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  • Review of Encapsulated Salt Hydrate Core-Shell Phase Change Materials

    Wang Hui , Chen Yunfa , Li Jianqiang , Guo Lijiang , Fang Minghao

    … <p>The salt hydrate heat storage phase change material (PCM) has a promising prospect of application and has become a research hotspot because of the advantages of high thermal storage density, high thermal conductivity, moderate phase change temperature, and low price. …

    KONA Powder and Particle Journal, 2020


  • Visual Analysis Method of Agricultural Environment Data based on Cumulative Difference Values  [in Japanese]

    岩﨑 清斗 , 伏見 卓恭 , 大久保 誠也 , 斉藤 和巳

    本研究の目的は,熟練農業者の活動が環境に与える影響の分析および可視化である.特に本研究では,環境情報の時系列データがどのように変化するかに注目する.そこで,差分累積値に基づく農業環境データの可視化分析法を提案する.提案手法は,差分の累計値によるモデルに基づいており,周期的なデータに対しても,値が全体的に高い傾向にあるのか低い傾向にあるのかを明らかにすることが可能である.また,中長期的な環境データか …

    情報処理学会論文誌数理モデル化と応用(TOM) 12(2), 12-19, 2019-07-17



    OGAWA Yuko , SHIRAISHI Yasuyuki , ASAGAWA Takuya , TSUKAMI Shiro , KOMORI Shunsuke

    … In the case of such system, it is considered that the indoor thermal environment may have the bad influence on the patient's physical condition and the physical activity in their awake because of the influence of draft and the excessive change of room temperature. … This system serves to maintain indoor environment without temperature difference and draft. … We measured electroencephalogram signals, skin temperature, body movement during sleeping as physiological values. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (761), 643-651, 2019-07


  • COOLING AND HEATING LOAD SIMULATION OF OFFICE BUILDING BASED ON RECENT WEATHER DATA:Changes in annual cooling and heating loads, peak loads during the year from 30 points throughout the nationwide during 1991 to 2018  [in Japanese]

    ISOZAKI Kyoichiro , TAKEDA Hitoshi

    … <p> Climate warming appears markedly in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Global Warming Prediction Information of the Meteorological Agency.</p><p> The authors anticipate that the outdoor temperature will rise in the future.</p><p> We attempted to verify the influence of the weather fluctuation of the cooling and heating loads with the recent rise in temperature. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (760), 565-575, 2019-06


  • APPLICATION OF MULTIPLICATIVE VISCOPLASTIC MODEL TO SIMULATION OF STEEL CREEP TESTS AT VARYING TEMPERATURE:Study on time-dependent behavior of structural steel at elevated temperatures Part 3  [in Japanese]

    OKABE Takeshi

    … In the previous papers, Part 1 and 2, it was assumed that the temperature was constant over the duration of creep tests, and no verification of the viscoplastic model was made for varying temperature conditions as in the building fires. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (760), 897-903, 2019-06


  • Study on Performance and Environmental Impact of Supermarket Refrigeration System in Japan

    Islam Md. Amirul , Pal Animesh , Kyaw Thu , Saha Bidyut Baran

    … Season change significantly influences the cooling requirement and electricity consumption of supermarket refrigeration systems. … Monthly total equivalent warming impact (TEWI) and system performance parameters (COP, discharge gas temperature-pressure, work of compression etc.) have been assessed for a typical supermarket refrigeration system of Tokyo, Japan. …

    Evergreen 6(2), 168-176, 2019-06


  • Development of Small Scale Electrohydrodynamic Drying Device for Rough Rice Using DC Plasma Generator

    Ramadhanty S , Amirullah M H , Faturrahman M H , Dhelika R , Abuzairi T

    … The test result showed that the change of moisture content in the rough rice treated by the proposed device is five times higher than that of rough rice treated by sun exposure. … Moreover, the temperature of the EHD device is quite low (~23℃) that can be considered as non-thermal device. …

    Evergreen 6(2), 103-107, 2019-06


  • Multi-model evaluation of the sensitivity of the global energy budget and hydrological cycle to resolution

    松枝 未遠 , Benoît Vannière , Marie-Estelle Demory , Pier Luigi Vidale , Reinhard Schiemann , Malcolm J. Roberts , Christopher D. Roberts , Mio MATSUEDA , Laurent Terray , Torben Koenigk , Retish Senan

    … when resolution is increased from 100 to 25 km, the magnitude of the change of those fluxes can be as large as 5 W m−2. … Moreover, all but one atmosphere-only model simulate a decrease of the poleward energy transport at higher resolution, mainly explained by a reduction of the equator-to-pole tropospheric temperature gradient. …

    Climate dynamics 52(11), 6817-6846, 2019-06


  • A study of feeder height range by temperature change  [in Japanese]

    齋藤 優景 , 遠藤 稜平 , 福島 規至 , 葛西 卓史 , 佐藤 寿人 , 西 健太郎

    電気学会研究会資料. TER = The papers of Technical Meeting on "Transportation and Electric Railway", IEE Japan 2019(11-18), 1-4, 2019-05-10

  • Report on my visit to Kyoto University as an Advanced Futures Fellow: Evolution of cyanogenesis in Trifolium repens in response to spatial and temporal environmental variation in Japan

    Johnson Marc T. J.

