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    … <p> The number of tourists visiting hot spring resorts in Japan has decreased in the 1990s after the collapse of the Japanese economy bubble. … Hence, there remained many abandoned buildings across the popular tourist destinations of Japan. … They are located in the central area of the hot spring resorts, which enhance the beauty of Kaga's landscape, the safety of its citizens and its image as an attractive tourist destination; …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(779), 137-147, 2021


  • Heritage Railways as Tourist Attractions and Volunteer Cooperation : A Case Study on Talyllyn Railway  [in Japanese]

    藤井 秀登

    運輸と経済 = Transportation & economy 80(3), 78-81, 2020-03

  • Examination of the Impact of "Life cycle of tourist attractions" on Local Governments in Tourist Areas  [in Japanese]

    太田 隆之

    … We have had more than 30 million foreign tourists in 2018 and now we have a lot of expectations for tourism to deliver economic growth to Japanese economy, especially in the local areas with the risk of "local disappearance" because of depopulations. … However, we have understood rarely the situation when we come to succeed to grow a tourist area. … A tourist area is an area for local residents at once, so we need to be put in balance between tourism promotions and daily life for the residents. …

    公共研究 = Journal on public affairs 16(1), 180-236, 2020-03

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  • The Brick Lane Shopping Street and the Town Centre Policy of Tower Hamlets, London  [in Japanese]

    NEDA Katsuhiko

    本研究は,タワーハムレッツ議会によるタウンセンター政策と,ブリックレーン商業集積地の土地利用を検討して,政策と実態との間の整合性を考察する。1990年代後半以降,タワーハムレッツ議会はブリックレーンをバングラタウンとしてブランド化し,バングラデシュ系住民の起業機会を確保し,観光地として発展させた。ブリックレーンの北部では文化・クリエイティブ産業が集積し,夜間経済が発展した。さらに,ストリートアート …

    Geographical Space 13(3), 179-196, 2020


  • Intertwinement of Commercial Hospitality and Social Hospitality:The Case of Migrants and Tourism in Ogasawara/Bonin Islands  [in Japanese]

    Yamazaki Masayuki

    <p>小笠原諸島では、1968年の日本返還以降の再建の手法として観光業が活用され、その立地条件を巧みに利用したエコツーリズムが1980年代以降に取り入れられてきた。今日では2011年に世界自然遺産に登録されたことにより、さらに多くの観光客を集めている。本稿の目的は、観光地における歓待研究として、小笠原諸島における非島民の移住を事例に、商業的歓待と社会的歓待がいかに関係しているのかを明ら …

    Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology 85(1), 056-072, 2020


  • Analytical Method of SNS's Images Based on Computer Vision API to Discover Geographical Characteristics  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Kohjiro , Miyosawa Tadashi , Miyabe Mai , Tsuchiya Takeshi , Ozaki Takeshi , Hirose Hiroo

    … <p>The influence of foreign tourists on the Japanese economy is significant. … In local region, there are attractive features not found in urban areas, and there is possibility that hidden information can be transmitted in addition to the existing famous tourist information. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 140(8), 916-924, 2020


  • Significance, Trends and Issues of Tourism by Foreign Tourists Visiting Japan  [in Japanese]

    YAGASAKI Noriko

    <p>訪日外国人旅行者数と消費額は、日韓関係や流行性疾患の影響が懸念されるが、世界のインバウンド観光市場の拡大、アジアの経済成長、LCCの発達によるアクセスの向上、ビザ緩和等を背景に成長している。この結果、わが国の経済活性化に資するとともに、旅行者と地域住民の交流を通じてシビックプライドが醸成されるなど、多様な社会的意義も生じている。今後は、旅行消費額の増加、一層の地方誘客、2020東 …

    IATSS Review 45(1), 6-17, 2020




    ICIC express letters. Part B, Applications : an international journal of research and surveys 10(11), 979-984, 2019-11

  • Tsuruoka, Toward a World-class Tourist City  [in Japanese]

    永壽 祥司

    運輸と経済 = Transportation & economy 79(11), 89-92, 2019-11

  • How to Attract Inbound Tourist into Local Cities in Japan : The Lesson from a Monitoring Tour by Kuroishi City  [in Japanese]

    石田 貴士 , 矢野 佑樹 , 丸山 敦史

    本稿の目的は,地方都市における外国人観光客誘致の可能性とその課題について検証することである。そのために,青森県黒石市で行われた外国人留学生を対象としたモニターツアー参加者に対して,モニターツアーの訪問先の評価についてのアンケート調査を行った。その結果,以下のことが明らかになった。対象となったモニターはとても限られるものの,外国人観光客による日本の観光資源の評価は,観光資源そのものだけでなく,文化や …

    開発学研究 = Journal of agricultural development studies 30(1), 26-32, 2019-07


  • The Impact of Floating Exchange Rate Regime on the Egyptian Economy  [in Japanese]

    岡室 美恵子 , 染矢 将和

    … The government's malfunction in the aftermath of the revolution, the emergence of the Islamic State, or IS in the region and the airplane crush put the Egyptian economy into deep troubles. … The tourist revenue fell sharply and foreign direct investment flew out, which resulted in a shortage of international reserves. … This paper will investigate the impact of floating exchange rate regime on the Egyptian economy. …

