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  • Behavioral responses to colony-level properties affect disturbance resistance of red harvester ant colonies

    Hayakawa Tomohiro , Dobata Shigeto , Matsuno Fumitoshi

    … We focus on task allocation among red harvester ants (Pogonomyrmex barbatus) as a model system and develop an ordinary differential equation model to describe the system of task allocation among workers. …

    Journal of Theoretical Biology (492), 2020-05-07


  • The Effect of Role Origin on Bidding Behavior in an Asymmetric All-Pay Auction:An Experiment

    Hironori OTSUBO

    … This paper reports the results of an experiment concerning whether different origins of bidder role affect bidding behavior in the two-person all-pay auction in which ties are broken in favor of one role (strong bidder) over the other (weak bidder). … In the second one, the roles are allocated based on their performance in a simple real-effort task. …

    創価経済論集 49(1・2・3・4), 87-97, 2020-03-31


  • Neural activity underlying emotional utterances : an fMRI study  [in Japanese]

    柴田 みどり

    … In this study, we examined whether indirect speech can reduce listener's experience of negative emotion and what are the underlying cerebral structures that may affect the listener in emotional attenuation brought by indirect speech. … We conducted a functional MRI experiment using a scenario reading task. …

    哲學 (144), 51-66, 2020-03


  • Potential issues of learning and memory (LM) test methods in juvenile rat toxicity studies (JAS) for pediatric drug development  [in Japanese]

    MINESHIMA Hiroshi , YAMAMOTO Masakatsu , KATAGIRI Ryuichi , KODAMA Terutaka , KODAMA Toshihisa , KOTERA Takashi , SUZUKI Mutsumi , SUGIMOTO Kazuko , MATSUMOTO Kiyoshi , YAMAMOTO Toshinobu

    … [Results and discussion] Several methods with various LM category and complexity of task were used in JAS. … In a survey of launched drugs, there still seemed to be methods with low detectability even if existing confounding factors which affect test results were considered. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 47.1(0), P-232, 2020


  • The Relationship Between Positive Emotion and Customer Loyalty  [in Japanese]

    OKABE Noriko

    … <p>This research investigated how customer service employees' positive and negative emotions affect their task performance and contribute to the success of the organizations. … Therefore, the practice of positive emotion to recover the declining propensity of task performance prevent employees from the risk of emotional exhaustion, promote customer satisfaction, and contribute to gain customer loyalty.</p> …

    Transactions of the Academic Association for Organizational Science 9(1), 178-183, 2020


  • Promoting social engagement of the elderly to cope with aging of the Chinese population

    Wang Yi , Zhou Chengchao

    … The acceleration of aging of the population and the increasing old-age dependency ratio will significantly increase the pressure on social security and public services, highlight the need for the effective supply of labor, and weaken the demographic dividend, which will continue to affect social vitality, the power to innovate, and potential economic growth rates. … Actively promoting the social engagement of the elderly is an important task in gerontology in China. …

    BioScience Trends, 2020


  • Does Prevention-Focused Orientation Affect Poor Creative Performance?  [in Japanese]

    Toyama Miki , Nagamine Masato , Tang Li , Xiao Yuzhi , Miwa Shuhei , Aikawa Atsusi

    … We investigated the effects of ego involvement on enhancing motivation in task performance. … Moreover, prevention-focused individuals who worked on a task patiently and persistently achieved equal or better creative performance than promotion-focused individuals.</p> …

    The Japanese journal of psychology 91(3), 155-164, 2020


  • Effects of Gait Inducing Assist for Patients with Parkinson's Disease on Double Support Phase During Gait

    Higuchi Ai , Shiraishi Junichiro , Kurita Yuichi , Shibata Tomohiro

    … The double limb support phase (DLS) in a 10-m straight-line walking task, the gait time and step counts were measured in five PD subjects. … The UPS-PD did not adversely affect the gait of healthy elderly subjects and the walking of a healthy subject model in the simulation. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 32(4), 798-811, 2020


  • Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning for Policy Represented by Fuzzy Rules: Application to Simulations on Speed Control of an Automobile

    ISHIHARA Seiji , IGARASHI Harukazu

    … A study has applied this method to a task of speed control of an automobile and has obtained correct policies, some of which control speed of the automobile appropriately but many others generate inappropriate vibration of speed. … Moreover, it was also showed that the difference between reward functions might adversely affect the results of learning.</p> …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 32(4), 801-810, 2020


  • Evaluation of brain activity associated with stress task in healthy people under fatigue state  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Takuto , Miyahara Atsushi , Kohra Tatsuki