    … During this time, I examined how the plant white clover (Trifolium repens), adapts to spatial variation at large and small spatial scales associated with environmental variation in temperature. …

    Journal of Integrated Creative Studies (2019), 1-10, 2019-05

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  • Forecasting Climatic Trends Using Neural Networks: An Experimental Study Using Global Historical Data

    Ise Takeshi , Oba Yurika

    ディープラーニングにより精度97%で気温の上下を推定する手法を開発 --疑似カラー画像による効率的な自動識別--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2019-04-26.

    Frontiers in Robotics and AI (6), 2019-04-26


  • Effect of change in temperature on mechanical properties of cellulose nanofiber (CNF) sheets  [in Japanese]

    佐野 森 , 安田 健 , 篠田 勉 , 佐熊 範和

    材料試験技術 64(2), 93-98, 2019-04

  • 2019-04-15

    IWASAKI Sho , KAWAI Yoshiki , TAKAHASHI Shotaro , SUDA Takaya , WANG Ying , KOSHINO Yasunori , OGURA Fumiya , SHIBAYAMA Yoshiyuki , KUROSAWA Toru , ODA Migaku , IDO Masayuki , MOMONO Naoki

    … In the lightly carrier-doped NdO1−xFxBiS2 (x = 0.25 and 0.4) and La1−ySmyO0.5F0.5BiS2 (y = 0.3 and 0.4), the resistivity and Hall coefficient exhibit anomalous temperature dependences below TCDW ∼ 130 and 200 K, respectively, suggesting the formation of an energy gap on the Fermi surface associated with charge-density wave (CDW). …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 88(4), 041005-1-10, 2019-04

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  • Fundamental Study on the Variability of the Office Environment Aimed at Improving Comfort  [in Japanese]

    米田 浩崇 , 三木 光範 , 中村 誠司 , 平井 友樹 , ヨネダ ヒロタカ , ミキ ミツノリ , ナカムラ マサシ , ヒライ トモキ , Yoneda Hirotaka , Miki Mitsunori , Nakamura Masashi , Hirai Tomoki

    近年,オフィス環境の改善に関心が集まっている.オフィスには多数の環境因子が存在するため,執務者の快適性を向上させるには環境因子を複合的に捉える必要がある.しかし,複数の環境因子が選択できる環境においてどのような環境が好まれるかについての研究はほとんど行われていない.そのため,複数の環境因子を制御できるシステムを構築し,システムの有効性を検証した.本実験で選択できる環境因子は天井照明による机上面の照 …

    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告 = The Harris science review of Doshisha University 60(1), 31-35, 2019-04

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  • Heat Treatments of the Contaminated Soils for Volume Reduction and Mineralogical and Chemical Characteristics of the Products  [in Japanese]

    万福 裕造

    … However, there are insufficient fundamental data to investigate the characteristics of products by high-temperature heat treatment of soil and to confirm the safety of heat-treated purification products. … Due to heat treatment of the 11 weathered soils and Kanto loam at 1550 ºC, the considerable weight loss and phase change was observed. …

    農研機構研究報告農業環境変動研究センター = BULLETIN OF THE NARO, AGRO-ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES (40), 1-35, 2019-03-31

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  • Effect of density change at crystallization on a one-dimensional heat balance equation at solid–liquid interface

    Mori Atsushi , Sato Masahide , Suzuki Yoshihisa


    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (58), 4, 2019-03-27

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  • Overview of Meteorology in Kumamoto in Heisei 28 (2016)  [in Japanese]

    脇山 恭行 , 柴田 昇平 , 野見山 綾介

    平成28年熊本地震が発生した熊本市,阿蘇市の気象は,年平均気温は平年より高く,年降水量も多かったが,年間の日照時間は少なかった。同年4月の地震発生以降の気象概況は以下の通りであった。6月の降水量は多く,特に6月20~21日にかけて大雨となり,地震の影響を強く受けた益城町を流れる木山川が氾濫した。梅雨入りは6月4日ごろ,梅雨明けは7月18日ごろといずれも平年並みであった。熊本市,阿蘇市の8月の平均気 …

    九州沖縄農業研究センター研究資料 = Memoirs of the Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center (95), 102-107, 2019-03-20

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  • Tiltmerer observation in Avachinsky volcano, Kamchatka, Russia  [in Japanese]

    高橋 浩晃 , 青山 裕 , 大園 真子 , 田中 良 , 伊藤 ちひろ , 渡邉 早姫 , 松島 健 , 山下 裕亮 , 宮町 宏樹 , 奥山 哲 , ゴルディエフ エフゲニー , ムラビヨフ ヤロスラフ , マグースキン キリル , マリック ナタリヤ , ミノロフ イワン , チェブロフ ダニラ

    … Waveform of a distance earthquake recorded at AVCT and UGLT stations indicated that the sensors were normal. Observation data for 9 days suggested long term tilt change of 30 μrad at AVCT and 300 μrad at UGLT, respectively. … Daily tilt fluctuation at UGLT might reflect larger daily temperature change of air due to shallow pit depth. …

    北海道大学地球物理学研究報告 (82), 11-18, 2019-03-19

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  • Energy-saving production technique for Hydrangea paniculata and Dianthus chinensis var. semperflorens utilizing End-of-day-heating Treatment  [in Japanese]

    望月 寛徳 , 穴澤 拓未 , 加藤 成二 , 藤木 俊也

    山梨県総合農業技術センター研究報告 = Bulletin of the Yamanashi Prefectural Agricultural Technology Center (11), 37-42, 2019-03

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