    千葉経済論叢 The proceedings of Chiba Keizai University (60), 91-110, 2019-06


  • The Effect on Regional Economy Caused by Tourist Train and Their Problems : A Case Study of the Tourist Train "IYONADA MONOGATARI"  [in Japanese]

    藤田 知也

    観光学評論 = Tourism studies review 7(2), 83-94, 2019

  • Analyzing tourism data posted on SNS  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Noriko , MATSUMOTO Yoshiyuki

    … Our purpose is to obtain tourist information by analyzing data posted on SNS.</i><i> …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association 32(0), C4-3, 2019


  • Gentrification in post-socialist Prague  [in Japanese]

    FUJITSUKA Yoshihiro

    <p>本稿では,社会主義後のプラハを事例に,ジェントリフィケーションに関して次の3 点を明らかにした.第1に,都市の内部構造について,旧市街では地域住民の減少が大きい一方,裕福な住民や外国人が増加した.保存されている歴史的建築物が観光客向けの店舗やホテルに再利用されるという,ツーリズムジェントリフィケーションの影響がみられた.第2 に,歴史的市街地では歴史的建築物が保存されているため, …

    Urban Geography 14(0), 28-37, 2019


  • Changes of the Townscape by Tourist Business in the Case of Ma May Street, Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam  [in Japanese]

    UTSUMI Sawako

    … However, while the area is the center of economy and culture of Vietnam, it is also an international tourist spot. … Therefore, many changes of employment to tourist business are performed causing the remodeling and reconstruction of the town houses. …

    JAFIT international tourism review 26(0), 155-160, 2019


  • Cross-sectional Research on Investigations and Diagnoses of Regional Development: Findings from a Questionnaire Survey of Commerce and Industry Associationsin Rural Areas on Regional Development Projects  [in Japanese]

    Inafuku Yoshio , Nishimura Satoshi , Tsubakimoto Akihisa , Sato Toshikazu , Hamada Keizo , Ota Kazuki , Tohara Tomofumi , Yamakawa Masayuki , Ohashi Masahiko , Tsuji Kazuyuki , Nishimura Ryuji , Suziki Hideyuki , Hasegawa Michiko , Yoshida Hatsue , Matsubara Shigehito , Otori Masayuki , Kobayashi Masakazu

    <p>当共同プロジェクト研究は,これまで全国各地で実施されてきた個別の経営診断や地域診断事例を振り返り,その横断的な比較検証や,それらの経済活動に影響を与える諸要因の検討を重ねてきた。調査結果からは,地域活性化にかかる商工会活動の多様性とその背景のそれぞれの地域の置かれた社会的・経済的状況の異質性がうかがわれる。具体的には,まず過去5年に中心市街地活性化や観光地域活性化などの調査診断を …

    Journal of Japan Management Diagnosis Association 18(0), 56-63, 2019


  • Al-Ain's Cultural Landscape: Identity, Innovation and Sustainability in a Challenging Economy<i> </i>

    Caratelli Paolo , Misuri Maria Alessandra , El Amrousi Mohamed

    … Despite all these efforts spent in order to keep its original identity, nowadays this approach appears to be scrutinised under the pressures for further expansion and innovation in response to an increasingly challenging economy. … After recognition in 2011 of Al-Ain's archaeological sites and oases as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city's popularity rose as a tourist destination and place of cultural interest but has revealed in the meantime its systemic fragility. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 7(3), 45-62, 2019

    IR  J-STAGE 

  • 〈Research Note〉Japan's Practice in the Tourism Development of Uzbekistan: Tourism Strategy in the Japanese and Uzbek Economies

    MAKHMUDOV Elyor A. , ASHIROVA Elmira A.

    … Tourism is a rapidly developing and highly profitable sector of the economy. … It is capable of raising the level of the economy to a new height of development. … The main purpose of this study is to reveal the essence of tourism and its role in the economy of two countries - Japan and Uzbekistan. … The study begins with the consideration of the goals of tourism, its prospects, tourist infrastructure that includes the hotel business, transportation, and communications. …

    国際日本研究 = Journal of International and Advanced Japanese Studies (11), 121-138, 2019

    IR  DOI 

  • An Investigation into the Impact of Climatic and Economic Variables on Tourism Demand in Japan

    Kazuhiko NAKAHIRA , Masahiro YABUTA

    … Considering these aspects, this study investigated the influence of climatic and economic variables on tourism demand fluctuations in typical tourist destinations in western Japan. … In spite of the presence of these positive factors in Hiroshima, we could not determine the effects of rainfall and vitalization of the regional economy on tourism in this area. … In Naha, temperature, price level, and vitalization of the regional economy may increase the number of visitors. …

    経済研究所 Discussion Paper = IERCU Discussion Paper (306), 2018-12-01


  • Degeneration and Revival of City Festivals in the Rapid Economic Growth Period  [in Japanese]

    阿南 透

    本稿は,高度成長期における都市祭礼の変化を,地域社会との関係に注目しながら比較し,変化の特徴を明らかにするものである。具体的には,青森ねぶた祭(青森県青森市),野田七夕まつり(千葉県野田市),となみ夜高まつり(富山県砺波市)を例とする。青森ねぶた祭では,1960年代に地域ねぶたが減少するが,1970年代には公共団体や全国企業が加わって台数が増加し,観光化が進んだ。そして各地への遠征や文化財指定へと …

    国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History 207, 223-252, 2018-02


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