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  • Physiological mechanism of performance impairment during exercise with hypothermic skeletal muscle and application for exercise training  [in Japanese]

    若林 斉 , 坂上 輝将 , 仙石 泰雄 , 高木 英樹

    日本運動生理学雑誌 27(1), 9-13, 2020-03

  • Surface Modification of Liposomes Using IR700 Enables Efficient Controlled Contents Release Triggered by Near-IR Light

    Kono Yusuke , Yokoyama Kazuha , Suzuki Motofumi , Takakura Hideo , Ogawa Mikako

    … <p>Stimuli-responsive liposomes are promising drug carriers for cancer treatment because they enable controlled drug release and the maintenance of desired drug concentrations in tumor tissue. … In particular, near-IR (NIR) light is a useful stimulus for triggering drug release from liposomes based on its advantages such as deep tissue penetration and safety. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 43(4), 736-741, 2020

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  • Differential effects of prior exercise on two muscle deoxygenation parameters during maximal exercise  [in Japanese]

    大澤 拓也 , 塩瀬 圭佑 , 髙橋 英幸 , Takuya Osawa , Keisuke Shiose , Hideyuki Takahashi

    … The purpose of this study was to investigate that the effects of prior exercise on twomuscle deoxygenation parameters during maximal exercise were different. … Thechanges of deoxygenated hemoglobin and myoglobin (d-HHb) and tissue oxygen saturation(d-StO2), assessed by near-infrared continuous-wave and spatially-resolved spectroscopies,respectively, were monitored from the vastus lateralis continuously. …

    日本女子体育大学体育学部附属基礎体力研究所紀要 = Journal of exercise science (28), 11-17, 2019-03

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  • Effects of muscle cooling on kinetics of pulmonary oxygen uptake and muscle deoxygenation at the onset of exercise

    高木 英樹 , Hitoshi Wakabayashi , Mizuki Osawa , Shunsaku Koga , Ke Li , Hiroyuki Sakaue , Yasuo Sengoku , Hideki TAKAGI

    … This study investigated effects of skeletal muscle cooling on the metabolic response and kinetics of pulmonary oxygen uptake (urn:x-wiley:2051817X:media:phy213910:phy213910-math-0001O2) and skeletal muscle deoxygenation during submaximal exercise. … The percent change in the tissue oxygen saturation of the vastus lateralis, measured by a near‐infrared spectroscopy, was significantly lower in C at 2, 8, 10, and 20 min after the exercise onset compared with N (P < …

    Physiological reports 6(21), e13910, 2018-10


  • Reduction of V-O2 slow component by priming exercise: novel mechanistic insights from time-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy

    Fukuoka Yoshiyuki , Poole David C. , Barstow Thomas J. , Kondo Narihiko , Nishiwaki Masato , Okushima Dai , Koga Shunsaku

    … Novel time-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy (TR-NIRS), with adipose tissue thickness correction, was used to test the hypotheses that heavy priming exercise reduces the (V˙O2) slow component (V˙O2SC) (1) by elevating microvascular [Hb] volume at multiple sites within the quadriceps femoris (2) rather than reducing the heterogeneity of muscle deoxygenation kinetics. …

    Physiological Reports 3(6), e12432, 2015-06


  • Relationship between Muscle Oxygenation Kinetics and Tolerance to Fatigue on Short-term Isometric Knee Extension Exercise  [in Japanese]

    Mitsuoka Kaori , Kime Ryotaro , Osada Takuya , Murase Norio , Katsumura Toshihito

    要 旨:持久系トレーニングを行っている健常者を対象に,最大短時間等尺性膝関節伸展運動時における筋酸素動態と疲労耐性(Fr)との関連について検討した。運動初期の組織酸素化指標(TOI)低下率とFrとの間に有意な負の相関(r=-0.76,p<0.05)が,TOIの運動後再酸素化時間とFrとの間に正の相関傾向がそれぞれみられた。以上から,局所の疲労耐性が高い者は,運動初期の脱酸素化が大きく,運動後 …

    The Journal of Japanese College of Angiology 53(July), 93-98, 2013

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  • NIRS measurement of O_2 dynamics in contracting blood and buffer perfused hindlimb muscle

    Masuda Kazumi , Takakura Hisashi , Furuichi Yasuro , Iwase Satoshi , Jue Thomas


    Advances in experimental medicine and biology (662), 323-328, 2010-01-01

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  • Relationship between cerebral oxygenation during acute hypoxia and hypoxic chemosensitivity

    Masuda Atsuko , Yokoi Mari , Masuyama Shigeru

    … Thirteen healthy adults were exposed to isocapnic sustained hypoxia to compare the effect of hypoxia on regional cerebral oxygenation states and to investigate the relation hypoxic ventilatory response (HVR) and deoxygenation level of brain tissue. … Tissue oxygenation index (TOI=O2Hb/(O2Hb+HHb)×100 (%) ) also decreased 8.8±3.3% at front of head and 2.2±4.7% at back of head. …

    Proceedings of Annual Meeting of the Physiological Society of Japan 2008(0), 118-118, 2008


  • Effects of Hypoxia on the Onset of Muscle Deoxygenation and the Lactate Threshold

    LORENZ Kent A. , HOM Clifford , LOPEZ Jon , POZOS Robert S. , BUONO Michael J. , KOLKHORST Fred W.

    The journal of physiological sciences 56(4), 321-323, 2006-08-01

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  • Effects of Hypoxia on the Onset of Muscle Deoxygenation and the Lactate Threshold

    Lorenz Kent A. , Hom Clifford , Lopez Jon , Pozos Robert S. , Buono Michael J. , Kolkhorst Fred W.

    … The lactate threshold and onset of muscle deoxygenation were highly correlated under both conditions, and during the hypoxic condition both variables shifted leftward.<br> …

    The Journal of Physiological Sciences 56(4), 321-323, 2006


  • Reassessment of Activity-Related Optical Signals in Somatosensory Cortex by an Algorithm with Wavelength-Dependent Path Length

    SATO Chie , NEMOTO Masahito , TAMURA Mamoru

    … This dependency was experimentally assessed with a tissue-simulating phantom whose absorption spectra were nearly identical to those of cerebral tissue through a thinned skull window <i>in vivo.<i> …

    The Japanese Journal of Physiology 52(3), 301-312, 2002-06-01

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  • Spectrophotometry: non-invasive analysis of myocardial and brain oxygen metabolism.  [in Japanese]


    光学的センサーを用いる細胞内酸素代謝解折法を紹介した。ラット灌流心臓を対象に、心筋細胞内酸素濃度, Mt. のcyt. oxidase酸素還元反応を著らの発した分光計測法を用いて無侵襲に測定した。正常心筋では、冠灌流圧を30~40cmH2O以下にすると、毛細循環の機能的閉塞により強い組織低酸素を来たす。長時間灌流による不全心では、左室unloadingより細胞内酸素濃度は上昇し、組織代謝が改善する …

    Jinko Zoki 15(2), 1142-1145, 1986

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  • Physiological Function of Myoglobin  [in Japanese]

    TAMURA Mamoru , OSHINO Nozomu

    … with the hemoglobin-free perfused rat heat are presented, where the oxygenation-deoxygenation of myoglobin and redox-change of cytochrome aa3 are successfully measured with the millisecond time-range during the 1 cycle of contraction-relaxation. … From the detailed analysis of the absorption change of both components during the each heat beat, it is concluded that myoglobin in the cardiac tissue acts as oxygen buffer to iron out the fluctuation of intracellular oxygen concentration arising from the contraction-relaxation cycle. …

    Seibutsu Butsuri 16(1), 1-13, 1976

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