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  • Simplified estimation method on bending deformation of beam with sand cushion  [in Japanese]

    Nakamura Sachio , Masuya Hiroshi

    … <p>A sand layer often empirically is utilized as a buffer material in the protection structure with high bending rigidity as like rock shed. … However, the method for estimating the amount of the plastic bending deformation has not been established, when a large rock collides with the structure exceeding the elastic range. …

    Journal of Structural Engineering, A 64A(0), 920-929, 2018


  • Seismic Performance and Damage State of Steel Bridge Piers under Unexpected Earthquake  [in Japanese]

    KINOMURA Hiroaki , DOGAKI Masahiro

    The present paper describes the damage state and redundancy of steel piers sustaining highway bridges under specified design or unexpected earthquake strength, in which the redundancy is the index measuring the safety level introduced to clear their seismic performance. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 63(2), 117-124, 2014


  • Base station-controlled double cluster head approach of LEACH : To improve the security of LEACH

    BOEHM Oliver , IWAMURA Keiichi

    The Low-Energy-Adaptive-Clustering-Hierarchy (LEACH) protocol was invented to prolong the network life time by realizing equal energy depletion among all nodes. … LEACH focuses on energy management but is easily disrupted by influencing the cluster head election process or aiming targeted attacks on cluster heads. …

    IEICE technical report 111(198), 39-44, 2011-08-25

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