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  • The Representation of Traditional Culture in Contemporary Art Forms : An Analysis of Indonesian Expanded Cinema Depicting a Magical Pact with a Spirit

    Fukuoka Madoka

    … This article considers the representation of elements of traditional culture in contemporary art forms by analyzing Indonesian director Garin Nugroho's expanded cinema "Setan Jawa" released in 2016. … This idea of presentation derives from two existing art forms: German expressionism and Javanese traditional shadow puppetry. …

    Osaka Human Sciences (7), 35-54, 2021-03

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  • Consideration about the COVID-19 materials  [in Japanese]

    MOCHIDA Makoto

    <p>新型コロナウイルス感染症が地域社会へ及ぼした影響を示す資料を「コロナ関係資料」と呼ぶ。コロナ関係資料の多くは、一過性の配付物や掲示物などのエフェメラであり、感染拡大の渦中にあるうちに収集しなければ、すぐに世の中から消え去ってしまう。これらは、感染症下で人々の暮らしを知る上で、有益な情報を与えてくれる歴史資料的な価値がある。いっぽう、コロナ社会を象徴する物としてマスクがある。浦幌町 …

    Dejitaru Akaibu Gakkaishi 5(1), 47-52, 2021


  • Village Fengshui Forests as Forms of Cultural and Ecological Heritage: Interpretations and Conservation Policy Implications from Southern China

    Chen Jianling , Lin Weiming , Zhang Yaoqi , Dai Yongwu , Chen Bixia

    … The results show as follows: the species of fengshui trees selected by Chinese rural villagers bear a symbolic meaning, including health, longevity, flourishing population, fortune, and wealth. …

    Forests 11(12), 2020-11-30


  • Diagrams for logics  [in Japanese]

    Sato Yuri , Mineshima Koji

    … <p>The use of diagrams, instead of linguistic and symbolic representations, in logical reasoning has been the subject of continuous research interest over the last few centuries. … While a majority of previous researches on cognitive science of reasoning focus on linguistic forms, this survey provides a systematic overview of diagrammatic reasoning, contributing to understanding the theoretical basis of reasoning in visual forms.</p> …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 28(1), 139-152, 2020


  • Territoriality by Folk Boundaries and Social-Geographical Conditions in Shinto-Buddhist, Catholic, and Hidden Christian Rural Communities on Hirado Island, Western Japan

    Satoshi IMAZATO

    … <p>This article explores how the sense of territoriality and various background conditions of Japanese rural communities affect the emergence of folk boundaries, which are viewed here as the contours of residents' cognitive territory represented by religion-based symbolic markers. … However, they have influenced the forms of Shinto-Buddhists' territoriality, although not those of Hidden Christians. …

    Geographical review of Japan series B 92(2), 51-71, 2020


  • System to quantify the impression of sounds expressed by onomatopoeias

    Sakamoto Maki

    … Onomatopoeias, i.e., sound symbolic words, indicate linguistic forms closely related to environmental sounds. …

    Acoustical Science and Technology 41(1), 229-232, 2020


  • Inscribing the Mind : Boole's Algebra of Logic and the New Semiotic  [in Japanese]

    坂本 壮平


    情報学研究 : 学環 : 東京大学大学院情報学環紀要 (97), 37-52, 2019-10-31

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  • Vertical Migration of <sup>137</sup>Cs in Japanese Orchards after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident

    Sato Mamoru , Yamaguchi Katsuhiko , Matsuoka Kaori , Takase Tsugiko , Kobayashi Natsuko I. , Kikunaga Hidetoshi , Takata Daisuke , Tanoi Keitaro , Ohtsuki Tsutomu , Kusaba Shinnosuke

    … These findings indicate that one of the mobile forms of <sup>137</sup>Cs was ex-<sup>137</sup>Cs combined with TC and that the fine sand content and TC influenced the <sup>137</sup>Cs downward-migration in the 3 cm of topsoil in the orchard in which organic matter accumulated by sod culture.</p> …

    The Horticulture Journal 88(2), 150-163, 2019


  • Current issues concerning Budo along with cultural change : Beyond the dichotomy between tradition and internationalization

    SATO Yuya , INOUE Seiji

    … Hobsbawm stated that many traditions are quite recent in origin, and invented tradition is understood as a set of ritualistic or symbolic practices, implying continuity with the past. … Budo forms part of the Japanese educational system, and we must carefully examine the bodywork's usefulness, as well as how it benefits moral development in the educational context. …

    体育・スポーツ科学研究 (19), 1-10, 2019


  • A Study of Children's Drawings in Clinical Psychology : Focusing on the Squiggle Game as Mutual Communication  [in Japanese]

    大場 有希子

    本論では, 認知発達的側面から述べられることが多い子どもの描画について, 心理臨床的な視点からその意義や描画の中で生じていることについて文献を用いて検討した。なぐりがきから象徴性を持った絵となり, 形が生じて画面が秩序化されていく描画の発達的変化は, 言語や社会性, 様々な心理発達と複雑に絡み合っている。言語能力が未熟である子どもにとって描画はコミュニケーションとなり, 臨床場面において描画はセラ …

    京都大学大学院教育学研究科紀要 (65), 123-135, 2019

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    NAKAMURA Yuuka , OKAZAKI Shigeyuki

    … The focus was on the spatial composition, the plan forms and the arrangement of worship objects (stupas and Buddhist statues). …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) (754), 2441-2451, 2018-12


