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  • Strategic Project Planning Solution Model in The Radioactive Minerals Processing Pilot Plant Construction

    Madyaningarum Nunik , Berawi Ali Mohammed , Yarianto Sugeng Budi Susilo

    … Determining strategic solution for improving quality which has an impact on increasing safety factor is the aim of this research. … The main factors for strategic project planning are risk management, modularization, technological uniqueness, project typology and governance. …

    Evergreen 7(1), 51-55, 2020-03

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  • Inherent Safety Analysis for a Difluoro-Chloromethane (F22) Pyrolysis Process under an Unsteady State

    Qin Yangmei , Xiao Zeyi , Guo Shimeng , Zeng Jiying , Fan Senqing , Liu Jingyun

    … <p>Process safety analysis and loss control play imperative roles in chemical process industries. … However, the lack of a systemic methodology for inherent safety studies in an unsteady state causes more hazards and accidents, which also prevent most industries from realizing inherent safety to its full extent. … Here describes a method for analyzing the inherent safety of chemical processes in the unsteady state. …



  • Analysis of Bus Operation at Peak Hours Using Bus GPS Data: A Case Study of YBS-36

    Aung Thet Htun , Kyaing , Lwin Ko Ko , Sekimoto Yoshihide

    … The efficiency of the public bus transportation service is important to the local government in terms of public safety and energy saving. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 15(3), 426-436, 2020


  • Special Issue on SATREPS Myanmar Project Part 2: Development of a Comprehensive Disaster Resilience System and Collaboration Platform in Myanmar

    Meguro Kimiro , Honma Yudai

    … Yangon Technological University (YTU) is a major counterpart organization and both national and local governmental organizations are working together as strategic partners.</p><p>In the first half of the project, a database was constructed, composed of important data for assessing urban safety and disaster risk, such as the ground properties, and distribution of buildings, people, and traffic. …

    Journal of Disaster Research 15(3), 241-241, 2020


  • Application of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine  [in Japanese]

    MARUYAMA Yoshiaki , SHINAGAWA Kaori , TSUNODA Satoshi , SAIGO Yuka , NOZAKA Yuka , OKUDAIRA Shinichi , KAMEDA Takashi , HAYASHI Yoshiki , IZUMI Kazuki , MAKI Kazushige

    … in 2007, there has been progress in related research, along with increasing technological advances. … Expected applications in drug development include use of human-derived iPSCs for drug safety evaluation and patient-derived iPSCs for pathological analysis, and for exploration and development of therapeutic drugs. …

    Regulatory Science of Medical Products 10(1), 33-40, 2020


  • NITORI::Challenge for Product Safety  [in Japanese]

    Washida Yuichi

    … <p>Nitori, a Japanese major furniture sales company, took the opportunity of a large-scale recall incident in 2007 to implement a strategy change, with product safety and quality management as its biggest theme, and actively conducted management and technological consulting for foreign manufacturers, in addition to promoting reformation of its corporate culture. …

    Japan Marketing Journal 39(3), 116-124, 2020


  • Risk Feeling Index of Autonomous Vehicle Behavior:(Modeling Individual differences based on Expectation Effect Theory)  [in Japanese]

    HASHIMOTO Takashi , YANAGISAWA Hideyoshi

    … <p>Research and development of autonomous driving systems are undergoing to realize a safe and secure mobility society, and technological improvement is expected, but the safety of the system itself and the driver's feeling of security do not always match. …

    The Proceedings of Design & Systems Conference 2019.29(0), 1402, 2019


  • A Proposal of the OWL-Python Framework for the Systematic Generation of Comprehensive Patterns of Scenarios in the Road  [in Japanese]

    Kawano Keita , Kumar Arvind , Wagatsuma Hiroaki

    … <p>In automatic driving technology, various technological developments was highlighted recently, and it goes to a serious discussion for making a standard criterion of the safety assessment. …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 35(0), 698-702, 2019


  • <b>Recent Topics on Human Science for Railways</b>

    OMINO Koji

    … <p>The Human Science Division of the Railway Technical Research Institute in Japan, has been conducting research into education and training aimed at preventing human error, providing driver support and improving car interiors and station environments, in order to improve the safety, convenience and comfort of railways. … This paper outlines the recent topics on the fundamental research based on the current issues of the railway and new technological trends.</p> …

    Quarterly Report of RTRI 60(4), 238-242, 2019


  • Current Situation and Future Potential for Freight Transportation by Drone  [in Japanese]

    HYODO Tetsuro

    … <p>Freight transportation by drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: UAV) is becoming practical due to dramatic technological progress. …

    IATSS Review 44(2), 132-139, 2019


  • Mechanism of Opportunity Loss for Technology Development: A Case Study in Manufacturing Technology for Antibody Products  [in Japanese]

