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  • Monitoring fatigue damage in different CAD/CAM materials: A new approach with optical coherence tomography

    Amelie Schlenz Maximiliane , Skroch Marianne , Schmidt Alexander , Rehmann Peter , Wöstmann Bernd

    … To investigate fatigue damage over time, monolithic posterior computer-aided-designed/computer-aided-manufactured (CAD/CAM) crowns were artificially aged in a mouth-motion-simulator, and damage was monitored with optical coherence tomography (OCT).<br><i>Methods:</i> … There was a significant difference in the maximum damage between the CAD/CAM-materials (p<.05). … Furthermore, a linear increase in damage over time was noticed in all materials. …

    Journal of Prosthodontic Research, 2021


  • Influences of liquid fuel atomization and flow rate fluctuations on spray combustion instabilities in a backward-facing step combustor

    Pillai Abhishek L. , Nagao Jun , Awane Ryo , Kurose Ryoichi

    … Additionally, to consider the temporal fluctuations in fuel flow rate along with its phase difference with the pressure oscillations, a model derived from Bernoullis principle is proposed and employed in the LES. … Additionally, the temporal fluctuations in liquid fuel flow rate strongly influence the intensity of spray combustion instability, and it is observed that the combustion instability intensity increases with the increase in phase difference between the fuel flow rate fluctuations and pressure oscillations. …

    Combustion and Flame (220), 337-356, 2020-10


  • Long Short-Term Memory Networks for In-Vehicle Networks Intrusion Detection Using Reverse Engineered Automotive Packets

    Araya Kibrom Desta , Shuji Ohira , Ismail Arai , Kazutoshi Fujikawa

    … In a specific range of time windows, we have extracted three parameters, the number of packets, the bit flip rate and the average time difference that are used to train LSTM. … In a specific range of time windows, we have extracted three parameters, the number of packets, the bit flip rate and the average time difference that are used to train LSTM. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(9), 2020-09-15


  • Effect of pulse irradiation on the evolution of damage structure

    Yoshiie T. , Kinomura A.

    … Charged particle beams from accelerators driven by radiofrequency or with beam scanners possess time structures (i.e., pulse beam operations). … In this study, the difference between continuous beams and pulse beams, and the effect of the repetition frequency and pulse duration on the defect accumulation are evaluated by the rate equation analysis for Al and Fe. …

    Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research (479), 51-54, 2020-09


  • Time-domain Wide-supply-voltage CMOS Temperature Sensor utilizing Threshold Voltage Difference  [in Japanese]

    原田 彰吾 , イスラム マーフズル , 久門 尚史 , 和田 修己

    DAシンポジウム2020論文集 (2020), 15-21, 2020-08-31


  • Time-Dependent Heat Transfer Analysis by Using Finite-difference Method with FILT  [in Japanese]

    岸本 誠也 , 西野 将平 , 大貫 進一郎

    電気学会研究会資料. EMT = The papers of technical meeting on electromagnetic theory, IEE Japan 2020(37・39-56・58), 51-54, 2020-07-16

  • Ghana Internet Observatory : 16 years in operation  [in Japanese]

    佐藤 毅彦 , SATOH Takehiko

    宇宙教育研究 = Research on Space Education (1), 18-22, 2020-07-07


  • Plantar pressure sensors indicate women to have a significantly higher peak pressure on the hallux, toes, forefoot, and medial of the foot compared to men

    Yamamoto Tetsuya , Hoshino Yuichi , Kanzaki Noriyuki , Nukuto Koji , Yamashita Takahiro , Ibaraki Kazuyuki , Nagamune Kouki , Nagai Kanto , Araki Daisuke , Matsushita Takehiko , Kuroda Ryosuke

    … Therefore, a slim and light plantar pressure sensor was newly developed to detect the effect of sex difference on plantar pressure during standing and walking. … The maximum loads during standing and walking were analyzed in each sensor, and the results were compared between different areas of the foot in the antero-posterior direction and the medio-lateral direction and between different time points. …

