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    ICIC express letters. Part B, Applications : an international journal of research and surveys 11(6), 559-565, 2020-06

  • Thermal-Aware Clock Skew Scheduling Based on Two-Graph Approach  [in Japanese]

    金子 峰雄

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 119(444), 59-64, 2020-03-04

  • Thermal-Aware Clock Skew Scheduling Based on Two-Graph Approach  [in Japanese]

    金子 峰雄

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 119(443), 59-64, 2020-03-04

  • Production Scheduling Method to Reduce Fuel Costs of Hot Rolling Processes  [in Japanese]

    DOAN Takeru , NAGAHARA Satoshi , CHIDA Takafumi , KATSUBE Junichi , ADACHI Tooru , MITA Satoru

    … A low filling rate increases fuel cost per ingot, and stagnation causes additional fuel cost to keep ingot's temperature. … Therefore, we developed a new scheduling method that plans batch formation and work schedule simultaneously by creating multiple candidates of batch. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2020(0), S14202, 2020


  • Interannual variation in the harvest time of mini cauliflower in the Sanriku coastal region  [in Japanese]

    OKADA Masumi , MATSUSHIMA Uzuki , KATO Kazuhisa

    著作権は日本農業気象学会に帰属 ; 二次利用は学会または学術著作権協会の許可が必要利用は著作権の範囲内に限られる

    Climate in Biosphere 20(0), 55-58, 2020

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • Winter wheat phenological development model with a vernalization function using sigmoidal and exponential functions

    KAWAKITA Satoshi , ISHIKAWA Naoyuki , TAKAHASHI Hidehiro , OKUNO Rintaro , TAKAHASHI Tadashi

    … Wheat is one of the world's most important crops, and its phenological model is useful for scheduling agricultural practices such as fungicide or fertilizer application. … Although various wheat phenological models have been developed throughout the world, a conventional model-mostly used for Japanese cultivars-is one wherein temperature and daylength responses are expressed as sigmoidal and exponential functions that do not have a vernalization function. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 76(2), 81-88, 2020


  • Assessment of thermal exposure level among construction workers in UAE using WBGT, HSI and TWL indices

    AHMED Hafiz Omer , BINDEKHAIN Jawahir Abdelaziz , ALSHUWEIHI Meera Ibrahim , YUNIS Mohamed Abdikarim , MATAR Nour Rashid

    … <p>The study aimed to assess the heat stress of the construction workers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), using Wet Bulb Globe temperature (WBGT) index, whereas also computing Heat stress index (HSI), and Thermal Work Limit (TWL) for comparison. … Portable Area Heat Stress Monitor (HS-32) was used for measuring WBGToutdoor, Dry Bulb Temperature, Natural Wet Bulb Temperature, Globe Temperature in°C, and Relative humidity. …

    Industrial Health 58(2), 170-181, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Statistical estimation and forecast of seasonal variations in measured track geometry  [in Japanese]

    KAMIYAMA Masako , SAKAI Hirotaka , KARATSU Takuya , NAGANUMA Yasukuni

    … The seasonal variations are found to be relevant to rather air temperature than train loads. … The goals of this study are to help the scheduling of railway track maintenance with forecasted track geometry and to obtain new information on changes of track geometry.</p> …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 85(880), 19-00101-19-00101, 2019


  • Control experiment of a small jet engine  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Jumpei , HIRAMOTO Kazuhiko , MATSUBARA Kouji , KOSHIKIZAWA Hiroyuki , KATSURADA Takashi

    … The PI control law is scheduled with sensor data of the exhaust gas temperature and the turbine shaft rotation speed.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Conference of Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch 2018.55(0), J041, 2018


  • Intelligent predetermined control method for sinusoidal temperature testing on a cylindrical environmental chamber

    HUNG San-Shan , CHEN Yung-Han , LIN Albert Chin-Yuh

    … <p>The Intelligent Predetermined Control Method (IPCM) aims to predetermine the requirements of programmed changes in the test chamber, which differentiates from the gain-scheduling PID (GS-PID) control method in accordance with dry and wet bulb temperature errors. …

    Journal of Thermal Science and Technology 13(2), JTST0028-JTST0028, 2018


  • A Participatory Research Experience on the Introduction of Mungbean and Short Duration Aman Rice as Summer Crops in the Char Lands of Northern Bangladesh