    … <p>The aim of this study is to investigate whether fatigue state affect brain activities in healthy people or not. … EEG was measured under speech task as acute stress stimulus and analyzed with a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) to obtain power spectra density in the theta, alpha, and beta frequency bands. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual58(Abstract), 292-292, 2020


  • Shuttle maze test: A novel operant method to repeatedly assess presumed nociception in freely behaving rats after nerve injury  [in Japanese]

    Hayashida Ken–ichiro

    … <p>Operant methods that allow animals to avoid painful stimuli are interpreted to assess the aversive quality of pain, however, such measurements involve stimulation delivery by the experimenter and can induce fear, anxiety, or stress in animals, all of which can affect nociceptive threshold or mask pain behaviors. … Importantly, the animals do not have any painful consequences of not performing the task in the shuttle maze. …

    PAIN RESEARCH 35(2), 92-98, 2020


  • A case study of N-back task for a hemodialysis patient with mild cognitive impairment  [in Japanese]

    Noguchi Yuta , Ito Marina

    … We used the N-back task to treat a hemodialysis patient with mild cognitive impairment. … It was possible to carry out the task for 3 months without dropping out. … In this case study, we observed no significant changes in biochemical values that may affect cognitive function before and after the intervention. … In conclusion, this case study demonstrates that the N-back task might be useful for dialysis patients with mild cognitive impairment. …

    Japanese Occupational Therapy Research 39(2), 217-222, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Effects of Motivational Regulation Strategies on College Students' Individual Interests:Dependence on Specific Motivational Problems  [in Japanese]

    Tang Li , Toyama Miki

    … <p>This study examined the influence of motivational regulatory strategies on individual interest (i.e., affect-related interest, value-related interest, and knowledge) through a comparison of different motivational problems (either low expectancies for success or low value). …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 28(3), 208-220, 2020


  • Body Position during Action Observation Facilitates Motor Imagery  [in Japanese]

    IWASAKA Yuji

    … The motor imagery task of this study was mental rotation of the hand (HMRT), and the reaction time was measured. … [Conclusion] The position of the body during action observation may affect motor imagery ability.</p> …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 35(1), 63-66, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • The influence of motor skills on the choices of action in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder  [in Japanese]

    Kita Yosuke , Shirakawa Yuka , Suzuki Kota , Egashira Yuka , Kaga Yoshimi , Kitamura Yuzuki , Nishimura Yuki , Yamashita Yushiro , Inagaki Masumi

    … We conducted an experimental task regarding the choices of action, in which the subjects were asked to pass through the rope by either stepping over or passing under it. … We compared the scores of the MABC-2 and the performance in the experimental task among the subject groups, then identified the factors which would affect their choices of action. …

    NO TO HATTATSU 52(1), 5-10, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • A multilevel and dynamic model of intragroup conflict and decision making: application of agent-based modeling

    Wu Jiunyan , Sekiguchi Tomoki

    The Publisher Correction to this article has been published in Frontiers of Business Research in China 2020 14:4.

    Frontiers of Business Research in China (13), 2019-12-31


  • Multi-task Reinforcement Learning in StarCraftII Mini-games  [in Japanese]

    徐 凡超 , 金子 知適

    ゲームプログラミングワークショップ2019論文集 (2019), 242-249, 2019-11-01


  • EFFECT OF VERTICAL TEMPERATURE DIFFERENCE AND LOCAL AIRFLOW ON PRODUCTIVITY:Influence of the indoor thermal airflow environment on the human body in summer  [in Japanese]

    IWAKI Akemi , AKIMOTO Takashi , FURUHASHI Takuya

    … females had a higher score for the condition of "keeping the head warm and the feet cool." In relation to physiology, for males, the heart rate was low in conditions when the scores for the intellectual production work task was high, and the blinking rate of eyes was low when the score of information processing task was high. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (764), 927-936, 2019-10


  • The effect of cultivating diagram use on the quality of EFL students' written explanations

    Manalo Emmanuel , Tsuda Ayano , Dryer Rachel

    … This study investigated how an intervention that promoted the use of diagrams might affect quality features of written explanations produced by EFL (English as a foreign language) students in an undergraduate education studies course taught entirely in English. … At the beginning (Pre-instruction) and end (Post-instruction) of the semester, the 19 student participants were administered a task that required reading a passage and writing an explanation of it. …

    Thinking Skills and Creativity (33), 2019-09


  • The Impact of Affect and Leadership on Group Creative Design Thinking

    Khuria Amila , Amila Khuria , 梅室 博行 , UMEMURO HIROYUKI

    … The relationship between affect and creative performance in a practical group project environment is poorly understood. … Data were collected over the course of five class meetings during which the participating students accomplished the performance of seven tasks and shared their perceptions with regard to the affect and leadership aspects of the achievement of the assigned work. …

    Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research (229), 2019-08


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