    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 13(1), 40, 2020-07-01


  • Physical Health of Mothers of Children with Hearing Loss

    Yokogawa Masami , Notoya Masako , Hatakeyama Saeko , Inoue Katsumi , 横川 正美 , 能登谷 晶子

    … Step counts were recorded using a triaxial accelerometer and amount of activity time was measured using metabolic equivalents (METs). … Time spent on moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) ≥3.0 METs per day was assessed. … There was no significant difference in muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and exercise tolerance. … MVPA time was 49.6 ± 22.8 minutes per day, 44.9 minutes of which were MVPA ≥3.0 METs. …

    Total Rehabilitation Research (8), 1-12, 2020-06-30

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    SATO Takahiro , TSUJIMURA Sohei , KOBAYASHI Masahito , MIURA Taro , SHINABE Motohiro

    … <p> In current Japan, at a time when the labor force is shrinking because of the falling birthrate and the aging population, there is a need for productivity improvement. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (772), 445-453, 2020-06



    FUJIWARA Kunihiko , ASAWA Takashi , KIYONO Tomoki

    … The difference of the MRT and the transpiration rate between effective and ineffective arrangements was large when the vegetation cover ratio was around 50%, suggesting that consideration to tree arrangement at the time of green planning is particularly important. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (772), 475-484, 2020-06



    JINNAI Hiroshi , KOIZUMI Shinichi , KAGE Tadatsugu

    … In the case of surplus dosage, the difference in flow time of funnel test of fresh mortar between VSP and air-entraining and high-range water-reducing admixture (SP) was over 10 seconds. …

    AIJ Journal of Technology and Design (63), 424-427, 2020-06


  • Positive Medical and Surgical Interventions Improve Outcome of Patients with Trisomy 18  [in Japanese]

    森谷 菜央 , 川瀬 泰浩 , 斉藤 敬子 , 緒方 公平 , 豊田 理奈 , 日根 幸太郎 , 玉置 一智 , 水書 教雄 , 荒井 博子 , 与田 仁志

    … The survival at the time of hospital discharge and the survival rate at >1 month increased significantly in the 2nd period. … No significant difference in the survival rate at >1 year old was noted between the two groups. …

    東邦医学会雑誌 = Journal of Medical Society of Toho University 67(2), 47-52, 2020-06

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  • Study on the Accelerated Aging Test Method in the Development of a Self-Cleaning Topcoat for Cool Roofs

    Aoyama Taizo , Sonoda Takeshi , Takebayashi Hideki

    … However, the solar reflectance has been reported to decrease over time owing to staining from the paint. … The substitutability of the exposure test, correlation with the exposure test, performance evaluation of the paint, and the effect of the difference in the pretreatment conditions were verified. …

    Atmosphere 11(6), 605, 2020-06


  • Status and Applications of a Tandetron AMS System at Nagoya University in 2019  [in Japanese]

    中村 俊夫 , 南 雅代 , 小田 寛貴 , 池田 晃子 , 山根 雅子 , 西田 真砂美 , 若杉 勇輝 , 佐藤 里名 , 澤田 陸 , 酢屋 徳啓 , 北川 浩之 , Nakamura Toshio , Minami Masayo , Oda Hirotaka , Ikeda Akiko , Yamane Masako , Nishida Masami , Wakasugi Yuki , Sato Rina , Sawada Hitoshi , Suya Noriyoshi , Kitagawa Hiroyuki

    … (2) A differential pumping unit (a dry pump, MUP-015-2) in the ion source looked wrong, because attaining the high vacuum in the ion source after target exchange took more time than normal condition. … It took a shorter time but the attainable high vacuum level in the ion source was no big difference than before; …

    名古屋大学年代測定研究 (4), 63-71, 2020-06

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  • Development of BuMoc: a Web Application for Learning support of Statistical Tests  [in Japanese]