    KARIM Md. Abdul , HIGUCHI Hirokazu , NAWATA Eiji

    … However, there was serious drought concomitant with an extreme high temperature in April 2014 and the mungbeans were damaged seriously. …

    Tropical Agriculture and Development 62(1), 14-23, 2018


  • Development of Steel Ladle Assignment Planning Algorithm  [in Japanese]

    Nakatsuji Kazuhiro

    … <p>The reduction of molten steel temperature from the tapping to the casting is crucial for energy conservation in the steel making process. … The one of the reasons that the steel temperature reduction is the heat transfer from molten steel to ladle. … After the end of casting, the ladle is empty and its temperature continues to drop until next assignment to the appropriate tapping which is scheduled in advance. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 104(1), 18-26, 2018


  • Dynamic Scheduling Method of Cooking Process Considering The Finishing Temperature of Dishes  [in Japanese]

    栢原 悠樹 , 桑原 寛明 , 國枝 義敏

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 117(217), 37-41, 2017-09-21

  • Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Method for Highly-Distributed Manufacturing Systems

    MORINAGA Eiji , NAKAMURA Tomomi , WAKAMATSU Hidefumi , ARAI Eiji

    … This algorithm is also applicable to production scheduling with dispatching rules, and a distributed method of job-shop scheduling was proposed. … Incorporating this mechanism enables application of the previous method to the flexible job-shop scheduling. …

    Journal of Smart Processing 6(5), 181-187, 2017


  • A Fast Convergent Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Protein-Folding: Simulated Annealing Outlier FLOODing (SA-OFLOOD) Method

    Harada Ryuhei , Nakamura Tomotake , Shigeta Yasuteru

    … In contrast, both CSA with sufficiently slow temperature scheduling and canonical MD simulations at room temperature (300 K) failed to find the native state (more than 3.0 Å C<sub>α</sub> …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 89(11), 1361-1367, 2016


  • Temperature and voltage droop-aware test scheduling during scan shift operation

    Lee Taehee , Kim Yongjoon , Yang Joon-sung

    … We control average and peak temperature by adjusting the clock frequency assigned to each core. … Experimental results show that our method achieves 28% peak temperature reduction and 38% average temperature reduction.</p> …

    IEICE Electronics Express 13(18), 20160581-20160581, 2016


  • Scheduling software construction utilizing the sensor network in plant factory  [in Japanese]

    Kato Masaki , Takahira Shunichi , Kawakita Tomohiro , Isozaki Masahide , Suzuki Ken , Hashimoto Atsushi , Kameoka Takaharu

    三重県では、地域経済活性化を目指し、平成23年からトマト栽培における高品質化、周年安定生産を目的とした、太陽光利用型の植物工場拠点を設置した。植物工場を利用することで、グローバルな気候変動に対応しつつ大量の生産物を安定供給できるという利点があるが、現状では消費者の求める品質を安定して供給できるレベルに至っていない。また、完全人工光型の植物工場に比べて使用電力が少ない太陽光利用型の植物工場であっても …

    IEICE technical report. ASN, Ambient intelligence and sensor networks 114(290), 55-56, 2014-10-30

  • A Study on the data distribution technology in multi-hop wireless network for social infrastructure and industrials applications  [in Japanese]

    HARADA Satoru , SOEJIMA Tatsuya , IGARASHI Yuichi , TAKATANI Yukihiro

    近年,AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)やビルにおける電力エネルギー監視システム,工場における温度監視システムなど,社会インフラや産業分野向けのマルチホップ無線ネットワーク技術に関する研究開発が盛んに行われている.そしてこれらの分野では,センシングしたデータの確実な収集のみならず,ネットワークの運用管理が重要になっている.特に,大規模な無線ネットワークを構 …

    IEICE technical report. ASN, Ambient intelligence and sensor networks 114(166), 7-12, 2014-07-30

  • Gain-scheduling Control for Multi-zone HVAC System  [in Japanese]

    Kubota Takuya , Watanabe Ryo


    Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 45(5), 883-888, 2014


  • Scheduling Hot Slabs in Parallel Hot Rolling Production Lines by Column Generation

    Yang Yang , Zhang Bo

    … Moreover, energy loss increases as its waiting time before being processed increases, since the slabs dynamically arrive with high temperature. …

    ISIJ International 54(12), 2837-2843, 2014


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