  • The formation of the nationalization policy in interwar and current Estonia: A comparative perspective  [in Japanese]

    Komori Hiromi

    … In this sense, the author of this article would argue that it is worth paying more attention to the continuity maintained with regard to the previous regime.</p><p>While interwar Estonia's cultural autonomy functioned rather successfully as a system, the current law is regarded to be completely symbolic. …

    Russian and East European Studies 2018(47), 54-64, 2018


  • N.Goodman's pluralism and E.Cassirer's "The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms"  [in Japanese]

    千田 芳樹

    一関工業高等専門学校研究紀要 Research reports of National Institute of Technology, Ichinoseki College (52), 28-20, 2017-12

  • Virtuosi of Sound and Light : Wordsworth and William Rowan Hamilton

    Simons Christopher E. J.

    … Wordsworth's lines suggest a formal relation between the wave forms of music and the movements of celestial bodies, which the Hamiltonian function accomplished in its conception of phase space (Penrose 226-30). … Finally, in Wordsworth's sonnet 'Eagles', an image common to all three poems—The Triad, On the Power of Sound, and 'Eagles' —gains symbolic association with Hamilton. …

    人文科学研究 : キリスト教と文化 : Christianity and culture (49), 123-157, 2017-12

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  • A Continuum of It : From Exophoric It to It-Cleft  [in Japanese]

    湯本 久美子

    … We find "definiteness", "in-human" and "imposter - mismatches between the grammatical forms of person markers and their referential value" the basic features of the exphoric it. … These findings are in accordance with basic principles of Cognitive Grammar, wherein it is claimed to be meaningful and the lexicon and grammar form a gradation consisting solely in assemblies of symbolic structures.論文 Articles …

    東京大学言語学論集 = Tokyo University linguistic papers (TULIP) 38(TULIP), 321-352, 2017-09-30

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  • Narita Tohl's Contribution to the Development of Character Design <Articles>  [in Japanese]

    坂口 将史

    … By contrast, Narita defined kaiju as an unknown animal, and therefore his kaiju design incorporated inanimate and abstract forms.Thus, Narita freed the kaiju design from the restriction of using known animal parts. … By means of this liberation, the symbolic form of kaiju, prevalent during the ancient times, was restored. …

    藝術研究 (30), 13-27, 2017-07-13


  • Reconstructing the Model of "Teaching-Learning" Practices Based on S. K. Langer's Theory of "Symbolic Forms":"Creation" as Creative Teaching and "Appreciation" as Active Learning  [in Japanese]

    尾崎 博美

    … Langer's theory of "symbolic forms." Traditionally, the model of teaching-learning practices used "subject-object" relationship; … Langer's theory of "symbolic forms" offers the key to understanding and describing the interaction between the teacher and the learner in teaching-learning practices. … The teacher transforms objects in nature into creation including symbolic forms. …

    人文・社会科学論集 = Toyo Eiwa journal of the humanities and social sciences (34), 1-20, 2017-03


  • The origins of the modern <i>kata</i> in karate-do (<i>toudi</i>): The significance of Gichin Funakoshi's "Kata no Kōsei" (Components of Kata)  [in Japanese]

    KADEKARU Tooru

    … </i>karate-do by examining the 15 kinds of <i>kata</i>, or forms, described by Gichin Funakoshi in his major study that appeared in three volumes: <i>Ryūkyū Kenpō Karate</i> … The presence of onlookers at a demonstration had a particularly significant effect not only on these two phases, but also on the transformation of the symbolic movements made. …

    Research Journal of Budo 49(2), 121-136, 2016


  • Consideration on Expression in Paul Klee's Primitivism : Form and Line in His Drawing of Fish

    ISHII Yasuo

    … Although Franz Mark introduced mammals in the main motif, Klee depicted birds and fish with unique and humorous forms and lines. … Klee, knowing the aesthetic beauty, mysticism, and vital strength which are essentially inherent in fish and birds, wished to express these in purer and more primitive forms and lines.Fish in particular seldom become a central motif of painting. … What Klee derived from fish is the simple forms and lines by which mammals may never be adequately expressed. …

    麻布大学雑誌 = Journal of Azabu University 28, 27-36, 2016


  • COMPARATIVE STUDY OF DESIGN CULTURE IN ASIA/Focusing On The Forms Of Mountain Floats And Festival Cultures (4)  [in Japanese]

    今村 文彦 , 杉浦 康平 , 齊木 崇人 , 松本 美保子 , 山之内 誠 , 黄 國賓 , さくま はな , 尹 聖喆 , 長野 真紀 , 曽和 英子 , Fumihiko IMAMURA , Kohei SUGIURA , Takahito SAIKI , Mihoko MATSUMOTO , Makoto YAMANOUCHI , HUANG Kuo-pin , Hana SAKUMA , Seongcheol YUN , Maki NAGANO , Eiko SOWA

    本報告は、アジアンデザイン研究所の2014年度の活動について概述するものである。研究所では開設以来、アジア各地域にみられる祭礼の多様な山車の造形的特徴、象徴性、世界観、その仕組みと社会や環境との関係性などについて、デザイン的視点から総合的に把握する調査、研究を継続的に取り組んできている。 2014年度は、タイ北部で高僧の葬儀の際につくられる象の頭をもつ鳥型の火葬山車の象徴的意味、制作方法およびタイ …

    芸術工学2015, 2015-11-25


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