    朴 壽永 , 新部 昭夫 , 安江 紘幸 , 井形 雅代 , 山田 崇裕

    2008年に日本においても新しい学習指導要領が改訂され,公式を暗記して計算練習する旧来の統計教育ではなく,データに基づく科学的な問題解決力をコンピテンシーとして定着させる,新しい枠組みの下での統計教育を指向している.しかし,一般に,データ分析の経験がなく,抽象化された演繹的思考法を主に教授してきた学校の教員にとって,どのようにこの授業を展開していけばいいのか,現場の戸惑いの声は大きい.そこで,統計 …

    情報処理学会論文誌 61(5), 1111-1124, 2020-05-15


  • Contactless mass transfer for intradroplet extraction

    Asano Shusaku , Takahashi Yu , Maki Taisuke , Muranaka Yosuke , Cherkasov Nikolay , Mae Kazuhiro

    … In some cases, aqueous slugs separated by oil, merged catching on each other due to the velocity difference. … Interfacial tension which was affected by the solute concentration was responsible for the velocity difference. … A meandering channel decreased the velocity difference and enhanced mass transfer. … Almost complete (93%) transfer of BTB was achieved within a short residence time of several minutes under optimized conditions. …

    Scientific Reports 20(7685), 2020-05-06


  • Sleep disordered breathing and metabolic comorbidities across gender and menopausal status in East Asians; the Nagahama Study

    Matsumoto Takeshi , Murase Kimihiko , Tabara Yasuharu , Minami Takuma , Kanai Osamu , Takeyama Hirofumi , Takahashi Naomi , Hamada Satoshi , Tanizawa Kiminobu , Wakamura Tomoko , Komenami Naoko , Setoh Kazuya , Kawaguchi Takahisa , Tsutsumi Takanobu , Morita Satoshi , Takahashi Yoshimitsu , Nakayama Takeo , Hirai Toyohiro , Matsuda Fumihiko , Chin Kazuo

    … Proportion of a high cumulative percentage of sleep time with SpO2 <90% increased even among moderate-to-severe SDB with increases in obesity. …

    European Respiratory Journal 55(5), 2020-05-01


  • Moxibustion stimulation of the extremities: its effects ondeep body temperatures and autonomic nervous system during sleep in healthy subjects  [in Japanese]

    松熊 秀明 , 大月 隆史 , 堀川 奈央 , 鍋田 理恵 , 鍋田 智之

    【目的】入眠前の四肢末梢皮膚温度上昇が放熱を促し、深部温度が低下することで睡眠に移行すると されている。そこで、市販されているスモークレスの台座灸を四肢末梢に行い入眠時の深部温度および 自律神経活動にどのような影響を与えるのかについて検討した。【方法】実験にはインフォームドコンセントの得られた本学学生・教職員 8 名 ( 平均年齢 35.6±12.1 歳 ) を用いた。研究デザイ …

    森ノ宮医療大学紀要 = Bulletin of Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences (14), 17-26, 2020-05-01


  • REDUCTION OF DEHYDRATION BY WATER INTAKE AND VENTILATED WORKING WEAR AT A CONSTRUCTION SITE IN SUMMER:Relation between the sweet rate, body weight loss, water intake, WBGT and activity during construction work  [in Japanese]

    YAMAZAKI Keita , KUWABARA Kohei , SOMEYA Shunsuke , HAMADA Yasuhiro , KOBAYASHI Koichiro

    … The sweat rate (SR), the rate of naked body weight loss (RBWL, only in the AC), body weight loss while fully clothed (RBWLC), and RWI were each measured and calculated as the difference between the values before and after work per unit time. … The ER of works in the CS was significantly higher than that of those in the AC due to the difference between the averaged ACT in the AC (1.8 Mets) and CS (2.4 Mets). …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (771), 351-360, 2020-05


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