    ISHIKAWA Masaharu

    … <p>An important role of scientific knowledge in innovation is well known as a factor which provides a start point for novel technological trajectories. … However, a relationship between scientific knowledge and self-reinforcement of technological trajectories has not been understood. …

    The Journal of Science Policy and Research Management 34(3), 328-338, 2019


  • 2-21 Development of technology to prevent elution of regulated elements from coal ash utilizing waste partⅡ  [in Japanese]

    YOSHII Kiyotaka , NIKI Toyoaki , NAGAO Yuki , YOSHIDA Youichi

    … However, the use of coal ash requires both high safety and cost efficiency. … In this lecture, we will report on the current state of technological development to prevent the elution of regulatory elements from coal ash using waste.</p> …

    Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science 56(0), 86-87, 2019


  • The importance of a regulatory science approach for better pharmaceutical regulation

    Uyama Yoshiaki

    … The combined involvement of experts across a wide range of disciplines engaged in medical, pharmaceutical, statistical and technological sciences, as well as economics, jurisprudence, education, and other disciplines will be important in increasing research activities in regulatory science. …

    Translational and Regulatory Sciences 1(1), 8-11, 2019


  • Determination of the Efficiency of the Operation Mode of Nonflowing Installation for Electroactivation of Water and Aqueous Solutions

    Ksenz Nikolay V. , Yudaev Igor V. , Taranov Michael A. , Sidorcov Ivan G. , Semenikhin Alexander M. , Chernovolov Vasiliy A.

    … <p>In the agricultural production and processing industry, technological processes in which electroactivated water and solutions based on it are effectively used are very widespread. …

    International Journal of Automation Technology 13(4), 539-544, 2019


  • A study on the use of digital information to support the Japanese government's Society 5.0 initiative  [in Japanese]

    YAMAMOTO Hideo

    … This paper discusses how to handle information on the actions and behavior of individuals when seeking to realize a society in which people can live with a sense of peace and safety. … As an example, this paper describes a positive scenario in which we realize a better society 20 years from now by using IoT and AI, and a negative scenario in which personal security is threatened by monopolistic data management that may result from technological evolution. …

    Proceedings of International Association of P2M 2019.Spring(0), 118-128, 2019


  • Nursing and Rehabilitative Care of the Elderly Using Humanoid Robots

    Tanioka Tetsuya

    … Today, technological companies are developing robots that meet universal health care technology demands. … Emphasizing ethical concerns and human person safety as critical factors of care, and fears for divergent robot use are observed. …

    The Journal of Medical Investigation 66(1.2), 19-23, 2019

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  • Research on Connected Vehicles in SIP Automated Driving for Universal Services  [in Japanese]

    OGAWA Norifumi

    … <p>In recent years, the technological evolution of automated driving has been remarkable, and the competition toward practical application has intensified. …

    IATSS Review 43(3), 139-147, 2019


  • A Method of Junction Temperature Estimation for SiC Power MOSFETs via Turn-on Saturation Current Measurement

    Yang Hui-Chen , Simanjorang Rejeki , See Kye Yak

    … <p>Maintaining the operating junction temperature of a SiC Power MOSFET within a safe and tolerable range is crucial not only for safety reasons, but also for reliable operation, as thermal transient is one of the major stressors that threaten a device's life span. …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 8(2), 306-313, 2019


  • Overview of Research Initiative for Natech Risk Reduction in Osaka Bay Area  [in Japanese]

    Aoki Shin-ichi

    … 都市を抱える内湾においては,大規模な地震・津波・高潮などの自然災害によって臨海部の石油コンビナートが被害を受けることにより,これまで経験したことのない大災害(Natech = Natural hazard triggering technological disasters)につながる可能性がある.本稿では,大阪湾岸域を対象にこの問題に取り組む大阪大学を中心とする研究グループの活動を紹介する.研究を行う上において,様々な場面で大規模災害を再現する …

    Journal of Japan Society for Safety Enginennring 58(1), 12-15, 2019


  • Thermal-Hydraulics Technological Strategy Roadmap 2017, An Approach for Continuous Safety Improvement of LWRs  [in Japanese]

    AESJ Thermal-Hydraulics Division with a cooperation from Computational Science and Engineering Division

    <p> 熱流動部会は福島第一原子力発電所(1F)事故の教訓を基にした熱水力分野のロードマップの改訂活動(ローリング)を進め,2017年3月に「熱水力安全評価基盤技術高度化戦略マップ2017(熱水力ロードマップ2017)」を策定した。世界最高水準の安全性の実現とその継続的改善を図るため,安全裕度向上策および人材育成に必要なニーズとシーズのマッチングを考慮して選定・詳述された2015年版の …

    Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 60(4), 221-225, 2018


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