used in the Otolaryngology Field: Characteristics of Pharmacokinetics and Side Effects  [in Japanese]

    Uebayashi Rie , Kawase Ryousuke , Iwamoto Takuya

    <p>ドラックデリバリーシステム(Drug Delivery System: DDS)技術は1970年代より注目され始め,徐放性製剤やプロドラック化された製剤を含む新薬の開発が可能となり,治療の有効性や利便性向上に繋がっている.薬剤の体内動態や副作用を理解することが,個々の患者に合わせた薬剤を選択していくためには重要となる.</p><p>そこで,本稿では,耳鼻咽 …

    The Journal of Japan Society for Infection and Aerosol in Otorhinolaryngology 8(3), 180-183, 2020


  • Resolvins as novel targets for rapid-acting antidepressants  [in Japanese]

    Deyama Satoshi

    <p>モノアミン再取り込み阻害作用を有する既存の抗うつ薬は,遅効性で治療効果が不十分であることが問題となっている.近年,NMDA受容体拮抗薬のケタミンが,治療抵抗性うつ病患者にも即効性かつ持続性の抗うつ作用を示すことが明らかになり,その抗うつ作用は過去60年にわたるうつ病研究のなかで最も画期的な発見として大きな注目を集めている.ケタミンには,薬物依存の懸念や幻覚・妄想などの副作用がある …

    Folia Pharmacologica Japonica 155(6), 381-385, 2020


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